I Told You So 130

Ring of Water

Remember that I told you that God showed me in a dream that our cosmos is surrounded by an extremely massive rotating ring of water which is the remnant of the water God used to create everything in our cosmos and that water is approximately 9 times the mass of the rest of our cosmos combined?

(See my recent essay, "Waters".)

Psalms 148:4 Praise him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that are above the heavens.

Yep, it's out there. God said so and I told you so.

Homosexual Divorces

Remember that I told you that, if homosexuals started getting married, there would be massive divorces, which would tie up both our civil and criminal courts, because the vast majority of homosexual relationships are extremely unstable and violent and the truth about the instability and violence of homosexual relationships would come out?

They have barely even begun getting married and the divorces have already started. For example, the head of the Episcopal Church is already divorced from his husband. Gee, that was fast.

Keep an eye on this because it is going to get really bad very quickly. The liberal media will try to cover it up but it will reach a point to where they cannot cover it up and it will be mind boggling.


Remember that I have been telling you that Obama does not think he is a king, emperor, or dictator and thinks he is Pharaoh or god because he said he is a descendent of Pharaoh in one of his books?

All of the experts think Obama is acting like a king, emperor, or dictator and, after his speech about him enacting executive amnesty, they are calling him Emperor Obama. But Obama has publically denied he is king, emperor, and dictator BUT Obama has never denied he is Pharaoh or god. Based on his own actions and comments it should be clear to everyone that Obama really believes he is Pharaoh Obama or the great god, Obama, and that his word should be law regardless of anything else. Obama is clearly an arrogant, narcissistic demagogue with an extreme Napoleonic complex or nuts, to put it simply.

Pat Buchanan is closest, calling Obama a rogue president. That is definitely true.

Sessions said the president is not happy with the American people. For most of us, the feeling is mutual.

Everyone keeps thinking Obama is doing what he is doing because of his Marxist ideology and is, therefore, screwing up. No, it is about Islam, power and wealth. He is destroying the US so he can put himself in the position of ultimate power and wealth as the Mahdi of Islam and has already turned his back on communism. Their mentality of trying to "understand" Obama based on what they perceive as his ideology will make it easier for Obama to set up his dictatorship. It is about Islam, not communism. Obama already made that choice.

I believe that a "member of Obama's staff" calling Netanyahu chickens**t was intentionally released to escalate tension between Obama and Israel so Obama can claim Israel tried to assassinate Obama when Obama nukes Chicago. It is working because prominent Jew, Ben Shapiro, has said that "Obama leads a Jew-hating administration" The tension continues to grow, you know, like I told you it would.

Obama's amnesty is Obama daring and taunting the GOP to impeach Obama because he just blatantly broke the law, violated the US Constitution, and should be impeached and removed from office. Obama is bating the GOP into impeaching Obama. Pharaoh Obama just started a war against the GOP and is daring them to show up to the fight. Keep an eye on this.

Hilarious Clintstone

Hilarious Clintstone just shot herself the rest of the way down by supporting Obama's executive amnesty, you know, being the good little commie traitor. Watch for the Clintstones to announce Princess Chelsea for president next year.

Commie Pope

The commie Pope demands just distribution of world's bounty!!! He is the Catholic Church equivalent of Obama and I recently read that the Commie Pope thinks he put an end to the rebellion against his pagan changes in the Church by demoting his top critic within the church but the rebels have just gone underground and will pick the time and place to stage their revolution, at least that is what history teaches. Keep an eye on this.

The Great Gruber (/sarc)

You really have to question the intellectually superior (at least that is what he believes) Gruber's intelligence in permitting himself to be video recorded admitting the ugly truth while mocking the intelligence of others. If he were half as brilliant as he thinks he is, he would have known that permitting those statements to be video recorded meant that it was almost inevitable that the videos would become public and he would be exposed.

I hear by give the super genius, Gruber, the Big Dummy Award. (Since it is not an annual award, I have an unlimited supply for lefties and will now hand them out at my own discretion.)


There are several things I learned about bullies as a kid. 1) Bullies don't pick fights they might lose, most are cowards, 2) they are bad people but they force you to learn to fight, 3) all of our current bad guys are bullies. This includes but is not limited to the liberal pagan commie traitors, the Muslims, the Russians, and the Chinese and they are proving they are bullies while you read this essay.

I see all of these attacks against women and children by bullies and I keep thinking that women and children should be trained and armed to defend themselves. Everyone, especially women and children should be trained, armed, and organized to defend themselves and each other. Unfortunately, they are all going to need it in the near future and most don't have the training, weapons, or organization to protect themselves from these bullies. If you and your family don't have it, get it very soon.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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