I Told You So 133

Remember that I told you that the GOP has also been taken over by the liberals, they are all owned by the same upper class trash, and they are all in the same bed?

It was just announced that the GOP will accept Obama's amnesty for illegals and give us immigration reform, another liberal policy. In other words, the GOP will work with Obama at least as well as the Commiecrats did. Rand Paul, who started out sounding so good and conservative is sounding increasingly liberal supporting more and more liberal programs. Paul Ryan also started out sounding very conservative but is now clearly liberal supporting almost all of the liberal programs and policies. The GOP is force feeding us extremely liberal presidential candidates for 2016 such as McCain, Romney, and Jeb Bush along with international criminal Donald Trump who has made much of his billions borrowing hundreds of millions from banks and getting out of paying those loans back by threatening to sue those banks if the banks try to collect and the banks back off. It is litigation terrorism for profit.

Dr. Cain, whom so many have fallen in love with, partly because he is black (gee, here we go with the race thing again), said in a recent speech that he feels the people should be free to own automatic weapons except he feels it is "irresponsible" for people living in cities to own automatic weapons, which means he plans to use that lame excuse to disarm better than 95% of the people because better than 95% of the people live in cities. If you can disarm 95% of the people, you won't need to worry about the other 5%.

Ron Paul and his Libertarianism is no better because, under Libertarianism, you can't vote unless you own land, you know, the way the British royalty were the only ones who could "vote" or have a say in government because they owned all of the land, called the surf system. They know that, if they add the value of being able to vote to land, the price of land will go so high so fast that no middle or lower class people will be able to pay land taxes and have to sell their land and voting rights to the upper class trash to pay those taxes, losing the right to vote. Just like in the British surf system, only the upper class will be able to vote or have a say in government, the rest of you will be slaves. Gee, what a coincidence that Libertarianism is just like the British surf system and was designed by Misis, who was a British upper class academe intellectual. Get the picture yet?

Chris Christy has not even tried to hide that he is clearly a liberal and openly sleeps with the commies. John Boehner, a liberal, was voted as House Majority Leader by the other Republicans. Mitch McConnell, a liberal, has already been accepted as being the one who will be voted as Senate Majority Leader by the other Republicans. Dick Morris, a "conservative journalist" is supporting Boehner accepting Obama's Amnesty for illegal aliens. And on and on and on...

How much more is it going to take for people to wake up and realize that the Republic of the US is dead and has been replaced by an upper class trash oligarchy or dictatorship run by the upper class trash which owns all of these political and media whores and traitors?

Part of the problem is that most people don't pay attention to all of the details and just choose who sounds the most sane of all of the lunatics, but they are still voting for power mad, corrupt lunatics. To make things even worse, the political whores say what they know you want to hear and do what the puppet masters order them to do.

Add to this that almost all of our upper level government managers are also bought traitors and whores who are doing what the puppet masters tell them to do. Every major US government agency is headed by politically appointed liberal traitor beaurocrats who are owned by the puppet masters. The entire US government from the politicians down to most mid level government beaurocrats is owned by the upper class trash.

Almost all of the liberal agenda has been put into place over more than the last half century. They only have a few more items to go and they will have complete control of the US as a liberal pagan dictatorship. They are already openly waging war against Christians and getting away with a variety of crimes. Right now, they can almost do as they please. Almost all the upper class trash has to do right now is to finish crippling the US military and disarming the US citizens so those two groups can't stop the solidification of the upper class trash dictatorship.

Our system is so corrupted that it is not possible for us humans to clean it up. It is all a great big soap opera with lots of smoke and mirrors to distract and confuse everyone. The only person or being who can clean up this mess is God, Yahweh, Jesus. Without God, we're screwed.

This is why God is going to use Obama and his black Muslims, who are in bed with all of these white cracker traitors, know who they all are, where they work, and where they live, to stage a political coup and purge our system of all of these traitors who have infiltrated and taken over our government. There simply is no other way to free us from the brutal tyranny of the liberals we are rapidly approaching. Then God will use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to kill off or purge most of the liberal survivors and most of the Muslims. Next, God will use a revolutionary war in the US to get rid of most of the remainder of the white cracker traitors and black Muslims with a relatively small group quarantined along the Atlantic Coast so we can build a new Christian theocracy and have true freedom.

Obama's Delima

I hope you realize that Obama currently has a delima in which he only has a few choices and he knows it. 1) If Obama continues along the current line of just letting the upper class trash throw him under the bus, he will eventually be tried and executed for his crimes including treason. (read silenced) 2) If Obama tries to buck the system, he will be assassinated by the upper class trash assassins the way they did JFK and Bobby Kennedy and it will probably be made to look like an accident. 3) Stage a political/military coup setting up his Muslim dictatorship and very quickly purge the upper class trash and all of their puppets down to a key level, replacing those puppets with Muslims, before the white crackers can have their assassins kill Obama. To survive, Obama has to eradicate all of the key people within a maximum of 24 to 48 hours in order of significance with the most significant being killed first.

Now, which of those three choices do you think Obama will choose, especially since Obama has been strategically placing Muslims in the top positions of the government for six years?

His actions during the last six years tell us that Obama was already planning a hostile take over of the US government and purging the white crackers before he was elected.

BTW, for the first time in years, the number of people finding new jobs has exceeded 300,000, mostly part time and temporary workers who will lose their jobs in the next month, but that is close to how many people have been losing jobs each month so I went to look for the number of people who lost their jobs during the same time to see, if, for once, the number of people finding jobs had equaled or surpassed the number of people losing their jobs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has completely reworked their site and I couldn't find any information anywhere about the number of people losing their jobs. Have they realized that people have been using those statistics to figure out that the economy has not been growing but was still in decline so they quit posting those numbers? If anyone finds those statistics, please let me know where they hid them.

BTW, they are also claiming that Obama's economy is booming and using their smoke and mirrors to prove it. This is while 35% of Mellinials in California are living with Mom and Dad because they can't find work?

How is that pagan god, democracy, working out, you know, the pagan god you replaced the God of the Bible with? Are you still worshipping the pagan god, democracy, believing it will solve all of your problems instead of believing in and trusting the God of the Bible?

God is our only hope so you better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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