War 2

I hope you realize that what the black Muslims and liberal commie traitors are doing with this persisting rioting, street violence, and protesting is that they are trying to force a war with the government and/or the conservatives with four very likely options. 1) The commies and black Muslims will wear down the public and force the public into submission of their commie dictatorship, 2) The commies and black Muslims will cause enough chaos to use it as a front for taking over the US government to set up their commie dictatorship the way Linen and Castro did or by declaring martial law, 3) the commies and black Muslims will get a shooting war they believe they can win and use winning that war to seize control of the US government and set up their commie dictatorship, or 4) trick conservatives into shooting back to justify taking everyone else's weapons from them.

Not only have shots been fired but at least one police helicopter has been shot, businesses have been destroyed, people's lives and society have been disrupted, and people have been hurt. At this point, the left and black Muslims have been waging war against the government and people with little cost to the left and black Muslims. The lefties and black Muslims involved in these riots have been at this now for more than a month full time telling you some one is paying them (they are trained and paid professional guerilla fighters and traitors) and they are also being fed by their organizations. This means this is a full blown organized and financed war against the US and its people by a terrorist commie/Muslim army.

The persistence of the left and black Muslims in these hostilities on a national basis while using any and every lame excuse possible to continue with the hostilities tells us that the left and black Muslims believe they are ready to win an all out shooting war against the rest of the nation. Basically, they are fighting a war against us and no one is showing up to fight back against them, just contain them, which will eventually fail.

Importantly, this war is quickly building and spreading across the US but it is also turning increasing numbers of people against the commies and Muslims, but especially against Obama, Sharpton and Jackson. Eyes are opening and they are choosing.

Mean while the RINOs continue to "cave" to Obama to help set up the conditions for their commie dictatorship, Obama continues to help Iran build 10k nukes, the liberals increasingly turn against and blame Obama, the war against Christians is getting worse, especially by homosexuals, and Israel is writing off the US as a dependable ally while looking else where for dependable allies.

Things are quickly accelerating with the left trying their best to create enough chaos to warrant declaring martial law. Obama is now openly making illegal moves and taunting the GOP to impeach him.

At the same time, conservatives and Christians are standing up and fighting back. Retired military people are coming out and taking a stand against the commies and Muslims by the dozens. They are rightfully angry and had just about enough of everything with them rapidly approaching the boiling point. All it will take is one catalyst to take this thing beyond the point of no return. The question at this point is where will our Fort Summer be this time? Who will be the modern Minute Men?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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