I Told You So 134

Remember that I told you that Obama and the commies are working to discredit different government agencies such as the military, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement to justify replacing them with their beloved CNSF?

Gee, it couldn't be that Obama and the commies are using these riots to turn people against the cops so Obama can justify replacing them with the Commie National Strike Force, could it?

Yep, you better bet that is exactly what is going on. Basically, just like I have been telling you for years, they are going to throw all law enforcement, intelligence, and military under the bus.

There is now concern that Obama is trying to "nationalize" all police forces under Obama, you know, replace them with the Communist NATIONAL Strike Force, just like I have been telling you he would.

Mean while, Obama is sucking up to the military because Obama needs to act soon to remain in power, he has not been able to adequately dismantle the military or turn enough people against the military to remove that threat, and Obama is hoping he can buy enough of them off or enough time with some great sounding commie promises he probably has no intention of keeping to keep the military from stopping his coup.

One of the reasons why Obama is trying to national the cops right now, while working to placate the military, is because of something Obama and the upper class trash are obviously aware of and I have been quietly watching for years but have not mentioned because I didn't want to blow the good guys' cover. Obviously, that cover is blown and I can now talk about it.

Have you noticed that the US military has been giving free weapons and combat vehicles to cops while the military budget has been declining and forcing the military to cut back? That just doesn't make sense, does it? Unless....

The military has known all along that the commies were going to tear down the US military and set up their beloved Commie National Strike Force in the place of the military. This would put the good guys in the US military out of action without weapons with which to counter Obama's coup and the CNSF would have all the fun toys to stop any effort to stop the commie coup. To counter this, the military has been providing free weapons and equipment to locally controlled police forces, the National Guard, and military reserves so the military good guys who have been kicked out of the military could work with the locally controlled cops, National Guard, and military reserves in stopping Obama's coup by having good weapons to fight with, in the event that Obama succeeded in taking over part or all of the US military or simply made the US military disfunctional.

That is part of the reason why Obama, the liberals and the black Muslims are using these riots to nationalize and demilitarize locally controlled cops BEFORE Obama finishes off the military and stages his coup. The traitors need to get rid of that weapons supply for the good guys.

Another reason for these riots quickly spreading across the US is they are trying to use the chaos of these riots to justify Obama declaring martial law ("to bring peace") and setting up their commie/Muslim dictatorship similar to the way Linen used such riots to take over Russia. This attempted coup has been going on for some time and is accelerating quickly. The upper class trash is ramping up for their final take over effort. It is going on RIGHT NOW!! The first shots have been fired and it was by the lefties, three cops are dead, a fireman is wounded, and the war is quickly escalating into a guerilla war against the American people by the commies and black Muslims. The fight is on. It is only a matter of time before the conservatives will have to start shooting back.

Remember that God told me in a dream and I told you so that better than 80% of the people in government agencies and the military are good guys and less than 20% are bad guys?

I just saw a recent poll which stated that less than 15% of the US military DOES NOT hate Obama. Now do you better understand why Obama is trying to nationalize and demilitarize the cops before Obama tries to finish off the military? Get the picture yet?

This is all the good guys and bad guys working to counter each other's moves because both sides have moles and spies working within the other side. You just might want to pray for the good guys.

Pharaoh Obama MUST act soon to remain in power and you know that spoiled two year old commie/Muslim brat will not give up his current life of extreme luxury at your expense without a fight.

On the other hand, I am seeing increasing numbers of good guys, especially Christians, stand up, organize, and fight back against the commies and black Muslims. There is definitely a counter coup developing in this nation. It is also nice to see increasing numbers of conservative blacks taking a stand against the liberals and black Muslims. But this isn't happening just in the US, I am seeing Germans and even the British standing up and fighting back by the thousands. Eyes are opening faster and faster and people are choosing sides.

Remember that I have repeatedly told you that we will have to secede from the US and build a new Christian nation from scratch because the liberal commie traitors have made such a mess of this country it would be impossible to clean the mess up before the remaining commies could regain control of our government?

It was recently reported that, last month alone, Obama added 12,000 new regulations to the US government. 12,000 new regulations in just one month is insanity and the only reason for so many confusing regulations is to control the people. The commies have made such a huge mess of this country that, just to clean up the legal mess, we will have to purge all the traitor judges and attorneys and, even then, it will take all of the best good attorneys decades to clean up the legal mess the commies have made. The only way is to start from scratch and build a new Christian nation and the only way to have laws in effect at the very start to protect good people from bad people is to use Biblical Law, which is already written.

I have noticed that people spend more time praying to Santa Claus, who doesn't exist, than they do praying to God.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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