I Told You So 137

Remember that I told you Obama would increase tensions between Obama and Israel so Obama could blame Israel for nuking Chicago to justify Obama declaring martial law and invading Israel?

Obama is currently throwing a tantrum over Netanyahu speaking before Congress. This is really no big deal because people regularly speak before Congress, even from other countries, and this isn't the first time Netanyahu has spoken before the US Congress. But Obama is making a big deal about it, literally throwing a tantrum like a spoiled two year old with his cabinet even openly stating that Obama will "get even", to ratchet up tension between Obama and Israel, which is really just using a lame excuse to create smoke and mirrors for what is soon coming, you know, crispy critters Chicago courtesy of Obama and his Muslim pals.

Then Obama very openly sends a five person political team to Israel to help defeat Netanyahu in the coming Israeli elections, you know, interfere in another country's elections, which is illegal.

But, hold it, something looks awfully fishing about this. If you really want to defeat someone in an election in another country, you do it very covertly so the people in that country don't know you are interfering in their election. If you do it overtly so that everyone knows you are doing it, all that will happen is that you will tick everyone in that country off and they will vote against your actions, you know, political backlash.

So why is Obama not trying to cover up his tampering with Israeli elections?

Because Obama wants Netanyahu to get re-elected so Obama can continue to increase tension between Obama and Netanyahu (a liberal wouldn't stand up to Obama the way Netanyahu is) and to also tick off the people of Israel to further increase tension between Obama and Israel to make it even easier to convince the stupid people in the US (not the smart ones) that Israel nuked Chicago to get Obama, you know, an attempted assassination. You know, like the Israeli Mossad is so stupid and incompetent that they couldn't find a way to snuff Obama without frying downtown Chicago and destroying the global economy. (Remember that Chicago is currently the fifth largest municipal economy in the world and its destruction would devastate the global economy, including Israel's economy?)

Remember that I told you that Obama is going to kill his wife and daughters as honor killings when Obama nukes Chicago and to use the sympathy card to help keep people from taking a stand against Obama in setting up his Muslim dictatorship and invading Israel?

Michelle didn't dress appropriately for King Abdullah's funeral, you know, like Obama Bin Laden and Valerie (both devout Muslims) didn't know better?

Now there is a big stink being made by Muslim nations for the "disrespect" shown by Michelle to King Abdullah. Obama will be required to do an honor killing to be recognized as the Mahdi. I don't think Michelle realizes that she will be more valuable to Obama dead than alive but you can bet Obama and Valerie know she will be more valuable dead than alive.

Obama giving people free stuff to get popular again before he stages his red flag event and declares martial law so enough people will support Obama to hold off the US military for at least a while should tell you what?

After Obama declares martial law, he will buy off enough people with free stuff to remain popular enough to keep the military and law enforcement from removing him from power. This will contribute to the Mexican standoff God showed me in my dream. Enough people will sell their souls to the devil long enough for the military to stand down long enough for Obama to take his CNSF to the Middle East for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and Obama may have to die in that battle before the military and law enforcement can act against Obama's Muslim dictatorship.

BTW, Gallup says that Obama has just bought his way back up to a 50% approval with just the promises for his commie "free stuff" and he hasn't even delivered the free stuff yet, it is just his promises. Yes, we have that many stupid and corrupt people in the US.

This is one of many reasons why democracy can't work again. It is just too easy for the politicians to buy off too many stupid, corrupt, and irresponsible voters with "free stuff".

If you want free stuff, I will give you free stuff.

How about free-dom?

That is the best free stuff I can think of and, with freedom and rights, comes responsibility.

I will cut the government back to a minimum efficient level while strengthening our military to provide you protection from bad guys, internally and externally. (Government corruption will be an act of treason and capital crime because it is the greatest threat to national security.)

I will empower you to take care of yourselves instead of you being dependent on and enslaved (in many ways) by the government. You will all (both men and women, women should be able to protect themselves and their families and not just men) get one year of combined military, police, fire department, and EMT training (similar to Switzerland only much better), be permanently issued military assault rifles and annual supplies of ammunition for training, be required to maintain, practice with, and re-qualify with those weapons once each year (just like Switzerland) along with spending one week in military reserve training, two shifts riding with cops on patrol, and two shifts working with either fire fighters or EMTs EACH YEAR as a member of the national first response reserves to maintain your training, protect your communities and families, and serve as a control for those government entities (help prevent corruption within those government agencies, you citizens are the balance and check within this system).

With a security check and no criminal record, you will be able to purchase any weapons you want short of WMDs and as many weapons as you want. You want an M1A2 tank, F-16, or any other weapon? As long as you are qualified to use that weapon, abide by the law, and show responsibility, fine. I have no problem with law abiding citizens being armed to the teeth. (Let's see some one conquer that nation with a reserve army of more than 200 million well trained and heavily armed citizens plus nukes.) You will all be in the national security reserves organized by neighborhood and then city for first response with neighborhood and government radio communications up to the city and county level (with no local training required for more than a maximum of one weekend per year). Let's see organized crime or street gangs take over those neighborhoods and cities.

We will only have a 10% flat tax on income with absolutely no other taxes so you can keep and spend 90% of your money the way you feel is best for your family instead of the government stealing it from you with taxes to stuff their own greedy pockets. There will be no land taxes, sales taxes, or any other taxes and no tax loop holes for the wealthy. Everyone pays the same 10% flat tax. Taxes will be paid at the local level and paid up from city to county, then state, than federal level with each taking their needed or pre-designated share. There will be no federal redistribution of wealth based on "intellectual superiority" and the upper class thrash "knowing what is best for everyone else" or to increase jobs or the economy in any area.

We will empower you to know what is best for your family. You will be the best empowered people in the history of the world. There will be no government controlled public education to dumb down and brainwash your children. You will keep those education tax dollars for education and pay for your own children's education in whatever educational program you want, including home schooling, so that the educational programs will have to compete for your dollars and be forced to maintain a higher level of education at a reasonable cost to get those dollars or go broke.

We will radically deregulate all businesses with only the minimal regulations for safety with the understanding that, if you make a mess (read pollution), you clean it up even if it requires your business going broke and you working as prison labor to clean up the mess. There will be NO crony capitalism (an act of treason and all treason is a capital crime) but there will be true free market capitalism which, in conjunction with the other changes, will cause our economy and jobs to explode causing competition for labor and higher wages as the market permits and not as some idiot intellectual forces on the market.

Teaching anything which is known to not be true will be fraud and, if that fraud is a threat to national security, then treason. Teaching Marxism, Libertarianism, revisionist history, revisionist science, or revisionist anything under any name, and paganism will be an act of treason. This includes book publishers. Freedom of speech and press don't mean freedom to commit crimes such as fraud and treason. All of the media will be held accountable for what they teach and they will be prosecuted for fraud and treason.


1) Do what is right and best for our national security, 2) don't send our soldiers into a war we don't intend to win by crushing the enemy, 3) put the lives of our soldiers above the lives of civilians supporting the enemy (if you aid the enemy, you are the enemy), 4) help our allies, 5) no nation building, let our enemy rebuild their own nations, it will give them something to do other than attack us again, and 6), if you don't like the way we fight, don't pick a fight with us.

Those and other such rules will give you more true freedom than any other people have ever had and that is the best free stuff possible because you will be free people in control of your own lives.

Do you know any politicians working towards that?

I don't either.

I keep seeing former US military people, especially upper level officers saying things which tell me they know what Obama is doing but can't really publically say or do anything about it because the traitor commie media will just cover it up and attack the military people. The military has to wait until most Americans are ready for the military to save their butts before the military can save their butts.

Political Insanity

Trump, who has declared personal bankruptcy at least twice, says he will make America rich again? This is from a man who has had to declare bankruptcy twice as a billionaire because he can't even manage a few billion dollars. Jeb says the illegals will leave the US, if we just say "pretty please", along with the unicorns, elves, leprechauns, and fairies. (What is in this man's Kool-aid?) I keep seeing Republicans running for president, who are clearly liberal, trying to pass themselves off as moderates and conservatives. The liars will say anything to get elected. I wouldn't hire any of them to manage an outhouse.

Hint: All of the different politicians "running for president" talking about different issues is them fishing to see what will best get your votes. They are fishing for votes.

Do you believe me now when I tell you the upper class has been inbreeding too long?

They are bonkers mad. They have no pride, ethics, integrity, or morals, they will say ANYTHING, no matter how absurd, and it doesn't embarrass them. Get it straight, NONE OF THEM are on your side or even care about you one bit, regardless of the party they belong to.

BTW, now Obama has ISIS on the run the same way he had Al Quaeda and the Taliban on the run. You better duck.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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