I Told You So 138


Remember that I told you that they are working towards eventually legalizing all types of marriage to destroy marriage and the family?

An article by Courtney Coren stated that, while interviewing Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch during her confirmation hearing, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham opened the door for the lefties to do just that. Whether it was intentional or unintentional, the door is now wide open.

Senator Graham stated, "If the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional - that it violates the Constitution to try to limit marriage between a man and a woman, that's clearly the law of the land unless there's a constitutional amendment to change it - what legal rationale would be in play that would prohibit polygamy?" He added, "If the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional - that it violates the Constitution to try to limit marriage between a man and a woman, that's clearly the law of the land unless there's a constitutional amendment to change it - what legal rationale would be in play that would prohibit polygamy?" and, "Could you try to articulate how one could be banned under the Constitution and the other not?"

Lynch dodged the question but can't you just hear the liberals quoting Republican Senator Graham as having said there is no difference between legalizing homosexual marriage (which is now legal almost everywhere) and legalizing polygamy?

You know that is going to happen and it will be part of the liberal reasoning to legalize polygamy, which is obviously going to happen soon.

Remember that I told you that polygamy doesn't mean what they keep telling you it means, which is one man with multiple wives?

That is what most people believe polygamy means and the people will think that, what is happening is that the courts will be legalizing marriage with one man having multiple wives and that is what the upper class trash want you to think because they KNOW you would not stand for legalizing polygamy if you know what polygamy really means. But, when they get polygamy legalized, what polygamy really and legally means is what will actually be legalized and it will be too late to do anything about it.

For those of you who have not read my prior essays the way you should have, polygamy is an "umbrella" term which covers polygyny (one man marries multiple wives), polyandry (one woman marries multiple husbands), and polyamory or group marriage.

You KNOW that what these criminal con artists are going to do is legalize polygamy and then do a little song and dance which will go something like this, "Oops! Guess what we just realized? When we legalized polygamy, we didn't just legalize one man having multiple wives, which is really polygyny, but we also legalized polyandry and polyamory. Sorry about that. You're screwed!"

Polyamory or group marriage is the real killer, what they are really working towards legalizing and it was what Hilarious Clintstone (Yabadaba don't) was talking about when she said, "It takes a village to raise a child."

You see, with polyamory, if you OR your spouse marry one other person, that person can marry as many other people of either sex (homosexual marriage is now legal) and those people can marry other people until everyone is married and one big happy commie family living off of the suckers who work (A.K.A. working slaves) with equal rights to everything you earn and, oh yeah, the children will also be all of their children so they get to help raise your kids their way, you know, the village way. Badaboom!!! Get the picture yet?

And the second kicker in that is that they don't have to actually legalize polyamory as long as they legalize BOTH polygyny and polyandry because, if you AND your spouse can marry as many people as you want, that ends up being polyamory with the same village results. The liberals don't have to work for a living, they get to sit around on their lazy butts smoking dope, screwing, and playing while you work to support them as "stay-at-home" husbands and wives.

Do you see the road they have brought us down and where that road goes?

If you think the liberals are not taking us there, then you need to explain the latest move in "reality TV" with people having sex on TV for entertainment. You know their next move will be to start televising people having sex with children and animals. With liberals, the insanity and evil never stops and just keeps getting worse and worse.

Poser Christians

Remember that I have been telling you that God is separating out the poser Christians from the true Christians?

The Presbyterian Church has joined with the Palestinian and Sabeel Liberation Theology groups to write a "new translation" of the Bible or commit blasphemy. In this new Satanic version of the Bible, they are going to obliterate all mentions of Israel and Jesus being Jewish and claim that Jesus is a Palestinian. Basically, what they are doing is creating an Islamic version of the Bible or second Koran and systematically converting to Islam, you know, just like I have been telling you some poser Christian groups would.

And this isn't something they are going to do in the future, this is something they are doing RIGHT NOW! The horrible future I have been warning you about for years is here. God has drawn the line and the bad guys are stampeding across it.

BTW, Don't you just love the way the Bible/Christian/Jew hating lefties regularly "quote" or refer to the Bible when it is convenient for them and bash on Christians for accurately quoting from the Bible when it hurts the liberals? Have you also noticed that the lefties never get the quote right?

Some lefty just says that the Bible says something and the rest just go, "Yeah, yeah, that is what the Bible says", without checking it out. I am beginning to wonder if most of the lefties can even read. They are probably too stoned too much of the time to understand anything worth reading. "Here, give me that spoonful of propaganda, I will be your sucker because it sounds good."

Saudi Arabia

It looks like there could easily be some family infighting within the royal family which could cause problems for the family and Saudi Arabia. The new king, Salman, just moved a bunch of his family line to top positions and moved people from other lines down. You know that won't go well with the other family lines. Keep an eye on this.

Food for thought: Why are there suddenly so many Muslim terrorist schools training up children to fight? Have they killed off so many of their Muslim adult males that they have to start using children? Hitler didn't start putting so much focus on using children until he began to run out of adult males. With the Muslims slaughtering so many Muslims, are they running out of Muslim adult males?

Don't worry, they will soon be getting a whole new crop of US liberal white crackers to die fighting for them.


China is blatantly preparing for war building military bases on strategically located islands such as the Nanji Islands which are within easy reach of the Senkaku Islands, held by Japan, and other islands in the South China Sea near islands held by other nations such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Singapore. It is obvious to anyone paying attention that China is getting ready to go to war, the war is definitely coming soon, and the rest of Asia, Australia, and Israel are preparing for that war while Obama is tearing down the US military and committing treason.

Buuut, do you remember a little bill I told you about and the House Republicans passed years ago giving the US military permission to stage a preemptive strike against China and, if necessary, using nukes, WITHOUT the president's permission?

That bill was tabled by Reid and is now sitting on a Republican desk waiting to be voted on by the Republican controlled Senate. If that bill is passed by the Senate and the president vetoes it, Congress can override the veto and make it law.

Note that it is Congress which gives the president and US military permission for military action. If Congress passes a bill permitting the military to act without the consent of the president and the president vetoes it, as he will, Congress can override the veto but, if they fail to override the veto, the military still has the consent of Congress to carry out that action without the permission of the president. BUT, if Congress overrides the veto, the US military can act against China any time it wants in a preemptive strike against China without the consent of the president and can use nukes, if they feel it is necessary. The president won't be able to stop the military from carrying out this action because it will be law.

Keep an eye on this because that bill will soon be voted on, go before the president, who will veto the bill, and return to Congress for the veto to be overridden.

The US giant has been wounded by Obama and his commie traitor pals but it is still a giant. There are classified things I cannot tell you about our military that, no matter the damage already caused by our liberal commie traitors, makes this still be true. In spite of Obama, the US military is still the elephant in the room. Don't underestimate or mess with our elephant. When messed with, our elephant is a big mean bull elephant and China is about to find that out.


The IDF has started digging defensive trenches along its border with Syria. This is very important in conjunction with the recent deaths and threats from Hezbollah and Iran and Hezbollah recently carryout a rocket attack against Israeli troops, killing two of those troops. Fighting is increasing between Israel and Hezbollah/Iran along this border. Iran is trying to start open warfare between Israel and Muslims to draw the Sunni Muslims into fighting Israel instead of fighting Assad and Hezbollah.

The Muslims are trying to take over Syria and Egypt and threatening Jordan. The Muslims want to attack Israel from all three sides and the sea at the same time. This war is inevitable, imminent, and rapidly escalating. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, the Israeli polls have shown a 6% increase for Netanyahu since Obama sent his political team to Israel. Netanyahu's support went from 38% to 44% and the Likud Party is now favored to gain 25 seats in Israel's parliament, one set ahead of the Zionist Party, which will make Netanyahu's party the majority party again. I told you Obama wants to keep Netanyahu as prime minister so Obama can keep increasing the tension between Obama and Israel.


The EU may be getting ready to kick Greece out of the EU to keep Germany in but that is only one of a number of fiscally irresponsible nations in the EU Germany is already very tired of propping up. Greece has elected a commie government and the question is "Will the new Greek commie government continue to buy voters by being irresponsible, forcing the EU to kick them out to keep Germany in the EU?

The PEGIDA movement against Islam is growing in Europe because eyes are opening and people are rebelling. The commie anti-PEGIDA movement is very violent and showing the liberal commies are in bed with the Muslims, you know, like I have been telling you.

One hope for the Europeans and the rest of us is that, when Obama takes a UN force to invade Israel, almost all of the Muslim males will be required and want to join in this fight to fulfill Islamic end time prophesy to destroy Israle and set up the Muslim Caliphate and most will die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. This will decrease the number of Muslims left to toss out of Europe and the US making the fighting less severe and bloody. Plus, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, the new Muslim Caliphate, which will be forced to quickly form in order to prevent the implosion of Islam, will have to call all of their Muslims back to the Muslim countries from around the world to build the new Caliphate. This will make it possible for the rest of us to free ourselves from the Muslim tyranny and oppression with less blood shed.

Mixed Messages

I am seeing mixed messages coming from the GOP. I am seeing them really going after Obama but still supporting liberal things like amnesty for illegal aliens and Common Core. It looks like the upper class trash is throwing Obama under the bus while continuing their agenda, pretty much like I told you they would. The GOP very clearly waited to go after Obama until they had the Congressional muscle to effectively wage war against him, you know, impeach, remove, and prosecute Obama, which requires the GOP to have control of both houses. Plus they may have also taken it easy on Obama, letting Obama get away with stuff to make Obama feel over confident enough to commit more crimes. This is what the military would call a tactical retreat to draw an enemy into a trap. It looks like they are now springing the trap by ganging up on Obama and going after Obama for all of his crimes at one time, you know, a shock and awe thingy to overwhelm Obama, his attorneys, and staff. I am keeping an eye on this.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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