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Coyotes are now moving into cities because rodent populations are pandemic (read they are being drawn by all of that food). Watch for attacks against humans, especially homeless, drunks and stoners (coyotes will quickly learn that the smell of alcohol or drugs means a person is easier prey and where to find drunks and stoners, you know, outside bars), and children. Don't be surprised to find out that such attacks are already taking place and being covered up by the media.

The liberals have been successfully lying to the city people about animal behavior, especially about cats "devastating ecosystems", and God is using the liberal strategy of liberals increasing rodent populations to create disease pandemics by killing free roaming house cats to teach people the harsh truth about animal, especially predator, behavior.

Instead of having free roaming house cats, which pose very little threat to humans, you will have those rodent pandemics drawing in more dangerous predators like coyotes and you are about to find out first hand that coyotes really are a threat to humans, contrary to what liberals are telling you. Eyes will be opened.

Soon many people are going to be wishing they had not listened to the liberals about not permitting free roaming cats to keep the rodent populations down because the coyotes are far more dangerous. To solve this problem, they will have to first eradicate the coyotes in the cities and then reintroduce free roaming house cats to get the rodent populations back under control. If they try to reintroduce the cats before they eradicate the coyotes, the coyotes will kill off the house cats and they will end up right back where they started.

Also liberals are working to get wolves reintroduced where ever they can and work against hunting to keep the wolf populations under control, so don't be surprised to see packs of wolves moving into cities near where wolves have been reintroduced and the populations have gotten out of control. This will be caused by population density stress moving wolves from areas of higher populations towards areas of lower or no populations.

All of these brainwashed city people with Ph.D.s in PBS and Disney are about to get some real life biology lessons about the truth.

Stolen Valor

Over the decades I have seen people repeatedly lying about being martial arts experts and military veterans, especially special operations soldiers like Green Berets and SEALs, to impress or intimidate other people. You need to know that telling someone you are a martial arts expert or Navy SEAL while threatening them is telling them your hands and feet are deadly weapons and you are threatening them with deadly force. When you threaten someone with deadly force, they are legally justified in using deadly force to defend themselves and, if you can't fight with deadly force, it could get you killed.

Brian Williams is now caught in a stolen valor lie. He claimed he was in a chopper which got shot down during the Iraq invasion when he was not.

The lefty media have such great credibility. Let's see, Dan Rather did a bogus story about Reagan, and he and many others made it look like they were in combat during Vietnam when they were not. You want stolen valor, try the journalists.

Military service

My personal opinion is that, if a person refuses to serve their country in some way which would provide for the defense of that country from attack and maintain the freedoms of that country, they should not have the rights to the same freedoms as those who do. I think it will be best if people have to earn their freedoms and rights so they will better appreciate their freedoms and rights. If they don't earn their freedoms and rights, most tend to take those freedoms and rights for granted. There are plenty of jobs in the military which can be done by conscientious objectors such as desk jobs, maintenance, supply, and medical. The statistic is that for every combat soldier more than eleven non combat military positions are required to support that soldier in combat. That is a lot of jobs for conscientious objectors.

Quick Notes

OK, we are starting to see the true light about Ben Carson also, he also wants to micromanage your lives, you know, Marxism. Keep an eye on this.

Jeb Bush said, "We must dramatically expand immigrants coming to work."

What about first expanding jobs for US citizens?

Somebody please take the Kool-aid away from this clown!!

McCain says, "I cannot stand cowards and bullies", you know, while he is bullying conservatives out of the Arizona GOP. Does this mean McCain can't stand himself?

Michelle Obama praised "American Sniper". Is she putting in her two cents as preparation for running for president in '16?

Obama said that illegal aliens are Americans just like us.

You mean like him and Valerie?

He is from Kenya and she is from Iran, no Americans there. He's right.

After the Paris attacks, the US politicians are calling for tighter restrictions on US visas?

All the terrorists have to do is fly to Mexico and walk across the border. What visa? As long as the US border is open and they don't deport illegal immigrants, your visa is your feet.

Jesse Ventura is now calling US military personnel Nazis.

Does that mean he is a Nazi?

Just because Ventura is a Nazi does not mean I am. (I'm a US veteran, USAF 1972-1976. Remember I told you I was in electronics warfare?) This turd is really getting under my skin.

I am seeing increasing amounts of propaganda by the liberals and some of it defies common sense. You know, like "information is not knowledge". Liberals are losing all arguments and keep starting new arguments to distract from arguments they lost.

BTW, Sean Penn has been working against private gun ownership and is now starring in "The Gunman". I think I will boycott that movie. I won't knowingly give my money to a traitor to use against me. I still won't watch anything Hanoi Jane is involved with and I will not accept her apology because she is an actress and makes a living saying things she doesn't mean. If she did apologize, my first thought would be, "Is she just acting?"


Liberals are blaming people who don't vaccinate their children for the measles epidemic when the epidemic is being caused by Obama's illegal aliens, you know, just like I told you such epidemics would be caused by the illegal aliens.

The liberals are saying people are irresponsible for not vaccinating their children. First, the liberal media made a lot of money sensationalizing the hazards of vaccines, second, different doctors disagree about the risks of vaccines, third, if unvaccinated children spread a disease, who will they spread it to? Only other unvaccinated children. If a child has been vaccinated, they shouldn't get the disease, right? So what is the big deal? Forth, it is the illegal alien children and adults spreading measles and other diseases.

You do know that all of this hype about people not vaccinating their kids is smoke and mirrors or a distraction for the cause of the measles outbreak, illegal aliens?

You know, Obama is still blaming others for the problems he causes.


The pagans are coming out of the closet and our nation is praying to and making deals with Satan.

How do you think God is going to feel about that?

Before Christmas, there was controversy in Detroit, Michigan concerning two very different holiday displays at the State Capitol. The City of Detroit made a deal with the devil via the Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple to put up a display called the "Snaketivity Scene", which featured a serpent, a book, and a Satanic crucifix with the words "The Greatest Gift is Knowledge."

State Sen. Rick Jones got some volunteers to help get a nativity scene in place, which, of course, ticked off the Satanists.

Iceland is reviving Norse religious practices and building a facility for worship. Muslims were invited to pray at a rodeo, Congress, and other places.

Eyes will open and people will choose.

Legalizing Pot

Bill Bennett, the former Secretary of Education, said, "As the science progresses, the evidence is overwhelming the harm that marijuana does. It hurts focus, it hurts concentration, it hurts memory. Start when you're a teenager, keep it going once a week, that's all, and you'll lose 8 IQ points. Do I need to say anything more than that? Who can afford to lose 8 IQ points? We also know what it does to your lungs ... to your heart ... to driving. There's a very strong case."

Bennett quoted one marijuana researcher at Northwestern University as saying, "If I could design a drug that would be the worst possible thing for students, it would be marijuana."

Now that pot is legal in four states and two cities in Oregon, maybe more people will pay attention to the negative results from research. Until now, no one has paid attention and the pot users can easily dismiss the negative results of research to the point that they currently claim pot doesn't cause any harm. I have been watching research on pot for decades and they know such things as you are 40% more likely to get lung cancer from pot than from tobacco.

Why do you think there are so many pot users with lung cancer who want to use pot to "ease the pain"?

It isn't medicinal pot, they just want to be able to get stoned, especially in the hospitals, while they finish dying from the cancer pot caused.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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