I Told You So 14

8 years ago, when Bush got elected, I told you that I would not want to be the president to follow Bill Clinton because the economy would crash during his presidency and the lying commie media would blame Bush to cover up for the bad economic policies of Bill Clinton and his Dummicratically controlled Congress BECAUSE it takes from at least three to over 10 years for most of the fiscal policies a president puts into effect to develop into a disaster. The Clinton gang passed a law requiring banks to take home loans from people who couldn't possibly pay for those loans so "everyone could have a home." Aww, isn't that nice! More warm fuzzy socialist bull crap from the left gone wrong because the whacko's are out of touch with reality.

It was a bunch of socialist idealism that has finally come home to roost during the Bush administration and, in spite of the fact that Bush tried to get the Dummicratically controlled Congress to do something about it years ago by repealing that law, the lying commie media are blaming Bush and saying Capitalism has failed, strongly implying that we need more of the socialism which caused this mess. It is amazing what the commie's have been getting away with because they control the media the way Hitler did. If you want to get your country back from the commie's, you have to start by getting the media back from the commie's.

This idealistic commie program has finally bankrupted the financial institutions of America because it took this long for enough of those forced bad commie loans to default. This bankruptcy has put America in a position where it must buy those bad commie loans from the banks to keep the banks from defaulting and causing a very severe depression that would make the last major depression look like a slight down turn.

Now those troubled banks are starting to cause other industries to go bust such as the automobile industry, which also needs to be bailed out and, of course, the commies are trying to make it look like it is the fault of the naughty capitalists and saying let them sink in spite of the fact that it will put huge numbers of Americans out of work. The ironic thing is that those same commies are now turning to using the same capitalistic methods to save this economy that Bush used years ago to recover the economy after taking over a "soft" economy from Clinton. We were actually in a recession but the commie media had been covering that up for two years and still do to this day.

I also told you years ago that the commie media would eventually bankrupt themselves because of the liberal crisis they have created and they are on the verge of doing so. Their ratings have been in the toilet and getting worse for years because the commie population has been declining. When I first pointed out the commie or liberal crisis years ago, 35% of the US population was liberal. Today, because of their agenda, the commie population is only 20% of the total population and the population is even larger. 35% of 250 million equals 67.5 million and 20% of 300 million equals 60 million for a decline of 7.5 million commie's in about 8 years. That's the good news.

But guess what the slithering commie's will do next. You can bet they will claim their media businesses failing was caused by the banks (instead of the other way around) and that they should be bailed out or, basically, supported and paid for by the commie government to make sure the commie media will still be around in four years to help the commie's steal another election in spite of the fact that their ratings will continue to decline.

Personally, I think we should send the bill for all of this to those brilliant commie's who caused it. You know, like Bill Clinton and the Commiecratic Party. Why should we pay for their stupidity?

This should be a lesson to everyone that the majority of the Commiecrats are attorneys who didn't study economics in college and wouldn't know good economics if it bit them in the butt, which is why the fools believe all that socialist bull crap. It should also be noted that the United States of American has not really existed for at least two years when the commie's stole the last elections. We now officially live in the Communist States of America and it is going to get worse.

I am expecting that there won't even be an election in 2012 and the commie's are putting out some strong hints that I will be right....again, unfortunately. Biden and other commie's have been going around saying that there will be another major Al Quaeda attack to "test Obama." Wanna bet it will be staged to get American behind Obama?" After what I have seen, I would not put it past the Commiecrats to murder millions of Americans to steal permanent control of the US Government and set up their commie dictatorship.

Most people don't know it but the laws are in place for Obama to legally seize control of the US and set up a dictatorship. You can bet Obama and the rest of the Commiecrats know it because most of them, including Obama, are attorneys and they studied law.

You see, if there is a crisis severe enough for Obama to be justified in declaring a national emergency, he can turn around and use that national emergency to declare martial law, disband both Congress and the Supreme Court, suspend the US Constitution, and set up a temporary dictatorship until the crisis has passed. The only control on this system is the US Military which has the ability and responsibility to force the President to revert back to a republic as soon as they have deemed the crisis has passed.

Did you notice that Obama has been saying he wants to set up a "Citizen's Security Force" (CSF - exactly like Hitler's Gestapo) that will be as well funded, as well trained, and as good as the US Military and will take over most of the military's jobs? Did you recently notice that Obama says he will decrease the spending for the US Military by 25% this year and plans to spend that 25% on Obama's military, the CSF?

Hmmmm, could it be that Obama is planning to quickly phase out the US Military and phase in Obama's military? Gee, why would Obama want to replace the US Military with the Obama Military if they are expecting another attack by Al Quaeda? Do the math, I gave you the formula.

Wanna bet there will soon be another civil war in this country that will make the first one look like a bloody nose? Think about it. The commie's just love their power.

If this financial crisis gets bad enough, Obama can use it to declare a national emergency and then declare martial law. Is he a Muslim? Is he a US citizen? Gets really important fast doesn't it.

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