I Told You So 141

Remember that I told you some time ago that Russia had placed over 100,000 troops plus tanks and artillery on the East of Ukraine to draw Ukrainian forces to defend against a possible invasion so Russia could load army troops on their Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea (they already have Russian marines and Spetznaz special forces based on that fleet), cruise the fleet a few miles to Odesa, Ukraine, the largest remaining port in Ukraine, seize control of Odesa, send troops the few miles north to "free" Transnitria in Moldova while staging an air assault on Kiev, capturing the capitol and Ukraine's leaders with a minimum loss in Russian troops? Remember that shortly after the fighting started in Eastern Ukraine, Russia tested the waters in Odesa by staging some fighting there to find that Ukraine had kept enough troops in Odesa for a major resistance?

After that, Russia has continued to escalate the fighting in Eastern Ukraine until they now have over 100,000 troops plus tanks and artillery inside Eastern Ukraine and are gaining significant ground against Ukrainian forces. This invasion gaining ground has naturally forced almost all of the Ukrainian forces to the east to defend in the fighting against Russian forces, exactly what Putin wanted. While fighting was still continuing, Russia and Ukraine just signed another cease fire agreement but none of the previous agreements held for more than a day or two. This one won't last either.

Russia has announced that it is sending army troops into Crimea to beef up its defenses because of 1,300 Western troops playing "war games" in Ukraine. The Black Sea Fleet has been "lined up in formation to practice for a parade for celebrating Russian Navy Day" in Sevastopol.

By now, you should know what is about to happen. Some day soon, after the troops arrive in Crimea and after midnight one night, the army troops will board the Black Sea Fleet, the fleet will sail the few miles to Odesa, Spetznaz will precede the fleet into Odesa on small boats to secure the harbor and city just before the fleet arrives, the marines and army troops will unload in Odesa with some troops heading north to "free" Transnitria from Moldova and the rest securing Odesa while the Spetznaz will lead an air assault into one or more airports or air bases near Kiev to secure those bases and then the rest of the troops from that air assault will move to seize Kiev while the Spetznaz rounds up Ukraine's political leaders as prisoners. The Ukrainian military will suddenly find itself surrounded with over 100,000 troops engaged in combat with them to the east, Russian troops to the west and north, and the Ukrainian capitol and its leaders held captive. End game Russia and Moscow throws a big party to welcome Ukraine back into the family.

To counter the sanctions Obama and Europe will place against Russia, Putin is building his little Russian Federation of Planets, A.K.A. Eurasian Economic Union, a free trade zone consisting of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan and just signed in Egypt as a member (you can thank Obama and Valerie for that one.)

Guess which currency they will be trading in?

Russian Rubles, not US dollars or Euros. You can bet that, in order to trade with these countries, you will need to start trading in rubles, which will increase the demand for rubles and decrease the demand for dollars and Euros.

Also remember that Russia has already shifted much of its trading to China (if the Europeans don't want Russia's gas, China does) and is also trading with Iran, Syria, and other countries and just restarted trading with Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Argentina (is selling them Russian fighter jets to take the Falkland Islands from Britain and much of Britain's oil causing Britain's economy to implode even faster), and others. Russia is going to need all of those extra sea ports in Ukraine for all of this extra trading. Get the picture yet?

Basically, Russia is setting up their own global trading network cutting out the US and Europe so the Western sanctions won't effect Russia and plunging the US and Europe into an even greater depression, if that is possible.

Mean while (yes, there is more, dear readers), Russia is ramping up its military for a possible war forcing Mr Genius Hippie commie Nobel Prize winning peace nick, Obama, to start rebuilding the US military he has been tearing down just to keep from being overrun by both Russia and China, who are not keeping their agreements with the Euro-American upper class trash for setting up a global commie dictatorship, you know, like I told you they would.

Which begs to ask, "Why are the intellectually superior upper class trash geniuses always surprised by such things when these things should be so obvious?"

Obviously, they don't read this web site because I told you that would happen a long time ago.

Russia is quickly rebuilding its nuke program and has surpassed the SALT Treaty limits by deploying over 1,600 nuke warheads with the US also violating the treaty agreements by also fielding over 1,600 warheads. Russia has built and deployed at least one or two new nuke subs, been building her mobile trailer based nuke missiles, and restarted her mobile train based nukes. Putin is also beefing up his conventional army with more tanks, missiles, planes (including nuke bombers), ships, and such. He is also planning to stage war games with a number of countries, probably at least partly in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico to tie down huge parts of the US military. Russia has over 8,000 additional and uncommitted nuke warheads she is quickly sticking on weapon systems.

The US has over 7,000 uncommitted nuke warheads but not enough delivery systems for them all so Obama has ordered the US military to build 12 new nuke subs, 100 additional nuke bombers (probably old B-1s and B-52s brought back into service), and 400 new nuke missiles to put more warheads on, which, of course, will cost hundreds of billions of dollars (possibly more than $1 trillion) with an economy Obama has been destroying and a nation he has driven into debt so that nation couldn't rebuild its military to prevent Obama from staging a political coup of the US. Now Obama needs that economy and military but not the debt to rebuild the US military to defend against Russia and China. Oops, he screwed up big time.

The US is also in talks with Australia to base a huge portion of its fleet and Marines in Australia to counter the China threat, which will cost even more money we don't have. You see, the US has parts of its navy based in places like Japan, the Philippines, Guam, and other places close enough that China could stage a surprise attack and destroy those forces. The US now needs bases close enough to quickly respond to Chinese aggression but far enough away to prevent a surprise attack, A.K.A. Australia and you better bet Australia likes the idea.

Obama is now ramping up the US military more than anyone since Reagan and maybe even more than him. Yep, doing a great job, Mr. Global Peace Dude. Nothing like a little pacifism to screw everything up.

Have you figured out that Russia, China, and the Muslims never intended to keep their end of the deal with the Euro-American upper class trash white crackers for setting up a global dictatorship, you know, just like I told you they would do?

The Euro-American plans for global conquest, setting up their glorious global commie dictatorship, and butchering over 7 billion people are falling apart big time. Man plans, God laughs.

What did Russia and China do?

Basically, they liked the potentials of the idea for their own purposes, knowing that, when the Euro-American upper class trash commie traitors tore down the Western militaries and economies enough for those butt holes to seize control of those nations, it would also make those nations susceptible to overthrow from without, you know, by Russia and China. So all Russia and China had to do was wait until the Western nations were weak enough for the traitors to stage their coups, while Russia and China both built their economies and militaries, and then do what Russia and China wanted to do to conquer the world. I think that is called a sucker punch.

So, how is that new world order thingy going, genius traitors?

Wanna bet that Russia and China time their next big military actions to take place at the same time and in conjunction with Russia's Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico war games to prevent a concerted or effective response by the West?

You know, Russia takes Ukraine (and who knows what else) while China takes the Senkaku Islands, the South China Sea Islands, and/or Taiwan while the US is playing hide and seek with the Russian war games in the West.

Do you also wanna bet Obama will have to give back his Nobel Peace Prize soon?

I sure hope you have your rain coats and umbrellas because the fecal matter is hitting the fan in massive quantities and getting worse by the day.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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