I Told You So 142

National Debt

Remember that I told you years ago that what the government says is our national debt is just a fraction of what it really is?

They are admitting the national debt is $18 trillion but Michael Tanner, a senior fellow of the Cato Institute, threw Obama under the bus saying that it is $91 trillion. Tanner stated that, at the official lower amount, the national debt equals about 101 percent of GDP. He said, "In other words, we now owe more than the value of all goods and services produced in this country over a year."

Have you noticed how almost every day there is some one else giving up information to make Obama look bad, you know, throwing him under the bus?

Obama was also just thrown under the bus by a former adviser who stated that Obama lied about not wanting to legalize homosexual marriage. They are coming out of the wood work, all at the same time, ratting Obama out for his lies and crimes. It is like the people who are in the know are suddenly having a whistle blowing contest. Gee, what a coincidence.

Have you noticed how, at the same time, they are moving in on prosecuting Obama for his crimes?

Gee, what a coincidence. And now they are going after Holder for his crimes. Gee, what a coincidence. I don't think it is a coincidence.

Don't get me wrong because I think these criminals should be ratted out and they should be held accountable for their crimes. It is just that this is suddenly happening all at once, one right after another telling me that they are throwing Obama under the bus. The upper class trash are finished using him so they are going to use him one more time to justify their genocide of blacks.


Remember that I told you that, when the disease pandemics started, mass transit would be one of their ways to quickly spread the deadly diseases?

They are currently hyping a big scare about measles in spite of the fact that it is rarely deadly but they are showing what I told you about spreading more deadly diseases to be true. The worst thing about measles is when a pregnant woman gets them and the damage it can do to the unborn child.

First, this spread was caused by an illegal alien who visited Disneyland and it began being spread from Disneyland around the US. Then they had a case where someone who was contagious rode San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit system for three days. The media (who, of course, are hyping this measles epidemic all out of proportion and causing the government to over react) are telling everyone who rode that mass transit and has not been vaccinated to get vaccinated.

This flies in the face of Obama who stated that mass transit won't have much of an effect on the transmition of deadly diseases. Yes, the mass transit systems could be shut down during and because of a truly deadly disease out break so you better have a plan B for getting to and from work for when such a pandemic does occur. Note that I said when and not if because, with Obama bringing in so many infected illegal aliens, it is only when and not if such an outbreak will occur.

The one thing I have noticed with this measles outbreak is the worst thing will be all of the media hype causing fear so the media can increase their profits from advertising. For most diseases, such as measles, the overreaction caused by the media hype will be the worst thing but there are some diseases for which the spread of the disease will be even worse than the media hype.

BTW, some people are thinking that the Ebola scare just magically went away but it is actually being covered up. The last I read the government was monitoring more than 1,400 people for Ebola. In this case, the media are actually covering up what is going on with the disease, you know, to protect their beloved traitor politicians. But they are overreacting to Measles?

You can't trust the media to do anything right. Keep in mind that any time the media go bonkers on anything, it may be the media trying to distract you from something more important the glorious leaders have done wrong. Right now, the media are hyping the vaccination thing to distract you from the fact that this epidemic was caused by one of Obama's illegal aliens.


Remember that I told you the Sunnis and Shiites are fighting for control of the land just north of the Israeli border because who every controls that land will control the front line assault for the invasion of Israel and have the best potential for their glorious leader to be the one to fulfill Islamic end time prophesy by being the one to stand on the Temple Mount and give the order to kill all of the remaining non Muslims?

The Sunni terrorists...uh...I mean rebels have been fighting each other for control of that land with Al Quaeda's (Saudi Arabia's proxy army) Syrian branch of Al Nusra taking control and ISIS (Qatar's proxy army) still trying to gain control. Now Syria (Iran's proxy army) has sent the Shiite terrorist organization, Hezbollah (Iran's proxy army), to regain control of that area for Iran and they are under the control of the Iranian elite Al Qod forces.

Did you notice that you have to keep track of which terrorist...uh...rebel organization is owned by whom so you can know which whacko leader is trying to prove they are the Muslim Mahdi or messiah? Did you also notice that this sudden increase in effort by Iran to retake control of this area just happens to be taking place while Obama is "negotiating" with Iran and Obama is being thrown under the US bus? Gee, I wonder what kind of deal Valerie is working out with Iran for Obama? Is Obama going to have his CNSF army on the front lines in the coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Oh yeah, this is happening at a time when Obama played host in the White House to the Sunni Muslim terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood and nobody knows what they were discussing. Gee, another coincidence.

Could it be that Obama and Valerie are negotiating for the best deal for front line positioning of their CNSF for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39? Now are you beginning to realize how massive of an army Obama will have to have at the start of that war to quickly crush through the Israeli forces, maintain front lead all the way to Jerusalem, and quickly establish and maintain control of the Temple Mount so Obama can safely stand on the Temple Mount and order all Muslims to kill all non Muslims and prove he is the Mahdi so Pharaoh Obama can rule the world?

We are talking tens of millions of troops just to get there and be in control to protect Obama from assassination.

There are just so many coincidences in this ugly mess.

BTW, increasing evidence is surfacing that Senator John McCain is in bed with the Muslims, especially the Muslim Brotherhood and is a traitor. We know, based on his liberal actions, that he is a liberal commie traitor but it is now clear he is working with the Muslims too.

A true conservative, you know, one of those people McCain tried to purge from the Arizona GOP, State Senator Kelli Ward of Lake Havasu City, a physician starting her second term in the Legislature, confirmed she is considering a run against McCain. There may be hope to get rid of McCain, which is what McCain was trying to prevent with his purging, you know, the way commies always purge out anyone who is a threat. Pray for her, she'll need it against John Stalin McCain.

Have you noticed that the upper class trash are so crazy from so much inbreeding and drugs that you can't make this crap up?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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