I Told You So 147


Remember that I told you that the liberal RINO leaders of the Republican Party are liberal infiltrators who have taken over the party and are all in the same bed with the liberal Commiecrats?

Well, the Republican controlled Senate "caved" on amnesty to the minority who ran all over the GOP when the Commiecrats were in the majority.

What, I am supposed to believe that the liberals in the GOP even wanted to stop amnesty when they are "caving" to the minority, after being voted into the majority to stop the things the Commiecrat Party passed?

I am supposed to believe that these lying, liberal infiltrators are such incompetent buffoons that they can't even run Congress in the majority? I am supposed to believe the GOP is any different when they preached that Obamacare should be repealed and now are preaching it should just be fixed or replaced? I am supposed to believe that the GOP is different and is not part of the problem when they are supporting every liberal program the people hate such as Common Core, control of the Internet, amnesty, Obamacare, and others?

I am sorry, you are going to have to sell me another bridge because I am not buying that one. It is just too blatantly obvious they are all in the same bed or pockets. The government of the US is blatantly an oligarchy or dictatorship being run by the Euro-American upper class trash white cracker traitors. There is no longer a Republic of the US, it is dead and just has not finished kicking yet but the upper class trash is working to finish the job as quickly as possible so they can set up their beloved communist global dictatorship, you know, the one world government.

Get real, the GOP is not "caving", they were already in the same bed working to setup their glorious commie dictatorship. It is treason, not caving.

The racket or slight of hand is this, they worked for decades to set everything up for our government, economy, and everything else to fail, then put in a very charismatic black man to take the fall when it did fail so the upper class trash white crackers could justify their eugenics or murdering all blacks, Latinos, and other non whites and then are putting a bunch of white crackers in office to "fix" the problem while throwing the blacks, Latinos, and others under the bus but you know that their song will be that "the incompetent black man made such a mess they will have to scrap it all and start over from scratch with their commie dictatorship" to justify finishing their coup. After all, why should you be aloud to vote when you are so stupid you voted, not once but twice, for the stupid black man who made this mess. They, our superior intellectuals with the right degrees from the right universities will do much better by appointing the right people to do the job. Get the picture yet?

Any way you look at it, democracy is dead, largely because the liberals have dumbed down and brainwashed enough people so it can't work.


Remember that I told you Obama and company would create tension between Obama and Israel so Obama could blame Israel for nuking Chicago and get the American people behind Obama invading Israel for justice?

Netanyahu is going to speak before Congress to try a last ditch effort to get Congress to not support the very disastrous deal Obama is working out with Iran so they can keep building nukes to use against Israel. Obama has become so arrogant and sure of himself that he isn't even trying to cover up the fact that he is think tanking with his administration to cause more trouble between Obama and Israel by getting even with Netanyahu for making a speech. They openly admit they are working on more ways to increase the tension between Obama and Israel. Obama is that sure that no one can stop him and he has such control that he can openly do whatever he wants without having to hide his crimes.

Gee, I wonder what could make Obama feel so invincible? Could it be he has the nukes he wants from Iran and is going to use them soon?

BTW, Iran is building an arsenal of nukes because the US, Russia, China, Britain, France, and Israel all have arsenals of nukes. Iran will need more than just one or two nukes to conquer the world for Islam. You know they are building hundreds of nukes.


I have been noticing another phenomenon taking place. Every now and then you see a respected "conservative" journalist give into and admit a liberal lie is true, causing their conservative followers to accept the lie as truth because they trust the journalist.

What is happening is that the left has infiltrated liberal journalists posing as conservatives into the media. They let the journalist establish a strong conservative following and then they occasionally use that journalist to "admit" the liberals were right about something, which won't go away and is causing them problems to put that something to rest so the liberals can move on to other things.

For example, the issue about Obama not being a US citizen and qualified to be president of the US. This continued to drag on and was growing when, suddenly, a number of "conservative" journalists just up and said they believe there has been adequate proof that Obama was born in the US and is qualified to be president without showing us the proof. It is amazing how many conservatives have fallen for this scam. Keep an eye on this because you are going to see more of this happen. For example, I keep seeing increasing numbers of liberal writers showing up on the conservative news sites while liberal news sites are failing because people are tired of the liberal lies.

That doesn't make any sense, does it? The conservative news sites are increasing the number of liberal writers when liberal sites are going busted because people are tired of the liberal lies?

The liberal upper class trash is using every dirty trick in the book to fool increasing numbers of people into accepting their liberal propaganda. This latest scam is to set up poser conservative sites and journalists and use those sites and journalists to subtly fool people into believing the liberal lies or seduce the people over to the dark side.


So, from the perspective of God, what is going on?

Before Adam and Eve fell in sin for disobeying God, Satan and 1/3 of the Heavenly angels staged a hostile military take over of Heaven and were defeated by the other 2/3 of the angels causing Satan and the 1/3 to become criminals. This attempted military coup of Heaven was blasphemy or treason and they were going to be judged for their crimes but Satan challenged God's credibility for judging them. A test and contest or war, we call life, was devised in which God, man, and Satan and his fallen angels would be tested. God gave us a number of prophesies or stated that He would cause certain things to happen during this test (God said life is a test). If God fails to cause even just one detail for just one prophesy to happen, He is wrong, will be considered a liar and not have the credibility for judging Satan, the demons, and their human followers, which means they will all be freed from judgment and Hell and we will have to spend eternity living with these monsters. This means that, in this contest or war between Satan and God, God has to win every time and Satan only has to win once.

For six thousands years, Satan has been trying to prevent God from fulfilling just one detail in just one prophesy so Satan can win this war against God and not have to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. This is why, to properly understand prophesy, you MUST include ALL of the details for all of the prophesies, because the details MUST all be fulfilled to the letter or God loses and Satan wins. You can't leave out any of the details for any prophesy.

Right now, we are in the bottom of the seventh inning (the Tribulation will be the eighth inning and the testing period and war at the end of Jesus' 1,000 year reign will be the ninth inning), Satan has loaded all of the bases against God hoping just one runner will score and God will lose the game but God is about to clear the bases and send Satan's team packing back to the dugout to try again. Satan is only going to get this try plus two more.

Satan knows these prophesies in detail better than you or me. Satan knows that God said Islam will conquer the world and set up a one world government and one world church during the Tribulation. If Satan can cause just one of those statements to not happen, he wins so he has stacked the deck as much as possible against God hoping that Satan can win on just one of them.

Satan has used his pagans to set up the Euro-American upper class trash and Catholic Church to conquer the world and set up their global dictatorship so Islam won't be able to set up their one world government. If they succeed in setting up their one world government OR their one world church so Islam can't, Satan wins all of the marbles. Satan also has his pagans planning to murder off all but a maximum of 500 million people globally, especially all Muslims, Christians and Jews, because, without Muslims, Christians and Jews, most of the remaining prophesies can't be fulfilled and Satan wins.

Satan also has the Muslims trying to conquer the world and set up their one world government and one world religion BEFORE the Tribulation, which will make God wrong and Satan wins. Satan also has the Muslims trying to murder off all of the Christians and Jews for the same reason he has the Euro-American pagans planning to do the same thing.

Satan also has the Chinese communists working to conquer the World, wipe out almost all non Chinese, especially the Muslims, Christians and Jews, so that the Muslims can't conquer the world and set up their government and church and the prophesies requiring Christians and Jews can't be fulfilled (you know, the same reason why Satan had Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Che, Ho, and other commies murder over 100 million people during the 20th Century, including tens of millions of Christians and Jews). If Satan is successful at ANY ONE of those things, he wins.

Satan also has Russia preparing to conquer the world and kill all Muslims and Jews (Putin's Orthodox Church hates Jews) for the same reasons.

So Satan is coming at God from four major sides at one time hoping just one of them will cause God to not be able to fulfill just one detail of just one prophesy so Satan can win. God is going to use Satan's own strategies and tactics to defeat Satan, just like God has always done in the past. He will cause the Muslims to take over the US and purge all of the upper level Euro-American pagans, then take Pharaoh Obama's CNSF and a UN force including the Muslims, Europe, Russia, and China to invade Israel and wipe out all Jews, which will prevent God from fulfilling the rest of God's prophesies, and God will be waiting for them with the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to wipe out all of their leaders and 83.3% of their forces. This will clear the bases sending Satan back to the dugouts to try again during the Tribulation (the eighth inning.)

In order to win this inning, God MUST cause EVERY detail of His related prophesies to come true so you MUST pay attention to ALL of the prophesy details to understand what is going on. I have been telling you that for years. It is the details which prove the prophesies.

BTW, while all of these pagans are going around discrediting, lying about, and saying they don't believe the Bible because, because, because, they believe the Bible enough so that the Euro-American pagans are trying to become the one world government and church in the Bible (to defeat God) and they also know that both of the two tribulation witnesses are here, on earth, right now and they are trying to find these two witnesses so they can kill the two witnesses BEFORE the Tribulation. It seems the pagans who "don't believe the Bible" know that the two witnesses will be given God's power during the Tribulation, will be extremely powerful, and the pagans are afraid of the two witnesses. Therefore, they want to kill the two witnesses before the two witnesses get God's power, you know, before the Tribulation, which will cause God to lose the war because God said the two witnesses will be killed during the Tribulation on the streets of Jerusalem and God can't be wrong about any of that or He loses.

The Luciferians (The Euro-American upper class trash and even Hitler, who was a Luciferian and not a Christian) believe that Lucifer told them via their prophetesses that, if the Luciferians set up a global dictatorship and murder off all non whites (including Muslims, Christians, and Jews) leaving a maximum of 500 million pagan people globally, Lucifer will come to earth, make the Luciferians immortal, and make them all gods. You understand this better when you know that, if God loses, Satan won't have to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire, we will all become immortal, and Lucifer will set his followers up as our overlords or gods to rule over us forever. Basically, Satan made a deal with these pagans to save Satan's butt.

Now, do you understand why Satan's people keep trying to murder everyone off, especially Christians and Jews?

BTW, the CDC says that 110 million people in the US have STDs and they are worried about 147 cases of measles?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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