I Told You So 149

Clintstones (Yabadaba Don't)

Remember that I told you that Hilarious Clintstone is damaged goods and the Clintstones would announce Princess Chelsea's candidacy for president this spring?

It was just announced a few days ago that Hilarious is expected to make her announcement next month, April 2015. Everyone is expecting Hilarious to announce that she will be running for president. This is all drama to create shock and a huge wave of surprised approval by liberal voters.

I just read that the Clintstones are hiring Donna Shalala for the position of CEO for the Clintstone Foundation, which was set up to keep the Clintstones in luxury while also paying for their campaigns "so Hilarious can focus on her run for president of the US". The last I read, Princess Chelsea had taken over as CEO but they are showing that Shalala is replacing Eric Braverman.

Hold it, what happened to Chelsea and why do they need to hire Shalala so Hilarious can focus on running for president when Shalala is replacing Braverman and not Hilarious? Can we say smoke and mirrors?

Shalala has been a very accomplished fund raiser and worked for Billy Boy Clintstone in the government for eight years before also working for George Bush (I told you they are all in the same bed.) Shalala will be taking over Hilarious' job at fund raising, which is part of campaigning, so granny Hilarious can stay at home with the baby while Chelsea runs for office.

You have to understand that what the Clintstones have been doing is hiding Princess Chelsea safely away behind mommy with Hilarious taking all of the campaign and media flack so Princess Chelsea will be undamaged goods going into this election. At the announcement, Hilarious will surprise everyone by announcing her retirement because of health problems so Hilarious will stay home with the cutesy grandbaby to do lots of interviews and get a lot of free press for Chelsea while Princess Chelsea campaigns to become the first female president. This surprise announcement will be such a surprise and shock that it will cause a huge amount of sensationalized talk and a quick rise in popularity for Chelsea, hopefully taking her all of the way the the Oval Office (their hope, not mine.) Everything combined will create even more emotional energy among all of the stupid liberals than electing the first black man did for Obama, when the liberals' one functioning communal brain cell gets overwhelmed and everyone "just has to vote for Princess Chelsea."

Besides, Hilarious might be in prison by 2016 and need a president who will pardon her.

BTW, Shalala is a real liberal tyrant. Look her up and she how she has tried to suppress student speech, faculty speech, and do away with college sports.


I keep seeing increasing significant shadows moving in the background sending interesting messages to us. I keep seeing more and more military officers coming out with little bits of the truth about what is really going on. They are slipping the truth to us a few bits at a time so they won't be called conspiracy theorists and people will listen to them. They have learned from the media and are prepping the battle field, getting the people ready for something.

One general recently stated that the Chiefs of Staff has been infiltrated telling me they know what is going on and who the moles and traitors are. Don't be surprised to learn they have a data base on everyone involved. Military officers and other government agents, such as law enforcement and intelligence, especially retired government people, are trying to get the word out to the people as to what is going on. Eyes are opening, people are choosing, and things are happening, you know, like God told me would happen.

I am also seeing people setting up different types of conservative organizations in an attempt to save the US but it is too little too late. I believe that these groups and individuals will be very important for building our new nation but the commie pagans are too infiltrated into the key spots and programs and have done too much damage with overwhelming power for an eleventh hour save by these much smaller groups and some seem to realize it. That is why God is going to use the Muslims to purge the upper class trash criminals and their puppets greatly decreasing the odds against the good people of this nation and give us a chance.

I see increasing shadows moving in the background telling me that increasing numbers of people are coming together to fight back in every way, just like God told me. It is too late for them to save the Republic of the US but they can build a new and better nation from the rubble. God is moving in this land and preparing things for what is coming.

I have also noticed that states are trying to break away from being funded by the federal government so the federal government won't have such control over the states. They have learned that accepting money from the feds puts you on the fed leash.

Is it possible that these terrorist acts are a front to distract us while "moderate Muslims" quietly infiltrate and take over our cities, nations, and governments?

Other people are starting to question whether Obama will voluntarily leave office in 2017. Many still think Obama will leave because it is the law but when has Obama obeyed the law? Also remember that Obama has lied to us every time. Eyes are opening.


Remember that I have been telling you that the actual unemployment number is at least 30% to 40%?

In an article by Matthew Burke, it says, "In a memo obtained by the Washington Examiner, David John Marotta makes the calculated case that the real unemployment number is 37.2%, not the "official" government number of 6.7%. Marotta accurately points out that while the unemployment number has been declining, the number of Americans leaving the work force, the people actually out of work, has been steadily increasing to record numbers." Marotta is a Wall Street financial consultant and this article was in January 22, 2014. The number is even higher today and is probably over 40%.


I warned you that Rick Perry's economic policy was bringing liberals to Texas who would take over the state and ruin it. Texas now has the nation's first Shiria court enforcing Shiria law.

Get it right, almost ALL politicians are in the same bed to destroy the US and set up their dictatorship.

BTW, if you vote for Jeb Common Core Bush, you are an idiot and your kids will pay for it by getting brainwashed.

Cats Update

As I told you before, I had put cat food on an elevated and covered stand about three feet above the ground to keep ants and rain out of the food and get some feral cats to base on my land for rodent and rattlesnake control and have also been using this as a feral cat field experiment. Before I had to remove this food to a more secure location to keep dogs out of it, there had been four bird kills on my property. The bird kills stopped after I moved the cat food from the food stand and I began running an experiment on the birding abilities of the cats by seeding parts of my back yard.

I quickly found out that the cats are not as good at birding as we are being told and birds are not as stupid as we are being told. I quickly found out that cats have to get within 3 to 5 feet of a bird before the bird begins to take flight or the cat cannot not get the bird before the bird gets out of reach. Since there were no more bird kills after I moved the cat food, I hypothesized that the reason for the earlier bird kills was because the cat feeding station permitted the cats to get within 3 to 5 feet of the birds, which came to eat the cat food, before the birds began to take flight. So I put seed in the cat feeding stand about three to four weeks ago and have had two more bird kills at the cat feeding station with one leaving blood and feathers in the feeding area showing the bird was killed in the feeding area.

Therefore, my hypothesis has been tested with sufficient supporting evidence and is now a theory. Cats are not as good of birders as they have been telling us. Better than 70% of a free roaming house cat's diet is bugs (I have seen a lot of bug kills supporting that) and most of the rest is rodents, for which I have also seen considerable evidence. Without adequate cover, few kills by cats will be birds.

Side Note

An interesting side note is that I have seen a number of videos showing such animals as deer, squirrels, birds, cows, and even rabbits eating birds. It turns out that deer also eat other animals like rabbits and there are also videos of squirrels and rabbits killing rattlesnakes.

You mean Bambi would eat thumper? Yep, I guess Disney lied to us also, you know, like PBS, conservationists, and the rest of the liberal establishment.

With these videos making the rounds, I figure it won't be long until whacko birdie people will be wanting to trap and kill all animals except birds to protect their cute little birdies, who provide us with such great things as flu viruses and other diseases. It seems the free roaming cats devastating ecosystems thingy is turning out to be a much bigger lie than I had thought. It is my theory that a little research will probably prove that the biggest threats to the bird population are rodents (especially squirrels and mice) and other birds, if it has not already been proved and is being covered up.

Do the lefties tell us the truth about anything?

No. But eyes are opening, the truth is being learned and quickly spreading via the Internet. I have noticed that increasing numbers of people are saying the things I have been teaching for more than a decade. I am no longer a lone voice crying in the Internet wilderness but have plenty of company.

I am also noticing that increasing numbers of people are getting mad enough to fight. It won't be much longer.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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