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Shoe Blizzard

So many shoes are falling so fast that it has become a virtual shoe blizzard with an almost "soul-out". So much is happening but most of the more significant shoes have not hit ground yet and I don't want to keep repeating myself with the same stories the way the media work so I thought I would just touch on some things I am watching.


I am trying to figure out what God is doing with the Christians in the Middle East. At first, it looked like God was moving them out of the area to other countries because tens of thousands were fleeing to other countries. Suddenly we are learning that thousands are forming organized and trained Christian military units.

Obviously God is moving millions out of the area to other countries but why is He causing thousands to stay and fight? Are they a rear guard God is using to get most out alive?

I am keeping an eye on this.

It is much more obvious what God is doing in Africa. Few of the Christians in Central Africa are leaving for other nations to get away from Boko Haram, they are arming, organizing, and fighting back telling me God is causing them to stand their ground.

Power Struggle

Much of what you are seeing going on now in the US is a power struggle between the different factions, including between Obama and the lefties. The left is trying to finish setting up their commie dictatorship while blaming Obama and throwing him under the bus. Obama is quickly working to set up his Muslim dictatorship before he can be removed from office and is refusing to go under the bus quietly, you know, like I told you he would.

Right now, Obama is being hit increasingly from all sides but is ignoring as much of the attacking as possible while plodding steadily ahead to set up his dictatorship. It is like watching a fight that has turned into an all out slug fest with both sides relentlessly pounding each other and the first side to land a decisive blow wins.


Remember me telling you that Israel decreased their order of F-35s from 35 to 14 planes because the plane doesn't work yet, in other words, they are being sold expensive junk?

The US Air Force just reported that they won't have the software for the close air support bomb until 2022. It seems that it is all about the software.

Remember that it will be a while before they have the software to make the Gatling gun work?

Well, let's see, it can't shoot bullets and can't drop bombs. Hey, they still have missiles....I think.

Has air combat gone full circle from pilots flying around in aircraft shooting at each other with pistols and rifles to pilots flying around in much faster aircraft shooting at each other with pistols and rifles?

My training, experience, and instinct for countermeasures just kicked in so that I just realized a really great countermeasure for all of these high tech weapons but that has to remain classified so that only I know it while praying the US military figures it out first and develops a countermeasure to that.

I told you we would regret not buying more F-22s, which do work and work very well. You can thank Obama and all of the liberals on both sides in Congress for that huge mistakes.

Hilarious Clintstone E-mail

OK, here is an easy solution to Hilarious not giving up her illegal e-mails to keep from going to prison. Those e-mails will exist on her computer, from where they were sent, and other people's computers, to where they were sent. All the government has to do is find those other computers and you will find the e-mails and most of the rest of those other computers are government computers.

You can't hide e-mails by just hiding the source computer because those e-mails will also be stored on the receiving computers. This should also tell you that, if the government has a warrant to bug the receiving computer you send an e-mail to, then they can also monitor your e-mail legally.

Rahm Emanuel

Remember me telling you that the black Muslims would turn on and rebel against the liberal white crackers?

Rahm Emanuel, who is currently running for re-election as Chicago's liberal commie traitor mayor just got the black Muslim shaft. Just days before the election, Jesse James Jackson and the other black leaders publically endorsed Rahm's opponent, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, in the runoff. The worm has turned.

Which should tell you what?

The Muslims must feel like they almost have control of the US government or will have control soon.

You have to understand that the black Muslims run the black community in Chicago with many posing as Christians, you know, like Obama. Farrakhan's Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers, both Muslim groups, are the power houses for blacks in Chicago with most black "Christian" preachers doing what Muslim, Farrakhan, tells them to do.

Rahm Emanuel has two strikes against him when dealing with the black Muslims, 1) he is a white liberal commie traitor, which they hate but have crawled in bed with to overthrow the US government, and 2) he is Jewish, which the black Muslims hate a lot.

Apparently, with Obama under fire and looking like he could be removed from office soon, the black Muslims and Latinos sleeping in bed with the liberal commie traitors are now making their move in this ongoing power struggle mentioned above. With the blacks and Latinos getting behind Garcia, Rahm could lose this election and get to take the big basement bus ride with increasing numbers of liberal traitor white crackers.

This will be fun to watch but also scary. It couldn't happen to a more deserving piece of trash. Don't you just love watching liberal traitors get their up-and-comings?

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." Yep, old Rahmy boy is about to get found out with the rest of the liberal traitor commie white crackers.

So, how many lefties do you think the Muslims will purge or murder when the Muslims take over?

We know they will purge all of the leaders, you know, like Rahm.

Saudi Arabia

It has just been reported that, in 2014, Saudi Arabia passed India as the largest weapons importer in the world. The Saudis increased their purchasing of weapons by 54% to $6.5 billion and are expected to increase their spending by another 52% to $9.8 billion in 2015.

I think you can safely say that some one is ramping up for war, especially after Obama stabbed them in the back for Iran.

Gee, don't you just enjoy watching the Saudis spending all of their oil money on panicked weapons buying to save their evil butts?Keep an eye on this.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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