I Told You So 15

When Israel pulled out of Gaza, I told you they would have to go back in to clean out the rat's nest that would be built by the Muslims. They have gone back in several times but they never finished the job because the idiot liberals don't understand warfare and refuse to do the job right. Now, they have had to go back in again and it is going to be even tougher because they didn't do the job right the first few times. They will lose more soldiers'lives, it will take longer, it will cost them more money, and there will be even more civilian casualties because they didn't do the job right.

Proving that liberals are brain dead and never learn from their mistakes, Olmert and company are already working on peace negotiations and they have not even come close to getting the job done. This means it is inevitable that Israel will have to return to Gaza in the future to do the job again but it will be even tougher, cost even more lives, and cost them more money.

When it comes to military matters, liberals are completely clue less because they refuse to study military history, military science, learn from other's mistakes, and can not possibly know what they are doing or talking about. The greatest recipe for military failure is to put a stupid liberal in charge of the military.

The big questions at this time that I am watching and will soon be answered are: 1) how bad will Olmert and company mess this up, how little of the job will they get done, how soon will the Israeli's have to waste more lives to finish the Job the liberals created when they pulled out of Gaza, and what will Iran do?

Iran? You have to understand the predicament this invasion has placed Iran in. They have expended vast resources building up Syria, Hizballah, and Hamas to be Iran's proxy army to eventually invade Israel and wipe out all of the Jews, including all the women and children, in order to fulfill Islamic end time prophesy forcing the rest of the Muslim nations to recognize Amadenjad as the messiah of Islam and Kameini as the mahdi so the rest of the Muslim nations will be forced to form the Caliphate with Amadenjad as the Caliph putting both of them in considerable power, the top two guys in the world.

Now that Israel is invading Gaza and putting Hamas at risk of being destroyed or, even worse, setting up Egypt's return to Gaza giving Egypt control over the land and Egypt eliminating Hamas as a competitor, Iran will suffer a significant set back in their plan to conquer the world. So, what will Iran do to save face and keep from losing a hard and expensively earned proxy army in Gaza? Will they do anything?

This could easily put them in a position to where they will be forced to have Hizbullah attack Israel forcing Syria to do the same and for Iran to start launching long range missiles at Israel before they can get nukes mounted on them or, unless they already have nukes on a few, then they will have to launch nukes before they have the numbers of nukes they want.

It has to also be pointed out that Israel invaded Gaza before Obama got into office to keep Obama from fighting against Israel for the Muslims. I have seen it stated and have stated so myself that Israel will have to attack Iran's nuclear program before Obama gets into office and you can bet Iran knows this and time is getting very short. This could easily cause Iran to do a preemptive strike to take advantage of Israel being occupied with fighting Hamas.

I do hope you realize that this entire mess with Israel is about fulfilling Muslim end time prophesy by invading Israel and wiping out all the men, women, and children. It is being done around the Muslim understanding that, who ever succeeds at this will be recognized as the Muslim Messiah, will be appointed as head of the Caliphate, and will become the most powerful person in the world ruling over more than one billion Muslims in one, united Islamic country. Now maybe you can understand why there is such a huge rush by all of the rulers to wipe out Israel but they don't want some one from the other Islamic sect to wipe out Israel. If Iran succeeds, the Suni Muslims will have to submit to a Shiite ruler, which is why the Suni countries are for Israel taking out Hamas. Of course, the opposite is also true. All of this fighting in Israel is just a big power grab by all the Muslim leaders to see who will become the next Calip and rule the world and the idiot Western leaders don't get it because they didn't read the Koran.

Basically, at this time, I am waiting for more shoes to hit the ground.

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