I Told You So 150

Muslim Brotherhood

Remember that I have been telling you for years that Obama has been infiltrating Muslims into the top levels of the US government in all important agencies for Obama's eventual take over of the US, after Obama nukes Chicago? Remember that I told you that all the Muslims Obama has been infiltrating into our government at the highest levels will have to do to seize control of our government after Obama nukes Chicago will be the kill the liberal commie traitors at the tops of those agencies and the Muslims will automatically become the heads of those agencies? Remember that I told you that increasing numbers of retired officers are coming out telling us that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated every part of the government at the highest levels?

The last officer to warn us about this was a retired four star general and, today, a retired four star admiral gave us the same warning.

Those Muslims I have been warning you about Obama infiltrating into the upper levels of our government for about six years now turn out to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood preparing to help Obama seize control of the US and set up their Muslim dictatorship, you know, like I told you he will. Don't be surprised to find out that those members of the Muslim Brotherhood will help Obama smuggle his nukes into the US and set the nukes up for detonation to cause the red flag event Obama will use to declare martial law and set up his Muslim dictatorship. Get the picture yet?

This should also tell you that our military leaders know who these foreign agents are, where they have infiltrated, and what their plans are. So many of the retired upper level brass telling you this at the same time should tell you that Obama and his Muslim pals are getting ready to stage their coup of the US very soon and the military knows this.

Keep an eye on Chicago.


Remember that I have been telling you about China getting ready to take military offensive actions in the East China Sea for the Senkaku Islands and in the South China Sea for the Paracel and Spratly Islands? Remember that I also told you that the US Navy is currently working with Australia to quickly set up US Navy and Marine bases on the northern shores and ports of Australia so the US would have forces too far from Chinese forces for a surprise attack to take them out but close enough to react to the area quickly?

I just read that China just conducted a poll in Australia to find out Australian attitudes to the ANZUS Treaty and a Chinese attack on Japan.

Gee, I wonder why China would conduct a poll to see whether Australians would support going to war to help defend Japan against China? You don't think China is getting ready to attack Japan, do you?

Don't be surprised to find out that China is coordinating their attacks against Japan and whomever else with Obama nuking Chicago and setting up his Muslim dictatorship. If that is the case, then you should expect both to happen very soon.

Oh yeah, I think I forgot to tell you that the Ukrainian Army is expecting Putin to make his next move to take Ukraine in April. Don't be surprised to find out that Putin has also coordinated his move against Ukraine with Obama nuking Chicago and setting up his Muslim dictatorship, which would mean it just might all happen next month in April.

Could that be why Obama is refusing to arm Ukraine?

After Obama has spent six years shredding the US military, there is no way the US military could respond to all of those moves at the same time and Obama and his Muslim pals know it.

Keep an eye on Chicago.

FYI, the third blood moon for this blood moon tetrad will be April 4, on Passover and the day before Easter. Gee, so many coincidences!

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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