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Obama Cabinet

Right now, at least six more people are leaving the Obama cabinet with Valerie Jarrett staying behind. With everyone expecting Obama to be gone in less than two years, increasing numbers of his cabinet are looking for new jobs as soon as possible, some with Hilarious Clintstone.

The big question is, "Who is going to replace all of these people?"

After all, Obama has to have a cabinet to help him get things done.

Don't be surprised to see Muslims from the Muslim Brotherhood being appointed to Obama's cabinet, you know, the way Obama has been infiltrating them into the top positions of the rest of the government including the Pentagon for the last six years.

Gee, could that be what the recent secret meeting in the White House with the Muslim Brotherhood was all about? Were they deciding who to appoint to replace the upper class trash Euro-American white crackers leaving the cabinet?

The timing is just a wee bit too coincidental.

There are also some other possible appointees like Al Capone Sharpton, Jesse James Jackson, Holder, Farrakhan, and others. These and others have all been regulars in the White House working with Obama already.

Right now, what does Obama have to lose?

Obama knows the GOP doesn't want to impeach him because leaving Obama in will help the GOP win the presidency and more seats in Congress in 2016.


A Gallup poll conducted March 2-4, after news of Hilarious Clintstone's e-mail scandal got out but before her press conference about it, showed that 50 percent of respondents said they viewed Hilarious favorably putting her ahead of any potential Republican candidates.

So, even after all of the crimes this evil woman has committed and her mocking Congress with, "What does it matter?" 50% of the voters would vote for her?

This absolutely proves what I have been saying that democracy is dead and CANNOT work in the US again. Hilarious is a blatant criminal who belongs in prison and 50% of the people are willing to vote for her?

That means that half of the people in this country are too stupid, corrupt, and/or brainwashed to vote intelligently. Our new nation CANNOT last as a democracy. It MUST be a theocracy to survive very long. With 50% of the people being stupid enough to vote for Hilarious, it won't take very many dead people voting to get her elected.

Obviously democracy is dead, deal with it.

Pope Francis

In an interview published on Friday, Pope Francis said that he believes his pontificate will be short and that he would be ready to resign like his predecessor rather than ruling for life.

This looks very much like the Pope was told, "resign or we will fire you" and they are prepping the public for his resignation.


Is it because their plans to dump Jesus and convert to Islam backfired with the Vatican and Italy now in danger of being attacked by Islam? Is it because the internal revolt against him and his dumping Jesus for more liberal paganism has won? Is it something else we have completely missed? Is it some combination of all of the above?

It probably has to do with a combination of all of the above. What he and his pagan pals planned didn't work and backfired forcing the Pope to resign. Keep an eye on this.

Man plans, God laughs.

Free College

I do hope you realize that the reason why the lefties keep insisting everyone get a college education is so the colleges will get to brainwash everyone into being stupid brainwashed little slaves.

First, they tried to lure everyone into going to college with a nice, fat, juicy carrot, promising that we would all get rich. Then they tried scaring everyone by threatening that, if we don't get a college degree, we will be left behind in poverty. Since those two tactics have failed, they are trying to lure us in with a "free college education for everyone" so that no one will have an excuse for not going to college to get brainwashed by the liberal college professors. They conveniently forget to tell you that you will pay for that college education for the rest of your life with their very heavy taxes and it won't be cheap.

Can you see just how desperate they are to get everyone into their colleges to be properly brainwashed?

And then, hey, let's make drugs legal so they will all be so stoned they won't be able to care about being impoverished slaves or resist their slave masters, the upper class trash Luciferians.

And, if that doesn't work on everyone, we will bribe them all with "free stuff" they will spend the rest of their lives paying for many times over.

And what is really amazing is that so many people have fallen for this scam that 50% of them will vote for super villain, Hilarious Clintstone.

Do you really think democracy has a prayer in this country?

It just keeps getting worse, doesn't it?

Know that it will continue to get worse until everyone's eyes are open and we have all made an informed choice between good and evil, God and Satan.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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