I Told You So 153

Homosexual Marriage

Remember that I told you that homosexual marriage is the worst thing that could happen to the homosexual community?

Eyes are opening about homosexuality as people see the homosexuals using homosexual marriage to wage open warfare against Christians. They are learning what I told you a long time ago, homosexuality is a hate crime and homosexuals are not tolerant towards Christians and even other heterosexuals.

So, how is that tolerance thing working out?

Plus, just like I told you years ago, homosexual marriage is showing that you have been lied to about homosexuality because homosexual relations are very unstable and very violent. I told you that the dirty little secrets of homosexuality will come out in the divorces when they start fighting over who gets what.

We are seeing homosexual marriages come crashing down very quickly and Rosie O'Donnell's high profile second divorce is also showing how unstable homosexual relations really are. This will increase as the number of homosexual marriages increase.

Buuuuuut, Rosie's high profile divorce is also showing off all of her dirty laundry, you know, just like I told you would happen. Glorious super liberal crusader, I-am-the-perfect-liberal Rosie O'Donnell, is being accused in court of being an alcoholic, drug abuser, and child neglecter and don't be surprised if she ends up being accused of child and spouse abuse to win custody of the kid. Now you know why she quit her TV job during this divorce because her TV career is over and she wanted to go out before the fecal matter hit the fan.

Homosexual marriage is doing what nothing else could do, which is show the true ugly side of homosexuality. Eyes are opening and you will rethink permitting homosexuals to adopt children.

BTW, I just read that so many adopted kids are coming out of these homosexual relationships as adults knowing the ugly truth about homosexual relationships and the life style, are telling the truth in books and on TV, and it will only be a matter of time until they sue the state for permitting them to have been adopted by homosexuals. I guess homosexuals adopting children wasn't such a great idea either. Eyes are opening.

Have you ever noticed that liberals getting what they want always backfires?


Remember that I told you that the liberals would use homosexual marriage to lead into legalizing polygamy, especially polyamory, to destroy marriage and the family so the government can seize control of your kids to brainwash them?

They are already talking about doing this in the US and, in Britain, the liberals are already making their move towards legalizing polyamory, just like I told you the liberal pagans would do, to destroy marriage and the family. Just like I told you, it is their next move.

War On Cops

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash will replace all military, law enforcement, and intelligence people with their glorious CNSF?

They are right now using this race war they are waging against everyone else to replace cops.

In Houston, a female university cop was stabbed 14 times in an assassination attempt, the New Black Panthers have declared open war on all cops nationally, and Al Capone Sharpton is demanding Obama nationalize all cops so they can be fired and replaced with the "good" cops, you know, the CNSF.

Ironically, Al Capone Sharpton, who has made a fortune breaking the law and owes almost $5 million in back taxes, is saying that bad cops should be held accountable for their actions.

When are they going to hold Al Capone Sharpton accountable for his actions?

But, let us not digress.

One thing I have noticed about these false accusations and all the problems being caused for cops in places like Baltimore is they are trying to get enough cops to give up and quit to justify nationalizing the police and replacing them with Obama's CNSF. Another thing is that they are trying to cause cops to be hesitant to arrest people which will encourage crime, get cops killed, and decrease arrests, making cops ineffective, further justifying replacing them with the CNSF.

They are trying to take all power away from the states to keep states from seceding after the US Constitution is suspended. If Obama owns the local cops, he can order them to arrest the political leaders of the states, counties, and cities, if they should try to secede after Obama suspends the US Constitution. This is all about power and control.

This race war is quickly escalating on a national level. Remember that all of these riots are planned, organized, and managed by professionally trained and paid liberal activists who recruit locals (mostly gang members and the young) for the riots and even get involved in the riots to direct the locals' actions against people, property, and cops. They are not thugs, they are liberal communist activist traitor criminals involved in an organized liberal communist insurrection against the US government and the people to set up their glorious communist dictatorship, you know, the way Linen, Mao, Castro, and others did.

The fight is on.

The upper class keeps coming up with lame excuses for these riots such as the people need jobs and money. Don't ever forget that the people who organize, run and are the main participants in these riots are well trained professional liberal activists who go there to cause trouble and the riots are not because of poverty, race, or anything else. This means that it is guerilla warfare and insurrection or treason. Everyone involved in these riots is committing some form or treason and should be tried for their crimes against the people of the US.

What, you don't think the riots are being caused by liberal commie traitor activists?

Yesterday, May 1, 2015, in a number of West Coast parades celebrating their beloved glorious communism on May Day, a number of the parades turned violent with the destruction of property and attacks on cops by....the liberal commie traitors. This couldn't be more obvious about it being a war by the liberals and Muslims against cops, the US, and the people.

BTW, the Baltimore prosecutor who has brought charges against the six police officers for the death of Freddie Grey received a bribe...uh...campaign donation from Freddie Grey's attorney. Yep, no corruption in this system. And Jeb the-liberal-traitor Bush said the system is working.

You mean their corruption system?

Charges should be brought against the prosecutor for corruption.

BTW, three of those six "racist" cops are black. Kind of shoots down all of the racist accusations and lame excuse for rioting.


There is something I have been watching closely. Back in early February, right after Obama appointed a Muslim as head of the CIA, they closed down the CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia for a while.

Was this to purge patriotic CIA leaders and replace them with Muslim leaders?

I have read that Obama is currently working on plans to replace hundreds of military leaders with Muslim leaders also.

You think Obama's coup is not going on right now and that Obama is not right now purging or replacing all patriots and liberal commie traitors with Muslims? You white crackers still think you are not RIGHT NOW being thrown under the bus?

Thanks for the mess, jerks! Welcome to the receiving end of your dirty stick. No whining because you liberals deserve it for starting it, we don't.

Purging Leaders

Another thing I have been watching is the upper class trash and Obama purging liberal leaders to consolidate power even before they have finished setting up their communist and Muslim dictatorships, you know, just like I told you they would. It is getting just a wee bit crowed under the liberal/Muslim bus and, if they are already purging leaders, it is only a matter of time before they get around to the rest of you liberal traitors.

Hey, you liberal traitors are about to get a free vacation trip, one way, to your beloved FEMA Camps. Just think of the joy of taking showers with all of your commie traitor pals. Of course, to conserve water and save the planet, it won't be water coming out of those shower heads, it will be gas for dry cleaning the planet, A.K.A. depopulating the planet down to a healthy level of people. You will be doing your glorious part for saving the planet by being purged.

Let's start with a quickie list of traitors heading for the bottom of the bus and this list is by no means complete. Pharaoh Obama, Valerie, Hilarious and Billy Boy Clintston (watch for Princess Chelsea running for president to save their butts), Lois Lerner, Al Capone Sharpton, Holder, Jesse James Jackson, and, oh yes, that vile villain, Georgy Boy Soros seems to have recently gotten a ticket for a free ride under the bus.

Is Georgy Boy no longer of use for the upper class trash?

They just made public that he owes $6.7 billion in back taxes along with some other nasty truths which could send Georgy Boy to prison. It couldn't happen to a more deserving villain. Here cum duh bus, Georgy boy!

It seems that the way the upper class works, as long as they need you, they work with you to destroy the nation and set up a communist global dictatorship while covering up your criminal activities AND keeping records on your criminal activities so that, when they no longer need you, they expose your criminal activities to purge you. I am waiting for other upper class trash villains like Hanoi Jane, Billy Boy Gates and Zuckerberg to get their free ride under the bus to the FEMA Camps. Just think of all of those soon-to-be-dead commie traitors sitting around in circles, holding hands, singing Kumbaya. Oh, that will be such a glorious sight.

There is a massive power struggle going on in this country right now between the lefties and Muslims. Whomever wins gets to kill off all of the other guys.

BTW, regardless of whomever wins, the first people they have to kill off are all of these liberal activists staging these riots to prevent them from staging riots against the winning dictatorship. Those evil turkeys are dead no matter who wins.

Tony Blair just said that the world must unite to defeat Muslim extremism. Is this way the upper class trash plan was all along, they crawled in bed with Islam to bring the world to the point of being conquered by Islam in order to put us in a position to where we must form a global dictatorship to defeat Islam by killing off all Muslims?

The Clintstones are really being hammered by the left. Even Hollywood is turning on them and Obama has restarted the fight between them. Bribers...uh...I mean financial donors to the Clintstone Fraudation are doing the cut-and-run thingy to distance themselves from Hilarious. "Gee, we didn't know she was taking our bribes to provide us with illegal favors." Without the financial support of the corrupt upper class trash, her campaign is being described as being in a "tailspin". Watch for Princes Chelsea.

I just saw a political cartoon of Princess Chelsea wearing an old aristocratic formal gown worn a few hundred years ago by royalty, you know, like a princess would wear, with her parents hiding behind the hoop skirt of the gown and her. Yep, sounds about right to me. Watch for Princess Chelsea.

India is now asking for an "inquiry" into Hilarious' involvement in corruption charges for one of their political leaders. She has been indicted in Egypt, who is asking for her extradition to Egypt to face charges, she is being exposed for her corruption in the US, and now she is under investigation for corruption in India and people still want to vote for her?

How is that democracy god working out? Ready yet to turn your lives over to the one true God?

MSNBC just called Obama "half white" trying to separate Obama from the blacks to turn the blacks against Obama. They are turning everyone against Obama including the liberals and blacks to strip him of his power, impeach him, and then throw him under the bus. I can't wait until they start calling Obama what he really is, Arab-American Muslim traitor and saboteur.

Lois Lerner's e-mails have been recovered, you know, the same way Obama's secret information and Hilarious' destroyed e-mails will also be recovered soon, you know, probably by hackers. Here come duh bus!

Other News

I keep seeing increasing numbers of people getting DNA tests to prove their father was some rich and famous person and consistently winning. God really meant it when He said, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" and "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out".

Do you still think it is alright to break God's Law?

I keep seeing almost all of the GOP presidential contenders supporting illegal immigration or reform. I have told you before how such immigration will destroy our economy and it is being used to drive down wages. They are now saying it could cause a civil war meaning that the people are getting mad enough at our corrupt politicians and upper class trash to fight back. The corruption in this country is causing the anger to increase daily. The open crimes our upper class trash is getting away with are horrific and people don't like it.

More and more blacks are standing up against the black rioters in Baltimore and other places. Eyes are opening and people are fighting back against the criminals, you know, our corrupt leaders.

All this scare crap about the military Jade Helm exercise is the left trying to stop the military from training its soldiers on our city streets for the coming war which will be caused by the people trying to stop the political coup of our nation by the left. The military knows it is going to have to fight the commies in house-to-house fighting in our cities to save our butts from this commie coup so they are training the troops for the war on our streets.

First, we had liberals claiming to be Christians, then we had Muslims claiming they kind of sort of are Christians, now it is homosexuals claiming to be Christians in spite of the fact that homosexuality is forbidden by the Bible, and I can't wait for the Satanists to claim they are Christians. Hold it, they already do.

I am watching the anti-Semitism increase everywhere, including in the US. For their own good, Jews better beat it to Israel and soon. Things are only going to get worse. If Christians had an Israel to flee to, I would also be telling Christians to get there now but we don't, which is why we need to build a Christian nation for our protection. Get the picture yet?

BTW, they are talking about this nun who has been denied an amnesty visa for the US to get away from the Muslim persecution in Iraq and being murdered. Obama has been denying amnesty to Christians trying to flee Muslim persecution in their countries and almost certain death for years but provides open amnesty to any criminals or terrorists who just walk across the US borders.

Gee, why would a devout Muslim do that?

May 1 is called May Day and is the international celebration of communism started by the Soviet Union and celebrated by all Marxists/communists/socialists, A.K.A. liberal traitors. WAPO stated and I agree that May 1 should be "celebrated" as Communist Victims' day to remind people of all of the more than 100 million people murdered by Marxism/communism/socialism.

A California Condor has showed up in Northern New Mexico for the first time ever. The liberals have screwed up California so bad even the condors are leaving.

Have you noticed that everything the liberals keep forcing on other people just makes things worse, much worse?

I am still writing essays when inspired but, for the most part, God has me waiting for something major coming. It could be any day or it could be months but there is something really huge about to happen. We are talking a truck load of boots is about to hit the ground. I can see most of them falling now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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