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I watch and pay attention to what pagans are saying in their discussions between each other to better understand what they believe and, like all liberals, what they believe is based on ignorance, evil, and bull crap. If you try to explain science to them to show why they are wrong, they openly and quickly dismiss it as being a bunch of propaganda. They refuse to listen, they refuse to learn, and, therefore, will never change from being stupid.

For example, I saw a Gaia (Mother Earth/Mother Nature) thread in which they were discussing how we should not only not eat meat but should not eat vegetation because vegetation also has feelings and it is cruel to eat plants. What they have concluded, in their scientific ignorance, is that we should only eat the fruit of plants such as fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Yet, these people have no qualms about murdering unborn babies or sacrificing humans to their false pagan gods?

There is a little problem with their belief system called Biology. The first thing they have to deal with is that almost all other animals on this planet eat other animals and/or plants and not just the fruit of plants partly because there are not enough plant fruits to feed everything on this planet. House cats don't even have a long enough digestive system to eat any more vegetation than a little occasional grass and must eat almost nothing but meet and bugs.

Pagan beliefs don't even fit in with true science. Oh, they have their bogus science they refer to but none of it is correct, it is all based on unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and their false pagan gods, especially Mother Earth or Gaia.

If you study ecology, you learn that everything eats what it eats to maintain an ecological balance so we don't end up with a massive global biological die off. For example, if all predators stopped eating plant eaters, the plant eater populations would continue to grow until there were so many plant eaters that they would destroy the plant food supply, cause a massive famine and starvation, which would weaken bodies and immune systems, which would cause a massive disease pandemic, which would wipe out entire species of plants and animals and, eventually, all life on earth.

Therefore, predators must continue to eat plant eaters and each other to maintain an ecological balance and preserve life. That is cold, that is cruel, that is life, deal with it. The liberal warm fuzzies just don't fit with science so don't drink the liberal pagan Kool-aid because it causes brain death.

Another senseless thing they believe is that this big inert ball of dirt and rock we are sailing through space on is alive and the creator of everything, I guess, even itself? They believe that the rock we are standing on is alive but unborn babies are not?

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that the planet we are on is alive in any way and a massive amount of evidence that the unborn baby is alive. The liberal pagans have everything completely backwards.

The liberal pagans have been working to prevent us from drilling for oil and digging for minerals and coal because they believe it hurts their beloved goddess, Mother Earth or Gaia. That is one of two main reasons why liberals are shutting down such things as drilling for oil, digging for minerals, and digging for coal. (The great inventor of everything, Al I-am-superman Gore, has publically stated he is a Gaia worshiper.) The other is to destroy our capitalist economy and our nation so they can set up their glorious pagan communist dictatorship and force everything they believe on us.

Remember that I told you that God uses Satan's own tactics against Satan to beat Satan?

God showed me a long time ago that God is permitting Satan's pagans to shut down using the US resources and depending on other countries' resources to save our resources to build our new Christian nation. All of that oil, coal, lumber, and other resources the liberals have been storing up will be used to build our new Christian nation and its economy, after the coming war is over.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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