I Told You So 158

Data Base

Remember that I told you that Obama would have a data base to purge all of you liberal commie traitor white crackers because no one can trust a traitor?

I just got this over at Newsmax. Enjoy.

"Report: Obama Setting Up Secret 'Racial Database'", By Todd Beamon, Saturday, 18 Jul 2015 08:18 PM;

"The Obama administration is collecting vast amounts of personal data on Americans by race to create a huge database for the goal of 'racial and economic justice,' according to a report by a fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University."

Oh no, Obama wouldn't be planning on purging all of you liberal commie traitor white crackers, would he?

"Oh," But you say, "The all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid, and always wrong experts say Obama is doing it for something else."

"Yeah, but," I say, "he has the data base I told you he would have, the experts didn't tell you he would have the data base, and the experts are always wrong. Think about it."

Remember that God told me in a dream that the black Muslims would be ruling over the white liberal commie traitors, who would be the second class citizens?

That requires a data base by race, you know, like Obama has. Oops!

And why is the data base secret? Doesn't Obama want the white liberal commie traitors to find out about it and why?

What is that I hear?

Oh yeah, it's the bus coming for the liberal commie traitor white crackers. Enjoy the ride, traitors.

BTW, you liberals just might want to start wearing Kevlar on your backs to help prevent knife wounds and to help prevent gun shot wounds to the back by your black Muslim masters for not running fast enough when you are sent to clear the Israeli minefields...uh...I mean lead the invasion of Israel.

Outsmarted yourselves, did you?


Remember that I told you that the Wall between Israel and the Muslims wouldn't work? How about all of those rockets, mortar shells, and sniper bullets the terrorists keep firing over the Israeli wall, you know, like I told you they would?

The Israeli wall and the wall on the US southern border are jokes. The best walls can do is slow people down and not for very long. If you are not taking actions along with walls, then walls are worthless for protection.


Remember that they shut down the F-22 buying program because the planes were too expensive? Remember that I told you it was one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the US military and would come back to haunt us?

People like McCain and Obama voted to breach the contract with Lockheed with only 188 F-22 planes delivered. The F-35 now costs almost twice what the F-22 cost us, the F-35 doesn't work, and the F-22 does work. The liberal media were all behind shutting down the F-22, because it was just too expensive, and replacing it with the less expensive F-35. If we had continued with the F-22, we would now have at least 1,000 fully functional F-22 stealth fighter planes for half the price instead of just 188 plus less than 50 much more expensive non functional F-35s that can't win one dog fight with an F-16, can't fire its guns, can't drop bombs, is too slow, can't accelerate quickly, and can't turn. Wow, what a great plane our glorious leaders bought for us. I sure am glad we still have a lot of F-16s because we are going to need them.

Yep, the people running this country are pure genius, especially the know-it-all media. Well, they think so in spite of their many failures. I told you years ago that this would be one of the biggest military mistakes in the history of the US.

Now are you impressed by all of these inbred upper class trash who have the right degrees from the right universities? Do you really believe they are intellectually superior to anyone? Have you figured out yet just how stupid the inbred upper class trash are?

They keep proving it every day. The longer they stay in power, the worse things are going to get. But, hey, at least you got to vote them into power with your wonderful democracy thingy, so it's alright.

Voting really helped make things better, didn't it? Isn't democracy just fantastic? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

One thing this mess is doing is motivating increasing numbers of good, intelligent people who should be in government but have been off having a life, working real jobs, and doing real things to get into politics.

Colonel Gary Anderson, USMC (Ret), said the Chattanooga attack demonstrates that the "gun control Mafia" has left military personnel and citizens alike in a defenseless position. Of course the gun control Mafia is lead by Don Obama.

With our military personnel being attacked by Muslims and the president standing by an order that the military bases are gun free zones, why doesn't Congress pass a law requiring the military to carry weapons at all times, especially on bases and, when Obama vetos the bill, over ride the veto? Doesn't Congress care about our military?

OK, we know they don't but they could pretend.


Remember that I told you that God is using persecuting the Jews to move the Jews back to Israel?

Increasing anti-Semitism is driving an increasing migration of Jews to Israel. Those who linger longest will be persecuted the worst and possibly be killed. It is best, if they move back quickly and soon but you know that many of them don't want to move, change their lives, leave old friends and families, and other excuses. So you should expect increasing numbers of them to die in those other countries they love so much but are hated by.

God isn't suggesting the Jews move back to Israel. If they don't move, things will keep getting worse until they do move or die.

The Israeli Sanhedrin, which was reformed more than 15 years ago after almost 2,000 years since it was disbanded, has placed the Pope on trial for recognizing Palestine. The Sanhedrin said it is working to bring God's Law back into the world. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have told you that Hilarious and Billy Boy Clintstone will have to run Princess Chelsea for president in 2016 because Hilarious is severely damaged goods?

Bernie Sanders, A.K.A. Linen Jr., is drawing bigger crowds than any other 2016 candidate.

What should that tell you?

Hilarious is in big trouble and will be forced run Chelsea soon and there are no true conservatives running in the GOP to draw big crowds because the conservatives are unhappy with the liberal garbage they are being force fed by the GOP.

A poll just showed that 3 in 10 people consider Hilarious honest.

What should that tell you?

That 30% of Americans are super stupid. 39% of the American people are stupid enough that they see her as being favorable.

What should that tell you?

Chelsea will be running soon so papa Billy Boy doesn't have to hang himself in his own bedroom on a chair with his own belt because the upper class trash doesn't need him anymore.

Biden is making negative implications against Hilarious such as saying, "Democrats should be poor, like I am". He is probably testing the waters for announcing he will run against Hilarious because she isn't looking good, in the polls, I mean, though she really doesn't look good anyway, anywhere.

BTW, Jebberwocky says he supports transgenders in the military.

No, he couldn't be an ultra liberal, could he?

Remember that I told you that they are using Trump to draw conservative votes away from the other candidates and raise Jeberwocky up in the polls then pull Trump leaving all of the conservatives in disarray with only Jeberwocky as a GOP presidential candidate?

Trump slipped and showed his true colors when he said that he wants healthcare for everyone, just not Obamacare. That would still be government run healthcare, which is a liberal socialist concept and will drive up the cost of healthcare for everyone. Keep watching these criminals closely and they will betray themselves with their mouths and actions. They are all the same trash in the same garbage can.

Now Trump insulted US POWs with a statement about McCain which is drawing heavy fire from all others and will probably cause Trump to pull out of the race. This was probably all planned.


Ah, good old Marxism. They are rioting in Greece because they won't be getting all of their accustomed free stuff that bankrupted Greece. This will be interesting.

Will Greece survive as a nation or return to something more similar to the old city states?

Even if the commies use this rioting to seize control and set up a dictatorship, the commie brats won't get their free stuff because there isn't any more money. This is what will eventually happen when you buy voters with free stuff. You will eventually run out of free stuff and then get rebellion.

Riots continue breaking out all over the world. Rebellion is quickly spreading everywhere. What I am waiting for is the people who realize they have been sold out by their leaders, are angry, rioting in the streets, and realize the liberal media also sold them out. The people will start killing liberal journalists in the streets, probably along with other liberals who helped cause this mess like college professors and teachers. Keep an eye on this.

So, how is that democracy thingy working out, even in the birth place of democracy itself?

Intellectual Logic

Have you noticed how the intellectuals (both liberals and conservatives) keep trying to come up with great sounding "reasons" why something didn't work rather than face the truth?

Obama was elected twice because the GOP gave us two liberals to vote for and many conservatives refused to vote for a liberal. Now the intellectuals are saying Obama won because he used the Internet better than the GOP when the truth is that Obama was trying to shut down the Internet. The intellectuals are saying this, that, or something else has caused the fall of the US when it was clearly the decline of Christianity and rise of paganism which destroyed the US. The intellectuals keep telling us that capitalism will save us from socialism and revive the US when what we really need are the values and morals of Christianity reinstated.


Because they don't want those values and morals reinstated because they are social liberals who love their sins and the cause of our problems. Without those values and morals, all we will get is crony capitalism, which helped cause this mess.

With this latest Muslim terrorist attack in Tennessee, it looks like Obama has run out of time for taking up for Islam. People are really turning on him to take actions against Muslim terrorism.

The Charlie Hebdo editor said there will be no more Mohammad cartoons. The Muslim terrorist attack worked, the Muslims won, and the people caved. You can bet there will be more such attacks for different excuses because this one worked. Any medium which publishes something the Muslims don't like will be attacked.


Remember that, if a country can launch satellites into space, they can also launch nukes, orbit the nukes to where they are over any country, drop the nukes out of orbit, and nuke that country. Years ago, before Obama became president, Iran had at least five satellites in orbit. That means they can nuke anywhere on the planet.

Another question is, are any of those satellites armed with nuke warheads just waiting to be dropped down out of orbit over a country?

BTW, when was the last time Congress investigating anything solved anything? Can anyone remember?

There is some hope. 56% of the people say that religious liberty should have precedence over homosexual rights. But, hey, with the elections rigged, who is going to listen to 56% of the people?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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