Muslim Terrorists

Muslim Red Flag

I wrote this essay for your safety so you could be aware and better protect yourself.

If a devout Muslim suddenly starts drinking, partying, and raising hell, watch him because he is about to go on Jihad.


In the Koran, Mohammed repeatedly makes it very clear that, if a Muslims goes off on Jihad, killing non Muslims, their sins are forgiven them and they are guaranteed salvation. He even clearly states that, if someone goes off on Jihad and is killed before they can kill a non Muslim, their sins are still forgiven and they are guaranteed salvation.

This means that, when a Muslim decides to go off on Jihad, their sins don't matter anymore and they can do what they want because their sins are automatically forgiven and they are guaranteed salvation. The vast majority of Muslims who go on Jihad take the attitude, "What the heck, since my sins don't matter anymore, let's party" so they go out and starting drinking, partying, and raising hell.

Don't believe me?

Then, with adultery being a sin, why do the different terrorist...uh...rebel groups have brothels for their Jihadis to commit adultery?

The Muslims who flew the airliners into the trade towers, Pentagon, and elsewhere on 9/11 partied for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months before they flew those suicide missions and this explains their behavior. I read that Osama Bin Laden partied for months before he went on Jihad. This Muslim shooter in Tennessee had been drinking for some time before he went on his Jihad, killing the Marines and sailor.

This is a huge red flag the Muslims give us telling us when they have decided to go on Jihad. Any time a devout Muslim starts drinking, partying, and raising hell, watch him because he has decided to go on Jihad and his sins don't matter anymore, therefore, he can do whatever he pleases, you know, Satan's "do as you will". Gee, what a coincidence.

Have you noticed that all of the inbred upper class trash experts with the right degrees from the right universities can't figure this out in spite of its regular practice by devout Muslim Jihadis and the Koran telling us this? Just how stupid are these experts?

Oh yeah, they are wrong all of the time.

Then we have these arrogant, ignorant intellectual experts with the right degrees from the right universities who think they are so brilliant they can persuade the Muslims to not go on Jihad, you know, give them a job or whatever.


OK, let's pretend I am a Muslim, offer me something better than guaranteed paradise. I dare you. You can't because there is NOTHING better than paradise.

You see how stupid these inbred experts with the right degrees from the right universities are?

And these all knowing, all wise, grossly overpaid, intellectual geniuses with the right degrees from the right universities can't figure out what the motivation is for Muslims to go on Jihad and murder non Muslims? Maybe they should do their homework instead of just drinking the liberal Kool-ade?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. If I am a Muslim, in Islam, if I murder you, I get guaranteed paradise, which is better than EVERYTHING ON EARTH COMBINED and Mohammad clearly states that again and again in the Koran.

Guess what I am going to do to you? Gee, that was really tough to figure out, wasn't it?

Now, do you understand Jihad?

Terrorist Racket

I have noticed a racket being done by Most Muslim terrorist...uh...rebel groups in the Middle East. I keep seeing some funny "combat" videos for the different groups. They show men in clean and well pressed clothes blindly firing weapons over walls (spray and pray) and out of windows with no returning or incoming fire. They keep showing these terrorists...uh...rebels running through buildings shooting the place up and, when the camera enters the rooms where they were just shooting, there are no wounded or dead bodies.

Who were they shooting at?

I ran this by a bunch of military people who know what is going on over there telling them that these look like PR films being put out by the terrorist...uh...rebel groups because it was getting just a wee bit hard to recruit new terrorists...uh...rebels with videos showing actual combat and some of the terrorists...uh...rebels being shot and killed.

The military people confirmed my observations. It seems that what they are doing is getting a bunch of "Jihadis" with money to pay to get videos of them firing their weapons in empty, battle torn areas or villages the Jihadis can take home to show to their families and friends to impress them and prove they really were Jihadis while covering the cost of the videos (and probably turning a little profit) and these terrorist...uh...rebel groups use these fake battle videos as recruiting videos on the Internet to recruit young suckers with too much testosterone and no brains.

Other than the ways I pointed out above, one way you can identify these fake combat videos is that the "Jihadis" take turns running up in front of the camera to cap off a few rounds over walls, around corners, and out of windows with no return fire like you see and hear in real combat videos. There are no wounded, there are no dead, there are few of the signs of real combat. If you know what you are looking for, it only takes a few seconds to ID these videos.

Islamic House Cleaning

BTW, Muslim cleric, Anjem Choudary, says that Islam will outlaw the following things after they take over the US: alcohol, pork, gambling, porn, usury (borrowing money), promiscuity (adultery), freemixing (men and women socializing together), homosexuals, cinemas, idolatry, insurance, stocks/shares, insulting prophets. That should just about clean up America and get us closer back to Christian law. In Islam, most of those things are capital crimes and the Muslims will kill you for committing them.

Remember that God has shown me that we will be under Shiria Law for about 6 months to a year, which will be plenty of time to clean up our mess. If we won't clean our act up, God will use the Muslims to clean it up. If you think Biblical Law is strict, wait until you live under Shiria Law for about a year, you will welcome back Biblical Law, those of you who survive.

Remember that I have been telling you that the sin the pagans are least willing to give up to turn back to God is adultery or promiscuity?

It looks like the Muslims will take care of that because promiscuity is a capital crime in Shiria Law. Muslims stone adulterers to death. I guess God really means that thing about "though shalt not commit adultery." One way or another, you will quit, after Obama takes over.

Another thing you can bet on is that the Muslims will purge homosexuality because that is also a capital crime in Shiria Law. The Muslims throw homosexuals off of tall buildings and they will find many of you because of your marriage licenses.

BTW,here is a good question: If homosexuality is not a choice, why are the homosexuals encouraging heterosexuals, especially our children, to become homosexuals? Wouldn't that be making it a choice?

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Prince, Bandar bin Sultan is threatening military action against Iran without US support to stop Iran from nuking Saudi Arabia and everyone else. It isn't just Israel who is on the verge of attacking Iran to stop Iran's nuclear intentions.

There is another lesson here. Saudi Arabia was behind destroying the US so they could conquer and rule the world but I have told you that weakening a controlling power which is protecting you also makes it possible for an enemy to seize control and not just you. That is exactly what has happened here, Obama and his Muslim pals in Iran are in the process of seizing control of the US partly because Saudi Arabia helped weaken the US enough so Saudi Arabia could seize control, now Saudi Arabia is at a much greater risk from Iran. The same thing is true for the liberal white crackers who have destroyed the US so they could seize control. Weakening the US has made it possible for Obama and his Muslim pals to gain control of the US and purge the white crackers using Obama's secret racial data base. This should be a lesson to everyone but the power mad will never learn it because they are obsessive, compulsive, power mad, butt holes.

When you have a good, strong government, you better keep it because it is what is protecting your butt, especially if you are rich. God was right when He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." Our sins are right now finding us out.

Black Muslims

Remember that I told you that the black Muslims are going to seize control of the US with the liberal commie traitors as second class citizens?

The Black Lives Matter invasion and taking over of Bernie Sanders', A.K.A. Linen Jr., political rally in Phoenix, AZ was one of a series of recent moves by the blacks to take over control of the liberal movement from the white crackers and, so far, it is working big time. Keep an eye on this because it is the black Muslims trying to seize control of the liberal movement and subjugate the whites and, according to the dreams God has given me, they will succeed.

Food for thought: Note that the blacks are not respecting the liberal efforts to win the next election. There is no black candidate and there is no way the blacks are going to move back to the back of this bus. This should tell you they know the black Muslims under Obama are soon going to try a coup to seize control of the US with Obama in control.

Iran Deal

It seems there are more things in the Iran deal that we have been told. I read that Israel is very upset because Obama included things in the deal which make it a military treatise where the US will defend and protect Iran's nuclear development, A.K.A. nuke weapons. It seems they have including wording to help Iran stop cyber and military attacks by Israel so that it is a military treaty between the US and Iran against Israel. Israel is also claiming that Obama is coordinating air attacks with Syria to stop the terrorists...uh...rebels.

Did Obama include a deal to help Iran's ally, Syria, by coordinating air strikes with Syria while knifing the terrorists...uh...rebels Obama has been building against Assad in the back?

No one can trust Obama, not even other Muslims and that makes him unpredictable and the most dangerous man in the world. All Obama cares about is Obama.

This stuff about Obama circumventing Congress with the Iran deal by going to the UN is pure bull crap. The Constitution REQUIRES that ALL US treaties be ratified by Congress. The UN CANNOT ratify a treaty for the US. Therefore, them telling you that Obama has "broadsided" Congress by taking the Iran deal to the UN is a lie and smoke and mirrors so the traitors in Congress can claim they couldn't stop it. It is all a big fat lie to make it look like it is all the black guy's fault when they are really working together. It is all bull crap, I don't care whether Obama takes the deal to the UN, Russia, China, or whatever, the treaty MUST be ratified by Congress to become US law. You are being lied to by everyone.

Today news = lies, lies, and more lies.

Ron Paul said that Iran should be able to freely enrich uranium, you know, make nukes to shoot at the US. You have to remember that Ron Paul is a stupid liberal-tarian who believes in Satan's "Do as you will" law because he doesn't want the government to stop him from committing his crimes.

If that is the case, shouldn't Ron Paul permit the Muslims to murder him?

After all, they would be doing what they will. If the Muslims were to try that, you can bet Ron Paul would quickly come crying to the military and police, you know, the government, he clearly hates so much for protection.


I keep seeing where people are teaching and believing that Obama is the Antichrist. It is not possible for Obama to be the antichrist because none of the corresponding and related prophesies and their details, which have to do with the Antichrist, have been fulfilled. In order to use scripture to show Obama is the Antichrist, you have to take scripture completely out of context. He is just a very evil, power mad, greedy, arrogant, narcissistic, tyrannical man but he is not the antichrist.

I told you years ago that I believed Billy Boy Clintstone is the antichrist and I doubt if any of you believed me but now look at what is coming out about him and Hilarious.

Just look at the illegal international racket they have going and the many horrible crimes they have both committed and they are still walking around free and are both very popular internationally?

That is the antichrist.

Everyone on this planet knows that Billy Boy is an international criminal and has betrayed them all but everyone loves him. Most people on this planet, especially the Muslims, would vote for him to rule the world tomorrow.

Internationally, even among the Muslims, Obama is thought to be a fool and a joke. Very few people really like him. Even here in the land of the heavily brainwashed Americans, he is quickly declining in popularity.

Why do you think Obama hates the Clintons so much?

Billy Boy is more popular than Obama.

US Leaders

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows that the revelations from the New York Times bestselling book, "Clinton Cash" have destroyed Hilarious Clintston's credibility and trustworthiness. Watch for Chelsea to run, Hilarious is washed up.

Rubio slammed Trump by saying "We already have a president who has no class" meaning that, if you tell the truth, you have no class. Since Rubio has class, by his own definition, that means he is a blatant liar?

I don't want to take up for or endorse Trump but he is right about one thing. The only reason McCain is considered a hero is because he got captured and was a POW. I have read plenty of documentation where he also betrayed the US military by giving up classified intel which got other pilots shot down to the extent the NVA nick named him "Song Bird" because he sang his brains out to keep from being tortured (A.K.A. candy butt coward). It has also been stated by several of his fellow POWs that McCain sold out other American POWs who were tortured because of it. It was stated that the only reason McCain was not tried when he came home was because the military had taken a PR beating during Nam and didn't want to go back there after Nam plus his father and grandfather were both Navy admirals who didn't want to be embarrassed by their treasonous son/grandson. It is well documented that, since McCain was elected to Congress, he has worked very hard with the help of his father and grandfather to keep his military records classified so no one can access them and find out the truth.

What is the hero hiding?

His actions in Congress prove him to be an ultra liberal commie traitor. I told you so.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no intelligent life in liberal La La Land.

I see the anger rising among conservatives and increasing numbers are speaking out putting liberals on the run. The conservatives are starting to fight back with some good results.

How an ICBM works

I wrote this brief essay so you can better understand what is going on with Iran and North Korea, why certain things are very important, and what you are being lied to about.

I have come to realize that most people have absolutely no idea how an Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) works. They think ICBMs work like normal tactical missiles where you fire the missile at your target, the missile burns either all of the way to the target or stops burning sometime just before impact, and Kaboom. No.

The unclassified, nutshell version is that the missile launches the warhead into a low orbit above the earth so that the projectile will travel on an orbital path towards the desired target. At a programmed point, small rockets on the warhead ignite causing the projectile to drop out of orbit towards the desired target and, at a preprogrammed point, pending the use of the warhead (that part is probably still classified), the warhead detonates, and kaboom.

The key point for an ICBM is that you have to have a missile which can place the warhead (or in the case of US strategic weapons, multiple warheads) into a low orbit, which normally requires a three stage missile. THEREFORE, any missile which can place a large enough payload, like satellites, into a low orbit, can also be used to shoot nukes at you, which means that anyone who can place large enough satellites into orbit, you know, like Iran, can shoot nukes at you.

Gee, now why are the "experts" not telling you this stuff because, suddenly, things are very different because you realize that Iran not having a missile that can throw nukes all the way to the US while placing satellites in orbit is bull crap.

What are they hiding?

So you see why it is important to know whether a potential enemy has a space program and can launch satellites? Do you also understand why Billy Boy and Hilarious Clintstone selling China classified information for a "space program" was an act of treason?

That I know of, Billy Boy and Hilarious confessed to selling the Chinese missile guidance systems capable of accurately targeting Washington D.C. and the technology for a triple stage ICBM missile.

That is treason and he and Hilarious are still walking around free?

Before Billy Boy left office, he negotiated with Bush that he and Hilarious would not be prosecuted for their crimes. That makes Bush complicit in their crimes.

Now do you believe me when I tell you that they are all criminals and they all belong in prison or executed for treason?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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