I Told You So 159


Remember that I told you that the marriage end game for the liberals to use in destroying marriage is to legalize polyamory or group marriage?

ABC TV is planning a TV series to promote polyamory. Oh gee, what a coincidence. They are not even trying to hide polyamory within polygamy any more. They are going straight to pushing for people to openly accept polyamory. Most people have never heard of polyamory and now there is a TV show promoting polyamory.

Remember how, as soon as it was legalized, the liberals began using homosexual marriage to target Christian businesses?

You ain't seen nuttin' yet, baby.

You can bet they have already made lists of Christian marriages they want to destroy (remember Obama's secret racial list I warned you about) in order to continue to destroy Christianity and the family. That is right, the liberal pagans are openly waging war against Christians and many Christians don't even know it. Don't be surprised to find out that your family is on one of their lists and may even be in the process of being seduced, possibly by a poser Christian in your church. And you can bet they will be trying to seduce you into both heterosexual and homosexual marriages.

All they will need is for either you or your spouse to get stupid enough to marry just one of them and the flood gates will open destroying your marriage and family. Your marriage and family will become part of their liberal community and their brainwashed liberal pagan minions and don't be surprised to find out after your marriage to one of them that they are already in a polyamory marriage making you part of that same polyamory marriage. Maybe the husband is thinking he would like to have two wives so he can have more sex or the woman is falling for some very romantic liberal Don Juan who knows to say and do all of the right things.

Remember how they keep saying the children belong to the community?

When the liberals get your family into a polyamory marriage, your children will belong to everyone in that marriage, which will include the entire liberal community and you can bet that the liberal judges who have infiltrated the courts will give the liberals custody of your children to brainwash into liberal pagans, part of the mindless liberal minion. Your children will end up worshipping Satan and probably eventually become a Satanic human sacrifice and you won't be able to say or do a thing about it.

Remember that I told you that the liberal pagans will eventually start having public Satanic human sacrifices?

If you were a liberal pagan, could you think of a better way to murder off tens of millions of Christian children and please their evil pagan god, Lucifer?

How do you like that new bronze, 8 foot high statue of Satan with the two children standing next to him in Detroit? Did you notice that those two children are not dressed like pagan children with their rebellious clothing and hair dues but well dressed Christian children? Don't think so?

Look again. Look at how those two children are dressed and then compare them to how pagan children dress verses how Christian children dress. Pagan children don't dress that nice and are not that clean cut.

Guess what they are planning to do to your Christian children?

They plan to convert all Christian children to Satan worship and they will use polyamory to help achieve their goals and the legal implications of polyamory will finish off marriage. Most Christians won't even dare to marry for fear their partner will turn out to be a pagan posing as a Christian and it is a trap, if for no other reason than to steal everything the Christian owns.

Now, why do you think the same vile criminal liberal pagans are working so hard to get pedophilia legalized?

Let me see, after they have you and your family trapped in a polyamory marriage with them having equal rights to raising your children and pedophilia is legal, they will be able to screw your children and you won't be able to say or do a thing about it. And, after they legalize drugs, they will be able to give your children drugs and anything else they want because your children will be owned by the community and not you. Your children will be absorbed by the mindless liberal pagan minions. End Game, Lucifer because no more Christians.

BTW, they just made public that the Department of Justice is working to legalize pedophilia.

The liberal pagans are waging war against you and they are winning because you fell for their tolerance lie. Only God can save your butt now.

So, how is that tolerance thingy working out?

Iranian Nukes

BTW, remember that I have been telling you that Iran has to have nukes by now?

I recently read about where a nuke expert was interviewed and he stated that, if a country knew what it was doing, it could easily have a nuke weapons program up and running, making nukes within five years.

OK, and you believe that Iran has been working on building nukes for more than 30 years with the help of Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, and now Obama and they still don't have any nukes?

You're going to have to sell that bridge to someone else because I am not buying it. Just like I told you, Iran is building an arsenal of nukes and not just one nuke.


Remember that I have been telling you that Obama will not give up the power and life of luxury he currently has without a fight?

He recently stated that, if he ran again, he would win. Don't be surprised to see Pharaoh and god Obama make an executive order that he can serve three terms before he tries his coup in order to buy more time to get rid of the military and armed US citizens.

I hope you realize that by supporting Turkey bombing the Kurds, Obama is supporting Turkey bombing US veterans who are fighting with the Kurds against ISIS. Obama clearly doesn't care about anyone except Obama. His only loyalty is to himself.


There is one very significant difference between the Shiite and Sunni religions that I have been watching for years. The Shiites permit and even practice black magic and witchcraft where as it is forbidden by the Sunnis. ISIS is Sunni and recently executed a bunch of people for black magic and witchcraft. With the Bible telling us the false prophet will do miracles (black magic and witchcraft), it leads me to believe he will probably be Shiite.

When Obama was behind the Sunnis and the Sunnis were more powerful, I wondered about this but, now that Obama has stabbed the Sunnis in the back and is backing the Shiites, it is looking more likely to fulfill prophesy. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, how do you think ISIS and the other Muslim groups are finding out who the non Muslims, homosexuals, and those who practice black magic and witchcraft are that the Muslims keep killing?

From the Muslims who live in those communities and see those people in their homes, at work, and in the stores, you know, just like I said the Muslims you know will be turning you in along with Obama having his secret racist data base on liberals I told you Obama had. Those Muslims you know are watching you to turn you in after the Muslims take over and we are under Shiria Law.


Recently there was a big headline that NASA had discovered an "Earth-like planet" they named Kepler 452b. They guess...uh...I mean estimate that it is 1,400 light years away, is about 60% larger than earth, may have a solid surface instead of a gaseous surface, has the same type of sun as our sun, has a 385 day year, and is orbiting its sun in the "habitable zone". They say it is the most similar planet to earth found so far.

Remember that, until someone goes there, they are just guessing. Just think about all of the things they just learned about Pluto with the first satellite to pass by it and Pluto is much closer than 1,400 light years. These experts, who are always wrong, just found out that Pluto is larger than they thought it was. They didn't even have the size right for a planetoid that is less than one light year away.

You know that the God hating evolutionists will take this limited and probably flawed information completely out of perspective and blow it all out of proportions claiming they now have proof live evolved when they still don't have any such proof. They will build entire pagan fairy tales around this planet without really knowing anything about it.

Did God make any other planets which have life on them?


Then why did God make other planets?

1) they are beautiful works of art and 2) for us to colonize as our population grew BUT God will have to prepare those planets to support life before we can colonize them.

Remember that God showed me in a dream that we will colonize planets?

Isn't it interesting how the things I keep telling you keep coming true and the experts with the right degrees from the right universities keep being wrong? Why?

Because I listen to God and they listen to themselves and each other, none of whom really know much of anything. Hey, they have meaningless pieces of paper called diplomas given to them by other humans who really don't know what they are talking about and are always wrong.

Don't believe me?

Study the history of any college field and you will see that they keep changing theories every few years to, at most, a decade, especially in the "soft sciences".


Because all of their theories were wrong so they had to keep dreaming up new theories to replace the ones that were wrong, meaning these intellectual and academic experts are consistently wrong. It is only in the hard sciences in which even the most basic theories have been proven right.

On the other hand, God knows everything and is never wrong. Because you don't understand God doesn't mean God is wrong.

BTW, the reason why the upper class trash are trying to decrease CO2 in the atmosphere is because it will decrease plant growth which will decrease food production, which will cause famine and starvation of the rest of the people. Plants breath in CO2 and they are trying to suffocate or starve the plants to decrease food production by decreasing what the plants breath.

This is also why the liberals are working to do away with such things as GMOs. Without GMOs, food production will decrease to a fraction of what it is right now, famine will set in, and people's immune systems will weaken causing disease pandemics which will cause a massive global biological die off killing most humans and making it possible for the upper class trash to easily enslave the rest.

The Chinese stock market is crashing again and lost 8.5% of its entire value in one day or the equivalent of the Dow Jones losing 1,500 points in one day.

Yeah, micro managing economies really works well. It shows that the upper class trash of all nations are not as brilliant as they like to think they are and their diplomas are just worthless pieces of paper. Well, another great Marxist nation is biting the dust.

So, how many pieces do you think China will break up into?

I just saw a headline that said, "Soon or later all Jews will be in Israel." I had not thought about it that way but it is true because, sooner or later either all Jews will move to Israel or be killed where they are.

The Hungarian PM just stated that the era of multiculturalism is over. At least the Europeans are waking up.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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