I Told You So 162

I have thought about this for days and woke up this morning at 4 am thinking about it. I finally gave up, knew what to write, and got up a little after 6 am to write this.

Remember that I have been telling you liberals for years that the Muslims will purge you after they take over?

I have already told you that every time Obama appoints a Muslim to a government position, he is purging a liberal but this essay is showing another way the Muslims are purging liberals. I have noticed that, in working with liberals to destroy Christianity, the Muslims have learned all of the liberal dirty tricks and are now using those and other dirty tricks against the liberals to take control away from the liberals.

God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

The Muslims are not just going to kill all of the liberals but also purge the entire liberal culture. The Muslims will destroy the evil, Satanic art, music, and nude dancing (remember that it is a sin for Muslims to look on naked bodies) of the liberals. Your liberal wine and cheese will be outlawed because drinking alcohol is a sin in Islam. Male hating liberal feminism will be made a capital crime and they will round up and kill all feminists. The entire Satanic liberal culture the liberals have spent hundreds of years developing will be destroyed by Islam.

I read about a major university in France which has become dependent on Saudi donations to the point that the Saudis are now running the university. The article talked about one of the top professors who was required to convert to Islam or lose his job.

Step one is to force the teachers and college professors to convert to Islam or lose their jobs and be replaced by Muslims. Step two is to force those Muslim converts to stop teaching liberal Marxism and start teaching Islam because liberalism is blasphemy in Islam and a capital crime. If the liberals refuse, they will lose their jobs and later, under Sharia Law, be convicted of a capital crime and executed.

Please note that the liberals are already teaching Islam in public schools instead of continuing to teach Marxism. The Muslims are going to use you liberals to destroy your own liberal lies and replace them with the Muslim lies.

What better way to destroy a culture based on lies than to have the liars confess and repent of their lies, disprove their own lies, and replace their lies with the lies of Islam?

Step three will be, when they have finished with the liberals who converted to Islam to save their own necks, replace them with real Muslims and kill the converts. Converting to Islam will not save your life. It may delay your execution but only for a little while. ISIS has been killing liberal converts to Islam for at least a year now.

But, before the Muslims get rid of the liberals, the Muslims will force the liberals to confess that evolution is a lie because Islam also teaches creation, just a different story. The Muslims believe in Noah's global flood and Adam and Eve and, in Islam, evolution is blasphemy, a capital crime. The Muslims will force the liberals to drag out all of the hidden evidence proving creation and disproving evolution for the Muslims and there is tons of it. Then the liberals will teach the Muslim creation story as fact using the known evidence that supports creation. After that, the Muslims will kill the liberal converts who used to teach the lie of evolution because they can't be trusted.

You have to understand that, under Sharia Law, you don't have to be guilty of a crime to be punished for that crime. All that has to happen is for just one Muslim to accuse you of the crime with absolutely no evidence, the Imam (read judge) excepts that accusation as adequate evidence and convict you of the crime and you will be executed.

How many times have you read about Muslim women being accused of adultery by just one man, being convicted and executed, and then the autopsy show they were still a virgin? Do you remember that better than 90% of the Muslims who are killed every year are killed by other Muslims?

This is exactly what they will do to the liberal converts when the Muslims are finished using them. Don't be surprised to see the upper class trash traitors who caused this mess to have a very brief meeting with a sword in public losing their heads for the crimes they have committed. The Muslims have to kill these traitors because no one can trust a traitor.

Remember Obama's secret racist data base or hit list? What do you think Obama did with that hit list? Do you think he is just keeping it in his pocket for grins and giggles?

No, Obama's top aids broke that hit list up by region and distributed it to their top aids who broke it into smaller regions and distributed it down until it got to the local level with everyone involved in the coming purge having a small copy of Obama's secret racist hit list to use for purging liberal commie traitors.

Where do you think Obama got his secret racist hit list?

Some of it came form organizations like the NSA, FBI, the data base the liberals have to organize and control their liberal minions (in working with the liberals, Muslims have access to this data base and have a copy), and others but, a lot of it came from the bottom up to Obama. Every time a liberal opens his/her evil lying mouth, in front of a Muslim, proving they are liberals, the Muslims check to see if that person's name is on their hit list and, if not, the Muslim adds their name to that hit list. If a liberal has exposed themselves in front of one Muslim at work, in the neighborhood, or anywhere, their name is on that secret racist hit list and they are scheduled for termination.

And the Internet is really great for helping build such a hit list because people who would not speak up in the presence of others, will speak out on line exposing themselves as being liberals. You know the Muslims are using the Internet along with TV, radio, newspapers, published books, and other such things to help complete their hit list.

It won't be long until this process of the Muslims seizing control will be finished because we can see the Muslims forcing liberal nations to accept hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants with the liberals knowing that many and probably most are Muslim terrorists.

The stupid liberal traitors just keep drinking the Kool-Aid that they will be spared but, have you noticed that, when Muslims attack whites, they don't stop and ask for their ID or even whether they are liberal or conservative? Gee, you mean those promises are just Muslim Kool-Aid?

Sweden has reached a point to where any day the Muslims can seize complete control of their government and set up a Muslim dictatorship under Sharia Law. The West is dead, it just has not finished kicking yet. It will finish kicking soon.


The Muslims already had millions of Muslims in our countries with many of them being terrorists. Then they just started this surge of Muslim immigrants to get as many Muslim terrorists into our countries as quickly as possible.


Because the Muslims are getting ready to stage their coups of our nations and want as many Muslim terrorists in our countries when those coups start to insure the success of those coups. It is just like when the US did that surge thingy in Iraq and Afghanistan to defeat the Muslim terrorists. The Muslims have been watching us and learning. This immigration thingy, is the Muslim surge. They already have tens of millions of Muslims in our nations with organized terrorists groups, terrorist training camps, weapons, and munitions waiting for those additional Muslim terrorists. They are ready and the biggest load of fecal matter is about to hit the fan. This is already getting nastier by the day but is going to get super nasty before it is over.

You can thank those lying liberal commie traitors for making this possible.

BTW, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 is over and there are about 17% of the invading armies left because only 83.3% will be destroyed, what do you think will happen to the surviving liberal commie traitors who convert to Islam and go to fight that war against Israel to save their necks?

Based on what I have learned about Islam, they will either be enslaved or killed. They won't be coming home.

Don't be deceived, the liberals will be held accountable for their sins or crimes and so will we.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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