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I don't like Trump but have to admire his response to someone calling Obama a Muslim, when it is so very obvious to everybody but the liberal deniers that Obama is a devout radical Muslim. First, Trump didn't say anything and then, after the lying liberal media climbed all over him for not defending Obama's lies, he said, "Do I have to defend Obama? I don't think so."

I would have gone Trump one better and agreed with the man that Obama is clearly a Muslim traitor. Listen, Obama is always quoting the Koran.

Why does he never quote the Bible? Because he can't because he isn't a Christian and is a Muslim?

Ask Obama what his first, second, and third favorite verses are in the Bible. That will prove a lot.

CNN's Tapper asked Trump, "What is the matter with Muslims?" My response is...duh...they have murdered half a billion people in the last 15 years and are working towards murdering more than 6 billion more as soon as possible?

Trump said that Fiorina will crash when her business record comes out. You better bet that Trump has her business record and will release it, if Fiorina poses a serious threat to Trump. That statement was a threat to Fiorina, "Don't get too close."


Obama's list of guests to greet the Pope was very clearly meant as an insult to the Pope and is further proof of Obama's hatred for Christianity and that Obama is a Muslim.

Just how many more times of Obama helping Muslims and hurting Christians will it take for people to realize Obama is a devout radical Muslim and poser Christian?

After all, actions speak louder than words.

But, hey, ignore Obama's actions, Obama said he is a Christian so that makes it a fact...or so say the liberal deniers. Why, Obama wouldn't lie, would he?

In my Bible it says, "Thou shalt not lie" and Obama tells nothing but lies. In Islam, lying or Al-taqiyya is a good work earning salvation. Think about it.

Plus Obama is bringing in thousands of Muslim terrorists to destroy Christians and Christianity. Yeah, that sounds Christian to me. (/sarc)

Why is the great Christian, Obama not letting persecuted Christian refugees into the nation but is bringing in Muslim terrorists?

Listen, if Obama is a Christian, he is the worst Christian I have ever seen and, if he is a Muslim, he is an outstanding Muslim and remember that actions speak louder than words.

The reason why no one will openly say the truth is because of media tyranny. If you openly say the truth, the media will publicly destroy you. This is tyranny via the liberal media.


Sweden is imploding quickly but their insane leaders are forcing their insanity on the people. The leaders have set up a dictatorship already, have changed the constitution without the permission of the people, are suppressing the information about the crimes the Muslim immigrants are committing, and forcing increasing numbers of immigrants on the people.

Sweden has passed the tipping point or point of no return. The people can't stand up and fight for their freedom and to fix the nation because the people permitted their leaders to take the people's weapons away from them. If their military doesn't step in, arrest all of the leaders and guilty bureaucrats, try the leaders and bureaucrats for treason, execute those found guilty, and fix the problem, then Sweden is doomed to be a Muslim dictatorship.

What amazes me about this is what do the idiot leaders think is going to happen after the Muslims have seized control?

You can bet the first thing the Muslims will do is kill all of the leaders and bureaucrats. That means that the idiot leaders and bureaucrats are committing suicide and too stupid to realize it.

BTW, they just released info that 4 out of 5 immigrants are not from Syria. That means that, out of the 400,000 immigrants that have already come to Europe this year, better than 320,000 are not from Syria and probably are terrorists. Remember that 90% are young adult males. Also, you know that these terrorist immigrants or infiltrators are being sent to meet with Muslim terrorists who are already in those countries and they have the weapons, networks, and everything else for a war. Europe is screwed.

BTW, this immigration is turning Europe against the US. They are now blaming Obama and the US for this immigration mess saying the US caused it by arming the terrorist organizations in Syria. They are now all but accusing Obama of terrorism.

Also, the reason why this immigration thing is happening now is because Obama and his Muslim pals are about ready to make their move to stage their coups and want as many Muslim terrorists in these countries as possible when they do. It is going to happen soon, very soon. We are all screwed.


There appear to be two convoys of an undisclosed number of Russian Marines heading for a meeting with Obama's terrorist organization, ISIS. This will be interesting to see how well the Russian marines do against ISIS. You know the Ruskies are not going there for tea and cookies. This could be a monkey wrench in the Muslim works. Keep an eye on this.

Netanyahu has met with Putin to try and prevent unintentional clashes between Israel and Russia in Syria. This could be impossible because you better bet Putin will put Russian troops everywhere Israel would want to bomb as a deterrent to Israel, you know, like at nuke factories.


Here is something everyone better think about. If you did not take a stand against that Muslim kid taking that very suspicious looking "clock" to school, you just put every child in this nation at an increased risk of being blown up by a school suicide bomber.

What the media and Obama did was to send a message that, if you question a Muslim child for taking a suspicious looking "clock" or other object to school, you will be roasted alive by the media and be made to look like the bad guy. That message will discourage teachers from questioning Muslim kids carrying suspicious looking objects to school and will get kids killed.

BTW, note that a time bomb is also a clock but with a different type of alarm called explosives.


Remember that I told you that the Shiite Muslims want to destroy Mecca so the Sunni Muslims will be forced to accept Babylon as their most holy sight and will help to rebuild Babylon to become the most holy sight for Islam?

They just had the crane fall on the Mecca shrine killing people and now there has been a fire in a Mecca hotel during their annual Islamic pilgrimage. Getting to be a wee bit of a coincidence. If something else like this happens, it is probably more than a coincidence and probably the Shiites trying to destroy Mecca or turn people away from Mecca. Keep an eye on this.


In biology, we have known for at least a few decades that, if you don't regularly removed trees and vegetation from a habitat, the habitat will become over populated with trees and vegetation, dry up the ground, dry up the vegetation, and turn the habitat into a fire hazard.

As I have been watching liberal conservationists work to stop the removal of trees and brush from habitats creating the above conditions, I first wondered when those areas would burn and then began to wonder when the liberals would burn those areas to drive humans out of those areas and into the inner cities where they can be more easily controlled.

In the current California wild fires, more than 1,000 homes have been burned out or about 2,000 to 3,000 people. Is this a coincidence? Keep an eye on it.

Quantum Physics

If you want to test my Quantum Physics hypothesis, you do the two slit test in a vacuum, where the electrons won't create an electromagnetic wave passing through air. You will find that the wave will disappear and the electrons will act like particles without a wave. That will tell you that electrons are particles and not waves but, when passing through air, they create a wave that travels with them and can affect them.

In validity of testing, you always remove all possible variables that might affect the test results to get it down to a minimum number of possibilities. In almost 100 years, the quantum physicists never removed the variable of air and its effects on electrons, which were determined and understood more than half a century ago.


I just read that a White House staffer was killed in an accident. That is two White House staff members killed in separate accidents in the last week. Gee, what a coincidence. Is Obama purging his staff getting ready for the big move like I told you he would? If another White House staffer turns up dead soon, you can bet on it but don't expect me to feel sorry for the scum. Watch for Obama to replace them with Muslims.


I still can't find anyone I want to vote for, not even Cruz. I definitely will not support anyone but a true Christian and forget about a Muslim.

False Prophets

These false prophets are making a lot of money deceiving people; they are going to need it to buy air conditioning in Hell.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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