I Told You So 163

Remember that I told you that the Muslims will turn Europe back into a mass of feudal states with war being waged everywhere?

It is happening right now in France. France is right now under siege by Muslim terrorists and in a state of war. This is no longer something I am warning you about which will happen in the future. This is happening RIGHT NOW just like I told you it would happen!

This all started with a very well planned and coordinated Muslim terrorist attack against 7 locations in Paris including the Stade de France Soccer stadium with a game between France and Germany attended by President Francois Hollande and at least 2 explosions were heard including two suspected suicide bombers. Hostages were taken at the Bataclan concert hall with the terrorists executing 118 people plus all the terrorists were killed by the police. The terrorists executed the people while reloading a number of times and the people were texting the police to come in because the terrorists were executing people because no one had guns to defend themselves. There were also attacks at Les Halles shopping centre, a bar, a restaurant, and several other locations for a total of seven locations. There were a total of 158 killed with hundreds more wounded.

President Hollande has closed the French borders (a little late) and declared a state of emergency and there are reported to be 1,500 French soldiers in the Paris streets. A captured gunman said he is ISIS, there were two suspected suicide bombers, hand grenades were thrown, and terrorists shot up everything with automatic rifles.

Of course no one could defend themselves because the glorious, intellectually superior French upper class trash had taken away everyone's guns, well, except for the terrorists, making France a soft target for terrorists. Remember that this was all made possible and caused by the French liberal upper class trash elites, who should all be tried for treason.

The nation of Holland has also declared a state of emergency and closed their borders with France.

Now, do you think the Euro upper class trash will arm their people so they can protect themselves? Of course not, arm their people so they can protect themselves? Who ever heard of such a silly idea?

This is only the beginning. These types of very deadly Muslim terrorist attacks are going to start happening all over Europe and it will take a revolt by the people for their governments to arm the people so they can protect themselves and decrease the casualties in such attacks. Imagine how few lives would have been lost in the concert hall if just a few dozen people had been armed.

Gee, you think that just maybe those stupid Americans aren't so stupid after all for refusing to give up their guns?

After this, you better bet that increasing numbers of people across Europe will be furious with their leaders for disarming them AND letting the Muslims in the gates. There will be a massive backlash against the upper class trash and lefties tomorrow.

My guess is that the rest of Europe will be next with the next attacks possibly taking place in two or more countries at the same time and I would especially keep an eye on Britain, Sweden, and Germany, but I expect these types of attacks to become a regular occurrence across Europe before this is over. WE ARE TALKING OPEN WARFARE HERE, you know, just like you are currently seeing in the Middle East. You are watching the destruction of the EU and Europe by our glorious 21st Century barbarians, A.K.A. Muslims, and believe me, Europe will fall.

Please note that these Muslim terrorists did not stop anyone and ask them whether they were liberal commie traitors or conservatives. They just butchered everyone including the liberal commie traitors.

Just remember that, because you are not waging war against the Muslims, does not mean they are not waging war against you. Now you can tell the stupid liberals what happens when someone gives a war and nobody shows up, a lot of people get slaughtered.

This attack is going to open a lot of eyes everywhere.

Just before this Muslim terrorist attack in Paris, the following was going on.


Sweden just closed its borders to immigrants. If the immigrants don't have travel documents, they don't get in. I guess they have had enough of the crime. Eyes are opening.

Is it enough in time?

50,000 Polish nationalists marched on Warsaw and burned EU flags. Tomorrow, it will be 500,000.

Immigrants are continuing to riot in Germany. Germany has sold out of pepper spray and will soon sell out of everything which can be used for a weapon.

There is strengthening support in France for Marine Le Pen's National Front, which is against immigration and the EU. It seems this is causing panic among the French political elites. I expect the National Front to win the next election, after this attack in Paris.

But the heavily inbred upper class trash white cracker commie traitors keep believing the Muslim immigrants will be grateful enough to keep voting them into power. They have no idea what they are doing because they are too stupid and lazy to do their homework or they would know that the Muslims will replace all of them as soon as the Muslims gain control of their nations.

Maybe this attack will cause a few of them to rethink that idea?

Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has stated what I have been telling you, which is that the liberals are causing this immigration mess because they are stupid enough to think that the Muslim immigrants will be so appreciative to vote for the liberals, thanking those liberals for bringing them into the liberals' countries. But they will only vote for the liberals until they get their own people running for office and then the liberals will be put out of work.

Mean while, Merkel's political career is over, she is ruined. Gee, I guess all those new voters won't be doing her any good. She might as well resign and seek asylum in a Muslim country.

Man plans, God laughs.

Now 53% of Britons want to leave the EU because of this immigration mess. That is a big jump from being down in the 40s. Increasing numbers of people in almost all EU countries want to leave the EU and it will probably increase radically by tomorrow morning. The EU just failed.

Remember that I told you the EU upper class trash wanted to pay African countries a few billion dollars to take back their immigrants and send those African countries' best workers to the EU and that the African countries wouldn't go for the deal because they are not stupid enough to give up their best people?

The African countries turned the deal down, of course.

Just how stupid are the EU upper class trash natural elites that they would even think the African countries might go for such a stupid deal? Just how inbred are they, what are they smoking, and what are they teaching these intellectually superior whackos at the upper class trash universities? Do any of them even have an IQ?

The really stupid things the upper class trash dream up are absolutely mind boggling. Look at the damage they have done and you can bet they will try their best to blame someone else.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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