I Told You So 167

Here are a couple of things I warned you about and are happening.


Did you know they just started replaying the TV series about space aliens, "The X Files"?

Did you know that the CIA has also just released 10 secret files about aliens in conjunction with the show?

What the CIA has done is point out 10 files that the X Files characters would "like to get their hands on."

When you consider all of this in conjunction with Hilarious saying she will "look into UFOs and Area 51" as part of her campaign promise, then the CIA releasing 12,000 files about UFOs, then astronomers "reviving a theory about a giant alien mega structure in space", NASA releasing Photo Shopped pictures of a guerilla, camel, mouse, pyramid, and Stonehenge on Mars, especially when you consider the timing for all of this, it is just a wee bit of a coincidence.

Just a wee bit obvious this is all being staged to get Hilarious elected, prove evolution, destroy Christianity, and get you to give up your guns "for world peace" so the upper class trash can set up their global dictatorship to enslave and impoverish you. Watch for the upper class trash to claim they are in touch with intellectually superior space aliens who will tell you give up your guns for global peace. Ta-da!!!

If these space aliens are so intellectually superior and they really care about our planet, why have they permitted the upper class trash to screw everything up? Why are they not giving our upper class trash the solutions for the problems our upper class trash have caused?

One of the arguments for space aliens is that, from the time the first plane was invented in 1903 to the Roswell UFO in 1947, was only 44 years and not enough time to develop space craft like flying saucers.


These people have no idea about the secret technology the US had just after WWII or even during the war. Both the US and Germany were working on this technology during the war but neither had it functional yet. After the war, we brought the German scientists over to the US to work on it with our scientists and they made really huge gains very quickly.

Let me share a little something with you to show you how things work. If you go back and find a really old Jane's from about the 1970s, you will find that it listed the SR-71 as being in service by 1957, the year the Ruskies put Sputnik, you know, that tiny satellite that flew around the planet for years just going beep, beep, beep, into a low orbit and caused a big hubbub about the "Ruskies being ahead of us in space flight", causing the US to form NASA to "compete against the Ruskies".

Why did the US military change the "official" date the SR-71 entered service?

Because they didn't want you to know how soon they had that kind of technology to keep you from figuring out just how advanced their technology really is today and to keep you from realizing they have been lying to you a very long time because they were already putting people into space and orbit by that time, you know, smoke and mirrors.

Did you know that the SR-71 was capable of low altitude orbit?

That is right, the SR-71 could reach low altitude orbit, shut off its engines, and orbit the earth by 1957.

Which should tell you what?

That the US had already put people in orbit by the same time as Sputnik, you know, that beeping little piece of space junk that scared the crap out of us and caused the US to form NASA. The NASA astronauts WERE NOT the first into space, to orbit the earth, or go to the moon...and probably go to Mars.

Then why NASA?

I already explained that to you in my "UFOs" essay. It is all smoke and mirrors, baby.

Then they released information about the SR-71 existing in 1965 but never told you about it being able to achieve low altitude orbit to cover for all of those flying saucers they have, you know, like the really huge one I saw being serviced on US military turf by US Air Force crews in 1966. (Read my UFOs essay.)

Which should tell you what?

The SR-71 was already obsolete by 1965 or you wouldn't have heard about it then and that is what I was taught by the Air Force and I saw plenty more where that came from. If the US military has it and you know about it, it is obsolete and we have much better hidden in "Uncle Sam's Black Closet".

Christians are buying into this UFO thing and saying it is angels. Christians, don't get caught up in this space alien crap. Just be ready for the crap the lefties are about to feed you. Angels are not going to come here pretending to be space aliens, you know, proving evolution and deceiving the people.

Listen, first, if real other beings do show up claiming to be space aliens, you can bet it is Satan and his demons. If you want to read about some really spectacular beings, read the Bible. The Bible makes it very clear we are not alone and there is a host of incredible creatures God created in Heaven (some are described in the Bible) but it is only them and us and no beings that "evolved". Evolution is a Satanic lie.

Second, if "aliens" do "make contact with us", they will probably be liberal commie activists traitors dressed up by Commiewood to look like space aliens and they will probably be speaking some made up language like Klingon.

Third, if there really were space aliens, don't you think they would just as likely be bad space aliens as good ones, especially if they join forces with our corrupt upper class trash criminals? Why would space aliens with good intentions join up with the upper class trash?

So you wouldn't be able to trust them and give up your guns anyway.

Please, if you have not read my essay on UFOs, read it.

Hey, just for fun, you know that Star Trek space shuttle thingy that looked like a shoe box?

I saw a real one right here, west of Holloman AFB flying west at about 200 to 300 feet, probably doing about 100 to 200 mph in broad daylight right along side of Highway 70, and it disappeared into a secret underground base at the foot of the Organ Mountains on the east side in 1999 and, when I see this stuff, I know what I am looking at. There was no visible sign of propulsion or sound. You ain't seen nuttin' yet, EARTHLING.

Princess Chelsea

One of my site readers (thanks for the info) sent me an article about Princess Chelsea getting ready to run for president. It seems they are expecting her to announce her candidacy soon, you know, when mama gets too sick to run...or stand trial for her crimes.

Gee, who would have figured?

She is hosting big fund raisers "for mama" but the people putting out the big bucks are talking about Princess Chelsea running, are not coughing up all of that dough for mama, and are getting pretty excited about Chelsea running. She has even been saying she is going to get into politics and wants to run for president.

Gee, could that be why mama is going broke and begging for loot while Princess Chelsea is out raking in the dough?

Keep an eye on this, the way things are going for mama, Chelsea will be announcing her candidacy soon, besides, she has to do it before the primary election.

Someone will have to pardon the old broad to get her butt out of jail.

Don't you feel sorry for the women who will have to share a prison with Hilarious?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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