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Well, so much for taking guns away from everyone bringing peace. Every time you turn around a terrorist is stabbing someone and the stabbings are working because people don't have guns with which to defend themselves.

Oh, I know, if we take knives away from everyone, then there will be peace, right? Oh, what about clubs, rocks, and other weapons?

I guess, if you want peace, you have to kill the bad guys. That is the only thing that will work but then we would have to also kill our corrupt leaders.

The US Air Force has decided to authorize personnel to carry weapons both on and off duty, including personal weapons. It is interesting that the Air Force is first to do this.

Where are the Army, Marines, and Navy? What, are the Marines and Army not qualified to carry weapons?

You can bet that, after this, at least the Army and Marines will be shamed into following suit.

You know this is going to cause our dictator in Chief to have cow. The more they try to take guns away from the people, the more they are set back.


I am watching this Oregon standoff and recent shooting. A white flag is a white flag and the feds used a white flag as a trap. You don't arrest or shoot people who are peacefully coming in to negotiate, especially unarmed people, unless you are trying to start a shooting war.

What they need to do right now is 1) stand down, 2) investigate the shooting to see whether it was justified or murder 3) investigate the idiots who dreamed up this stupid move and prosecute them, 4) let things calm down and go from there.

What this has done is it has taught a bunch of already angry people that you can't trust the feds and no one will want to negotiate with the feds. I can just hear angry people who are right now ready to fight telling their otherwise more calm friends "I told you so" and getting more of them mad enough to fight.

Unless the feds are trying to start a civil war, this was stupid. Keep an eye on it.

Hint: The federal building the militia took over was empty and not being used by anyone and the militia really wasn't a threat to anyone. If the feds had acted like it was no big deal, ignored these guys, and let them just sit out there until they got bored, the militia would have eventually walked away.

I would have really taken the wind out of their "occupation" or sails by sending a forestry person to hand the militia a free camping permit for use of the building and, if you really wanted to cut things short, give them a book for bird watching. But none of the feds are smart enough to use psychological warfare, they only know muscle and shooting people. "Me be smart, me beat you, bam, bam."

Nothing like completely defusing the situation with some simply psy-ops.

What protest? They have a camping permit. The idiot media would have gone to find something they could sensationalize.


Apparently the Swedish Army is preparing for war. General Anders Brannstrom told men under his command they could expect to be fighting a war in Europe against skilled opponents within a few years. the General said the deteriorating security picture in Europe was the main factor behind his warning, indicating the Islamic State conducting military campaigns in Europe and spreading instability from the Ukraine could lead to conflict. He suggested a Third World War was just round the corner.

This follows both the French and Swedish police forces running from Muslim mobs during the last week. The war is on and the Muslims are winning...well, until the European militia show up and start kicking butt.

Apparently, the general's words have caused some concern and action. The idiots running the Swedish government have decided to expel more than 80,000 immigrants but they will take two years to do it. I doubt that will be fast enough to prevent a war, which is already going on. Oops, too late.

Maybe they are afraid of a military coup and trying to placate the general?

If they are, they are insulting his intelligence and I don't think he will buy it.

The thing I have been telling you is that things must get at least this bad before the military can stage a coup to overthrow the corrupt government and clean things up. The people have to be so furious at their government they are begging for the military to intervene and save them and/or they must be taking things into their own hands with militia groups fighting back.

Also, when the military coup or revolution starts, they must see it all of the way through. This means they must round up, try, and execute everyone responsible for these horrible crimes or those people will just regroup, reorganize, and start all over again.

It is just like what happened to Germany following WWII. They rounded up all of the leaders and thugs who caused the tyranny to work, tried them in very public trials, and executed most of them, including the thugs, and put the less dangerous ones in jail for life with no pardon or parole. That is what history teaches must be done or it won't work.

A top German psychoanalyst has diagnosed Merkel as being a narcissist on the verge of a breakdown and irrational. Whether or not it is true, it will definitely cause more people to want her removed and it may even be an attempt by the upper class trash to use her as a scapegoat and to remove her.

This should be an "I Told You So" essay. Four young people were hospitalized after a gun battle in a migrant camp in Northern France. I told you these gangs were fighting and killing each other, which will just make the fighting worse.

Second, I told you the Muslim terrorist gangs would get guns and now it has been confirmed that they do have and are using guns. Mean while, the Europeans who let their upper class trash talk them into giving up their guns, don't have any guns with which to defend themselves. Smart move.

Now, what are these brilliant liberal Europeans going to do, die?

Yep, a lot of them will die.


I finally found someone I would want to vote for, Judge Jeanine Pirro. The trouble is that the upper class trash would kill her, after she is elected, you know, just like they have the rest of the good ones. I think she would make a great president but not after they kill her.

Trump is defending Planned Parenthood. Oh yeah, he is a conservative.

Here is some more ultra liberal insanity: Jebberwocky said that Trump's ban on Muslims would create a "toxic environment".

You mean Muslims being in this country, running around murdering people isn't toxic?

Well, Jebberwocky just told us he is in bed with the Muslim terrorists and against you, so go ahead and vote for the ultra liberal commie/Muslim traitor and see just how toxic it will really get with tens of thousands more Muslim terrorists in this country.

If you pay REALLY CLOSE ATTENTION, these criminals tell you who they are in bed with and they are not on your side, baby.

It turns out that Fox News, which everyone is so certain is hard core conservative, has been a quite extensive donor to the Clintons.

Gee, maybe, just maybe they are poser conservatives putting out false information for true conservatives, you know, like I have been warning you about is going on with "news sites" on the Internet?

I keep telling you that the liberal commie traitor pagans and Muslims have infiltrated everything to the point to where we humans can't clean up the mess ourselves. There are just too many moles in everything, especially government and the media.

God is our only hope and remember that man plans, God laughs.


We have a definite trend showing a strategy being used by ISIS for terrorist attacks. A man and a woman Muslims were arrested at Disney world, Paris with guns, ammo, and a Koran. This is at least the fourth such attack or attempted attack by a man and a woman posing as husband and wife or friends. What ISIS is doing is masking their terrorist attacks by using "husband and wife teams" to throw off the security people, you know, by using Obama's "safe Muslim women" as part of the terrorist team.

This means that all Middle Eastern couples will become suspect and you can bet that when security acts on this that the liberal commie traitors will whine about profiling and picking on Muslim couples.

Remember that ISIS has also issued orders for Muslims to pretend to be Christians in order to mask their terrorist attacks. So, if Obama suddenly starts letting "Christians" into the US, they probably aren't Christians.

The Nigerian Army said that suicide bombers who recently murdered a bunch of people there were men disguised as women, you know, wearing burkas.

How much more of this will it take before people wake up to the already obvious fact that, to protect our people, we must keep ALL Muslims out of our nations?

Send them all packing.

What really gets me is that these terrorist attacks have already started victimizing liberals and are primarily hitting targets liberals like to visit and the stupid liberals don't get it, they just keep supporting their terrorist pals. I guess that is the price for being a traitor and stupid.

They now suspect an EgyptAir mechanic as having put the bomb on the Russian airliner. They say he has a cousin in ISIS.

Don't all Sunni Muslims have at least one cousin in ISIS?

10 Commandments

Here is a good question I just saw on Arutz Sheva: "Who were the 10 Commandments give too?"

Obviously, they were given to the Hebrews or today's Jews. The Noahide Laws, which most people don't even know about, were given to all of mankind following the flood. The orthodox Jews know that the only laws in Torah that gentiles are required to abide by are the laws which relate to the Noahide laws, buuuut, most Jews feel that, if they must abide by all of those laws, so should gentiles, which is what the Apostle Paul was fighting against because he knew that wasn't right. He knew that the gentiles only have to abide by all of the Torah Laws, if they are living in Israel. Outside of Israel, Gentiles only have to abide by the Torah Laws which pertain to the Noahide Laws, you know, like I have taught more extensively before.

Now, who is Jesus the Messiah for?

For all of mankind. That is why God caused the Jews to sentence Jesus to death (reject Him) and the Gentiles to put Jesus to death (reject Him.)

Since Jesus is our savior and we are required to adhere to the Torah Laws pertaining to the Noahide Laws, and there are life lessons for all of us in the Old and New Testament, it should be obvious that God wrote the Bible through the Jews for all of us as a guide for living a good life.

Interest Rates

I had a conservative professor in economics who said that the economy should determine the interest rates and not the interest rates determine the economy. He made a very good point of it and, as I have been watching our micro managing upper class trash use interest rates to control the economy, I have to agree with him. The upper class trash are not intelligent or honest enough to be permitted to control the interest rates.

For example, there have been a number of times in recent years in which nations have used negative interest rates to control the economy and they all still have bad economies.

In a non socialist free market economy, you would never have negative interest rates because that is the banks paying you to borrow money from them and is insanity. In a true free market economy, you let the interest rates float and the economy determine where they should be at all times. Interest rates should not be a control for the economy but an indicator of the economy.

We need to get away from a bunch of socialist politicians and bureaucrats, who can't get a real job in the economy, trying to run the economy. It is only used in socialist economies and has failed every time.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Absolutely EVERYTHING our liberal socialist government touches, it screws up, you know, like filling rivers with toxic sludge, claiming global warming while there is record snow fall, Social Security, the economy, the military, and stealing ranches from people.

A Senate investigation has revealed that our all knowing, all wise, highly educated (in underwater basket weaving), intellectually superior, grossly overpaid, natural elite bureaucrats have screwed up big time by putting thousands of Central American illegal alien children, who have crossed our borders, in the hands of...wait for it...human traffickers, you know, slavers. These superior know-it-all x-spurts have turned those children into SLAVES.

Wow, that is really protecting those kids! Those kids would have been better off if we had done what the conservatives insisted on and sent them home but, no, the liberals insisted on putting these kids in the hands of liberal government bureaucrats who helped those kids by turning them into SLAVES.

They should send every person responsible for this to prison for slave trafficking, child abuse, child endangerment, and everything else they can prosecute them for.

You do realize that "human traffickers" is just a really nice sounding word liberals made up for slavers?

We need to fire at least 70% to 80% (and I am being nice) of our government bureaucrats and send them to get jobs where they really belong, you know, turning burgers, sweeping floors, taking out the trash, and cleaning toilets...or begging for money on the street corner. I wouldn't hire most of them to manage an outhouse.

And these are the liberal idiots we are letting destroy our nation?

AND another big surprise (for the lefties) is that companies traveling to liberal communist ravaged Cuba looking for markets are not finding any. There are very few people there with enough money to buy anything.

Why are these companies surprised?

Because they were stupid enough to believe their liberal commie college professors without question. Why, their commie fairy tales sounded so wonderful they just had to be true. They thought Cuba would be a booming business land. They drank the liberal Kool-Aid and thought the Cubans would be rolling in dough.

What, you mean Marxism has also failed in Cuba?

Quit drinking the liberal Kool-Aid, fools, and you won't get such nasty surprises.

BTW, we conservatives told you so decades ago but you wanted to listen to the liberal commie college professor fairy tales about communist unicorns rampaging over communist rainbows in Cuba.

Well, where are the communist unicorns rampaging over communist rainbows in Cuba? What, they don't exist? Gee, who would have figured?

If you believe anything a liberal tells you, you are a sucker.

BTW, Muslims are openly saying that, after they take over Europe, they will make it legal to rape white women, including liberal women. In other words, they are going to impose Sharia Law which makes it legal to rape all non Muslim women. The liberals are RIGHT NOW getting what they have been brainwashed to want and not liking it when they get it.

When are you liberals going to start demanding your money back from the liberal colleges for brainwashing you with liberal crap?

Did you see all of the "I told you so" essays in just this one essay?


Years ago I had a dream from God with something in it that I have wondered about since the dream. In the dream, I was getting off of a C-130 carrying a Russian PKM or 30 caliber, belt fed, automatic rifle.

I couldn't figure out what it meant until today because, if I had to choose a 30 caliber, belt fed, automatic rifle, it would be an American made M-240, which is the newer version of the old M-60. When I read that the Russian company, Kalashnikov, is opening a weapons plant in I understand.

Sometimes, you just can't understand the dreams God gives you until something like this happens.

BTW, this was a personal dream for me I have not and will not tell you about until after everything has been fulfilled and, only then, as personal testamony. I was just sharing some interesting information about it to help you better understand how God works.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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