I Told You So 18

Ocommie is now proposing a thing he calls "Net Neutrality". Don't you just love the way the commie's come up with great sounding names for their mischief?

Just like I told you, they are making a power grab for the last remaining free medium to prevent the truth getting out to the people they need to brainwash to set up their commie dictatorship.

I have told you a number of times that the media are very important if you want to control the people because you have to either feed them the truth to help them stay free or you have to feed them your lies, misinformation, and propaganda if you want to set up a dictatorship, like the commie's are presently doing. The people who control the media; control the country.

You, the people, need to know this and do something about it. You MUST regain control of most of the media in all of the different types of media or you give up control of your country. The commie's are now making this very obvious with their actions because they are always working to gain control of all of the media and prevent the people from having control of any of the media. The lame excuse they use is that they believe they can do a better job of managing the media than you can but they don't tell you that the type of management they intend to do is called censorship and brainwashing.

This will be one of the most important fights that the people MUST win. If the people lose this fight, they will eventually lose the entire war for freedom.

By now, at least most of you should be realizing that I was also right about Marxism/communism/socialism/Leninism/ or whatever you want to call it being just another form of non ownership slavery dreamed up the European natural elite upper class academe. It should be blatantly obvious to anyone with common sense who has been paying any attention that all the liberal commie's are trying to do is seize control of the country with their big government programs and force you back into slavery and poverty to satisfy their lusts for power and wealth at your expense and they don't care who they hurt or kill. These people are just as evil and insane as Hitler was and are using exactly the same strategies and tactics Hitler used including controlling the media. These people are at least as dangerous as Hitler was and you can bet they have plans to start killing people who dare question their superiority and ideas starting with using the medical system the same way Hitler did. Yes, they also think they are superior to everyone else just like Hitler did. Gee, so many coincidences.

You are not only fighting for your freedoms, rights, and continued prosperity but also for your very lives.

Also, have you noticed that they keep changing their stories about Iran building nukes? For years, they have been telling you it will take Iran at least another year or 2 or 5 or 10 to create enough nuke dirt for "a bomb" - again, of what throw weight? 10 k or 10 megs? Well, the story continues to change and they can't even seem to keep the changes reasonable and logical any more because Iran has nukes.

They just confessed that Iran now has enough nuke dirt to make "a bomb". Gee, I thought it was going to take another billion years for them to create enough nuke dirt for "a bomb". Now the lie is that Iran doesn't have the missile technology to launch the warheads into orbit and deliver them anywhere they want around the world or even just to Israel. Didn't I tell you that, if you can launch a payload into low orbit, you can launch a nuclear payload into low orbit and that, from low orbit, they can orbit the nuke anywhere they want around the world and simply drop the nuke out of orbit onto any desired target? I know I did and I also told you that they have been launching payloads into HIGH orbit for years which is more than enough missile technology to hit any target on earth.

Amazingly, the current lie is that they no longer consider Iran to be a threat outside of the Middle East, even against Israel, which is in the Middle East. If you are dumb enough to believe that lie, please send me your name, phone number, and address because you are stupid enough for me to able to sell you another bridge without even having to lie to you.

After a while you get to where you can see the next lie headed your way. This one will be that Iran has a complete nuclear force but is not a threat to the rest of the world in spite of the fact she is a radical government threatening the rest of the world and only developed nuclear weapons for peaceful purposes; you know, deterrence.

My question is, "Who is she afraid of invading her country that she needs nuclear deterrence?" I know, a bunch of hostile goat herders. The only people who are trying to overthrow that rotten government are the Iranian people. Are they planning to nuke their own people?

No, obviously Iran has developed nukes to use as offensive weapons to extort the rest of the world into submission to her because she knows the current liberal leaders are too big of cowards to use nukes against her to prevent Iran from using nukes against them. You know, just like Iran has been saying for years. Fear is what makes extortion possible and cowards are easy to extort.

Sooner or later, some one in Israel has to do the right thing by nuking Iran before Israel ceases to exist because Iran nuked her. I am sure God will do something soon because these cowardly liberals won't.

Oh yeah, by the way, it should also be obvious by now that Obama Bin Laden is a poser Christian and ardent Muslim. He has been courting Islam and working to kill Christianity. There is an old saying that, if it looks like a fish, smells like a fish, and swims like a fish, it is a fish. Obama is now making the entire US State Department pray with Muslims. Do you want to bet he won't require the State Department to pray with Christians this Christmas? What happened to separation of church and state and where is the ACLU? Where are all the commie protestors screaming about the separation of church and state? Why are the commie's forcing children to study Islam in public schools and even pray like Muslims when they scream their heads off about separation of church and state when some Christian child wants to pray over their lunch at school.

This is going to become a very important issue because, with Obama Bin Laden being an ardent Muslim, he is now required by the Koran to kill his commie friends who helped him get into power and replace them with his Muslim buddies; just like I told you he would.

What, you don't believe it? Remember that Obama Bin Laden stated in one of his books that, if push came to shove so that he had to chose between the West and Islam, he would chose Islam? Since I last wrote about this, I realized that the only thing he could have been referring to as the "West" was communism because, as an avowed communist, he had already rejected everything else from the west like capitalism, democracy, and etc. This means that he was specifically talking about choosing between communism and Islam and nothing else. Remember also that Obama was raised during his most formative years, from childhood up to middle teenage, as a Muslim in a radical Muslim Wahabbi school in Indonesia. Therefore, his logic is going to be Islamic and not Western. To understand Obama, you must understand Islam.

Obama was trained from the time he was a child that the leader of any people or country is supposed to have absolute power and you can see this in his incessant attempts to seize absolute control of the US but his commie buddies refuse to give up their share of power to just one power mad whacko. All of the commie whacko's want to share the power of their little commie dictatorship. This has been frustrating Obama Bin Laden.

Add to this that Obama has failed at absolutely every effort in foreign policy making him the absolute worst president of the US ever, even worse than Jimmuh Carter. Obama Bin Laden's frustration reached a point a few months ago to where it was admitted that he is thinking about "reshuffling" his cabinet and other top leaders. Obama has already made the decision between communism and Islam and is now trying to figure out how he can get rid of all his commie buddies, media, financiers and other power brokers at once so he can replace them with Muslims who will give him the absolute power he feels he should have as leader of the country. Also, in Islamic logic, if some one is a threat to you, you just kill them. That should be obvious to you by now.

How are Obama's commie buddies a threat to him? Remember that I told you that, when you are working to get into a position of power, the power brokers are an asset but, after you have achieved that power, they become a liability to you because, if they can put you in power, they can put you out of power by putting some one else in power in your place. Every power mad whacko eventually faces this change upon achieving power. There is another nasty little secret that haunts Obama Bin Laden. While he was running for president, the Commiecrats went to Indonesia and Kenya and purchased the government documents proving Obama is not a US citizen and not eligible to be president of the US to prevent some conservative from obtaining copies and keeping Obama from being elected president.

Now, do you think the commie's destroyed these documents? Of course not, power mad whacko's would never destroy documents they might need to use against and control the president and you can bet Obama knows they have these documents and will use them against him if he becomes a liability to them.

For example, with Obama's popularity dropping very quickly, if he becomes too unpopular by next year, he will cause the Commiecrats to lose enough seats in Congress to return control of at least one of the two houses to the Republicans which will prevent the commie's from being able to finish establishing their commie dictatorship. So, if you are a Commiecrat, what do you do when Obama becomes such a liability to your commie party? You "leak" these documents to the liberal media as if they had done some magnificent investigative work and everyone acts surprised to find out that Obama isn't a US citizen and can't be a legal president while ignoring the conservatives claims to have been right and acting as if everyone, including the conservatives, are surprised and stunned by this revelation. Then you impeach Obama and remove him from office replacing him with the nation's first female president, Pelosi (of course after they commit that twit Biden to a mental institution because he can't find his way out of a closet.) That simple move can help the Commiecrats keep control of both houses next year.

You can bet Obama knows about this threat to his power and is closely watching his popularity decline very quickly. With his Muslim logic, the obvious answer will be to kill all of those who know about and have copies of these documents, which will be almost all of the upper class Commiecrats, in such a way he can declare martial law, and replace them with loyal Muslims.

A footnote about my dream concerning some one nuking Chicago, I forgot to mention that, as we were falling towards the street on a work day during working hours, there were no people or cars on the road; you know, like the feds had closed off the road to protect a presidential party in the top of the Sears tower. Think about it.

If you just keep connecting the dots, pictures start to form and you learn to see what is coming your way. Studying history really helps because the whacko's also repeat history because they use the same methods developed by other whacko's before them. After a while, the methods of the wicked whacko's become very familiar.

One last note, it is also pretty easy to predict what Obama Bin Laden is going to do because he told what he will do. It is just that most people are not really listening and are only hearing what they want to hear. For example, Obama told us he wants to form his "Citizen Security Force" (CSF), he wants to replace our current military with his CSF, and he wants to shut down all prisons. Add a few more things to this and a very ugly picture quickly forms.

In the 1980's (it also helps if you remember things like this), the FBI made it public knowledge that all black gangs in the US are Muslim. Also (another dot or 2), most of the criminals in our prisons are serving time for drug related crimes AND there has been a massive program by certain Muslim organizations converting violent prisoners to Islam. Gee, could it be that Obama Bin Laden wants to empty all of those violent Muslims in our prisons, who would be loyal to a Muslim leader, into his CSF instantly giving him a standing army of millions of very loyal, violent Muslims to replace the current military which is loyal to the US Constitution instead of Obama?

If this is the case, everyone, especially the military and law enforcement people in the US should be terrified. By putting these very violent people in charge with all the weapons will mean they will hunt down and kill all non Muslims, especially all current military and law enforcement people. These people should want to die fighting before they give up control of their government jobs to Obama's CSF. You won't sleep for a while after thinking about that one. :-) If that doesn't scare you, you are brain dead stupid.

That should be enough thought provoking and tree shaking for one essay.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often, you really need it right now.

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