I Told You So 185

Remember that I have been telling you that all of China's "advanced weapons systems" are grossly over rated by the experts on the Internet? Remember how China proved me right AGAIN by purchasing Russian fighter planes to take the engines, radar, and electronics warfare out of the Russian planes and put them in their mighty, magnificent, glorious, heavily deified J-20 "Stealth" plane?

Gee, I wonder why China had to buy Russian planes for their engines, radar, and electronics warfare; because theirs suck? If you were China, why would you buy Russian fighter planes to steal their technology? Because your technology is vastly superior or sucks?

Oh, this is just too funny. I got this from SOFREP By Alex Hollings:

"Last week, as the Chengdu J-20 entered into service, China became the second nation on the planet to field a fifth generation fighter platform... or at least that's what they've claimed. New reports in Chinese media, however, indicate that issues with the advanced fighter's intended power plant, combined with the Chinese government's hurry to get the J-20 into service, may have actually cost the stealthy fighter its distinction as a true fifth generation platform.

According to sources in the South China Morning Post, the People's Liberation Army rushed the J-20 through the final stages of development last year, prompted by heightening tensions throughout the region as a result of China's expanding claims over the South China Sea. The advanced fighter platform's design phase was already dramatically expedited, many believe, by using stolen plans for America's advanced fighter, the F-22, accounting for the striking resemblance between the two aircraft.

Experts have long attested that, despite their similarities, the J-20 likely lacks the same stealthy profile employed by the F-22, in part due to the stabilizing canards added to the plane, but also thanks to still-classified methods utilized in the F-22's construction. That potential gap in stealth capability, however, is not enough to cost the J-20 its position as the third ever fifth generation fighter to take to the skies... instead, it would appear, the issue lies with its engines.

The J-20's intended engines, dubbed WS-15s, were purpose built for the new platform, but have suffered repeated setbacks that seem to be tied to their ability to mitigate the immense levels of heat they produce while in operation."

Everything I have read worth reading about any of China's sophisticated weapons systems like planes, tanks, and ships has said that China is having serious trouble with those weapons systems. It is because their engineers are crap. They steal technology and still can't make it work.

But what do you expect from a cruel, murdering tyranny; people who feel free to try new things, to explore, to create, to go beyond current technology?

Yeah, right, that and failing one time would turn you into an organ donor.

So, what are you going to do, if you are those engineers working for that murdering tyranny?

Play it safe, baby, play it safe and you can't learn nuttin' new by playing it safe.

To do what US engineers do, you have to feel free to take risks on new ideas without fear of being punished for failure (you know, becoming an organ donor) and the US and Israel are the two best nations in the world for playing that game. Even in Europe, their stupid lefty (read commie) politicians having too much control over their government's weapons development holds them back because most idiot commie politicians and commie bureaucrats don't understand the intellectual rewards of freedom and costs of tyranny. Besides, dem dar dolts has to run ebry ting demselves and day don't know nuttin'. Hey, you gotta be stupid to be a commie.

Listen, I know for a fact that, when our engineers reverse engineer technology from another nation, they not only make it work, but make it work better because we have some of the best engineers in the world, the US and Israel.

You can bet that we have scanned the mighty, magnificent, terrifying, heavily deified Chinese J-20 fifth generation fighter plane (well, maybe 1/5 of a generation) and know its radar signature, baby. After the first few times that bird got off of the ground, we had its radar signature on computer and that computer will tell us when the mighty, magnificent, terrifying, heavily deified Chinese J-20 pops up on radar. "Thar it is, right thar, people!" We knew what that bird looked like on a radar scope a long time ago. Oh, you can take that one to the bank. I used to play that game for SAC and they can do better today.

I had to study every weapon and espionage system that used any kind of electronics warfare on both sides of the Iron Curtain from submarine warfare to satellite warfare, know its strengths and its weaknesses, and know how we would beat it and usually more than one way we would beat it. I was involved in developing a counter to one of Russia's counters to one of our counter measures and we beat that counter within less than two weeks of the first time we saw it. I know how the game is played, baby.

Everything I have read worth reading has told me that China has stolen technology from Russia, the US, and Europe, reverse engineered it, and screwed it up. They don't have any significant weapon system they are not having significant problems with...and we know about them.

Me, worried about China?

No (not since Obama left office), concerned, yes, but not worried. She is grossly over rated. As long as we stay significantly ahead of Russia, which is ahead of China, we are fine and we MUST keep developing new weapons to stay ahead of Russia.

I have showed you again and again some of the problems China is having with her weapons systems she stole, reversed engineered, and screwed up. People, they can't even invent their own weapons systems. They have to steal, reverse engineer, and screw it up...and then buy replacements from Russia.

The only reason the US steals weapons technology from even Russia is to figure out what it can and cannot do so we can figure out how best to beat it; not to be able to build it for our use.

What should that tell you?

That the US and Israel still have the best weapons systems technology in the world, bar none, and we even share and co-invent such weapons technology on a daily basis. We have black closet engineers working with Israeli black closet engineers in the US and Israel all of the time, baby.

But know that Russia is a close third.

I can't count the times I have thanked God over the decades for causing me to go into the US Air Force and playing in Uncle Sam's black closet with SAC because I sleep so much better, you know, like a baby, and I know what to ignore from our media about our enemies' and US weapons technology, which is just about everything they say. Yep, there is very little the MSM say about the military and our enemies that is even worth listening to; it is a complete waste of time, baby.

Hint: If you really are concerned about global warming, just tell the lefties to shut up and stop broadcasting so much worthless hot air. The planet would probably cool off at least 5 degrees F. The left is a complete waste of good oxygen. I have realized that my farts contribute more good to the welfare of this planet than all of the lefty great sounding stupid ideas combined because my farts do a lot less damage.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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