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Lefty Desperation

This one and the last News essay are really long because the left is desperate and has really gone bonkers mad. They have really accelerated their efforts to get rid of Trump, regain power, and set up their lefty commie traitor dictatorship before it is too late, as they lose more ground almost daily.

All of their great sounding stupid ideas are failing really bad, people's eyes are opening, and increasing numbers of people are leaving the left. God is hard at work for us.

Hang on because you are about to find out just how infinitely insane the left really is. This is going to get really wild before it is over. Trump MUST start putting lefties in jail for their crimes as quickly as possible to decrease the insanity.

Pain Therapy

I just read that they tried using shock therapy to alleviate pain but it didn't work. Surprise, surprise.

"We are going to shock the living crap out of you and fry your nerve and brain cells to relieve pain." Yeah, that will work really great.

Maybe they should try reading our research in exercise physiology from more than a half a century ago?

Nah, that would be beneath them because it was developed by the sports sciences community, which they like to believe is beneath them. "Why, they are just a bunch of dummy sports people...who studied pre-med biology before they went across the road and did research in the sports science...but, hey, they still must be stupid or they would not have gone across the road." They seem to believe that walking across that road decreases one's intelligence...somehow.

We knew more than half a century ago that, when you increase the fitness level of a person, you increase their pain thresh hold, which means it takes more stimulus to cause a pain message to be sent to your brain, which decreases pain.

You see, the idiot and scientifically very ignorant sports media like to tell you that pain thresh hold is purely genetic, either you have the genes or you don't.

Bull crap, it ain't true, baby. I can increase the pain thresh hold for anyone by increasing their fitness level and that is a fact.

I can even use myself as an example, right after I finished my master's degree, I found myself with such a busy schedule that I had to let my fitness development go and I knew that, if my fitness fell off, so would my pain thresh hold but I also knew that, if I regained that fitness, I would also regain that pain thresh hold.

I got so out of shape that I began to feel all of the pains doctors tend to associate with old age but I knew better. I finally got in a position where I could regain some of my fitness and, within 3 months of easy exercising, better than 90% of that "old age pain" had gone, nothing. The rest of the "old age pain" was just very easy to tolerate low grade, dull aches so that life was many times better and that was only after three months of start up exercising.

You have to understand that, even now, my body has retained some of that "fitness memory" from competition so that, when I return to fitness development, I can get back in shape much faster than someone who has never been anywhere near that fitness level. But you also need to know that I can have any normally health person in very good to excellent shape for most people within 6 to 12 months, if they do what I tell them to do and do it regularly.

Now, you need to also know that there are some medical conditions for which fitness development doesn't work, you know, like my chronic fatigue syndrome, for which I am just screwed because the only treatment for fatigue is rest, not exercise. If you don't believe me, study sports medicine.


Let me remind you that the reason why we have so much crime and bad behavior by the left is because they convinced us to dump Christianity and its morals, values, and ethics for paganism's one moral of "do as you will". Everything is alright to do, if you can justify it in your evil little mind, you know, like Hitler did.

So, how do you pagans like your do as you will ethic, when other pagans can do as they will to you, you know, like rape and sexual harassment? Didn't figure on others being able to do as they will to you when you wanted to do as you will to others, did you?

Yeah, and God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" or, as we humans say, "What goes around, comes around", baby.

When you change the law so you can do certain things to others, you have also changed the law so others can do those things to you.

Gee, who would have figured?

That is what the left is crying about. They changed the law so they could do their perversions to others and others did those perversions to them and they are not liking those perversions being done to them.

Gee, who would have figured that making it legal for you to do things to others is also making it legal for others to do those things to you? Intelligent people?

Not the left, they aren't that smart. They got what they asked for and are not liking what they asked for after they got it because what they asked for was just another great sounding stupid lefty idea.

The idiot, Jeff Sessions, called the Christian morals, values, and ethics the "Anglo-American legal traditions" but it is really the Christian-American legal traditions. But, hey, that is what he was taught at one of those right universities.

Think about it, who has done the most damage to those legal traditions and is intentionally trying to destroy them?

Anglo-American pagans.

Who created those legal traditions?

Christian-Americans of a number of races, mostly Anglos, but Christians from all races were involved, after all, those Biblical Laws were handed down by Hebrews to the Europeans, not by Anglos. Oops!

Illegal Voters

Remember that I told you that the idiot white lefties thinking the illegal aliens will vote for them is insanity and another great sounding stupid lefty idea?

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (a Latino who has replaced white politicians because of those illegal alien Latino voters) is threatening to sue if the Trump administration includes a question regarding citizenship on the 2020 census.

Gee, you don't think he is protecting those illegal alien Latino voters who put him in place of the whites from the Feds, do you? Don't you find it interesting that we keep seeing increasing numbers of Latino politicians in Commiefornia and decreasing numbers of white politicians in Commiefornia, you know, where those stupid lefty white politicians brought in all of those illegal alien Latino voters the stupid lefty white politicians thought would vote for them? Gee, who would have thought? And do you think any of the remaining stupid lefty white politicians will learn from this?

Of course not, that would require intelligence and they're stupid. The idiots will just keep losing their jobs because of the illegal alien Latino voters they are bringing in and protecting, you know, to vote for their Latino replacements.

That level of stupidity makes my brain hurt.

And you think they are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you earned?

The only reason they stole the money is because they are too stupid to earn half that much.


I just read that a record number of small businesses have decided that now is a great time to expand, you know, now that the conservatives are back in control instead of the commies.

Which should tell you what?

With all of those small businesses expanding because the lefty commies got out of office and control, it will increase the demand for workers, which will increase salaries because now those businesses have to compete to get the better workers.

Have you workers figured out yet that the left being in power is really bad for you? Do you workers still think Marxism is good for you?

You can bet some more eyes will open and more people will turn from the left to the right.

Lefty Commies

Remember that I told you that the US lefty commie traitors are trying to cause a crusade for Americans to love Communist North Korea?

I got this from Breitbart by Jeff Poor:

"Monday on ABC's 'The View,' co-host Whoopi Goldberg criticized Vice President Mike Pence for what she deemed to be a show of a lack of respect for North Korea by not standing for the entrance of the country's Olympic athletes."

I guess Whoopi, I is are be a smarty pants, Goldberg just loves the way North Korea oppresses, enslaves, tortures, and murders its people and therefore, should be respected? She just thinks Commie North Korea is so wonderful that VP Pence should show them respect? Maybe she should show Commie North Korea a lot of respect by moving to North Korea?

Yeah, that would learn Pence a thing or two. I'm all for that one. Yeah, lead by example, Goldie. Learn us Americans how to show dem dar commie butchers respect.


Here are a few interesting dots for you to connect.

Dot 1: Remember that Louis Farrakhan is Obama's admitted greatest hero?

Dot 2: Remember that Farrakhan, Obama, and Iran are all Muslims?

Dot 3: Remember that Obama made a deal with Iran which pretty much gave away the US infidel farm?

Dot 4: Remember that I have been telling you that the left has secretly converted to Islam?

I got this from Breitbart by Adelle Nazarian:

"Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), reportedly attended a private dinner in New York with Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in 2013.

According to Forward, Democratic Reps. Andre Carson (D-IN) and Gregory Meeks (D-NY) also attended the dinner, reportedly arranged by Iranian diplomats to coincide with newly-elected President Rouhani's speech at the United Nations."

Gee, you don't think they are all a bunch of Muslim traitors do you?

BTW, they all just committed several federal felonies by 1) meeting with the head of a foreign state without the president's approval and 2) meeting with the head of a state that is classified as a sponsor of terrorist organizations.

You think they will go to jail?

Of course not, they are lefties and are all above the law.


Remember that I have been telling you that I won't give a penny to any major charity because I learned they have all been taken over by the corrupt lefties and very little, if anything you give them will reach the people it is supposed to help, you know, like the Clinton Foundation?

I got this from Breitbart by staff:

"Scandal-hit British charity Oxfam was reeling Tuesday after fresh claims of sexual assault and rape, this time between aid workers in South Sudan."

This is just one of many reasons why I won't give a penny to ANY charity, none, not one, not even the Red Cross.


Remember that I have been telling you that Sweden is dead and has been effectively taken over by Muslims and the Muslims will use Sweden to soon pose a threat to other nations?

(Yeah, I know this should have been another "I Told You So" essay.)

I got this from Breitbart by Chris Tomlinson:

"Swedish researcher Peder Hyllengren of the Swedish Defence College has claimed that Sweden has become a hub of international Islamic extremism and that hundreds of Swedish residents have built up a vast network of jihadi contacts.

Hyllengren claimed that jihadi networks have been allowed to operate in Sweden for at least a decade and that Swedish lawmakers have been lagging on proper legislation to deal with the problem, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports."

Yep, thanks to their lefty upper class trash, puppets, and bureaucrats Sweden is now pretty much a Muslim run nation and is officially a Muslim terrorist threat to other nations.

So, how long do you think it will be before the other nations will be forced to wage war against and invade Sweden to remove this threat? Do you think they should hang all of the lefties who caused this mess for treason to keep those corrupt lefties from causing this mess again and to discourage others from making the same stupid mistake?

So sad, the left has destroyed another once-great nation. At least they are consistent in destroying everything they get their hands on.


And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and He also said, "Thou shalt not lie."

I got this from Breitbart by staff:

"Joe Pompeo writes at Vanity Fair that CNN, led by its president Jeff Zucker, will soon lay off dozens of employees - mostly from 'several high-profile digital initiatives' - after the left-wing news network failed to reach revenue targets.

From Vanity Fair:

[D]espite the so-called Trump Bump, CNN appears to be re-thinking at least some elements of its digital strategy. I've learned that CNN, a key property in AT&T's planned takeover of CNN's parent company, Time Warner, is targeting big savings on the digital side, with as many as 50 jobs around the globe scheduled to be eliminated this week, according to people familiar with the matter, who noted the exact number could still be in flux."

Gee, you don't think all of that lying and fake news drove away customers and drove down their income to the point to where their profits went down the toilet, do you? How long do you think it will be before they can the head liar, Jeff Zucker?

The left NEVER LEARNS. They just keep doing the same stupid stuff again and again, destroying everything they take over. Satan's people don't create, they just destroy everything they touch.


Here it is, a very big part of what this feminist coup has been all about, leading up to using all of the dethroned lefty males as examples for why Trump should resign because someone accused him of something without Trump receiving a fair trial so the left can get rid of Trump.

The most important part of this coup is the left taking back control of the US against the wishes of the voters.

"Hey, who wants or needs elections when we can just stage a coup and impose our will on others?"

I got this from Breitbart by Pam Key:

"Sunday on CBS's '60 Minutes,' Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said President Donald Trump should resign over the sexual misconduct allegations against him or Congress 'should hold him accountable.'"

You just know their song will be, "Look, the lefty males all resigned without a trial, Trump should resign too." Get ready for more lefty insanity because, just like I have been telling you, the power mad, greedy lefties will never give up, they will just regroup, reorganize, and keep on trying until they either die or get what they want.

The left has invented infinite insanity, greed, lust for power, wickedness, and evil because theirs is never ending.

I pray that Trump will litigate against her, 60 Minutes, and everyone else involved in this for denying him his Constitutional right to a fair trial and due process.

Gun Control

Remember that I have been telling you that the power mad, greedy lefty criminals will never quit with their insanity and seizing control of our nation to set up their beloved commie dictatorship?

I got this from Breitbart by AWR Hawkins:

"During the February 11 airing of 60 Minutes, host Steve Kroft suggested data showing more guns equal less crime is simply one of numerous 'alternate facts.'

He was intimating that pro-Second Amendment facts exist, but those facts are often dispelled by anti-Second Amendment facts.

Of course, this is not how facts work. Instead, there is what is true and what is false, and facts distinguish the former from the latter.

For instance, Democrats rail against AR-15s and AK-47s as the weapon of choice for miscreants, but unvarnished FBI stats show over four times more people were stabbed to death in 2016 than were shot and killed with rifles of any kind."

But, hey, the lefty commie traitors have "their truths", you know, lies, misinformation, and propaganda. "Hey, don't confuse us with facts when we have 'our truths.'"

The lefties never stop, they just regroup, dream up new lies, reorganize, and start over again and again and again and again.

Maybe, just maybe we should start putting these criminals in jail for their crimes and for fraud? Maybe putting some of these criminals in jail would at least slow them down?

Probably not, you will obviously have to kill them to stop them. The only thing that will stop these criminals is death and they prove this every day.


I am convinced by Erdogan's increasing threat to the US and the rest of the world that Trump will be forced to work with Russia and the rest of NATO to bring Erdogan down before this power mad nut takes the world over the edge.

It also appears that the US is taking the side of the Kurds against Turkey and is definitely working to strengthen the Kurds. They even moved a large number of Kurdish IDF to Afrin to stop the Turkish invasion and conquest of the Kurds in that area. Trump has even moved more US troops into the area east of the Euphrates to protect US troops from attack and discourage Erdogan from invading that part of the Kurdish controlled territory, which Erdogan is threatening to invade.


I have seen some comments by irrational people that we should just dump and run out of Afghanistan to cut our losses.

"Yeah, turning and running from the Muslim terrorists like cowards will solve the problem. Why it should be obvious that our cowardice will discourage the terrorists from ever attacking the US again. If we just give up and run from this fight, causing their terrorist actions to succeed, it will discourage them from staging more terrorist attacks in the future to get other things they want." You know, as their unicorns trot over the rainbow.

You have to be either a traitor or really stupid to believe that crap. We have to win this fight quickly and decisively. The quickly has been screwed up by idiots like Bush and Obama so we only have the decisively thing left to win with.

Therefore, we must hunt them down and wipe them out so they won't have anything left to attack us with again. We cannot give them any further concessions or it will just start all over again. We either win this now or pay for it until we do win it.

We need to stop listening to idiots and traitors and do what is right. We need a leader who will step up, take the fight, and get the job done right.

Because this has been so completely screwed up, we now must use maximum force by issuing an international SOS warrant against all Muslim terrorists, Shoot On Sight. Only take prisons to get intel and then, when that person cannot provide us with additional intel, execute them for their crimes against humanity. We do not need more prisoners for traitors like Obama and the left to keep turning loose so they can kill again and again and again. If they are dead, no one can turn them loose to kill anyone else, ever again.

Bogus Research

Remember that I have been warning you about paid-for bogus scientific research proving things that common sense science says can't be true, you know, academic whores prostituting their Ph.D.s?

For decades I have been watching increasing numbers of unscrupulous scientists, bought and paid for by different industries, put out bogus research to make those products look good and healthy for you when common sense science says other wise.

We knew by at least 1968 (actually before) many of the types of damage done to the human brain and other organs by alcohol.

For example:

1) We knew that, for every ounce of alcohol consumed, thousands of brain cells were destroyed and tens of thousands more were damaged.

2) We knew that alcohol destroys the myelin sheath, which greatly decreases brain and never cell functions.

3) We knew of the different types of damage done to other internal organs by alcohol.

But, during that period of time, I have seen countless "studies" which have "disproved that information" and showed that alcohol increases the health of the brain and other organs. I have been quietly waiting for the truth to come out because of non biased research.

I got this from by by Paige Brettingen:

"According to new research published in the British Medical Journal, moderate drinking (the equivalent of one 5-ounce glass of wine per day plus 'a little extra' on the weekends) can cause some concerning changes to the brain. These changes include three times the risk of right-sided hippocampal atrophy (a type of brain damage that can impact spatial navigation and potentially lead to Alzheimer's and dementia) of non-drinkers.

The study, which tracked 550 participants for more than 30 years since 1985, also found that heavy drinkers (those who had two glasses of wine or beer each night) had the largest mental decline. This decline was evident in their 'lexical fluency' (the ability to name as many words starting with the same letter in a short amount of time) as well as poorer white matter integrity, which helps us process thoughts quickly.

'We knew that drinking heavily for long periods of time was bad for brain health, but we didn't know at these levels,' said Anya Topiwala, a clinical lecturer in old-age psychiatry at the University of Oxford and co-author of the research, reports The Guardian.

But what surprised researchers the most was how moderate drinkers were affected.

Among those who didn't drink at all, 35 percent had a shrinkage on the right side of the hippocampus portion of the brain compared to 77 percent of heavy drinkers, who had a similar shrinkage. For moderate drinkers, the figure was 65 percent.

This isn't the first study where the 'one glass of wine a day' habit has come under scrutiny. A study published last month concluded that a glass of wine a day could also increase a woman's risk of breast cancer.

If anything, these studies may be a good wake-up call to reassess our drinking habits, including whether we've been grossly underestimating what 'moderate drinking' actually means."

Unfortunately, most people don't know enough about college level science to know when they are being lied to and our gloriously permissive lefty governments, who are in bed with the academe, won't prosecute such criminals for fraud so that bogus science has become a major industry for the highly touted, "very credible" academe, who really lie worse than rugs.

I have warned you about such bogus science and, when I saw this today, I decided to share some of the many such research studies regularly disproving the bogus science I have been seeing coming from our glorious lying academe for decades.

Believe me, according to the real research I have seen over decades, pot screws up your body so bad that you would have to be an idiot to know what it does and use the crap, contrary to what the lefty lies tell you.



I am seeing posts on FB with the lefty activists making a big stink about the US military finally get money to stay ahead of our enemies and their "social programs" they use to steal from you getting cut.

Gee, I wonder why the lefties are getting all bent out of shape from not being able to steal all of that money, you know, billions of US dollars, any more and the US military, which has been getting cut back ever since Reagan (except for a brief period of time following 9/11) so the lefties can seize control of the US without having to worry about the US military being able to stop the coup.

Yeah, that is also why the lefties have been passing laws to openly infiltrate homosexuals, transgenders, and other lefties and Muslims into the US military to take it over the way they have taken over the rest of the US government.

With this new budget, Trump is working to solve some of the problems I warned you about with the government reward system where government employees are paid based on the number of people and the amount of money they manage along with tenure or time in service.

Trump is now changing this to a performance based pay system, which will undo the worst problems caused by the current system because, with the current system, the managers secretly ordered their employees to not do a good job so the managers could say they needed more people to get the job done and, since they got more employees, they got paid more. This resulted in a system to where the managers got pay increases based on doing a terrible job and not getting the job done.

The performance based system will mean they will only get a pay increase for doing a good job, which will shrink government and make it work better.

From what I understand, Trump is also planning to lay off about 3 million people to start with and move others to where they are needed. Of course, he will probably lay off more later when it is made obvious they are not needed, shrinking government even more.

All of this shrinking government should begin balancing the budget and reducing the national debt in the not too distant future. For example, if he lays off 3 million people who average making only 50,000 per year (which is low), just in salary, not including taxes and other costs for employees, Trump will automatically be saving $150 billion per year just in salaries.

Remember that I had told you that Trump is working with the Pentagon to maximize the efficient spending of military funds to increase their ability to rebuild the US military within the budget Congress will permit?

One way I told you they are doing this is by extending the life of current weapons systems to help increase the number and quality of weapons systems while buying fewer new and more expensive weapons systems.

For example, they are working to upgrade some planes like the F-15, F-16, F-18, and B-52 so they can still be competitive weapons until about 2040 to 2050, while adding new weapons like the F-35. They are also working to replace the very expensive to maintain and fly B-1 and B-2 bombers with the newer and better B-21 while keeping the much less expensive to fly and maintain B-52 to be the major work horse in environments where stealth is not as critical to get the job done and save even more money for new weapons.

Get the picture yet?

Trump is working to destroy all of the lefty plans to destroy the US and set up their beloved commie dictatorship and their plans to impose their will on us.

That is what all of this government corruption Trump is exposing was really about, the left infiltrating and taking over the US government, the way they have in Europe, to set up their beloved commie global dictatorship. They are all upset, even in Europe, because Trump is destroying their evil plans and part of that is by Trump rebuilding the US military so it can protect the US people from such a coup.

I told you at the beginning that the left is very desperate and accelerating their actions to stop Trump before he destroys everything the left has already done. Trump is doing a lot of damage, setting the lefty traitors back years, but he still has a long way to go to really, permanently stop them. It is just that the left doesn't want to have to spend years more redoing everything, especially when they were so close to success. Hillary would have finished establishing their dictatorship. Now, instead of being able to set up their commie dictatorship within the next presidential period, they will have to wait at least several more presidential periods as they rebuild what Trump is quickly tearing down.

BTW, you do know that the main reason why the Muslims want to seize control of the US government and set up a dictatorship is so they can use the US military might to destroy Israel and conquer the rest of the world, right?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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