I Told You So 186


Remember that years ago I told you that Obama printing massive amounts of money was going to eventually cause massive inflation and that the only reason it didn't happen during the Obama administration was because Obama was destroying so many millions of jobs, which increased the demand for money and kept the value of money artificially inflated?

I told you last year that Trump increasing jobs in the US would cause inflation because of a combination of the massive amounts of money Obama created, more people having more money, and increasing numbers of people willing to trade their money for other things would eventually cause a decrease in demand for money, which would decrease the value of money, which would increase prices because it would take more of the less valuable money to purchase the same products or services.

I got this from Breitbart by John Carney:

"U.S. consumer prices rose more than expected in January, adding to fears that inflationary pressures could lead the Federal Reserve to tighten monetary policy at a faster pace."

Just remember that it was Obama who caused most of this by printing massive amounts of money and I warned you about this years ago but you know the left will blame Trump for it.

God's Line

Remember that I told you years ago that God showed me that, when push comes to shove, the liberal or poser Christians will convert to Islam and even entire churches will convert with their true Christians leaving the church?

I got his from Breitbart by Virginia Hale:

"The Church of Sweden will have to start selling its real estate, suggested research which shows the liberal, left-wing church 'will lose well over one million members within a 10-year period'.

Borje Holgersson, chairman of the church council of Lima-Transtrand in Vasteras - one of the worst affected by the collapse in church membership - said that the parish 'simply can't afford to make ends meet'.

The reduction of income resulting from dwindling membership has meant the council is considering selling the parish parsonage, a listed heritage building which local media describes as 'a unique property which together with the church next door is one of the region's most picturesque settings'."

Gee, I wonder why?

No I don't.

Remember that this is the church which appointed the world's first openly lesbian bishop, Brunne, which was an abomination to God and turned God against that church because that church had turned against God before they caused that abomination.

You think not?


"Previously, Breitbart London has reported on Bishop of Stockholm Eva Brunne's proposal that churches remove crucifixes and install prayer space for Muslims.

The world's first openly lesbian bishop, Brunne suggested clergy mark the direction of Mecca so as to make church a more welcoming place for Muslim guests, whom she referred to as 'angels'.

Often involved in housing illegal immigrants so as to hide them from authorities, the liberal religious body's open borders stance on mass migration has seen the Church of Sweden clash with police on occasion, as members of the clergy try to prevent deportations."

Yep, she has been working to convert the church to Islam just like I told you the liberals would.

Here is an easy prediction: That church will be purchased by a rich Muslim individual or group with the church being converted into a mosque and the idiot bishop will eventually be replaced by a Male Muslim Imam. That fool's days are numbered because her sins will find her out.

Just like God told me and I told you years ago, God has drawn His line and is purging the poser Christians out of good churches and the good Christians out of bad churches with the bad churches turning to Islam.

Gee, what a coincidence?

Illegal Aliens

Remember that I have been telling you that the illegal aliens the stupid white lefty commie traitors are bringing into this nation to vote for them will actually vote for either Latinos or Muslims?

I got this from Breitbart by Tony Lee:

"Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) reportedly told 'dozens' of amnesty advocates at a San Diego, California, rally for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) over the weekend that he is considering running for president in 2020.

At the rally, which was originally scheduled for Friday but held on Saturday, Gutierrez told the 'dozens' of activists of his potential presidential ambitions while calling on President Donald Trump to secure the future of so-called Dreamers as seriously as the administration wants to protect the border, according to CBS8 in San Diego.

As Breitbart News has reported, Gutierrez is retiring from Congress after his current term ends and has vowed to travel coast to coast to create a left-wing grassroots infrastructure that can battle Trump in 2020."

Boy, he sure is working hard to protect his illegal alien Latino voters, isn't he?

What is ironic and almost funny about this is that he could win the Commiecrat primary and displace all of the stupid white lefty commie traitors from the job because the stupid white lefty commie traitors imported the illegal alien Latino voters who will vote for him against the stupid white lefty commie traitors running for president.

Don't be surprised if the two leaders in the Commiecrat primary for president in 2020 are a Latino and a Muslim with all of those whites, who were protecting their jobs by importing all of those illegal aliens, out of work. Another great sounding stupid lefty idea goes down the tubes a failure.

BTW, everything I have seen about this guy tells me he is pure evil but, hey, he is a top lefty so what do you expect, virtue and integrity?


More and more I am seeing the experts talk about the problems I told you about in colonizing Mars and they are admitting they don't have the answers yet. They are now working on those answers but are still quite a ways, probably years, from solving enough of those problems to be able to safely colonize Mars.

Keep an eye on this.


You still think this war by the left against the right is not a religious war by pagans against Christians?

I got this from Fox News By Brian Flood:

"The women of ABC News' 'The View' took a shot a Vice President Mike Pence's Christian faith on Tuesday, mocking the former governor of Indiana for talking to Jesus and even calling it a 'mental illness.'"

These pagans increasingly obviously show that it is all about them hating God, the Bible, Christians, and Hebrews. This is really a religious war between God's people and Satan's people.

And why do they love North Korea other than it is a beloved commie dictatorship? Could it be partly because North Korea just murdered 80 people because they had Bibles?

Food Stamps

Trump wants to replace most food stamps with boxes of government food and people are arguing both ways with very few actually knowing what they are talking about.

I would stand behind this idea but I have seen the quality of the food that comes in those government boxes. For example, the meat is all canned and is of a lower quality than Spam. It is barely palatable and barely digestible. It is the scraps of meat, cartilage, and other scraps left over by the huge meat packing plants literally compressed into a can that those plants would normally throw away or turn into dog or cat food.

If they would provide good, not great, but good quality food, I would stand behind this 100%. As long as they are boxing federal government garbage as food, I refuse to stand behind it.

Contact some place that helps the poor and get them to get you one of those boxes and you eat that garbage, then, after your stomach recovers, you tell me about it. You could do better dumpster diving.

I got a box of that government food one time to see what it was like and I had to throw most of it away because it literally made my stomach sick.

Listen, if you support the government forcing garbage like that on humans, you will be no better than the evil, vile, low life scum dictators in North Korea, China, Venezuela, and Cuba who force some of their people to eat that kind of garbage.

Is that what you want, to lower yourself and your nation to the same level as those evil savages?

When I was a kid working for my grandfather on his farm in the 1950s, he fed his hogs better than that.

You don't feed humans that kind of food.

If the government were to send me a box of that food to eat, I would take the box to a dumpster behind a decent restaurant and eat healthier.

Look, I understand that people are angry about people abusing Welfare and Food Stamps but you don't simple mindedly punish everyone on Food Stamps because many people are there because they are sick and you don't punish sick people to get at the criminals.

What we should do is modify the Welfare program so it is more difficult to abuse the program, not force feed garbage to sick people.


I just saw a news item about a driver who called 911 after his gas pedal got stuck and his car was doing 100 mph.

What would you have done?

My first thought was to turn off the ignition which would cut the electricity to the engine so there would be no spark to cause combustion and the car engine would have quickly died causing the car to come to a stop.

I am wondering why the 911 operator didn't tell him to do that? I am wondering why he didn't think of doing that? I am wondering why some officer didn't tell him to do that, you know, just pull up along side of him and tell him to turn the ignition off?

If you want to stop an internal combustion engine, just do what you do every time just before you get out of the car, turn off the ignition.

My brain hurts. People scare me.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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