The corrupt members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, you know, the leaders of the deep state, just flaunted their power in your faces by putting together and passing this corrupt budget so that Trump had to sign it to keep rebuilding the military to protect this nation; insulting and taunting you! Apparently, you didn't yell loud enough when you elected Trump and they didn't hear you.

One of the things that hurt the cause was the conservative members of GOP recently losing special elections. Apparently you got complacent and the losses caused the traitors to increase their confidence enough that they felt it was safe for them to openly betray you...again.

This is not something where you can just show up once, elect one man as president, and it will magically go away. This problem is so bad that you MUST show up again and again and keep yelling louder and louder until the mess is cleaned up. You have to vote out ALL of the trash and vote in nothing but conservatives to replace that trash.


What you need to do now is run and elect conservatives against everyone on both sides of the aisle who helped put this corrupt budget together and voted for it. They told who they are by putting their names on it in one way or another. If they are not running for election this time, put together recall petitions to make them run and run and elect conservatives against them. You need to put together recall petitions against everyone who was involved and is not running this time including and especially McConnell and Schumer.

You need to scream the loudest you can possibly scream without lighting the torches, loading the guns, sharpening the pitchforks, greasing the guillotines, putting knots in the ropes, and storming the castle. It appears that the corrupt upper class trash traitors are just a wee bit hard of hearing.

SHOW them that you too can regroup, reorganize, and keep fighting!

If that doesn't work, then you will have to light the torches, load the guns, sharpen the pitchforks, grease the guillotines, put knots in the ropes, and storm the castle.

You have to either take your nation back now with the system or you will have to take it back later with revolution and history proves that to be true. These evil traitors just proved that they WILL NOT stop of their own, you MUST stop them.

You need to let the upper class trash KNOW, without any uncertainty, that they are not royalty and you are not their servants; they are your servants or they will keep getting worse and worse until you are literally their slaves...again. Dethrone the jerks!

You need to know that this nonsense is their political coup in progress and you MUST win this fight as soon as possible before they can win it. THEY, the upper class trash traitors, are leaving you no choice in this matter. You either take your nation back now by the vote or take it back later by the gun or you will be their slaves for at least a few generations.

Start now by shaking their trees by DEMANDING that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE on both sides of the aisle who helped put this corrupt budget together and voted for it or didn't vote against it MUST run for election this time and they MUST run against and be replaced by conservatives. If those petitions start making the rounds and getting enough signatures to force those politicians to run, you watch them get scared.

Listen, when the people speak loud enough, the upper class trash get scared and start having nightmares about losing their heads. You MUST scream at the tops of your voices and keep screaming until the deep state is dead and buried with most of them going to prison or being executed. You have to be more persistent than the traitors.

Get those petitions going NOW! Clean house NOW! Get rid of ALL of the traitors NOW!

Trump needs your help NOW! Trump CANNOT clean up the deep state mess without your help so you MUST help Trump clean up the deep state NOW! They just showed who they are, take them ALL out NOW! Clean ALL of the traitors out of Congress NOW!

If the upper class trash traitors want a revolution, give them your BEST REVOLUTION!

And don't stop when it is done. You MUST then investigate, prosecute, and incarcerate them all as quickly as possible so they won't return later and to send a very powerful message to others in the future that you DON'T TREAD ON ME!

Give those bad boys and girls a little surprise stating that WE THE PEOPLE still run this nation and not you the corrupt upper class trash royalty!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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