I Told You So 204


Remember that I told you that the lefties are killing themselves off with their drugs at increasing rates?

I just saw one of those things which listed 25 famous people who died in their 20s and most of them died from drugs with many of the others probably having drugs contribute to their deaths with such things as car accidents and suicides. For example it has been known for decades that you are much more likely to commit suicide if you are depressed by drugs or in withdrawals from drugs.


Oh no, they just keep making the same old excuse that the other person "couldn't handle their drugs" but they can so they can feel safe to continue using their drugs. Most humans never learn from history and keep forcing the rest of us to repeat history.

As I told you before, every person who has been killed by drugs used that excuse to justify them continuing to use drugs and every person who will be killed by drugs has or will use that excuse to justify them continuing to use drugs.

They don't learn from others' mistakes so they just keep making the same mistakes or repeating history.

And the lefties think they are smarter than you?

It is like I keep telling you, if you are stupid, you can't tell you are stupid, you can't tell how stupid you are, and you will tend to think you are more intelligent than other people.

US Military

Remember that I have been telling you that Trump and the Pentagon have been extending the life of current weapons systems to more quickly and less expensively increase the size and abilities of the US military?

I got this from SOFREP By Alex Hollings:

"When President Donald Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act in December, he did more than secure a funding increase for the American Defense Department, he made the establishment of a 355 vessel U.S. Navy a part of formal national policy. That provision, however, came with a significant caveat: no one seems to know how the U.S. can afford to get there.

Rep. Rob Wittman, one of the lawmakers that championed the provision, claims the 355 ship figure was established by conducting a macroanalysis of multiple fleet strength studies and determining what size Navy the United States really needs to stay the dominant power on the globe's waterways.

However, despite the number of calculations that went into determining the figure, lawmakers devoted a good deal less effort to finding a way to pay for it - currently projecting that, even with the uptick in defense spending, it will take the Navy longer than they're willing to formally project to reach that goal, though they've tossed out the round figure of 2050 for argument's sake. Even that date, however, is widely considered to be tentative, as it would mean defense spending would need to remain consistently at its elevated levels through eight presidential elections and twice as many congressional ones."


"Some strategies include doubling up on orders for massive expenditures like Ford Class aircraft carriers in order to reduce the per-vessel cost, and while these may yet prove effective, they ultimately don't put a significant dent in the 78 ships required to reach the policy's goal. Making matters worse, many of America's current 277-ship fleet will soon reach the end of their operational lifespan, forcing new ships to fill gaps created by old ones, and extending the the timeline even further.

One new effort hopes to offset that issue in a far more cost effective manner than fielding entirely new ships: keep the old ones operational for longer than previously intended. Of course, doing so would require a significant investment in terms of upgrading the platforms to sustain continued use, but it would cost quite a bit less than building entirely new vessels."

They will still be the best weapons systems in the world, just for a longer period of time, especially with the upgrades.

Also, I just saw a video by RT showing that Putin put on a show for the media with US missile parts as "proof" that the Russian made SAMs shot down 71 of 105 missiles.

First, when munitions detonate, they leave behind parts that can be put on display like that but let's assume that Putin is right, they shot down 71 of the US missiles. But the US still got enough missiles on target to destroy all of the targets and we know 1) how many missiles it will take to destroy such targets and 2) how many missiles it will take to overwhelm the Russian made radar and SAM systems so the US will know how many missiles to fire to destroy their next targets.

Russia knows this, which is why Russia is giving or selling S-300 SAM systems to Syria. In the next attack the US will find out how many missiles it will take to overwhelm the S-300 SAM systems. Besides, if you have been paying attention, you would know that the US, Israel, and others played war games flying missions against Russian S-300 SAMs purchased by Greece years ago. We know what it will take to beat the S-300.

ECM is called counter measures for a reason, people. We figure out a counter to their measures and design future attacks accordingly so those attacks will succeed. Warfare is not a game where the winner is decided by points but is based on who is the last man standing. You can have 1,000 times more points than me until I blow your brains out and then your points won't matter, I win. That is warfare and we destroyed the Syrian targets.

BTW, do you know why Trump took out the Syrian chemical weapons supplies and factory?

So the white helmets couldn't stage another false flag chemical attack and claim Assad did it, forcing Trump to attack Syria again.

BTW, remember that I told you about the Greek and Turkish fighter pilots staging regular dog fights because of Turkish intrusions into Greek airspace and Greek pilots dying in some of those dog fights?

The US should secretly sneak US fighter pilots into some of those Greek fighter planes to see how US pilots will do against Turkish pilots. It would give our pilots extra training and experience, permit the US military to see just how the Turkish fighter pilots fly for when we will have to fight Turkey (and we will have to fight Turkey...again), and help the Greek pilots learn to fly better against the Turkish pilots.

Besides, you know you will get more than one US fighter pilot volunteer.

Feudal States

Remember that I have been telling you that the Muslims are setting up feudal states they are calling "no-go zones" from which the Muslims are waging feudal warfare against the Europeans, you know, conquering Europe one neighborhood at a time...with the help of the lefty traitors, of course?

Sweden now has more than 60 such feudal states from which the Muslims are waging war against the Swedes while the idiot lefties and upper class trash help the Muslims wage a one sided war against the Swedes.

You are watching the fall of Europe being caused by the treason of the left.

Speaking of war, the idiots running the West are incredibly stupid. They have written laws for fighting wars, especially humanitarian laws, but fail to realize that these laws will only matter to Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and other such nations, if those nations lose the war. These laws will not matter if those nations win the war because those nations have no concern for other people and will not enforce those laws and their penalties on themselves, after they win the war.

So these idiots are tying our hands in fighting these enemies who will fight without those legal restrictions when fighting us in order to defeat us and our genius experts are too stupid to realize this?

North Korea

Remember that I told you that Trump successfully attacking Syria probably had a lot to do with Kimmy Boy deciding to stop his missile and nuke testing?

I got this from Newsmax By Todd Beamon:

"Author Gordon Chang said Friday that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was 'unnerved' by the Syrian airstrikes President Donald Trump ordered last week, most likely leading to his announcement to suspend Pyongyang's nuclear and ballistic missiles tests.

'What President Trump did in the Syrian raid was say: 'Thou shalt not use chemical weapons,'' Chang, a longtime expert on North Korea, told David Asman on Fox Business."

Yep, Kimmy Boy is having visions of fried butt, you know, his.

What? Kimmy Boy didn't want a 4 am bedroom visit by one of Papa Trump's smart cruise missiles?

Kimmy Boy is probably still having nightmares about it. And you know this is killing the lefty commie traitors because Trump backed the lefty commie traitor beloved Kimmy Boy down without a war AND Trump took care of Assad with the same stone AND no telling who else started having second thoughts about messing with the US as long as Trump is president.

Is Trump kicking butt globally or what? Maybe China's Xi has started having unpleasant dreams lately?

Trump is making the lefty commie traitors look infinitely stupid, you know, just like the lefty commie traitors are.

Keep praying, people, it is working.


Remember that I told you to be careful about believing the "blue wave" polls because who controls Congress will be decided at the state level and not the national level?

I just got this from Breitbart by Michael Patrick Leahy:

"A poll conducted last Wednesday by OH Predictive Insights shows Republican candidate Debbie Lesko has a ten point lead over Democratic candidate Hiral Tipirneni, 53 percent to 43 percent, in next Tuesday's special election in Arizona's 8th Congressional District to replace former Rep. Trent Franks."

Lesko won the election.

Plus none of these lefty polls can be trusted because they are rigged to make it look like the left is doing much better than they are to encourage lefty voters and discourage conservative voters.

Just show up and vote and then we will see who will win; the lefties or America.


Remember that I told you that the God haters dream up the most ridiculous crap to believe in so they can disbelieve in God and use lots of meaningless big words and complex sentence structures to convince others of their great sounding stupid ideas?

Here is a very good video by an astrophysicist talking about one such great sounding stupid idea being taught by many "scientists".

That will do them a lot of good when they find themselves standing before God and hear themselves say, "Oops!" Eternity is a long time to burn, baby.

Super Duper Missiles

Remember that I have been telling you that faster missiles can still be shot down because all you have to do is lead them more?

There is an interesting video here that shows an F-18 following a cruise missile to the point of attack demonstrating that an F-18 is faster than the missile.

"But," you say, "what about the supersonic missiles?"

Uh, the F-18 is also supersonic and we can shoot them down plus the air-to-air missiles used by an F-18 are also supersonic so they can catch and shoot down supersonic aircraft, which means they can shoot down supersonic missiles too.

Since at least the 1970s, we have also had missiles used by our aircraft which can shoot down enemy satellites.

If you still believe we can't shoot down Kimmy Boy's or China's nukes, you have not been paying attention or are not using common sense.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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