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Death Panels

I hope you realize what the lefty death panels are really all about. They are all about the politicians, bureaucrats, upper class trash, lefty college professors, and their other pals stealing more money faster from more people.

They spend our lives promising that they are going to "take care" of us but not the way you think they mean. We are daily promised a safety net for when we get old that will take care of us when we get sick and then, when we get sick, they don't want to spend the money on us to care for us. They want to stick that money in their pockets so they set up death panels to murder us off so they can pocket the money they promised us to take care of us, you know, the money they took from us in taxes.

That is exactly what death panels are really all about; stealing more money faster from more people, even the sick, impoverished and dying.

That is why the government is murdering that little boy in England, so the lefties criminals can stick the money required to treat that little boy in their greedy pockets. The lefties will murder anyone for money, including children, you know, like with abortions. Nothing is beneath them.

You think I am wrong? Then where is the money going they would have spent treating that sick little boy?

In their greedy pockets. Note that NONE of them have ever taken any cuts in pay or benefits to help you. Quite the contrary; they are always increasing their pay and benefits while using death panels to deny you money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Eternity is a long time to burn in the Lake of Fire and they can't take any of that stolen money with them; besides, you can't buy air conditioning in Hell, baby.


I hope you realize that the reason Mueller is dragging out this investigation and taking it off on tangents is because he knows that, when this investigation is over, he is going to be fired just like Comey. It is called job security.

Parallel Universes

The God hating pagan lefty evolutionists, in an act of pure desperation, have dreamed up a new, more spectacular, great sounding, stupid, and "bullet proof" evolution fairy tale called "parallel universes". Ta da!

The fairy tale goes like this, with ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE supporting this, they claim that it is a scientific fact that there are an infinite number of parallel universes, you know, like their infinite stupidity and evil, and, because there are an infinite number of universes, there will be universes existing in which even the impossible exists.

Basically, they have been pushed in a very small corner by creation scientists constantly disproving all of the rest of the pagan evolution fairy tales, are extremely desperate, and are attempting to flank or get around mathematic probabilities and possibilities, which prove that evolution and almost all of their claims are scientifically impossible. People, they wouldn't be making up crap like this if evolution was true and had been proven. The ONLY reason they made this crap up is because science has disproved evolution.

There is just a wee bit of a problem with this pagan evolution fairy tale, you know, called math; the very same math they are trying to avoid dealing with.

You see, math don't work that way, baby.

What happens in one universe will have ABSOLUTELY no effect on the mathematic probabilities in any other universe because each and every universe will have to abide by the same laws of physics and have EXACTLY the same mathematic probabilities for absolutely everything in each and every universe. Something that is mathematically impossible in one universe will be mathematically impossible in ALL universes and math says that is a scientific FACT. Oops!!!

You see, them believing this simple minded and ignorant bull crap is like you believing that, if you play the lottery more times, it increases your chances of winning the lottery, which math has proved is NOT TRUE. No matter how many times you play the lottery, every time you play the lottery, you will have exactly the same chance of winning that you had for every other time you played the lottery because none of the previous times you played the lottery will have any effect on your chances for any other time you played the lottery.

The real truth is that everything will have exactly the same chances of happening in EVERY universe because the existence of even infinite universes will have ABSOLUTELY no effect on the probabilities for ANY other universe.

This means that ABSOLUTELY ALL of those infinite universes will turn out almost the same and there will be very little differences in those universes because the mathematic probabilities will be EXACTLY the same for everyone of those universes.

The parallel universe thingy is a big fat con, baby.

I have proved to you that it is scientifically impossible for an explosion of that magnitude to create anything, which means it will be scientifically impossible in ALL of the universes. I have proved to you that it is scientifically impossible for the first simplest cell to happen by accident and coincidence, which means it will be scientifically impossible in ALL of the universes. Therefore, evolution will be scientifically IMPOSSIBLE in ALL of their infinite universes.

There, that completely shoots down their entire new pagan evolution fairy tale about parallel universes for which they don't have even one tiny particle of evidence supporting it. It is pure pagan evolution fairy tale bull crap based ENTIRELY on smoking enough dope in their white palaces and being desperate enough to dream up and promote something so great sounding and stupid to keep evolution alive for which the proof against it already exists.

But, hey, if it sounds good, the stupid pagans will believe it, especially if they WANT to believe it.

And you think evolution is not a fanatical cult and religion requiring blind faith based entire on "I want to believe it"?

These frauds will tell any lie, no matter how obviously wrong, to keep their beloved fanatical religious cult of evolution alive because they are NOT scientists, they are fanatical pagan religious leaders with Ph.D.s for the fanatical pagan cult of evolution.

There, once again, I destroyed their entire pagan fairy tale in just one article in just one essay, which should tell you just how false the idea of evolution is.


But, hey, you can bet they will never stop. They will just regroup, reorganize, smoke some more dope, and dream up another great sounding, stupid pagan fairy tale to replace this great sounding stupid pagan fairy tale.

Ice Circles

NASA has put out pictures of "mysterious ice circles" at the North Pole. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see holes inside those "mysterious ice circles" that look amazingly the same size and shape as submarine conning towers, you know, like where one or more subs surfaced and broke through the ice causing the "mysterious ice circles".

You mean to tell me that, over the last 50+ years, the people at NASA have never seen places where submarines surfaced and broke through the ice? Really?

You know NASA put those photos out as mysterious ice circles because they knew the UFO nuts would go running off screaming about space aliens, especially when NASA is also running around screaming about space aliens.

All this proves is that the pagan lefties have taken over NASA and are using it to promote their lies and agenda instead of promoting science.

Cell Phones

People keep thinking and being told that the thing that causes accidents when using a cell phone or other such device when driving is holding it in your hand. That is only a small part of the problem.

The real problem is the distraction is causes with your mind. ANYTHING that takes your mind or focus away from your driving is a hazard and can get you killed. For decades, I have seen bad drivers have accidents or almost have accidents or almost cause an accident with me because they are not paying attention to their driving. They do really stupid things like change lanes into other cars.

If you are just talking to the person next to you while you are driving, you are being distracted from your driving and it increases the potential for an accident. You really need to pay attention to and be focused on your driving.

The really big problem is that people get to thinking they are better drivers than they are because they have thus far survived while traveling from one place to another and think that means they are good drivers, which is false. Every cop I have talked to about this has agreed with me that at least 50% of the people driving simply don't belong behind a steering wheel and, if you give them some distraction of ANY kind, they become even more deadly. The only reason most such people are still alive is because they have not yet done the wrong stupid thing at just the wrong time to get themselves killed.

When these people begin to think they are better drivers than they really are, they tend to become over confident in their driving, get careless and someone eventually gets dead, unfortunately, usually not them.

I have learned that, when these people are doing things like not driving at the speed limit, whether going too slow or going too fast, it means they are not paying attention to their driving and I need to be more careful in being around them. I use their bad driving habits as a warning that I am in the presence of a potentially deadly idiot and pay extra attention with plans for making a sudden survival move.

I assume every other driver on the road is an idiot who is not paying attention to their driving until they prove otherwise because so many are idiots who are not paying attention to their driving. This way I don't get any bad surprises that could kill me, only good surprises that make me feel better.

I do a lot of "reading car body English" to stay alive. For example, if a person starts to slow, that tells me they are probably getting ready to turn soon so I slow or move into another lane away from where they will probably turn to and it almost always works. For most people, if they suddenly move to one side of their lane, they are getting ready to turn in the other direction.

When I see a car in cross traffic, I watch the eyes of the driver and the car's front bumper to tell me when they are stopping or starting to pull out in front of me. When the car is stopping, its front bumper will drop just an inch or two and, when it is starting to move, its front bumper will rise just an inch or two.

For example, I missed a drunk driver leaving a bar whose eyes I couldn't see by less than half a foot because I saw his front bumper rise and made a move to miss him. Most people would have T-boned him.

Most of the time, the movement of the car will tell you what the idiot behind the wheel is about to do. Idiots tend to telegraph their movements and intentions.

In the last 50+ years, I have narrowly missed dozens of near accidents by using this strategy and making a survival move or just stopping to barely miss an accident with an idiot who wasn't paying attention.

The cell phone in their hand is only part of the problem. The idiot is most of the problem. No matter what laws you pass, the idiots will always find a new way to kill you. It is amazing the stupid stuff idiots can dream up.

I pay very close attention when driving because there are so many idiots on the road. With so many idiots on the road, if you are not paying close attention, you are not a good driver.

Nuke War

I just saw a YouTube video by SciShow about how to survive a nuclear blast and these people are completely clueless about nuclear warfare. I have not seen any lefty media in the last 50 years produce anything about nuclear warfare that was even close to reality, none, not one.

In this video, they kept talking about what to do if you are within a few kilometers of a nuclear surface or air burst detonation and they keep saying, "If you see a flash," do this, that or something else.

If you are within a few kilometers of a surface or air burst detonation and you see the flash, you are blind and ain't gonna do anything but wait to die because, at that range, the flash will burn out your eye retinas blinding you instantly.

They also talk about the blast blowing out windows kilometers away from the detonation, which none of them has ever figured out is why we used to be taught to duck and cover to get below the flying glass in class rooms and keep from being shredded. THAT is exactly why children were taught to duck and cover in class rooms and the ignorant lefties make fun of it.

Then all they talk about is surface and air detonations but most detonations will be subterranean detonations with hardened warheads and delayed detonation devices to take out underground hardened targets and the ground will protect you from most, if not all, of the effects of the nuke unless you are on top of the explosion, at which time, you could easily fall into the cavern filled with molten earth created by the explosion and you ain't surviving that, baby, BUT almost all hardened subterranean targets are outside cities with no dwellings on top of them.

The truth is that a nuke war will almost certainly be nothing like the lefties, especially the ignorant media, tell you so how can they tell you how to survive a nuke blast or war?

In an all out nuke war with Russia, easily more than half of you will survive and in an all out nuke war against anyone else, the vast majority of you will survive...unless an EMP takes out our power, then most of you will die.

I really hate it when I see ignorant people or lefties teaching other people bull crap.

Don't look at the flash, get as low to the ground as you can and, if possible, behind something solid, cover your head, eyes, and ears, if you think you got hit by fallout, take a shower with soap and shampoo to wash the fallout off of your body and out of your hair as soon as possible, and, for most of you, life will go on just like it did for most of the Japanese after the US nuked them TWICE. Most of you will go to work or school the next day, you will help pick up the pieces, and life will go on.


Hey, I just realized that I agree with China about something; they are sentencing corrupt politicians to death.

Why don't we do that?

It would solve most of our problems. Hey, dead corrupt politicians can't cause any more problems.

See, a broke clock is right twice a day.

And, if you want to see real lefty hypocrisy, just look at how the left is against killing criminals and traitors, you know, like them, because it would be inhumane but will murder innocent sick people and unborn babies.


This shows you just how corrupt our system has become. I got this from Breitbart by John Binder:

"The pro-mass immigration GOP megadonor billionaire Koch brothers are threatening Republicans running midterm campaigns, saying they want to see an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens passed or they will "closely evaluate" their aiding and funding of certain candidates."

It is a federal felony for people or corporations to get political favors in return for campaign donations. For them to openly use extortion via threatening to with hold campaign donations to get laws passed is bribery and a federal felony. I want to know why these criminals are not in prison. Oh yeah, because our system has become so corrupted by the upper class trash that they are above the law and they won't even be arrested, much less sent to prison.


You want to know why so many cops are just killing bad guys when they get a chance? You think it might be because the cops are getting tired of corrupt judges turning those bad guys loose again and again so the cops have to keep risking their lives to arrest these bad guys again and again and because these bad guys are now hunting and killing cops in the open because the corrupt judges won't properly punish these bad guys?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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