I Told You So 211


Remember that I have been telling you that increasing numbers of conservatives are fighting back?

I got this from Breitbart by Allum Bokhari:

Headline: "California Judge Rules Twitter CAN Be Sued for Falsely Advertising Free Speech"

Nothing like a little false advertisement to open the door for litigation.

The right has finally learned how to use the system the left set up to destroy America for the right to save America. Now they should start suing politicians for false advertising to win elections.


Remember that I told you that the left is trying to get polygamy legalized while lying to you about the true meaning of polygamy? Remember that I told you that a man marrying two or more women is NOT polygamy but is polygyny? Remember that I told you that polygamy is technically polygyny (one man with two or more wives), polyandry (one woman with two or more husbands), and polyamory (a mix of polygyny and polyandry with two or more husbands AND two or more wives) and that the lefties are trying to legalize polyamory because it will finish destroying the Christian family? Remember that I told you that the left wants to get polygamy legalized so they can then turn around say, "Oops, polygamy includes polygyny, polyandry, and polyamory and, since polygamy is legal, so are polyandry and polyamory because they know most of you won't accept polyamory without deception?

I got this from Breitbart Dr. Susan Berry:

"Two men in a relationship with a woman have been declared the legal parents of a child in a polyamorous family in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada."

Canada already has polyamory and you can easily see how this will destroy the traditional Christian family because EVERYONE in the marriage has parental rights over ALL children in the marriage. Now all the lefties have to do is get into a conservative marriage, which will be very easy to do under polyamory, and they will gain equal parental control over your children and the "right" to brainwash your children into becoming satanic lefties. Yep, that will help a lot in destroying Christianity.

North Korea

Remember that I told you one of the reasons why Trump offered to stop the annual war games training with South Korea?

Here is another reason why Trump made that offer. I got this from American Thinker by Thomas Lifson:

"South Korea proposed that North Korea move its long-range artillery away from the heavily fortified border in an effort to reduce tensions during last week's rare cross-border military talks, government sources here said Sunday.

During Thursday's general-grade meeting, the first in more than a decade, Seoul made a series of suggestions, including relocating the artillery pieces to areas 30 to 40 kilometers away from the Military Demarcation Line separating the two Koreas, the insiders said."

You see, Trump and South Korea gave up something so it is now Kimmy Boy's turn to show his true colors by giving up something. This will not leave North Korea defenseless because their artillery will be within range of their own troops to provide cover in the advent of them being attacked BUT it will remove the ability for North Korea to stage a sudden surprise attack against South Korea by shelling South Korea's side of the DMZ without first moving their artillery, giving the intent for an attack away.

It is now Kimmy Boy's turn to make a move supporting their agreement.

Smart move, Trump, and you know that the US and South Korea worked this out in advance as a stepping stone to test and prove Kimmy Boy.

Migrant Children

Remember that I told you that this "crisis" about migrant children being separated from their criminal parents instead of being sent to prison with those criminal parents was manufactured to villainize Trump and distract you from how well Trump is doing and the lefty corruption being exposed?

I got this Breitbart by John Nolte:

"As you watch our fake news media desperately try to keep this hoax alive about a "crisis" on the border, never forget that this so-called crisis is fabricated. Never forget that this entire "crisis" was invented, created from whole cloth, ginned up, and is a naked act of fake news.

Oh, sure, the policy is real. Illegal alien children and adults were being separated into different detention centers. But this was not only being done for good and humane reasons; it has been government policy for two decades."


"So why did this norm (if you'll pardon the expression), why did this humane policy that immigration officials have been practicing for two decades suddenly become Auschwitz, the moral crisis of our time?

There are six reasons...

1. Trump Had an Amazing Week

If you recall, the week prior to the media's ginning up a "border crisis," Trump was enjoying a perfect storm of good news. Record numbers were coming out of every sector of the economy, his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un had been a success, and the inspector general's report on the FBI's corrupt mishandling of Hillary Clinton's home-brewed email server was catastrophic not only for the FBI, but for the entire Russian collusion-hoax, which the media are heavily invested in.

Trump's momentum, which was based on actual foreign and domestic accomplishments, had to be stopped."


"2. Smother Congressional Hearings into FBI

The inspector general's report resulted in congressional hearings this week that would have only boosted Trump further - you know, had they received the wall-to-wall coverage this legitimate news story deserved.

These hearings ended up being even more disastrous for disgraced former FBI Director James Comey (a media hero) and his appalling cabal of secret police, and the media are desperate to keep that truth hidden."



People do stupid things when they are frustrated and angry, like, say, this; and Trump's roaring successes, along with his improving poll numbers, enraged the media. Once again, just as we saw on Election Night 2016, Trump's effective handling of the economy and North Korea exposed the media as the provincial fools they really are - a media that time and again assured the American people Trump was an oaf, a loser, a mistake, a virus in a healthy system that had to be removed for the good of democracy."


"4. Midterm Elections



"5. Media Want Illegal Aliens Flooding into America

As we learned from the far-left Washington Post last week, the media's existential goal when it comes to illegal immigration is to flood America with future Democrats. They want to disenfranchise law-abiding deplorables by canceling out our votes with the votes of illegal aliens."


"6. Incentivize a Flood of Illegal Alien Families

The media do not care about The Children. If they did, they would not incentivize the abuse of children, and any adult (parent or not) who drags a minor child through miles and miles of dangerous desert, is engaging in abuse. (Legitimate asylum seekers fleeing violence are, of course, a different story.)"


"Too many of these minor children are exploited in unspeakable ways by sex traffickers, drug traffickers, human traffickers, and gangs.

But the media do not care that they are incentivizing child abuse, child rape, and kidnapping. All they care about are their political goals, and if that means raped and abused children, so be it."

Basically, by the grace of God, Trump is handing the lefties their butts. They keep saying that Trump will fail at this, that, and everything else but Trump keeps succeeding, discrediting the media and making them look like fools. Their corrupt FBI deep state attempt to illegally get rid of Trump and stage a coup has been exposed for the criminal acts that it is, fewer and fewer people are believing and listening to the lying lefties and their head games so the lefties are desperate to bring in enough illegal aliens who are not familiar with the lefty media lies and games and, therefore, can still be fooled by the left, and the left is very desperate and getting more desperate by the day to win the midterm elections to gain control of Congress so they can impeach and get rid of Trump to stop the damage Trump is doing to the left's evil plans to set up their lefty commie traitor dictatorship.

What is most interesting about this is that this latest game by the lefties and their evil media to fool the people didn't work either and only made things worse by destroying the credibility of the left even more for even more people. It has reached a point of no return to where everything the left does to get their evil empire is just driving more people further away from supporting the lefty agenda and towards being against the evil lefty agenda AND the idiot lefties don't get it because they are so arrogant that they believe there are so much more intelligent than everyone else that they can still fool everyone else and it ain't working any more, baby. So much for their superior intelligence.

Man plans, God laughs. Keep praying because it is working.

FYI, history teaches that, when this thing completely fails and their evil little plans completely blow apart, many and probably most of you will want to round these evil monsters up and execute them for their evil crimes, especially when everyone finally realizes the harm they have caused so many people to get their evil empire. The court trials that will follow will be so massive that they will dwarf Nuremberg. Millions of these monsters will be hung, shot, or otherwise executed when everything they have done is found out. Just make sure you only execute guilty people and not innocent people. Don't get stupid, just get mad and get justice.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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