I Told You So 219

US Threat

Remember me telling you that Russia's economy isn't strong enough to support a sustained war against the US or Europe?

Note that it won't be long until Russia will be able to quickly and easily sweep right through Europe because of the upper class trash screwing everything up in Europe, not because Russia is so powerful but because the European upper class trash have made Europe extremely vulnerable to invasion and conquest, you know, like is happening right now with the Muslims.

So, to distract you from the threat the upper class trash pose to the US, which is the greatest single threat facing America right now, they are harping about how big a threat China is to the US.

First, Trump is showing with his tariffs and sanctions that China's economy is weak enough that China can't win a sustained war against the US.

Second, because of their communism, their engineers are not allowed to be free thinking enough to be innovative enough to compete against the US in a sustained war.

Think not?

All of the upper level technology China has was either stolen from other nations like the US, Europe, and Russia or they have to buy technology to be competitive. Even their stolen technology is second rate and they regularly have to purchase fighter planes from Russia to cannibalize the engines, radar, and electronics warfare to make their fighter planes almost competitive to US fighter planes. Even their terrifying stealth J-20 fighter planes were located, tracked, and monitored by US made Indian F-15s during a recent war game in China near the Indian border.

Gee, they sure are stealthy, aren't they?

Basically, as a super power, China's technology pretty much sucks.

Forget everything else you are being told and remember that the greatest threat to the West, especially the US, is our own upper class trash, who are working to destroy our nations to set up their global dictatorship as their glorious "New World Order". They are the problem and greatest threat to the US, the only ones who can destroy our nations, and they are working to do so right now. They are RIGHT NOW staging a coup and waging a war against us and they don't want you to notice or you just might fight back.

Don't let them distract you with talk about Russia and China being great threats against the US. Our lefty commie traitor upper class trash and their useful idiots are the greatest threat against the US.

This is especially true with Trump officially starting the US Space Force, which has changed the battlefield, is forcing Russia and China to divert much of the money they had been spending to build new tanks, planes, and ships to building much more expensive space ships, and Trump is also devastating their economies so they have even less money to spend on their weapons.

US Forests

Remember I told you years ago that the reason forest fires were getting worse is primarily because the conservationists and their anti-logging stand had caused the forests to become overgrown, which caused the abundance of trees to dry up aquifers and streams, which caused drought, which caused sick and weak trees that became kindling, which burned easily?

I have been waiting for this because we have known about this in wildlife management for about a quarter of a century or more but the lefty media, lefty college professors, and conservationists would not let us warn you about such things via the media so I warned you about them on this blog.

Because of the worsening fires, especially in the West, they are changing their wildlife management approach by order of Trump. One of the things they are going to do is increase logging to thin out the forests to permit the aquifers and streams to return so there will be enough water for the remaining trees so those trees won't be weak and easy to burn.

So far, I have not heard anything from the idiot tree hugging conservationists about this and am waiting to see if and what they say. It might be just a wee bit difficult for the lefties to say anything with it having become so obvious that they ultimately caused this mess.

It will solve the problem caused by the idiot lefties and their great sounding stupid ideas and this is one of many examples of the lefty great sounding stupid ideas failing and making things much, much worse for everyone.

One of many things this will cause is that it will increase the amount of grass and brush land, which will increase the amount of food for animals like rabbits and deer, which will increase the populations for herbivores, which will increase the food for predators, which will stop the predators coming into our cities so much looking for food.

Yep, it will help keep things like bears, mountain lions, and coyotes from coming into our cities so much because they will have plenty of food in the wild, which will stop forcing us to kill so many hungry predators.

Yep, the stupid lefties with their great sounding stupid ideas pounded up their butts by their great sounding stupid lefty college professors and media caused all of those problems with many more because they won't listen to the truth and reason. The stupid lefties just have to have their crusades based on great sounding stupid ideas that always cause problems for everyone including nature.


Catholic Church

To better understand what is going on in the Catholic Church with all of this sexual predation and why, you have to know the true history about the Catholic Church and not the history the Catholic Church teaches. I have taught some of this before but I realize I need to expand on it so you can better understand what is going on, you know, get down and dirty.

The Catholic Church was founded by the City of Rome as the Church of Rome early in Rome's history, well before the Birth of Jesus. Yep, it was a state founded pagan religion.

You see, they had a wee bit of a problem that got out of hand in that, when the people elected a new Caesar or leader of Rome his pagan church became the official state church. This caused a sudden increase in church membership, power, and wealth so that, when that leader was later replaced with a new leader, his pagan church was replaced with a new pagan church causing the first pagan church to lose membership, power, and wealth very quickly, which kind of upset the church leaders who started staging protests, then riots, and then street warfare to get that power and wealth back.

At that time, hundreds of years before Christianity, there were an estimated 100 to 200+ different pagan religions in the City of Rome so it became a bit of a mess.

To solve this problem, the Roman Senate held a meeting with all of the top church leaders, determined the most important similarities between the different pagan religions, founded the Church of Rome based on those similarities, appointed all of those church leaders to the top positions in the Church of Rome, and assimilated all of those pagan religions into the Church of Rome, which stopped the churches fighting each other in the streets.

Now, to get money, the pagan religions didn't have tithing the way the Bible orders us to tithe so they used prostitution to get money. The way their prostitution worked was that ALL female church members over a certain age were required to spend a minimum amount of time each year at the church working as prostitutes with the majority of the money going to the church and a little going to her family. These women also provided free sexual services for the church leaders and, therefore, it was determined that the church leaders were not to get married so they could give more time to their churches without the responsibilities of having families.

There was no maximum time for the women to spend prostituting at the churches so some would spend more than the minimum time to make more money for the family with some dedicating their lives to being professional prostitutes for the church and church leaders. These latter women would take a vow to the church and become nuns.

Please note that the idea of nuns does not come from the Bible. It is purely a pagan thing. I dare anyone to show me anywhere in the Bible where it teaches about nuns.

You also need to know that, with pagans, homosexuality and pedophilia are normal pagan practices so the church leaders were allowed to screw any man, woman, or child in the church for their sexual pleasure, especially with them not being married. These pagan religions did not have the morals, values, and ethics of Christianity so adultery in any form was considered a good thing and not a sin.

After the Church of Rome "converted to Christianity" under Constantine, they didn't purge most of the paganism out of the church and only added and changed some of the Christian practices to give the appearance of having converted to Christianity but the Church never truly and completely converted. This meant that the church leaders continued to not marry and continued sexually preying on men, women, and children for the last 1,600+ years under the guise of Christianity, in spite of the fact that the Church adopted the Christian tithe and dropped prostitution for income.

When the Roman Empire split into the Eastern and Western Roman Empires, the Church of Rome also split with the Western Church of Rome becoming the Catholic Church and the Eastern Church of Rome becoming the Christian Orthodox Church, which is now the state church of Russia.

Now do you better understand why the Catholic Church has such a huge problem with unmarried priests sexually preying on women and children?

They simply never stopped the pagan practices when the Church of Rome "converted" to Christianity, at least in name. All they did was go underground with their sexual behaviors, you know, keeping it quiet.

Do you also better understand why the mostly pagan Catholic Church wants to convert from Christianity, where they are limited by the 10 Commandments and God's Laws, to Islam, in which the religious leaders can sexually prey on its women and children, especially non believers, still have four wives, pedophilia is accepted practice, and they also practice such things as bestiality, you know, just like the Church of Rome before the Church of Rome "converted" to Christianity?

Gee, what a coincidence.

I guess the Church leaders really miss that pagan sexual crap?

They just gotta screw them women, kiddies, and goats, baby.

Please note that under Islam you pay a 20% tithe instead of the Christian 10% tithe. Gee, no wonder the Catholic Church wants to convert to Islam.

Allahu Akbar

Remember that I have been telling you that Allahu Akbar does not mean that "god is great" and that Allah does not mean god but is the proper name for a specific deity, the god of Islam?

The Arabic word for god is ilah (ee-lah), not Allah. Allah is the name of the specific deity, the god of Islam, just like I told you. If you want to say the word god in Arabic, you say ilah, not Allah.

The Arabic word for great is kabir, not Akbar. Akbar means greater or greatest, just like I told you.

Therefore the phrase "Allahu Akbar" really means that Allah, the specific deity of Islam, is greater than any other god or is the greatest god, you know, that Allah, the god of Islam, is the Supreme Being, like I told you it means.

If you want to say, "god is great", in Arabic, you say ilahu kabir, not Allahu Akbar.

You can see a video by a former Muslim that explains this very well here. He also explains a lot of other stuff, some of which I have taught you about.

Yep, the lefties and Muslims have been lying to you about this for almost two decades now but what have they not lied to you about?

3 am

This is one of my famous early morning essays in which God work me up before 2 am and by 3 am I had realized I am not getting back to sleep until I get up and write this.

Remember that I have been warning you about the lefty commie traitors legalizing polygamy being a con because they are not telling you that polygamy includes polygyny, polyandry, and polyamory and that polyamory or group marriage is what they really wanted legalized?

Gee, why would they want polyamory legalized?

You can bet on one thing, as soon as they legalize polyamory, you will lose everything you own because all they will need to do is con just you or your spouse to marry just one of them and they will marry as many other people as possible, especially since they have legalized homosexual marriage, and everything you own will belong to the entire community. You will quickly lose control of your home, your cars, you land, your savings and investments, your retirement plan, and everything else because the community will own everything you own.

Gee, community property, where have we heard that term? You don't think the lefties are trying to legalize polyamory or group marriage so they can force their beloved Marxism on you, do you?

Of course they are. Gee, what a coincidence. Talk about a really fast and complete redistribution of wealth from you to them.

Then God let me know that, with Trump doing the damage he is doing and setting the lefty commie traitors back the way he is that, when the extremely desperate lefties get back in power, they will quickly change everything that needs to be changed so that 1) they can never lose power and control again so no one can undo what they need done for absolute commie power and 2) they will quickly change everything to force all of their evil plans on you including their evil commie dictatorship so you just might not want the desperate lefty commie traitors to ever get back in power again.

As desperate as they are right now, you better bet they will make all of these changes before the next election in 2020 to prevent them from ever losing power again. You just might want to show up and vote for Republicans on November 6 and remind all of your lefty commie traitor family and friends to vote on November 7 because, once the lefty commie traitors get back in power, they are not going to risk losing power again and you will be living in their lefty commie traitor dictatorship because they will finish their coup.

Think about it and you know I am right because these lefty commie traitors are proving right now that they are bonkers mad. You KNOW they ARE NOT GOING TO RISK LOSING POWER AGAIN!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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