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I am so fed up with all of this crap about the House impeaching and removing Trump from office, especially by our lying lefty politicians and media. If you learned one thing from Billy Boy Clinton's presidency, it should have been that the House can impeach a president but cannot remove that president from office, only the Senate can remove the president but only after the House impeaches the president and it takes a two thirds majority vote in both houses to achieve this.

Billy Boy was successfully impeached by the House but was not removed from office because the Senate refused to remove him.

Pay attention and quit believing the lies. The House CANNOT remove Trump as president. Only the Senate can remove Trump as president AFTER the House impeaches him by a two thirds majority vote and it requires a two thirds majority vote by the Senate to remove the president.

1) The Commiecrats are not going to gain a two thirds majority of the House so they won't be able to impeach Trump.

2) The Commiecrats probably won't even gain control of the Senate, much less a two thirds majority, so they won't be able to remove Trump from office, even if the House did impeach Trump.

That is, if all of you conservatives vote.

Have you noticed that Trump is not worried about being impeached by the House, in the advent that the Commiecrats win control of the House? Have you noticed that he is concerned about getting murdered by the lefties?

The only thing the Commiecrats can do by gaining control of the house and what they are trying to do by gaining control of the House is to slow down Trump destroying the upper class trash evil plans to set up their Satanic global dictatorship, which is why everyone should vote Republican to show support for Trump destroying the evil upper class trash plans to set up their Satanic global dictatorship.

WHENEVER you see the lefties talking about impeaching and removing Trump, they are trying to give their idiot followers false hope at getting rid of Trump so those idiot followers will show up in mass to vote the Commiecrats back into control of the House so the Commiecrats can slow down the damage Trump is causing to their evil plans to set up their Satanic global dictatorship and turn you into their slaves or dead.

Everything else they are saying about removing Trump from office is pure bull crap to get more stupid commie traitors to vote so the commies can regain control of the House so they can slow down the destruction Trump is doing to their evil plans to set up their Satanic global dictatorship.

The only way they can get Trump out of office is if Trump commits a felony or they kill him. Trump ain't going to commit no felony, baby, so the lefties will either have to kill him or wait until 2024 to get rid of him, by which time, the lefty commie traitors will have to start completely over with their evil Satanic plans to set up their global dictatorship.

My money is on they are going to kill him, especially after he wins the 2020 election, which is why they keep talking about killing him and staging a coup to test the market to see whether enough people would support them staging a coup by killing Trump.

WHENEVER you see them talking about killing Trump and/or staging a coup, they are watching to see how many people will support such an action and how many will rebel and kill their butts. It is called testing the waters, baby.

Get the picture yet?

You think I am wrong?

A few days after I wrote the above, the lefties changed their song from impeaching Trump to "investigating" or harassing Trump to interfere with Trump destroying their evil plans. Gee, what a coincidence.

South Africa

The South African genocide has officially started with their government seizing land and the blacks murdering whites and no one is doing anything to stop it.

People, this should prove conclusively that none of your glorious leaders care about anyone but themselves because, if they actually cared about other people, they would at least try to stop this slaughter.

What can they do?

They can invade and quickly conquer South Africa because South Africa doesn't have much of a military, arrest everyone involved, try them, and hang them the way they did the Nazis following WWII or they could at least offer asylum to the whites while doing everything they can to pressure South Africa into stopping the genocide.

What are they doing?

Ignoring the genocide while pretending it is not happening, you know, just like they did with the Nazi death camps, Soviet Union death camps, Chicom death camps, Cuban death camps, and others because our glorious leaders don't care about anyone but themselves. You can bet that eternal damnation will be filled with your lying, thieving, murdering glorious leaders. God will have no more mercy on them than they have on you.

A few days after I wrote the above, Trump tweeted about the mess and that he told the State Department to keep an eye on this. Then the South African government backed off on "officially" committing genocide but isn't exactly arresting anyone attacking the whites and Britain's Teresa May when to South Africa to show her support for their genocidal government.

Does that woman work for Satan or what?


I am so sick of this crap. John McCain is almost dead from his brain cancer and the lefty media are calling him a "war hero" because McCain is one of them and a RINO, you know, a traitor.

I have a question, if McCain was a war hero, why did Nixon have to pardon McCain after he returned from Vietnam?

You don't pardon war heroes, you pardon criminals. McCain betrayed his fellow POWs getting some of them tortured and getting some of them killed. McCain gave up classified information that got other US pilots shot down. McCain did a number of propaganda films for North Vietnam while he was a POW. McCain is known as "song bird McCain" because he "sang" so much for the enemy telling them anything they wanted to know, whether they asked or not.

Did I forget anything? Oh please let me know.

McCain is a traitor and should have been shot or hung when he returned from Vietnam but his daddy and granddaddy were both US Navy admirals so he was protected and above the law. McCain got away with crimes while he was in the military and since, especially while in Congress, you know, you and I would have been shot or hung for committing. McCain made Benedict Arnold look like a US patriot.

War Hero McCain is an oxymoron and contradiction in terms. John McCain is no more a war hero than is Hanoi Jane. On Judgment Day you will find out every vile thing this man has done because God said, "Everything will be made known."

I really do not wish to hear or read any more false lefty praises about "war hero McCain", you know, one of America's greatest traitors.


FYI: Just in case you hear about me committing suicide know that it wasn't suicide. God has drug my butt through an indescribably living hell and I have never once considered committing suicide, not so much as a thought and I ain't about to start thinking about it now. God raised me better than that.

Look for the bullet holes.

BTW, you need to know that God won't let me join any organization or group because He wants me to remain 100% loyal and accountable to Him and not to any group. I am His man committed by covenant to Him. That is my job God has given me. It wasn't something I asked for; it was something I was created for.

God has also shown me that, if you have one more bad election which makes it possible for the lefty commie traitors to regain power, you will have a lefty commie/Muslim dictatorship before the next election and you will either be dead or a slave.

I am not permitted to join the Republican Party but God showed me that you MUST vote and vote Trump Republican to prevent the lefty commie traitors from seizing control and setting up their dictatorship. You also have to vote the traitors or RINOs out of the Republican Party because the lefties will do their best to infiltrate it and take it over like they did the Commiecrat Party so they can seize control of the US again.

You need to know that you have to win every time until you purge the traitors from your government, educational systems, media, and other important areas and the commies only have to win once to seize control and set up their dictatorship to make you their slaves.

You need to know that the traitors will try to outlast you and wear you down so they can eventually win. You need to get rid of them before they can wear enough of you down to win. They will not quit. They will just regroup, reorganize, and keep trying. They are a deadly malignant cancer that has spread throughout your system and it has to be surgically removed and quickly.


Well, we are finally rid of the traitor, John McCain, and everyone is singing his praises of him being a great war hero instead of telling the truth that McCain is the worst traitor in uniform from the Vietnam War, at least as bad as Hanoi Jane. Their praise for McCain is sickening.

I can't sing praises, I can only tell the truth.

You would not vote him out of office so God did; he just got fired. McCain has been retired to the bowels of Hell where he should have been sent when he returned from Vietnam for his many acts of treason. Other traitors will soon follow and, if you don't vote them out, God will.

Please note that it is the lefty commie traitors like Bush, Obama, Schumer, Hillary, Griffin, and Flake who are praising McCain the most and that says everything.

To call John McCain a war hero is an insult to every good US veteran who served their nation. It would be like calling Benedict Arnold a US war hero.

A few days after I wrote the above, they honored the traitor McCain by having him be one of only 31 Americans to lie in state at the Capitol Building.

Let me get this straight, our nation has gone so nuts that you can be a traitor who betrayed other POWs and got some of them killed along with getting other pilots shot down and they will honor you as a great war hero? Really?

I want my own planet.

BTW, RINO Graham has already taken McCain's place in Congress betraying America. Why not, they both worked together all of the time to betray American when McCain was alive?

Elon Musk

Remember that I told you that Elon Musk would run out of rope and fail?

He is on his way out right now.


I keep seeing the meme that "Amateurs built the Ark and professionals built the Titanic".

How do they know that Noah and his sons were not professional ship builders? Do they really believe that those people lived to be from 500 to almost 1,000 years old for 1,600 years and they didn't build ships to travel and carry cargo around the coast of their one continent? Really?

I dare anyone to prove that with the scriptures. Think about it.


Did you notice that all of the "terrible" lefties who took advantage of lefty women are getting their jobs back or getting better paying jobs? Gee, what should that tell you?

It was all a con to pressure Trump into resigning, you know, like all of those "noble lefty males" did, because some lefty woman accused Trump of something that has since been proved false.

And what about those "noble lefty males" who resigned because they got caught?

Hey, they took one for the commie cause and are being rewarded for it. It is lefty business as usual, baby.

Kind of obvious, huh?


Everyone is still making a fuss about big, bad, powerful China being such a threat to the US. Oh, I am just shaking in my little booties.

Remember when, years ago, China had to down size her military from 3.5 million men to only one million men in its standing army because her economy was hurting and she needed money to build better planes, missiles, and ships?

Basically, their deteriorating finances forced them to rethink and rewrite their strategy for conquering the world. That cost them a lot of money and set them back at least a few decades in trying to conquer the world and their economy is still deteriorating.

Then along comes Trump. Trump saw China ramping up for war by building lots of new missiles, planes, and ships and started devastating China's economy even more with tariffs and sanctions. Now China has even less money to build her military to conquer the world and finance a sustained war so I was busy thinking, "Where and how will China cut back to keep building her military for world conquest, how is she going to restructure her new military strategy, and how much has this set her back?", knowing that she now doesn't even have the funds to keep up her current building program when Trump completely changes the battlefield from being on land, in the water, and in the air within Earth's atmosphere to including outside of Earth's atmosphere, which makes things much more expensive. Things just got very interesting and difficult for China.

Now China is FORCED to rethink and rewrite her military strategy, she is extremely short on money to continue building new ships, planes, and missiles, and definitely doesn't have the money to build killer satellites to protect her space assets and attack other nations' space assets. China suddenly has to do a lot of cutting back on a lot of things somewhere. She definitely doesn't even have the money to maintain what she has and keep building what she had planned to build, much less build lots of new and more expensive stuff. Basically, right now, China is hurting a lot.

It is going to take a while for her military leaders to figure out what to cut because they are going to have to come up with a completely new building strategy but, when they do, don't be surprised to see China abandon some of her current projects like navy ports in other nations, building up the Doklam area near India, and some of the islands in the South China Sea to transfer the money for maintaining those things to building killer satellites. That satellite money has to come from somewhere and China is short on money.

Basically, Trump is devastating the Chinese military without firing a shot and this is easily one of the greatest military strategic moves in history.

For some reason, I am worried even less about China right now.

And, by the strangest of coincidences, while the upper class trash are using the EU to build a united European military under their control to conquer the world to set up their glorious "New World Order" commie global dictatorship, Trump also hits those nations with tariffs causing them to lose money for building their conquering military.

Is Trump kicking bad guy butt or what?

He is definitely delaying a global war everyone else is trying to start before the US can rebuild its military from Obama's treasonous destruction so the US can win that war.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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