I Told You So 22

Remember that, when the government deceptively started using the decreased unemployment numbers for November as compared to numbers for October to show the economy was recovering, I pointed out their deception by telling you that unemployment always fell between November and January because of the Christmas season and that, in January, the numbers would go back up to at least as bad as they were in October (10.2%) and probably higher.

The Unemployment numbers are starting to come in for December 2009 and it appears that I was being very conservative when I told you that the unemployment would rise again in January 2010. I always try to be conservative on my estimates and it appears I was very conservative on this estimate. They have not yet posted the national unemployment numbers for December but, considering the following information, they won't be very good. As a matter of fact, they should be disastrous.

The economy is much worse than even I have been telling you. In spite of the fact that over 600,000 people left the work force in December (they gave up and quit looking for work) and are no longer being counted as unemployed, the unemployment rose in 43 states DURING the month of December showing that even the Christmas holiday increase in business couldn't provide even a two month respite from the bad economy. Of the remaining 7 states, most had their unemployment "stabilize" because enough people left the work force to keep their numbers from increasing.

Not counting the people who have left the work force is a very deceptive practice because those people not being able to get work decreases the buying power of our economy. Those people are no longer drawing a pay check and are now not getting an unemployment check so they have even less money to spend in our economy making things even worse. These people should definitely be counted because they cannot contribute ANY substantial spending to our economy and are living on survival or subsistence only living. As a matter of fact, most of them will be forced into Welfare just to stay alive putting an additional drain on already broken government budgets forcing the government to cut back spending else where causing more people to lose their jobs.

For the unemployment to increase during the month of December and 600,000 people to stop looking for work forcing them on Welfare is one of the worst things that could have happened to this economy. The economy really needed a shot in the arm from the Christmas shopping season and it didn't get enough to keep the economy from getting worse. Yet, the "experts" are telling you that the recession is over and the economy is slowly recovering. Either these people are really stupid or lying their butts off. There is absolutely no way the economy can be out of their "super recession" or what is really a depression much less recovering. Get a clue, we are still in a depression that is getting worse and is poised to get much worse as soon as the remaining homes that have defaulted their loans are finally forced onto the market and everything goes through the toilet.

I hate being pessimistic, but I am a realist and you just can't be optimistic and truthful when you see just how bad the liberals have destroyed this country, its economy, and everything else. The only optimism I can have is in that God can save our stupid butts from ourselves. At this time, the only way I can see out of this horrible mess the left has created is by praying that God will intervene and save us. I have thought this through again and again and don't see any other way out.

How could this mess have been prevented?

The first and most obvious answer to this question is that we could have prevented this by not listening to the liberals in the first place and permitting them the control of our country and media so they could chase God out of our schools, government, and businesses permitting them to do their mischief which has caused all of this over more than half a century of them screwing things up one law and court ruling at a time.

The prevention for the more immediate economic and government financial problems would have been:

1) for the commie's to not have written the laws under the Clinton administration which caused the housing bubble to form and eventually to burst under the Bush administration.

2) After that damage was done, the next step at prevention was for some one to do what Bush tried to do but the commie's in charge of Congress stopped him from doing by trying to repeal these laws to prevent the bubble from bursting.

3) After the commie's prevented Bush from keeping the housing bubble from bursting by refusing to repeal those laws, then Bush was forced to try to counter the economic effects by using a stimulus plan to undo the damage to the economy. But the commie's were still in control of Congress and got to write that stimulus plan the way they wanted and not the way it should have been handled. Remember what I told you about the responsibilities of the different parts of our government. Congress was assigned the principle task of government and economic management and the president was assigned the primary task of international or foreign management. The only way the president can have significant control of the economy is by having the cooperation of Congress as Clinton and Obama have with their Commiecrat controlled Congresses. When Bush had this kind of support from his Republican controlled Congress, the economy did well. Unfortunately, he had not realized the mess the commie's had created until Congress was back under the control of the commie's. That put Bush at the mercy of the commie's who saw an opportunity to gain control of everything again by destroying the economy under the last few years of the Bush administration. Therefore, the stimulus plan was written the way the commie's wrote it and it didn't work because it didn't address the basic problem that the commie's created.

Then, in a moment of poor stupidity, the commie's decided to repeat the same stupid program under the Ocommie administration that didn't work the first time thinking (I question the fact any of them were thinking) that it would have different results. Einstein said, "To do the same thing again and again expecting different results is insanity." I have to agree that our idiot commie's are insane.

Add to this left wing insanity, the fact that the "intellectually superior, highly educated, grossly over paid experts with the right degrees from the right universities" (AKA CEO's) did the stupidest thing they could have done. They just stuck the money in their own pockets with huge bonuses without providing the banks they were mismanaging any money in relief for their investments, much less removing any of the homes from the market. Not only did they perform this incredible act of stupidity once but twice. The bank share holders should tar and feather the jerks or, at the very least, sue them for gross mismanagement and damages. These jerks should be facing criminal charges for criminal negligence resulting in loses for their share holders and banking customers.

The trouble with both stimulus programs is that they didn't address the cause of the problem which caused the problem to persist. The cause of the problem was the supply of homes on the market exceeding the demand causing the value of homes to drop very quickly bursting the housing market bubble. What both stimulus packages did do was to just give a bunch of money to the banks and other companies to keep them from going broke without removing the excess housing from the market and giving the banks the money back they invested in those homes so the banks wouldn't go broke causing the economy to crash.

Then to this incredible circus of stupidity by these "intellectually superior upper class" twits, comes Ocommie, who couldn't possibly understand even the most basic aspect of economics, with his stated "solution" to the problem, (fortunately for our economy, he didn't get to force on us). That twit, Obama, just wanted to bulldoze the excess houses on the market simple mindedly thinking that would solve the problem by "removing the houses from the market" but it would also have left the banks holding greatly depreciated land because the land would have been no longer developed causing the banks to lose even more money faster causing the banks to go broke even faster. To solve this problem, the banks have to get their investments out of the homes because that money was loaned to the banks by the people using those banks for checking and savings accounts and the banks have to give that money back to those people so those people can spend it for their own needs. It isn't just bank money or money that the rich bankers are loaning like the liberal commie media, college professors, politicians, and other stupid commie's tell you. It is your money and they are responsible for your money when you deposit it in their banks. When your bank goes broke, so do you. Therefore, it is only common sense that the banks MUST get your money back they loaned to those home buyers. These stupid commie's don't understand that, when you deposit your money in a bank, you are loaning your money to that bank for the bank to make money loaning your money to individuals and businesses. It isn't bank money like the ignorant commie's believe. It is YOUR money that is being lost.

How do you solve this problem?

To solve this problem, you have to do two things at the same time. 1) You have to remove the excess housing from the housing market so it will stop crashing and 2) the banks have to get their investment money back so they don't go broke. If your solution doesn't include both of these, it isn't a solution.

The obvious solution would have been prevention by never doing the stupid things the commie's did which caused the problem. But that is water under the bridge and now we must find a way to fix what the commie's fixed and wasn't broken....yet. The commie's fixed that too.

The only way to have solved this problem, after it got this late in the game, would have been for the government to use the stimulus money to purchase those defaulted homes from the banks so the banks would get your money back.

Then, what should the government have done with those defaulted homes it now owns? If they put them on the market to get your money back for the taxes you will pay for the stimulus plan, it will have the same effect on the housing market as the banks putting those homes on the same housing market. So, obviously, they shouldn't do that.

An ignorant person would have said that the government could have set up a program where they permitted the former owners of those homes to pay for those homes at a rate those home owners could afford to pay. An intelligent person would say, "Hold it, the government hasn't been successful at any major undertaking so far, especially under the commie rule, do we really want the same bunglers to get involved in the home mortgage business?" Obviously, that wouldn't be something an intelligent person would want our bungling government to get involved in.

The safest thing would have been for the government to just give those homes back to the people who defaulted on the loans for free which would have provided housing for those people and removed those homes from the market stopping the housing market crash. The problem with this is that it will cause the less than scrupulous people in our society to say,"Hey, if I default on my home loan, the government will buy it from the bank and just give it to me for free." Obviously, we don't want that to get started so we would have to put safeguards in the program to prevent this such as setting a cut off date for defaulted loans. Even this means that the tax payers are going to end up paying for other people's homes because the commie's are really stupid and you could justify it by saying, "You voted the fools into office." Besides, if the housing market crash keeps getting worse, you will all lose much more money than if you had paid taxes to get those homes off the market and keep the market from getting worse. Many of you have already lost your jobs and YOUR homes and you can bet that many more of you will.

The best solution would be to nationalize the wealth of all of those commie's who were in any way involved in promoting and passing the stupid laws which caused this problem and using their money to pay for the problems they caused. But you can bet that will never happen. What, expect our crooked politicians to be held responsible for their stupid actions? Yeah, right, when we see pigs fly.

Don't you find it interesting that these "intellectually superior upper class natural elites with the right degrees from the right universities" can't figure this out?

More and more of you are beginning to believe that my farts are smarter than these commie's because my farts would never do the stupid things these commie's do.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often, we really need it.

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