I Told You So 224


Remember that I told you the reason that the Muslims have not united to form the next caliphate is because of their individual power madness and because Muslims having more nations means they will have more votes in the UN and the caliphate will restrict them to only one vote in the UN? Also remember that I told you that, for the caliphate to form and them to become the one world government predicted in the Bible during the Tribulation, the UN must stop existing or become inconsequential?

I got this from American Thinker by Peter Skurkiss:

"Martin Peretz, former owner and editor-in-chief of the flagship leftist magazine The New Republic, is calling to get the United Nations out of the United States. Although he notes it, Peretz says this has nothing to do with the inconveniences the U.N. creates for a lifelong New Yorker like himself, such as traffic jams and the like. No, rather it's that Peretz sees the U.N. is an abject failure in its anointed mission of bringing peace to the world. He writes, 'Move the U.N. out of New York and the U.S., so we don't have to host and legitimize the pernicious showmanship of autocrats and killers.'

So far, I cannot disagree with Peretz. The United Nations is an abominable failure. Getting it out of America is certainly an excellent idea, at least as a first step, anyway. This erstwhile liberal also emotes that the existence of the U.N. as it's currently constituted is actually making peace in the world less, not more likely. Probably so."

When even the left starts promoting either the demotion or dissolution of the UN, the UN is in trouble and the Muslim Caliphate is probably about to form so they can militarily conquer the world. Keep an eye on this because the end time one world government is about to form soon and it ain't Europe, baby.


Remember that years ago God told me and I told you that, when the left started their war against us to seize control of the US, everything would go badly for them and then the lefties would bring out witches to fight for the lefties and the witches would start winning the war until God sent me (probably symbolic of us true Christians) to fight the witches and we would win?

The lefties are losing in their war against the people and our Republic. Everything they are trying is failing. This October 20, 2018, a large number of witches will gather to fight against the good people of this nation by casting hexes against Kavanaugh and everyone they hate.

Is this what God told me about?

It sure sounds like it but stick around and we will find out. At the very least this means the lefty pagans are once again coming out of hiding in their closet and showing their true Satanic colors.

Mean while, you true Christians better get ready for a massively increasing spiritual war to defend this nation and its people against the evil lefty pagans.

Note: I decided to combine the following news with this "I Told You So" essay for expediency.

Eye Opener

A few days ago God told me to sell my e-book, "A Better Way To Train", on Amazon.

I took my e-book off the market at least 5 or 6 years ago, forgot about it, and thought that God was going to use my book to increase my income, which would be nice. Of course, I began to think of all of the things I could do with a little extra income, you know, like rebuilding my car engine and planting some fruit trees but God had other reasons.

I just tried to set up an account with Amazon to sell my e-book and it was nuts and a real eye opener. I have an MBA and there is absolutely no reason why they need one tenth of the information they require from you to permit you to sell anything on their service. They want to know EVERYTHING about you to let you have an account to just sell an e-book. I can only think of a few reasons why they would want all of that personal information about people. The first is to sell that information to other businesses and second is for power and control over you.

Right after I said, "Screw it" and quit trying, I read that Suckerberg wants to put cameras and microphones in everyone's homes.


To gather information and control you, you know, just like in the movie "1984", where they had cameras and microphones in everyone's homes to control them. Gee, what a coincidence.

BTW, since I tried to set up an account with Amazon, my spam has increased considerably. Gee, what a coincidence.

I have been thinking about it and the most frightening people on this planet are the people running the big corporations like Google, FB, and Amazon. They are using all of this technology to set up a technologically controlled global dictatorship and are a far greater threat to you than Kimmy Boy, Xi, or any of the other power mad whackos on this planet. The single greatest threat to the people of this planet are the monsters like Suckerberg. They are at least as bad and evil as any other monsters in history partly because they see nothing wrong with them seizing such insane control over you. In my opinion, they are crazier and a far greater threat to mankind than any of the other monsters in history like Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, or even the greatest butcher of them all, Tamerlane. You should be far more concerned about these insane, power mad whackos than anyone else on this planet. Even the upper class trash should fear these high tech monsters because, when these monsters have the control they will eventually have, they will be able to easily rebel against and overthrow the upper class trash. NO ONE is safe from these evil high tech monsters.


Greece owes Germany a huge amount of money because the Greek corrupt commie leaders have wasted a lot of money and spent their nation into debt. Suddenly, Greece is saying that Germany owes Greece war reparations.

Gee, what a coincidence. You don't think Greece is getting ready to dissolver their debt to Germany and are using war reparations as a lame excuse for Germany to just forgive that debt, do you?

Even if the corrupt Greek commie leaders manage to get away with this, which I don't think they will, the corrupt Greek leaders won't stop their spending and who will loan them money after they refuse to pay the debt to Germany?

As usual, their irresponsible corrupt leaders are about to really screw their nation and possibly turn Greece into a third world nation because of their beloved Marxism. This is going to be a really ugly mess and the people should hang all of their leaders who have contributed to the mess.

The Greek corrupt commie leaders could easily end up starting WWIII.

Yep, good old Marxism, hard at work screwing everything up.


The lefties are getting increasingly obvious and open about their violent coup of the US. The war is escalating faster and faster. More and more of the lefty leaders are increasingly calling for violence in violation of the law with nothing being done, showing they are above the law and know it, which will only encourage them to get more violent. The upper class trash need to start going to prison for their treasonous behavior...or being hung for treason.

Mark sent me a link to a great article on his site, "Impeachment According To The US Constitution" where he explains in excellent detail why the left cannot remove Trump from office even by winning a majority of seats in both houses of Congress. It is the best and most complete article I have seen about this anywhere because Mark does his homework.

The more I think about it, all of this talk about removing Trump via impeaching him is just a diversion to 1) get the hopes of their lefty commie traitor minions up so the traitors will do the bidding of the evil lefty upper class trash and 2) act as a diversion from their ongoing violent coup of the US. Basically, they are saying, "Don't look over here at our violent coup of the US government; look over there at us legally removing Trump by impeaching him", so you won't realize until it is too late that they are staging a violent coup of the US government to overthrow the government to seize control and set up their lefty commie traitor dictatorship. It is all just a distraction to keep you from realizing that the lefty commie traitors are RIGHT NOW staging a violent coup of the US government while the lefties keep calling for more and more violence.

After all, if they can remove Trump and seize control of the US government legally, why would they risk everything by illegally staging a violent coup?

You think I am wrong?

I got this from Newsmax By Theodore Bunker:

"Senate Democrats have shifted their focus away from winning the Upper Chamber and are instead focused on minimizing their loses in the upcoming midterm elections, Politico reports."

Yeah, that sounds like the lefty commie traitors really believe they will win the majority in both houses and be able to impeach and remove Trump. (/sarc)

They KNOW they are going to lose seats, which is the only reason they would shift their focus to "minimizing their loses", and that is why they are increasing their violence and telling people to increase their violence to stage a violent coup of the US government. The impeachment talk is just a distraction.

BTW, Michael Moore is on the talk circuit claiming that Trump is destroying our democracy so the lefties can claim their coup is to "save our democracy". He is just trying to get more people to accept and/or support their violent coup of the US government. It is just another part of their con, baby.

Mean while, Trump's approval rating keeps increasing, meaning that fewer and fewer people would possibly accept or support a violent coup by the lefty commie traitors. Time is working against the lefty commie traitors so they must finish their coup soon or that will fail just like everything else the lefties have tried.

Keep an eye on this.

Bad and Worse

When things get tough and you are thinking things just can't get any worse, just remember the poor woman who was recently enjoying paradise, lying in a hammock on the beach, when a palm tree fell on her and killed her. Bummer!!!

Just think about it, she was killed by the paradise she was enjoying. You know things are bad when paradise attacks you and kills you so chin up, peasant. It can always get worse.

Mega Stores

Remember that I have been complaining about these megastores increasing their profits by picking food before it is ripe so it can sit in warehouses for months before it rots but it is now picked so early that it will often rot before it ripens?

Have you noticed the increasing numbers of massive recalls by these mega stores because of dangerously high bacterial counts in their food? Did you know that the government does not require food processors to completely eliminate dangerous bacteria from their food but to get the bacterial count down to a reasonably safe level?

Now, think about this. Just what do you think will happen to those bacteria populations when they are sitting in warehouses for extended periods of time?

They are going to grow to dangerous levels, baby.

These mega stores have gotten so bad at warehousing stuff so long to increase their profits that increasing amounts of it is going dangerously bad so they are having to pay to recall more and more of their garbage because the idiot Wall Street bean counters who got the right degrees from the right universities only know "the bottom line" and that bottom line is starting to bite them in their butts because their warehousing schemes are starting to backfire.

There is much more to proper business management than the bottom line but, with the upper class trash getting greedier by the day, they just can't steal enough from enough people fast enough so their only concern is "profit maximization", which is rapidly turning into loss maximization.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." Just remember, man plans, God laughs.

Listen, I won't buy things like bread, milk, and meat at Walmart because they warehouse it too long and it won't last long when you get it home, IF it isn't already bad by the time you get it home. The last 3 times I bought bread at Walmart, it was already moldy by the time I got it home. I go to a smaller food chain that doesn't warehouse as long to get the more perishable items and only buy the safer items at Walmart but even those items are starting to sit in warehouses long enough to be at risk.

The big question now is, "Will the upper class trash realize that their warehousing stuff to increase their profits has gone too far and back off to keep from losing their butts before it is too late?"

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, I recently decided to try a couple of their nectarines. I ate the first one when I got home and it was so green it was tough to eat so I decided to wait about 4 or 5 days to eat the other one. The second one was still green on the outside but was already rotting on the inside.

I want my fruit trees so I can stop eating their garbage!!!

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

People can be really stupid, especially today's dumbed down, brainwashed, doped up young people.

I just read an article about 30 people getting injured at a private party in a rented club room in Clemson, South Carolina and the hole they made in the floor on at least the second floor couldn't have been more than 10 feet across and at least 30 people fell through that hole at the same time.

Since the hole was round you have to figure the area for that hole using the formula for the area of a circle so the area of the hole was less than 80 square feet meaning that the people were all packed in extremely tight at about only 2.5 square feet per person, which is extremely tight so they were all in contact with each other. We are talking human sardines, baby.

Assuming there were no overly obese people in that group, that would have still be about 5,000 pounds or 2.5 tons of human mass, the equivalent of at least 2 automobiles, in a space smaller than most individual cars. Then you have that 2.5 tons of human mass jumping up and down in rhythm with the same music so that all 2.5 tons of human mass was repeatedly impacting the floor in the same place at the same time every three fourths of a second like a huge human jack hammer or vertically moving wrecking ball and they were surprised when the floor caved in? Really?

If you know anything about physics or engineering, you should know that ANY structure can only handle so much stress loading before it will fail and collapse. Just the rhythmic shocking alone would have been enough to eventually cause failure because it would have set up vibrations that would have increased the stress loading of the structure.

The floor was at least 4 inches of steel reinforced concrete supporting 4X4 beams, which supported 3/4 tongue and groove wooden flooring and it clearly was overloaded and stressed causing the entire structure to fail. The idiots should consider themselves fortunate that no one died because of their stupidity. But, hey, they were having fun...until they suddenly stopped having fun and started hurting.

BTW, the fire code alone probably limited the total occupancy of that room to only about 30 to 40 people and the room was at least 5 times the size of the hole in the dance floor. Since they were so tightly packed and the hole is the equivalent of about 25% the size of the entire dance floor, you can safely assume there were more than 100 people or about 10 tons of human mass (about 8 automobiles) gyrating on that tiny dance floor when the floor failed and that many people repeatedly pounding down on that floor would have set up vibrations in the floor that caused the floor failure.

They are fortunate that the floor for the entire room didn't fail and they all didn't end up a few floors below with some of them being dead.

Over the years, I have seen the party crowd do this kind of thing again and again and they have still not learned. They just keep on overloading upper story structures and causing them to fail with most incidents resulting in at least a few deaths.

What learning curve?

Migrant Caravan

Remember that I told you years ago that God told me in a dream that, when this is over, the US will have seized control of land as far south as the southern tip of Chile and only God knows which countries between here and there?

This almost all male migrant caravan approaching the US through Mexico and being aided by Mexico, Central America, and South America is an invasive force meant to help the lefty commie traitors seize control of the US government with their violent coup and is an act of war against the US. This act of war, by international law, will justify the US invading and taking the countries supporting this caravan and helping the US lefty commie traitors in their violent coup of the US government. Think about it.


Jordan's King Abdullah II has cancelled part of the Israeli-Jordan peace treaty. Now all they have to do is cancel the rest and the two countries will technically be at war again, you know, just in time for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Can't you just see all of these things coming together in so many areas at just the same time to fulfill God's prophesies?

Gee, what a coincidence, especially the timing for all of this.

Keep an eye on this.


This last Saturday, about 60 spectators gathered to watch a group of witches cast spells and hexes on Kavanaugh.

Hold it, hasn't the left being telling us that there are no witches (while supporting witchcraft), they don't cast spells to harm people, and they don't worship the "dark forces", you know, Satan and his demons? What, they lied to us...again? What have the lefties not lied to us about?

So, do you now believe me when I tell you that the pagan lefty commie traitors are Satanic, especially since they are increasingly showing their true Satanic colors?

BTW, what does the Bible say about pagans casting spells, hexes, and curses against God's people?

Oh yeah, that God will return those curses back to the pagans two and three fold. This could get interesting.


It is increasingly obvious that the left has taken control of our educational system to dumb down and brainwash people but I am seeing increasing numbers of sites, especially on YouTube, that are working to undo this by educating and deprogramming the people who have been dumbed down and brainwashed.

Mark is doing this with his site, I am doing it with this site, Prager U is doing it with their site, and many, many more sites are doing this, which is what is upsetting the lefties. They don't want you to know the truth so you will believe their lies but, with increasing numbers of people turning against the left, it should be obvious that we and the truth are winning. Keep praying, baby, we need it. Your freedom and lives depend on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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