I Told You So 229

North Korea

This is critical.

Remember that I told you that all of the good peaceful news about Kimmy Boy was just Kimmy Boy setting up the West for a great big sucker punch?

Well, recent intelligence is showing that Kimmy Boy is not only not denuclearizing his military but is expanding his nuclear facilities. Gee, what a surprise!

Who would have figured?

Let me give you a little clue here. If Kimmy Boy is expanding his nuclear weapons program, he ain't making peace, he is ramping up for war.

Remember that I told you that Kimmy Boy agreeing with South Korea to disarm the demilitarized zone between the two nations, when that zone was built there for the one reason of preventing the North from staging ANOTHER surprise attack, you know, like they did in 1950, into the South, was just Kimmy Boy setting up South Korea for another surprise attack?

Hey, baby, you gotta get those mines, barbwire, troops, and tanks out of the way so your troops can quickly surge into South Korea.

So, how long do you think it will be before Kimmy Boy stages his surprise attack into South Korea now that the idiot leaders in South Korea are making that possible by demilitarizing the DMZ? A few months, a few years?

You can bet it won't be too much longer. You know that Kimmy Boy is laughing all of the way to the war room.

Kimmy Boy is playing those stupid lefty pacifists running South Korea for fools and he will soon own them and execute the fools, greatly increasing the average IQ on this planet. Unfortunately, you know that some of our young men are going to have to die because too many South Koreans believed the lefty bull crap.

Don't be surprised to find out that North Korea, China, Iran, Turkey, and Russia are planning a coordinated attack against the West, especially the US just like I told you years ago and Kimmy Boy is just prepping his battlefield by sucker punching South Korea to disarm herself and make a big hole in their DMZ for a blitzkrieg into South Korea.

I bet South Korea is going to get a bang out of that.

Remember that I have been telling you that all of those countries are quickly trying to ramp up for war before Trump can get the US military rebuilt from the devastation of the previous 4 presidents, you know, everyone since Reagan.

REMEMBER that Bush I was a globalist traitor and was the first to begin tearing down the US military following Ronnie rebuilding the US military following the post Vietnam tear down by Nixon, Ford, and Cartuh?

Then remember that globalist Billy Boy tore the US military down to a no front military that could not have fought either Russia or China in a conventional war WHILE selling classified military information to China and probably also Russia, which was followed by Bush II rebuilding the US military from a no front military to a grossly insufficient military that couldn't even win his war against Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and North Korea ?

Then remember that was followed by the Muslim infiltrator and globalist, Obama tearing the US military back down to a no front military so we couldn't resist being forced by the rest of the world to accept their global dictatorship?

Then remember that Billy Boy, Soros, and Obama have built their own commie fifth column army, you know, Obama's CNSF or Antifa, inside the US to simultaneously stage a revolt or war from within the US to further stretch out our limited forces with the other lefty commie traitors in the US doing everything they can everywhere they can to make it even more difficult for the US to survive and not become part of a commie dictatorship?

In the last two years, Trump has been trying to quickly rebuild the US military back to a proper and necessary multi front military because he knows we will have to fight the globalists, Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, and North Korea, he has done a great job but it still may not be enough so he has been developing military alliances with other nations like Japan, India, Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam, and others with the EU resisting by not wanting to spend the money to rebuild their militaries.

Can we say screwed?

Me thinks we is getting just a wee bit close to that war and it will start simultaneously in Korea, Japan, South China Sea, Taiwan, India, the Persian Gulf, Israel, Greece (read Turkey) and the Ukraine plus probably a few other places too in order to spread out the limited US forces and our very limited allied forces before we can finish rebuilding them to an adequate strength and the idiot lefties running South Korea are making it easier for our enemies.

Note that these riots in Europe against the EU and their traitors may help us, if they are the right people.

Keep an eye on this and you just might want to pray long, pray hard, and pray often that God will deliver us out of the hands of our evil enemies and deliver our evil enemies into our hands. It is going to take a miracle, people. You just kind of might want to repent of your sins and get right with God before it is too late, which could be tomorrow...or this afternoon.


I got another great feedback from Mark about my last essay I want to share with you and add to:

"There are organizations with accreditation that will grant a Ph.D. on a dissertation alone and of course with a fairly hefty tuition. One can find them on the Internet. I'll stick with my Th.D.

I wonder if those California government run homeless shelters will clean up the brown spots on the San Francisco 'poop map'?

Like Margaret Thatcher (and others) in essence said, 'The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.'

Here is her exact quote: 'It's the Labour Government that have brought us record peace-time taxation. They've got the usual Socialist disease-they've run out of other people's money.'"


Thanks, Mark.

Not only are there organizations that provide college degrees with just a dissertation but there are organizations making a lot of money called "paper mills" that provide a fake college diploma for just money with no education, dissertation, or anything but the green stuff. It is called fraud and it is rampant.

The last time I checked, there are literally tens of millions of "x-spurts" in just the US and tens of millions more around the world, who got their degrees from one of these paper mills. If the FBI were to actually cramp down on fraud in this country, tens of millions of people would go to prison for fraud really fast.

And guess where millions of these people work?

Yep, for the government, everything from your local city government to the federal government. A while back I read a report that stated that there are a huge number (I forget exactly how many) of people practicing medicine in this country who have no college education, they just have a paper mill degree and lie very well. Now the government being run by people and there being many doctors who practice medicine with nothing more than a paper mill degree should be just a wee bit scary to you.

That is right, boys and girls, a lot of those deep staters fighting Trump are x-spurts with paper mill degrees who couldn't get and keep a job in the real world making half as much money legally, you know, without committing fraud. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that frauds like Fauxcahontas also have fake college degrees.

Maybe she could get a DNA test for her college degrees?

Then you add to that that these people have created a system to where you can be "officially" classified as an x-spurt about anything by simply taking a clinic, which can be from one day to a few weeks AND that is ALL of your government employees.

Actually go to college and learn something?

Oh no, just take a little clinic in which you barely even begin to scratch the surface learning about something and you is are be an official, government recognized know-it-all smarty pants x-spurt.

Does any intelligent person believe that you could possibly even begin to learn as much from one of those clinics as you could from years of college?

I had to deal with this ignorant crap when I was coaching bicycle racing. When I started coaching, I was one of only two college trained coaches I knew of in bicycle racing in the US who had studied any college about coaching and my university was ranked as one of the best in the US and the world and I read the other guy's book and my science is much better than his science.

The rest of the coaches I was coaching against, their only credentials were that they were has been athletes who knew how to ride races but didn't know squat about coaching athletes, which is why they couldn't beat my butt at coaching.

I tried for decades to get the national governing body to recognize a college education for a coaching license but they absolutely refused to do that, while admitting that you couldn't possibly learn as much in one of their childish Neanderthal clinics as you could from years of college.


Because they couldn't beat me because I had the education and, if they changed their system to encourage other college trained coaches like me to come into the sport, they would not have been able to win one race and would have lost their jobs as bicycle racing x-spurts and, today, their system is even worse than it was when I was coaching. Good luck finding a college quality coach in bicycle racing.

Them refusing to do the right thing is called "job security", boys and girls, and your wonderful deep state is doing the same thing. Your government is being run by a bunch of fraudulent quacks telling you to do things, who have no idea how to do those things because they have paper mill degrees and/or took some of them thar clinic thingies to become smarty pants x-spurts and these people are the ones who insist that they should be running your lives. Scary, huh?

And you wonder why they keep screwing everything up?

Wonder no more, my dears, now you know. I forgot more than thar x-spurts know.

Then you add to all of that that, if you go to a liberal university and learn from some ignorant, brainwashed liberal college professor some ignorance based bull crap, you are just as ignorant and maybe worse than the jerks who buy diplomas from paper mills. Then you realize just how screwed we really are because, most likely, that x-spurt you are listing to from the government or on the media is probably a quack who don't know nuttin'.

The lefties have totally screwed up the system so they can get the best paying jobs doing important things without having to learn a thing worth remembering. We are really screwed because that is how bad it really is.

Hey, getting a degree based entirely on a dissertation isn't good but it is a lot better than what most are doing. At least they have to prove they know something...well, maybe. OK, not if the dissertation is just a formality.


Now, let's deal with what Margaret Thatcher said and what is going on in these Marxist countries, "It's the Labour Government that have brought us record peace-time taxation. They've got the usual Socialist disease-they've run out of other people's money."

Let me give you a little clue here, boys and girls, the reason why the lefties MUST keep raising your taxes is because they keep promising you more and more free stuff to keep you voting for them so they keep running out of other people's money, you know, your money, not their money, so they have to keep raising taxes to keep getting more of other people's money, you know, your money and not their money.

As long as you people keep selling your votes to these criminals for more and more free stuff, they will HAVE TO keep raising your taxes to keep paying for that increasing free stuff. It should only be common sense, people, that, as you increase the free stuff, you have to increase the government income called taxes to keep paying for that increasing free stuff. Duh, hello!!!

Well, the stupid commies in Europe have got so much free stuff they can't afford to pay the taxes to pay for the free stuff and that is why they are ticked. It is called living above your means and Marxism will ALWAYS cause people to live above their means, which will always cause them to pay so much in taxes that it will always impoverish them, not the upper class trash running everything, just you. The upper class trash money is protected with things like special trust funds that can't be taxed.

Which is why ALL Marxist run governments ALWAYS end up with almost all of the people living in poverty, you know, like Venezuela and now most of Europe will soon be there.

The next time some corrupt politician tries to buy your vote with free stuff, you better figure out if you can afford to pay the taxes required to pay for that free stuff because you will have to pay those taxes plus the extra money those corrupt politicians will stuff in their greedy little pockets.

You see, it will cost you a whole lot less if you just get a job, earn the money, and buy the free stuff yourself AND you get to choose which free stuff you want and don't have to pay for the free stuff you don't want.

Stop being a stupid Marxist. You are playing the fool and being a stupid sucker for the upper class trash and their corrupt politician puppet whores. Your soul is worth much more than that free stuff so tell Satan and his bunch to take a hike.

Satan Worshipers

I saw an interview with a Satan worshiper who knew all of the semantics or word games to make them sound just so good.

"Why, they aren't evil, they just believe in 'free will.'"

That sounds so wonderful, doesn't it?

Yeah, the typical deceptiveness of Satan and his bunch. Hey, I know, let's tell the truth, what they really believe in is their right to "do as they will" or anything they want regardless of who it hurts. That is the truth about what Satanists call free will. They can do just like Satan tells them, "Do as you will." Anything and everything goes and they don't see themselves as evil because the only thing that is evil is what you would call good. Why, their free will thingy is them being able to do anything they want to anyone they want any time they want regardless of whether you want it and regardless of whether it hurts you. No, they ain't evil. (/sarc)

BTW, one of the things they believe is their free will to do is to lie, which means you can't believe a thing they say.

Are they evil? Based on whose definition of evil, yours or theirs? Get the picture yet?

Based on good people's definition, they are pure evil.

And you know that, when someone else does as they will to them, they whine about it. But, hey, that is the price you pay for being a pagan, baby.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Think about it; if you can do it to someone else, someone else can do it to you. That is why God gave us Laws to protect us from other people doing as they will to us.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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