I Told You So 230


I get so tired of this crap we are being fed about Iran's weapons capabilities and no one having enough common sense to figure out the truth about it.

Remember that I have been telling you they already have nukes and their nukes can reach anywhere on this planet, while everyone else is telling you they are "still developing nukes" and their missiles can only reach to Eastern Europe?

One of their commanding officers just stated that Iran recently tested a new longer range missile.

Really? What are they going to do, launch missiles at the moon?

Go to this site and you will see, with your own lying eyes, pictures of at least 29 different MODELS of satellites Iran has launched into low orbit and orbited those satellites ALL.AROUND.THE.PLANET.

What? They can orbit satellites over your head but they can't orbit a nuke warhead over your head? Really?

Please note that they show at least four different satellites of at least one model, which you can tell by the different coloring. Those are only the TYPES or MODELS of satellites they have put into space and not all of the numbers of satellites they have put into space. They have clearly put multiple satellites of some models into space.

Now, let's use a little common sense here. If you don't have any, I will lone you some of mine. If they can put dozens of satellites into space and orbit those dozens of satellites all around the planet, then they can put nuke warheads into space, orbit them over your nation, drop them out of orbit onto your butt, and detonate them. Duh, hello, no brainer!


Then you say, "But they tells us them thar Iranians don't gots no nukes."

To that I respond with some more common sense. Iran has been working on developing nukes for almost 40 YEARS with the help of nuclear weapons nations like Pakistan, North Korea, China, the traitorous EU, and Russia and they don't have nukes yet? Really? Are you really stupid enough to believe that?

If that were true, they would be the ONLY nation in history that has been working for more than 6 years to develop a nuclear warhead and still have not developed a nuke WITH THE HELP of at least half a dozen other nuclear capable nations.

Now, are you really stupid enough to believe that crap?

Let me give you another clue, IRAN HAS NUKES!!!!! She is building an arsenal of nukes and not just one nuke. She knows she needs and wants HUNDREDS of nukes.

Quit believing the bull crap in the media about things like Iran has a longer range missile or is still working on developing A nuclear weapon.

Longer range missile? What? Are they getting ready to wage war against Mars?

Use some common sense and quit believing the bull crap they are feeding you.


Remember that I have been telling you for years that God is going to destroy the EU and is RIGHT NOW destroying the EU?

By the strangest of coincidences, European x-spurts are now saying that there are several different things which could easily cause the fall of the EU in its current state. They are right now writing papers and articles explaining how and why the EU is currently very vulnerable to destroying itself.

Remember, man plans, God laughs!

Gee, who would have figured?

By the time most x-spurts figure out something like this and start writing about it, the event is almost history.

Right now, France's formerly arrogant President Macaroni is begging and bribing his people to stop their rioting in hopes of saving his own butt. He has all but lost his power as president and could be on his way out soon. If the commie efforts to bribe the rioters to stop rioting don't stop the rioting, he could easily face a no confidence vote by parliament be forced to have new elections and you can bet you will find his butt standing in an unemployment line somewhere soon.

Merkel has already lost her job and is trying to replace herself with a globalist clone, which even the European x-spurts are saying it ain't going to work, baby.

May and maybe not had to withdraw her Brexit proposal from being voted on because it was about to suffer a completely humiliating defeat, the worst in more than 100 years of the British parliament, and she has probably lost her power with talk about a no confidence vote, which would require another election and you can bet she will find herself in the unemployment line.

Many other globalist leaders in the EU have already been replaced by populist leaders, such as in Italy and Hungary. Then they are talking about the EU just completely crumbling in Brussels. EU elites are themselves concerned that they may soon be unemployed.

What EU, baby?

The EU and globalist turkeys are running scared because, once again, the arrogant upper class trash have pushed the people too far because the arrogant upper class trash refuse to learn from history.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties, Muslims, and media are lying to you about Islam being a religion of peace?

I get so tired of the lefty lies and other crap, especially when they are so obvious that they insult our intelligence.

I am going to show you how you can find out for yourself that Islam is NOT and CANNOT be a religion of peace. All you have to do is read the first three to four chapters of the Koran and Muhammad TELLS you why he created Islam. You don't have to read the entire Koran, just the first three to four chapters.

But, hey, don't believe me! Don't believe the flagrantly lying lefties, Muslims, and media either! All you have to do is read the FIRST three to four chapters of the Koran and let your lying eyes, a basic understanding of human behavior, and a little common sense tell you WHY Muhammad created Islam.

You see, Muhammad spends much, if not most, of the first three to four chapters of the Koran CHASTIZING his followers for breaking off their attacks against specific caravans he repeatedly named when Muhammad just KNEW that they almost had the caravan defeated, could enslave all of the people, rape the women and children, and take their belongings. Yes, that is right, Muhammad TELLS you that he was a murdering, raping, robbing, enslaving bandit and the head of his own band or murdering gang; he tells you so again and again and again and again and again. It is so obvious that it is mind boggling that no one has said anything about it.

But, hey, don't believe me, read it yourself with your own lying eyes!!! Muhammad TELLS you, himself.

Now, common sense, what kind of religion is a murdering, raping, robbing, enslaving bandit leader going to create when he very clearly tells you that he was very frustrated with his men quitting the attacks against specific caravans he even names and he wants his men to risk their lives to win the fight so Muhammad will get more wealthy by stealing from and enslaving others?

Think about that, just think about that before you read more.

He used the Sabianism he grew up under with their war god, Allah, being his clans primary god (yeah, that alone should be a huge red flag that a man who grew up worshiping a war god for any religion and chooses that war god to be his one and only god is going to create a religion of peace? Right!), then he mixed in a little Judaism and Christianity to make it look different than Sabianism, and created a religion in which his followers are GUARANTEED eternal salvation and paradise IF they die fighting or even are killed before they can kill anyone to murder, rape, rob, and enslave people to make Muhammad more wealthy.

And that is exactly the religion Muhammad created because the Koran tells them again and again and again and again that, if they die fighting to make Muhammad more wealthy, they are GUARANTEED salvation or paradise. As a matter of fact, the Koran makes it very clear that is the ONLY way Muslims can have guaranteed salvation, which is why they keep going to war against the West while losing that war and everyone on their side dying.

Muhammad told his Muslims again and again and again and again that, if they refuse to fight and murder other people to make Muhammad more wealthy, those Muslims were not true Muslims, were to be killed (Yeah, Muhammad gave them the death penalty for NOT fighting to make Muhammad more wealthy), and they would spend eternity burning in Hell.

Now, if you grow up being brainwashed with this bull crap and believing it, what are you going to want to do when you grow up? To die fighting, regardless of whether you are winning, to gain GUARANTEED paradise? Probably, you think?

Get a clue, they are there, waging war against you, for one and only one reason and that is to get GUARANTEED paradise by DYING fighting, whether they win or lose doesn't matter but that they die fighting against non Muslims. You have to understand that, in their minds, if they die fighting against and killing you, they are GUARANTEED paradise, even if they have been a terrible Muslim all of their lives and violated every law in Islam, if they die fighting you, they are GUARANTEED paradise; the Koran makes that very clear again and again and again.

And IT WORKED and it is still working 1,400 years after Muhammad died. Oops!

Also, by paying attention to this fact, you can see that most of the chapters in the Koran are in chronological order, in spite of what the all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, highly educated, upper class trash, natural elite x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities tell you, because the changes in the Koran and Muhammad's message follow the changes in his life as he progressed from raiding caravans to raiding villages then towns then cities and then the problems other Muslims started causing him at the end of his life.

I mean, these messages in the Koran are so BLATANT that it is mind boggling that none of these x-spurts get it, which proves it don't take no intelligence to get those degrees from those universities. I am convinced that these x-spurts are REALLY stupid.

Then you look at the promises Muhammad made to his followers, who were all bandits, criminals, thieves, and murders for what they will have in paradise. First, they will get to lie around on couches or beds forever and never have to do any work, you know, why most people steal; so they can live a life of luxury and don't have to do any work.

Then they will be waited on by the prettiest little boys they get to rape, you know, something every good person wants to spend eternity doing; raping little boys. By the way, if you have been paying ANY attention at all, you should know that Muslims are homosexual pedaphiles who even dress up their little boys as little girls so they can get turned on by them and regularly rape them but they don't consider men raping little boys to be homosexuality because the little boys are not men.

Then they are promised 72 virgins who regain their virginity every time after they are screwed so these evil monster bandits, can spend eternity raping them in their beds they never have to leave.

People, their idea of paradise is that they get 72 sex slaves plus all of those pretty little boys they get to spend eternity screwing while never having to do any work because their sex slaves will do everything for them.

So, how do you stop them from showing up to murder you?

Muhammad tells you that too. You see, Muhammad told his people that, after they are dead, if the enemy does certain things to their dead bodies, the Muslims will burn in Hell and can't get GUARANTEED eternal paradise, even if they died fighting and killing you non Muslims. These things include but are not limited to:

1. Their body becomes contaminated with anything from a pig, you know, like you poor pig blood or urine on any part of their dead body, you dip the tips of your bullets in pig grease, or you sew their dead body up in a pig skin or any other such thing, after they are dead.

2. If they are buried with their feet pointing towards Mecca and are then burned to ashes so their dead bodies cannot be turned around with their heads pointing towards Mecca, then they will NOT get guaranteed paradise and will burn in hell forever.

3. If you urinate on their dead bodies, they will NOT get guaranteed paradise and will burn in hell forever.

Then, if you do any or all of those things to the dead bodies of the Muslims after they try to murder you, then they CANNOT get guaranteed paradise and will burn in hell forever and they will stop showing up to murder you. That is just common sense, people.

Let's say a Muslim blows himself up and all that is left of his dead body is some blood and chunks of flesh, then, if you walk around pouring either pig's blood or urine on what is left of his body, then the Muslim will be denied eternal paradise and will burn in hell forever and the suicide bombing will come to a screeching halt.

If you do ANY or ALL of those things and other things to a dead murdering, raping, robbing, enslaving Muslim's body, they will stop their murdering, raping, robbing, and enslaving and behave themselves for fear of you sending them to hell. End game, you.

If you DON'T do any or all of those things to dead murdering, raping, robbing, enslaving Muslim bodies, they will keep getting guaranteed paradise and they will keep showing up to murder, rape, rob, and enslave you.

It is just common sense based on what Muhammad told you. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out because Muhammad told you. All you have to do is listen to Muhammad, you know, read the first three or four chapters of the Koran.

Now, what should all of this tell you?

That, if you starting doing the things they believe will send them to hell on public TV and in front of cameras, within two weeks, all of these Muslim terrorists and fighters will put down their weapons and go home. NONE of them will continue to fight knowing you will do what is necessary to send them to hell, at least in their minds.

It is called psychological warfare and has been used for thousands of years. Using psychological warfare, I can end the Muslim violence against non Muslims anywhere on this planet within two weeks because Muhammad told me how to do it.

You always take control of your enemy's mind to make them think what you want them to think so they will do what you want them to do so you can defeat them. That is rule #1 in psychological warfare and it works. You use their minds to defeat them.

Two weeks, I will send them packing, and the killing will stop.

Let me give you another clue. The way the lefties and their Muslim pals have had you doing it since 9/11 sure ain't working. The Muslims just keep right on murdering you.

Maybe, just maybe it is time to change how you are doing it?

You know, the way you are doing it has only been failing for about 17 years.

Do you now understand why Muhammad told his followers to not take their copy of the Koran to other nations? Gee, you don't think it could be because those other nations would 1) learn that Islam is about conquering the world or 2) that Muhammad told those nations how to defeat Islam in the Koran?

BTW, in all of the Muslim holy writings, including the Koran, Muhammad talked about the Koran as a book that already existed but today's academic genius x-spurts tell you that the Koran wasn't put together and didn't exist as a book until hundreds of years AFTER Muhammad died?

Really, yes these academic x-spurts are that stupid telling you that it don't require no smarts to get those degrees from those universities.

So, how did the Koran exist while Muhammad was still writing the Koran so he could refer to it as a book, while he was writing the book?

Because, when he first started out, he was already dictating the Koran to a Hebrew rabbi/scribe because Muhammad couldn't read or write but he wasn't stupid enough to not know how to use a scribe, which was common practice during his time, and, when Muhammad had already dictated the first chapter, then the Koran already existed, it is just that as Muhammad continued to dictate the Koran to the Hebrew scribe, the Koran continued to grow and develop and, therefore, he could talk about the Koran in the Koran while still writing the Koran because he just kept adding more chapters as time went by. Duh, hello, no brainer!

In other words, most of today's Koran was put together by Muhammad and his Hebrew scribe before Muhammad died. I am sure that different Muslim rulers added things to the Koran they liked or took things out of the Koran that they didn't like but most of it was already written and a book by the time Muhammad died or else Muhammad would not have talked about the Koran as a book in any of his writings.

Why is it that just about everything these academic geniuses tell you about the Koran and Islam is wrong? Are they really that stupid?

What the biggest part of the problem is that almost all of these academic x-spurts, who got the right degrees from the right universities, on those religions have NEVER read the books those religions are based on. What they do is the read books written about those books by people who read books written about those books by people who read books written about those books, which should tell you that they could not possibly know what the crap they are talking about.

For example, in decades of talking to people who either had a theological degree or were working on a theological degree from some university and were therfore considered an expert on Christianity, I NEVER knew one who had actually read the Bible. The most I ever found was one person who had a bachelor's degree in theology and was considered an expert on Christianity who had actually read TWO chapters out of the Bible out of more than 180 chapters. All of the rest read one chapter or less, you know, just a few verses, out of the Bible but day is are be x-spoits on it, duh.

People, that is like thinking you are an expert on the book "Mob Dick" because you read the forward, which is about as stupid as you can get.

When I studied Islam, I started by reading the Koran straight through, then I went to sites written by Muslim clerics in English for Muslims who can only read English and studied on those sites, then I listened to different people who had been devout Muslims and had converted to Christianity talk and answer questions about Islam. Basically, I researched, I dug, I studied, and I learned the truth about Islam.

The academic x-spurts?

If they has got dem a Ph.D., then they read one book written by one academic hack who read one book written by one academic hack who read one book written by one academic hack, den they is are be an x-spoit. Dem knows it all, baby.

When I studied Christianity, I have read the Bible straight through four times plus I have read every book in the Bible at least a dozen times and I have read many of those books more than 3 dozen times; I have read the Chumash or Hebrew annotated Torah, and I have studied parts of the Hebrew Tanach or rabbi annotated Old Testament. I studied the history and archaeology of the Middle East, I studied the history and archaeology of the Hebrews, I studied the ancient customs and traditions of the Hebrews, I have studied everything else to do with Judaism and Christianity that I could find.

The reason I wrote my novel "Yahweh" was because I had never seen or heard of one book or documentary, especially documentaries, on the Hebrew Exodus that had been more than a maximum of 5% scripturally or historically accurate. They all sucked.

So I sat down with the Bible, the Chumash, and the Tanach side-by-side, went through the entire story of the Exodus in the scriptures to make a list of every scripture which pertained to any and all of the events during the Exodus, then I took that list, went through those same texts one scripture at a time to write the novel so it would be as scripturally accurate as possible, and added in significant amounts of history and archaeology to show what it would have been like to have lived and grown up during the Exodus. I described weapons, set battle warfare, siege warfare, and the fact that, during that time, people outside of communities were very prone to attack by bandits that are not described in the Bible but are historically accurate.

My novel "Yahweh" is more scripturally and historically accurate than anything else I know of anywhere, ANYWHERE.

As much as humanly possible, I do my homework. I ain't no stupid academic x-spoit.

BTW, did you know that until after the gun was invented and many people began carrying guns, that being attacked by bandits or criminals when traveling between towns was very common?

That is why they started the Knights Templar organization, to protect travelers to the Holy Land from bandits, usually Muslim bandits.

At the time of Jesus, the only way to travel between towns safely was to travel in groups called caravans. In order to be able to travel in a caravan, one had to have a weapon like a sword or spear and be willing to use it to fight to protect the caravan. If you did not have a weapon with which to help protect the caravan, they did not let you travel with the caravan, period.

This simple historical fact explains why one of th Apostles had a sword to draw and cut off a soldier's ear with it. You see, everyone who traveled between towns had to have a sword or spear to be able to safely travel between towns, including Jesus. They would not have let him travel with their caravans without one. Think about it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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