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Here is an interesting little fact I realized recently.

Did you know that Karl Marx has destroyed more economies than anyone else in history?

He has probably destroyed more economies than any 10 or 20 people in history. He is the greatest economic failure in history.

That is a fact, baby.

And, yet, there are academic idiots who still think Karl Marx was brilliant? Just how stupid are these academic geniuses?

Therefore, if you believe in Marxism, you are a babbling idiot.

Also, if someone says they can't remember something and they can remember it, they are lying, which means that, if they are under oath, they just lied under oath or committed perjury and should go to prison, you know, like Hillary and Comey.

Also, the House trying to find a way to impeach Trump when they have no evidence for any impeachable crime is a political coup and constitutes treason. Those people should be shot or hung for treason.

Anyone who has to go fishing for a reason to get rid of Trump is staging a coup and committing treason.


Have you noticed that Trump keeps getting a lot of lemons for humans he hires?

Have you ever wondered who is sabotaging his cabinet and judicial appointments by giving him bad intel about people?

If I were him, I would be firing that turd real soon. Obviously there is a traitor in the Trump ranks.

BTW, remember that I told you that the US had collected more than $5 billion in tariffs this year and asked if that was how Trump was going to pay to build the wall?

He just said that Mexico is paying for the wall with the trade deals. Is that what he meant?


I love sharing some of the feedback I get from Mark because he provides such good comments. I got the following e-mail from Mark:

"Jack Van Impe and other end-times "experts" used hocus-pocus exegesis to come up with the EU being the antichrist's kingdom. The EU never was exactly ten nations for any period of time. That number has always been fungible.

I have read the Koran also. What is amazing is that many things Muhammad claimed Allah said were illegal, Muhammad himself was exempt from. Allah often gave Muhammad a pass on obeying his, that is, Allah's law.

In the Koran Allah claims to be a great deceiver. He is also shown as a warring god who advocates murdering unbelievers.

Gee, who does that resemble?

John 8:44 KJV Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Hebrew, (Hebrew text that my software won't recognize), alah: curse, oath, execration, abhorrence, abomination, etc.

If you recall, a few years ago, American military men were prosecuted for urinating on the dead bodies of Muslims.

I assure you I, a theologian (Th.D.), have read the Bible straight through multiple times and many times fractionally to study it in depth. My studies of the Bible and related materials have been similar to yours. My studies are fairly extensive, but you have obviously studied a good bit more that I have.

You are absolutely correct about Jesus and the Apostles and disciples carrying weapons on their travels. I always carry.

I've read Moby Dick through a couple of times as well :. From "Call me Ishmael" to "the great shroud of the sea rolled on as it rolled five thousand years ago." Melville did quite a bit of studying before he wrote Moby Dick. I learned much about whaling and seafaring in the nineteenth century just reading that book. It is a great work. I have the book on my shelf.

That was a very good essay. Thanks.


Thanks, Mark.

Note that Mark got his Th.D. from a Christian seminary and is VERY knowledgeable about the Bible, the kind of person that I respect. He has been reading in the Bible and studying it for years. He has a site where he teaches about it here.


This kills me, absolutely kills me. I am convinced that the people running Israel have no common sense or are out of touch with the reality of what goes on in terrorism in spite of the fact that they do the best job in the world at fighting terrorism.

They are still tearing down the houses of the families of terrorists to "punish the terrorists".

Really? Let me get this straight, if one of my children, who I probably don't like, is sent by me to murder an Israeli, I will get enough money from some terrorist sponsoring nation like Saudi Arabia or Iran to build a really nice home and you are going to punish me by saving me the money of tearing down my old home so I don't have to spend the money to tear down my old home to build a newer and better home with that money we will get for sending our child off to murder someone so I will be able to build an even better home and you think that is punishment? Really?

I have a better idea. Tear down their old home so that it is a pile of rubble and then pour a ton or two of cement over the rubble so the owners will have to pay to tear up the cement and remove the rubble so they can build their new home and then nationalize any and all moneys they get from terrorist sponsoring nations so they can't pay to tear up the rubble, much less build a new home, give that money to the families of the people they murdered, and give the terrorist family a tent to live in on top of the cemented rubble.

Now, that is a punishment. Besides, if these terrorist sponsoring nations know that Israel will confiscate the money they pay the terrorist families and use that money to fight the terrorists, they will stop sending such money to terrorist families.

Oh, BTW, some in Israel are beginning to realize that tearing down the homes of the families of the people who commit a terrorist act is not a punishment but is a reward and they are talking about passing a bill to expel that family from Israel, you know, with all of that money to build a really nice home somewhere else.

Why don't they do something that will actually solve the problem?

I already told you how to punish Muslims for committing a terrorist attack. Muhammad told you how to do that. Nothing else will be a punishment to them.

You execute the terrorist so his body falls into a puddle of pig feces, sew his contaminated body up inside of a pig skin, and drop it off on mom's front porch for mom to deal with. Then you pour pig feces all over the outside and inside their home. They will stop the terrorist attacks. I know because Muhammad said so.

Socialism Trap

God is causing me to learn a lot that I would not have learned had my illness not have plunged me into poverty, especially about the trap of socialism.

They always talk about how they give you a cost of living increase every year with their socialism, you know, they are just being so kind, caring, and generous...with the money I paid in taxes before I became too ill to work. Why, how kind of them to give some of my money back to me.

Let me share the secret little socialist poverty trap they use with the cost of living and many other such "acts of kindness" by the lefty commie traitors, especially the upper class trash.

I am making so little on my Social Security, you know, in tax money I paid before I got sick, that I have to use food stamps to help me get by. Last year, they gave me about a $20 cost of living increase, made a huge deal out of it, and most people thought, "gee, they sure is taking care of them people."

Yeah, with one hand they gave us the money with a lot of fan fare and quietly took a big chunk of it away with the other hand so we ended up getting an increase that was well below their calculated increase in the cost of living.

After they gave me that cost of living increase, because it increased my income, they decreased my food stamps by $8 or 40% of the cost of living increase, which left me with a lower cost of living increase than they told you about, which meant that my buying power actually decreased in relation to the cost of living. In other words, by the time the dust had settled, I had become even more impoverished than I was before they gave us that cost of living increase.

I am supposed to get a $21 cost of living increase this coming January but I ain't too excited about it because I am also waiting to find out how much they will take back with the other hand, you know, food stamps that will actually decrease my buying power again and make me even more impoverished. Note that they don't tell you about that part.

I found out from Mark that, since he makes enough from Social Security that he doesn't need government assistance, they use another trick to decrease his buying power and move him closer to poverty. When he gets a Social Security increase for cost of living, they take more out of his income, you know, Social Security, to pay for Medicare because now he is making more money and he ends up with less buying power and getting closer to poverty.

What these dirty little tricks by our corrupt socialist government do is make you less and less wealthy until you eventually become impoverished and then they use the dirty little tricks to keep you impoverished.

Socialism is a financial trap where they "give you something" (out of the money you paid in taxes) to help you but then quietly take away enough with the other hand so they actually end up hurting you. It is fraud, a slight of hand, socialist black magic, and an outright con job.

Once they get you dependent on their socialist government, they use dirty tricks like this to drive you down into poverty because it is much easier to control poor people than to control people who have money. When you get hungry enough, you will sell your guns to buy food to feed yourself and your family.

And those evil little commie bureaucrats who willfully help with such wickedness to get those big fat paychecks, their day is coming, baby, and it won't be long.

What do you think all of those "unfunded liabilities" are that they keep talking about that the government won't be able to pay in the near future?

They are the retirement plans for all of those treasonous bureaucrats that have grown in numbers to the point that the government won't be able to pay them soon, probably in the next 5 to 10 years.

What will happen when the government can't pay those retirement plans?

It has already happened a few times and what the government does is declare bankruptcy, the courts let them decrease how much the government will have to pay on those bureaucrat retirement plans, and they will end up in poverty like me. Yepper, they is going to get screwed by their commie government just like the rest of us because the only people who make out on any kind of Marxism for the long term are the upper class trash.

It is like I have told you, Marxism is just a complex system they developed to hide them stealing more money from more people faster.

And you think they didn't plan all of this out to intentionally impoverish all of us?

You better think again.


In Nigeria, Africa, some of the people are fighting back against Boko Haram, the Muslim terrorist organization that kidnaps children, especially girls. Most of the people involved are hunters who know the bush and have primitive weapons. They are using home made rifles against modern automatic rifles like AK-47s and better. Some of these hunters are using single shot rifles with percussion caps. That is right, they are fighting Muslim terrorists with weapons technology that is 200 years old.

Talk about brave people.

An old M-1 Garand from WWII would be a huge improvement in the weapons these freedom fighters are using.

I wish I could help them with better weapons and vehicles and the US military should; along with a little training would be nice too.

I pray for them and they need your prayers. We need more people like this. They are the ones would will eventually save the rest of us from our own stupidity.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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