I Told You So 237

Commie Bus

Remember that I have been telling you spoiled rich commie brats that, when you are no longer useful idiots, just idiots, the lefties will shove your traitor butts under the big commie bus?

I got this from Breitbart by Trent Baker:

"While discussing the 2020 presidential race, former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) called on the Democrat Party's 'young people' to take over.

Dean noted on CNN's 'New Day' how 'incredibly good' the younger candidates are on social media.

'The people I'm most interested in are the young ones,' Dean said Thursday. 'I think it's time the young people take over the party. They pretty much did in the last election.'

He added, 'I'm interested in a younger, newer candidate.'"

What? You mean they are shoving all of the older commie traitors under the commie bus because they aren't useful idiots anymore and are just idiots? Who would have thought?

Next fools, idiots, and suckers!

And, oh yeah, talk about turning against older commies, I got this from Breitbart by Matthew Boyle:

"Several freshman Democrat members of the new House of Representatives majority have turned on Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her steadfast refusal to fund President Donald Trump's planned wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and are instead seeking for Democrats to cut a deal on the wall with Trump."

What? You mean the new commie traitors are thinking about getting rid of Pelosi the way Stalin got rid of Linen?

Gee, what a coincidence. No one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

I have found out that, immediately after Trump won in 2016, the younger commies being financed by the upper class trash organized and began recruiting other young commies to displace the older existing commies who had failed in a radical coup within the Commiecrat Party. This coup has been building for the last few years and is gaining momentum with increasing results.

If you think these younger, more radical commies are not planning a violent coup, you better think again. As soon as they have shoved the older "loser" commies under the great commie bus and have control of the Commiecrat Party, they will stage a violent coup of the US government to set up their communist dictatorship in the US and then globally. Ocasio-Cortez is one of the most significant commie puppet leaders of this coup...who will probably get purged after the upper class trash get the power they want.

I told you that the upper class trash are failing, they are very desperate, and are preparing to reverse everything Trump and others are doing to just staging a violent coup.

Mark sent me the following e-mail that fits in with this after I wrote it but before I posted it:

"You may not care much for Rush Limbaugh, but here is something he wrote:

'This is one of the things that's always amazed me about the left and journalists. The journalists have always pushed communist leaders and dictators. They're somehow enamored of them. They envy their power. They would be the first people sent to jail in a legitimate communist takeover!'

I am so happy that someone in the media has finally said what I have been saying about the media for years!

I will add, not only jailed, but they would be purged (or murdered) on some pretense in the communists' kangaroo courts. Or maybe lined up along a ditch and be summarily executed with automatic weapons, like communists and fascists throughout history have always done."

First, I don't dislike Rush but don't pay much attention to him. God has him doing his thing and me doing mine.

Second, this is very true about what commies have always done to the stupid journalists but it is much deeper than that. Study the history of when ALL commies have taken over and you can see the stupidity of the lefties who are promoting their beloved communism.

The first people they always round up and kill are the idiot lefty journalists and college professors who helped put the commies in power.


Because it is these traitors who have always been most responsible for putting the commies in power and therefore would be most capable of taking them back out of power. The idiots go from being an asset to a threat and are therefore killed off every time and the idiots never learn. They just keep making the same stupid mistake again and again, reliving and forcing us to relive history because they are brain dead stupid...and after their glorious coup, always just brain dead...and everything else dead.

Then the commie leaders also quickly round up and kill all of the lefty politicians and other traitors, who also helped put the commie leaders into power for the same reason. Lefties are just mind boggling stupid. It hurts to even think about how stupid they are.

You watch and soon the upper class trash will start purging the idiot lefty commie traitor journalists who have discredited themselves "for the cause" and no one will listen to them any more to replace them with other stupid commie traitor journalists. They will start having "accidents", stepping out of tall buildings, and committing suicide with a couple of bullets to the back of their heads.

Hey, when they are not useful idiots any more, they are just idiots who pose a threat to the upper class trash.

Keep an eye on this. The purge has already begun and they don't even have their dictatorship yet.

Stock Market

Remember that I told you that the Stock Market is rigged by the upper class trash and they can make it rise and fall at their leisure?

I got this from Newsmax By Jason Devaney:

"The richest 1 percent of households own half of all the stocks in the United States, a Goldman Sachs executive claimed. Speaking with Yahoo, the investment bank's chief economist Daan Struyven said the number has risen sharply over the past 30 years.

'The wealthiest 0.1 percent and 1 percent of households now own about 17 percent and 50 percent of total household equities respectively, up significantly from 13 percent and 39 percent in the late 80s,' Struyven said."

First, you have to understand that the "wealthiest 0.1 percent" is referring to individuals and "1 percent of households" is referring to the extended families of the rich.

Remember that I told you that everyone in every rich family has an account for trading on the stock market (household) that is illegally controlled and used by the head of that extended family (0.1 percent) to control the market. I explained how they do that in April 2000, almost 19 years ago, with the essay "Stock Market."

You might want to go back and read those old essays because they teach a lot you need to know. God has taught me a lot in the almost 70 years of my life so I could teach it to you so you could know the truth because Jesus said, "The truth will set you free."

You only need to own 15% to 20% of the top stocks to control the market and the upper class trash have controlled more than that for at least half a century, which is an extremely conservative estimate.

The Stock Market was originally set up to make it easier for the upper class trash to buy controlling interest (15% or more) of more businesses, originally farms in the 12th Century, which is why it is called the "stock market", so they could control the once free market to control and eliminate competition so they had more control over the economy and, therefore, more control over the people.

We have not had a truly free market capitalist economy for at least a few hundred years because of the Stock Market.

They quickly learned to use trading in the stock market to steal more money from more people faster and have gotten to where they are so good at it, especially with their super computers, that they just do whatever they want whenever they want and, since they own the "top cops", they get away with it.

The Stock Market was designed and is run as a racket to control and steal.

I strongly suggest that people stop buying into the con to take their businesses public because it makes it very easy for the upper class trash to seize control of it.

Over thousands of years, the upper class trash have become extremely innovative in ways to control the people and steal money from us. Today those ways increasingly include more and more reasons for new taxes so the upper class trash can "solve problems" (either imaginary or they cause) and to "care for you", which they really don't care about you at all.


Remember that I have been telling you for years that China's economy is declining in spite of what the idiot lefty media keep telling you?

I got this from American Thinker By Rick Moran:

"The Chinese economic crisis has been a below-the-radar story for more than a year as the once mighty Chinese economy is in free fall."


"Meanwhile, the economy is weighed down. Too much of China's debt has been amassed in unproductive ways - unnecessary factories, insolvent "zombie" companies - and that gross misallocation of resources is eating away at key drivers of growth. The New York-based Conference Board, a research association, figures total productivity growth in China has been negative since 2012."

Remember that I have been telling you that she has had to lay off more than two thirds of her military personnel in order to modernize her military to ramp up for war because of her economy collapsing?

China is bluffing about threatening the US and you can bet Trump knows it. She couldn't sustain a war with us for a year or more because her military would run out of money and resources and implode.

Illegal Aliens

Remember that I have been telling you that the illegal alien caravans or invading armies are not spontaneous but are organized and moved by lefty commie traitors in the US and even Europe?

I got this from American Thinker By Monica Showalter:

"To hear the left tell it, the coming caravans of migrants are nothing but a spontaneous move by Central Americans fleeing gangs and crime, as if crime had never existed in their countries before, welfare in the U.S. isn't a part of the equation, and the entire situation justifies illegal entry. All the focus is on migrants, with individual sob stories in the press dominating coverage.

The spotlight actually belongs elsewhere. According to a new report from local public broadcaster KPBS, migrants say they're being egged on by sandal- and serape-clad rabid leftists from the States, veterans of the mobbery seen in places such as Seattle, with names like 'By Any Means Necessary' (BAMN), who are now using the migrants on a political mission to break down U.S. borders.'"

People, this is treason and these people should be tried and hung for attempting to destroy the US. Just remember that there is no statute of limitations for treason and these people can be tried and hung for the rest of their lives.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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