I Told You So 25

I have told you that the commie's have also infiltrated and taken over the Republican Party (from now on the Commiepublican Party) with their RINO's (Republicans In Name Only.)

The Republican Party celebrated Brown winning Ted Kennedy's former seat in Congress trying to get the Tea Party behind them. Immediately after the win, Brown confessed that he really agreed with a lot of the Commiecrat's policies showing that he is really just a commie infiltrator in the Commiepublican Party. Today, he and four other commie RINO's broke ranks with the Commiepublican Party to vote for Obama's latest scam, the Jobs Bill, after removing 70 billion dollars in tax cuts from the bill the conservatives had put in the bill. This prevented the conservatives from being able to stage a filibuster to stop another bought of stealing by the Commiecrats.

Food for thought: What do you think this betrayal will do for the Commiepublican Party this coming election? It won't be good.

Please also note and watch the RINO's refusing to make the Commiepublican Party more conservative to win Congressional seats this coming election, insisting on supporting and financing campaigns for RINO's, and other such communist behavior. You think the Commiepublican Party has not been effectively taken over by the communists? Think again.

The commie's are very close to establishing their communist dictatorship.

What next? Expect Brown and a number of other RINO's to vote for Obama's latest "Health Care Bill" along with who knows what other commie stuff. Just think, soon you will be getting free showers at the Commiecrat "Relocation Camps." Won't that be fun? :-P

It is now official, there is not a true conservative party in the US. The fox owns the hen house. The only thing we have left now is prayer.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often, we need it!!!

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