I Told You So 253

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash doesn't learn from history, they always think they are smarter than our ancestors so they think they can get away with what our ancestors have never gotten away with, and they always force us to repeat history?

Here is a really good video which shows some of this in detail.

Remember that it is always the upper class trash who do these things and never the middle or lower classes. The middle and lower classes are ALWAYS the victims of the upper class trash and their evil plans to steal more from more people faster and that is what it is always about.

Also remember what I warned you about with Obama printing money out of control to increase the wealth of the upper class trash and himself.

Remember where these arrogant fools got their great sounding stupid ideas; from lefty college professors teaching the "right degrees at the right universities". It always comes back to the intellectually superior college professors thinking they is are be smarty pants and teaching their great sounding stupid ideas to the next generation of upper class trash idiots.


Remember that I told you that the lefties got AOC elected to use her for testing the political waters?

She has been doing a really great job, showing that most people don't want her crazy crap. Her favorability rating is only 31% and her unfavorable rating is 41%, up 15% since September. The more the people hear what comes out of her mouth, the less people like her.

Here cum duh bus, AOC, all under. That commie bus is getting just a wee bit crowded under neath.

Hey, let's see just how much faster she can destroy her own career by continuing to open her mouth. She has already turned her tongue into a personal hiking trail.

Electoral College

About a dozen states have passed laws to do away with the Electoral College and people are concerned over nothing. At least 38 states have to pass this law for it to become federal law and there are not 20 blue states in the US.

Think about that.

Law Suit

Some lefty idiots tried to sue Remington for the Sandy Hook massacre and the judge just threw the case out.

What did those crazies expect?

That judge couldn't permit the lawsuit to continue because it would have opened a Pandora's Box like you wouldn't have believed. If that law suit had succeeded, people would have been able to sue a car manufacturer, if someone used one of their cars to commit a crime, they would have been able to sue a knife maker, if someone had used one of their knives to commit a crime, they would have been able to sue a baseball bat maker, if someone used a baseball bat to commit a crime, and so forth. It would have never ended so they cannot permit that precedence to be set.

It was a stupid lawsuit that should have never been started and the legal team is made up of greedy idiots.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties have invented infinite insanity because their insanity is never ending?

Great Sounding Stupid Ideas

Remember that I have been telling you how the great sounding stupid ideas of the left keep failing and backfiring on them?

New York students just ripped Chelsea Clinton for publically condemning anti-Semitism.

Gee, who would have thought that converting their people to Islam, teaching their people to love Islam, their college professors teaching their lefty students to hate Israel and Hebrews, and bringing lots of Muslims to increase your voters would cause those same voters to turn on you for condemning anti-Semitism?

So now the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, natural elite, intellectually superior, grossly overpaid, upper class trash lefty commie traitors who got the right degrees from the right universities have caused a big, fat divide in their party with a lot of their people turning out to be rebellious jerks who ain't going to vote for you.

Smart move, smarty pants.

But, do you expect those natural elite upper class trash to ever learn?

Not if you are paying attention and are intelligent. They will just keep making things worse with more of their great sounding stupid ideas, while blaming everyone else for the problems they create, of course.

North Korea

Remember that I told you that I thought and was watching whether Kimmy Boy was playing Trump by leading him on with no intention of doing away with Kimmy Boy's nukes?

Yep, it sure seems like that is exactly what Kimmy Boy was doing.

It seems that Trump seems to trust evil people's word, not realizing that they lie their butts off to get what they want and won't keep any promises, deals, or treaties. At some point, you have to stop believing evil people about anything and just fry their butts. They ain't going to tell the truth or keep their word, you know, it is Satan's do as you will thingy, like lying your butt off to get what you want.

It is time to level Kimmy Boy's bedroom with a cruise missile or two at, oh, about 2 am. You know, give the boy a nightmare or two.

And don't forget that this mess is Truman's fault.


AOC can't believe that most Americans reject her great sounding insane lefty ideas and is melting down because of her melting down ratings.

Her mouth is turning everyone against her and what does she do to stop that?

She opens her mouth again. Great move, stupid.

Remember that I have been telling you for decades that being in a position of power doesn't require any intelligence? Believe me yet? Also, do you believe me yet that stupid people can't tell they are stupid because they are stupid?

If not, just wait and the lefties will continue to do their best to prove me right with their infinite stupidity.

Secondary Education

Remember about the corruption I have been telling you about concerning secondary education and is increasingly being made public knowledge, you know, for about the last two decades?

Here is a good story adding more information to the discussion. I have been warning you that the secondary education thingy is rigged and corrupt for years, you know, by the upper class trash.

Just remember one thing, those lefty upper class trash who make those huge donations to those schools, are lying when they say it is to promote higher education. It is to get a tax deduction and get their spoiled rich brats into those universities, A.K.A. bribes.

"Hey, if you gots enough money, baby, and you are 'willing to share a little of it', you can get anything you want."


Remember that I told you that China's economy is failing and then Trump placing tariffs on their economy is making their economy even worse and their military is in trouble because it is directly dependent on their economy?

It is worse than even I thought. Watch this video and you will see that this problem is a massive time bomb just waiting to go off and finish off China's economy.

Believe me, China can't fight a sustained war for even one year before she would simply go completely bust. It isn't going to be long and she won't even have enough of an economy or military to even start a war, proving once again that stupid Marxists can't run an economy anywhere except down the toilet. China could easily, quickly, and very soon end up with as big of a mess as Venezuela. If it were not for their massive slave labor, you know, with 1.3 billion slaves, they would already be there.

Remember that I have told you that, after the Chicom Party have finished off China, she will fly apart into at least 3 to 4 different nations, you know, Xinjiang, Tibet, and at least one or two other nations. Don't be surprised to see Taiwan grab a handful of main land turf during that civil war.

God old Marxists destroying everything.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.


Remember that I have told you that Erdogan is a power mad whacko who wants to revive the Ottoman Empire with him as the head whacko to lead a united Muslim Caliphate to conquer the world and is trying to get the rest of the Muslim nations to unite behind him to destroy Israel?

I got this from Arutz Sheva by Elad Benari:

"US Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) on Thursday welcomed President Donald Trump's announcement recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

'We applaud the president for formally recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, an acknowledgement that enhances the national security of both Israel and the United States,' the three lawmakers said in a statement."

Then I got this from Arutz Sheva by David Rosenberg:

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blasted President Donald Trump's decision Thursday to recognize Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights, warning Friday that the move would destabilize the Middle East and lead to 'a new crisis' in the region.

Speaking at an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Friday morning, Erdogan vowed to pushed back on efforts to 'legitimize' Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, while claiming that US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over 500 square miles of the strategic plateau would lead to 'more violence'.

'We will never allow the occupation of Golan Heights to be made legitimate,' Erdogan said in his speech at the OIC emergency meeting," adding that the OIC would not 'remain silent to such a sensitive issue like this.'"

The single greatest threat to peace in the Middle East other than Al Qaeda and ISIS is Erdogan who is just looking for an excuse to put together a Muslim Caliphate with him as the leader to attack Israel. It seems like almost every day that Erdogan comes up with another excuse to wage war against Israel. He just can't wait to destroy Israel.

Then I got this from Arutz Sheva by Elad Benari:

"Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Secretary General Saeb Erekat on Thursday blasted US President Donald Trump over his call for the US to officially recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

In a tweet, Erekat claimed the move would result in regional 'destabilization and bloodshed'.

'Yesterday president Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Today for regional stability he wants to make sure that the occupied Syrian Golan Heights be under Israel's sovereignty. What shall tomorrow bring? Certain destabilization and bloodshed in our region,' he wrote."

Read: "Oh boy, I am going to use this as an excuse to murder more Hebrews."

Lefty Stupidity

Remember that I told you that the lefties are the stupidest people on the planet.

They only had a total of 35 murders in New Zealand last year and many of those were not committed with guns but there is one mass killing at a couple of Muslim mosques and the stupid lefties decide they must get rid of all the guns their people could use to protect themselves.

"Here, we will solve the problem by making you people less capable of defending yourselves against such shooters."

People, this is beyond stupid, especially since they have recently reported that this mosque is being used to recruit for Al Quaeda. You know the Muslims are loving this because it will make it even easier for the Muslims to stage a violent coup against New Zealand and take it over because the people won't be able to protect themselves. The Muslims now virtually own New Zealand...or should I say New Zealandistan?

Then I read that some of their people rushed right down to turn their weapons in to show how righteous they are, you know, "Here, take my guns because I am afraid they may commit a mass shooting."

So, now that their idiot lefty government is going to confiscate and destroy all of their guns, how long do you think it will take for the Muslims to really cut loose on a defenseless New Zealand?

You know the Muslims ain't afraid of those people any more.

How long do you think it will be before their current Muslim leaders stage a coup of New Zealand now that the people won't be able to stop them? Hey, maybe the Muslims will slaughter all of the upper class trash, after they take over?

Here is an easy prediction based on history and observations: Watch how much the violent crime increases over the next few years, after the good people have been disarmed and can no longer defend themselves. Watch closely, America, this can be your future.

Then we have British PM Theresa May, who is trying to make a deal with the EU for the Brexit "to save Britain from an economic disaster caused by Brexit" because she is too stupid to realize that Britain is one of the two strongest economies in Europe and, therefore, the EU would be stupid to not continue to do trade business with Britain. The EU not doing business with Britain would destroy the EU economy more than it would destroy Britain's economy.

"Duh, hello, stupid, you are supposed to be in the driver's seat so quit trying to crawl into the back seat!"

The idiot doesn't even realize that she has the upper hand for bargaining and the EU is playing her for a sucker and sap because of her economic ignorance and stupidity and she just keeps groveling for mercy from the EU, when she should be the one calling most of the shots for a deal. AND where are her idiot lefty economic consultants on this? Is she not listening to them or are they not telling her the truth? Maybe they are just stupid too?

Remember that I have told you that I thank God for bullies because bullies forced me to learn to fight?

Dem dar lefties don't like bulling so dem is going to stop the bulling because dem is smarty pants. Dey knoze better.

How is that working out?

First, you have to understand bully motivation. These kids, who are bullies, don't want to go to school but, if they get caught ditching school by the cops, they can be arrested and sent to juvenile detention or juvie (kid jail). On the other hand, if they get suspended from school, they can legally ditch school and can't be arrested by the cops and sent to juvie so, them getting suspended from school is a good thing. Don't forget that.

You add to this that the bullies can't be held back for flunking, not spending enough days in school, or any other reason so that they will pass on to the next grade even if they spend too much of the year out of school and didn't learn much or anything, which is another motivation for getting suspended from school.

Hey, why bother going to school, if you don't have to?

People, these bullies are not wanting to become rocket scientists and are almost always looking forward to a life of crime, making fast, easy money. Why do they need an education?

If the bullies could also get their victim in trouble, that would be a win-win for the bully because the bully would get to legally ditch school and get the other kid in trouble, usually also getting the other kid suspended when the other kid wanted to be in school learning.

When I was a kid in school, you know, a few thousand years ago, the kid who threw first punch got suspended for two weeks and, after the other guy threw first punch, you could defend yourself all over the bully so he would be less likely to attack you again. They don't like getting beat up by the people they try to beat up.

But then the all-knowing, all-wise, natural elite, intellectually superior, highly educated, grossly overpaid, lefty upper class trash smarty pants decided dem is going to completely do away with bullying. To do this, the idiots passed school rules that, if you get hit and hit back or defend yourself, you get suspended too, denying you your Constitutional right to self defense.

For years I have been encouraging parents to sue the school systems because of this stupid rule for violating the Constitutional right for self defense for their students.

From the bully perspective, this is really great because the bully gets to legally ditch school knowing that the other kid has to just stand there and let the bully beat the crap out of him or he will get suspended too, which is a win-win for the bullies.

Why would a bully not want to beat up on another kid with impunity so the bully could legally ditch school?

Surprise, surprise, this not only did not stop bullying but made it worse so the stupid lefties decided dem is going to be even more smarty pants and change the rules again.

I just found out from a parent that some schools are taking their great sounding stupid ideas even further by changing the rules so that, if a bully attacks you kid and your kid doesn't hit back or defend himself, he still gets suspended because he got hit by the bully.

People, that is like you getting mugged without defending yourself and being put in jail because you got mugged, which is completely unconstitutional.

"Hey, I know, let's stop crime by also putting the victim in jail."

And you think the lefties have not invented infinite insanity?

So, now the bully gets to legally ditch school knowing that most kids have been intimidated into not fighting back and they still get suspended so that, no matter what your kid does, he still gets suspended too because he got the crap beat out of him.

Yeah, that's justice, baby...lefty justice.

That is insanity and is further proof that the lefties have invented infinite stupidity because the lefty stupidity is never ending, you know, just like I have been telling you for years.

My suggestion is, teach your kid to fight, then, after your kid defends himself to discourage the bully from ever attacking him again, litigate, litigate, litigate, and use the money from the litigation to put junior in either a private school away from the lefty insanity or pay for home schooling...away from the lefty insanity.


Remember that I told you that now that they are legalizing pot as the perfect, risk free, utopian drug, they will "start to find" medical problems caused by pot that we have known about for decades?

I got this from Arutz Sheva by Sara Rubenstein:

"The largest-ever study researching the effect of marijuana use on psychosis has found that people who smoke pot daily are three times more likely to have a psychotic episode compared to people who never smoked pot. The research study was published by the journal The Lancet Psychiatry on Tuesday."

This is only the beginning. We have known for about half a century that pot causes shrinking and hardening of the brain and pot users have a 40% greater chance of lung cancer than tobacco users, both of which are not good for you.

You watch, after increasing numbers of people start dying from lung cancer caused by smoking pot, the lefties will want you to spend billions of your dollars to come up with a cure for lung cancer so they don't have to give up their pot and not have to worry about getting lung cancer. I have a cure for pot caused lung cancer: "Don't use pot, stupid!" There, that will cause you to not get lung cancer from using pot.


Remember that I have been telling you about the probability that all of these young, healthy people just suddenly croaking, especially the athletes, is almost certainly being caused by drugs?

Many of them are just suddenly dying from heart attacks, which is common among users of steroids and EPO. Gee, what a coincidence.

When athletes and others die from drugs, too often, the media and x-spurts won't tell you the cause of death "to protect their family" but I think it is a disservice to young people because it denies the young people the knowledge of how deadly such drugs really are and makes it much easier for the pushers to turn them onto those drugs. The young people knowing about all of these other young people dying from drugs would discourage at least some of them from using those drugs and save their lives.

But, then again, why would the upper class trash, who are selling those drugs and own the media, want their media to discourage you from buying their drugs?


Remember that I told you that, by the time you are 40, almost all of the good women (and good men) are taken so it is no longer worth the risk to get married beyond that age?

I got this from an article at American Thinker about a liberal woman who did all of the "right things" for being successful in life only to find herself single and lonely by Jeremy Egerer:

"No mention is made that by the time you hit 30, most of the best men have picked most of the best women, and the pool of marriageable partners has become more like a swamp. She poured all her time and resources into not finding a good man, joined arms with the bra-burners, stuffed her face with Twinkies, and then found out that getting a man takes time and work and art. I advise her to get some cats. It's going to be a long haul, and she's going to need some company."

OK, so my estimate was the usual conservative estimate and it is by 30 instead of by 40. It is even worse at 70 and cats are good by this time, much better than even the risk of getting another bad wife. LOL

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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