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The Yellow Vest protesters in France are now in their 18th week of protests and Macron refuses to even discuss most of the things the Yellow Vest protesters are demanding changes about.

In Britain, the leaders are refusing to give the people what they voted for, you know, freedom and liberty from the EU.

In Germany, the leaders are also refusing to give the people what they are wanting, you know, reasonable safety from migrant attacks.

Gee, does that mean the leaders are not taking the people seriously and just continuing to tyrannically ignore the wishes of the people?

It sure sounds that way to me. Just imagine how much worse the leaders will be when they get their dictatorship setup.

What did I tell you more than a month ago will work?

Oh yeah, pull a portable guillotine up in front of the PM's house with thousands of protesters, test it with some melons, pull it in front of Parliament with thousands of protesters, test it with some melons, give the tyrants a little bit to digest the message, and watch their attitude change.

When it becomes personal enough to the leaders, they will listen.

Fox News

Years ago I read that Fox News had been taken over by the lefties and have been waiting for it to go full left tard. I just got this from CenturyLink via Newser by Evann Gastaldo:

"Donna Brazile, the former Democratic National Committee chair who accused the DNC of essentially rigging the 2016 presidential primary for Hillary Clinton, has a new and perhaps surprising gig: Fox News contributor."

Fox just made a big step in that direction. It won't be long and you won't be able to believe anything you see on Fox either. They will soon get rid of the people who tell the truth and replace them with professional liars, A.K.A. lefty journalists. This is another major move in the left's effort to deny you the truth so that all you can find out is their lies.

The old lefty media are not working any more because most people won't trust them and they are going broke so take over a conservative medium, gradually transform it into a propaganda machine for the left, and hope the people will be stupid enough to believe your lies being told from there.

To the upper class trash, the media are nothing but expendable tools.

News Story

I got this from CenturyLink via AP By Josh Boak:

"Alan Krueger, a groundbreaking Princeton University economist who served as a top adviser in two Democratic administrations and was an authority on the labor market, has died, according to a statement from the university Monday.

The economist took his own life during the weekend, according to a separate statement from Krueger's family that the university released. He is survived by his wife, Lisa, and two adult children, Benjamin and Sydney.

Krueger, 58, devoted much of his research to the job market and, in particular, to the impact of a minimum wage. His work concluded that a higher minimum wage did not generally slow hiring as many conservative critics have argued.

After serving as a Labor Department economist under President Bill Clinton, Krueger worked for President Barack Obama as a top Treasury official and then as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers from 2011 to 2013."

My first thought was, "What did he know?" And then, "How many bullet holes did he have in the back of his head?"

And you think the lefties won't purge you? Really? The lefties sure have a lot of top level suicides, don't they? Why don't conservatives have that many suicides?

Gee, what a coincidence.

The War

I got this from CenturyLink via AFP by staff:

"The French government sacked the top police official in Paris on Monday following another weekend of rioting in the capital during "yellow vest" protests which have put President Emmanuel Macron on the defensive.

The police's failure to keep the Paris protests from spiralling out of control over the weekend again cast a harsh spotlight on their tactics."

The current war in France by the people against the upper class trash just got violent and the lefties just purged another of their top people because he wasn't winning that war.

Gee, I wonder how many cops the lefties can fit under their commie bus? All of them?

I just got this from Breitbart by Virginia Hale:

"French president Emmanuel Macron has declared that Yellow Vest protests against his globalist regime are "over", as he vowed a serious crackdown on future demonstrations.

The globalist leader's announcement came after he was slammed by politicians from across the political spectrum over 'apocalyptic' scenes of violence in Paris over the past weekend, which saw a demonstration of around 10,000 protesters hijacked by a group of 1,500 of what Interior Minister Christophe Castaner described as 'ultra-violent' activists.

'It's over. I insist that this type of scene cannot happen again, especially on this Avenue,' said Macron, asserting that measures would be put in place to quell future Yellow Vest demonstrations."

So, do you think this will intimidate and back the protestors down?

I think this just got interesting. Macron has upped the ante and, a few days later, it didn't work.

What will the protestors do, show up at Macron's palace with guillotines?

Hey, there is nothing like a little mutual escalation of a revolution.


This is very funny. I got this from Breitbart by John Nolte:

"President Trump is more popular than Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in the deep blue state of New York.

Buried in a Siena College poll is the fascinating news that Trump earns 36 percent support in one of the most left-wing state in the country; which is not terribly surprising or terribly high, but it is higher than two of the state's most famous far-left Democrats.

Ocasio-Crazy's state-wide approval rating currently sits at a terrible 31 percent, while de Blasio does only a little better at 34 percent."

You just know that burns the butts of those two lefty commie traitors especially since it is very unlikely that either of them will get reelected. God is even opening lefty eyes as to how stupid and evil lefties are.

Then the extremely lefty biased CNN poll gave up these incredible numbers. I got this from Breitbart by Charlie Spiering:

"A CNN poll released Monday shows an overwhelming majority of Americans believe the economy is doing well during President's Donald Trump's presidency.

Seventy-one percent of Americans now believe that the economy is in good shape, according to the poll. Only 27 percent rated the economic conditions as poor. CNN reports that the number is the highest positive number since February 2001 and the best of Trump's presidency.

The poll shows that 51 percent of Americans give Trump positive ratings for his handling of the economy, while 42 percent disapprove."

But don't worry, you know that tomorrow CNN will come out with another poll saying that 99% of Americans and all of the rest of the planet, solar system, and galaxy disapprove of Trump. I can't believe they published what they did publish.

Mean while, CNN's poll numbers and viewership continue to plunge.

Then we have Joe Biden's advisors asking him to promise to only serve one term as president.

What? Hold it, if he is so wonderful we should want him to be our president, why wouldn't we want him to serve two terms? Is it because his advisers know that he will screw up enough in just one term that it scares them to think of how much he will screw up in two terms? Do they not want Biden to take the title of worst president ever from Obama?

BTW, why do you think the Commie-rats are turning against Obama and insulting him? You don't think it might be because Trump is proving how bad of a president Obama really was and they are trying to distance themselves from him, do you?

BTW, do you know why Jebberwocky Bush is trying to get a Republican to run against Trump in the GOP primaries? You don't think it is because Trump is also showing how bad of a president Bush II was, do you?

After all, Bush couldn't defeat Al Qaeda in two terms and Trump has defeated ISIS in just two years.

You think that maybe Jebberwocky is afraid Trump would make the Bush family look even worse with two terms, do you? Gee, you don't think Trump is making all of the lefty commie traitor globalists upper class trash, including the RINOs, look like a bunch of corrupt idiots, do you? You don't think Trump is destroying their evil globalist plans, do you?

Then we have Trump trashing McCain because McCain gave the FBI the false documents they have been using to harass and terrorize Trump and his family with this fake investigation.

Personally, I think they should have tried and shot McCain for his treasonous acts when he returned to the US but the Navy didn't want McCain being tried for the crimes he committed as a POW to "tarnish his family name" because his daddy and granddaddy were both Navy admirals so they got Nixon to pardon McCain's criminal activities.

As far as I am concerned, our nation would have been better off if we had left the traitor in Vietnam with his commie buddies but, obviously, his commie buddies didn't want "Song Bird" McCain to stay there either and I don't blame them.

Note that the commies were not stupid enough to keep Hanoi Jane either, unfortunately.

Personally, I think that the commies sending both of them back was just the commies continuing their hostilities against the US, you know, trying to bring down the US government from within.

Did you also notice that Britain didn't even try to keep either of the two Clintons either?

Nobody wants America's trash and I don't blame them.

Remember how the lefty commie traitors so heavily touted Venezuela as a great example of socialism but they are now trying to ignore Venezuela as a great example for socialism.

Notice how the same stupid lefty commie traitors are touting New Zealand as a great example for gun control? Do you think they will try to ignore New Zealand as a great example for gun control when New Zealand's violent crime increases a lot because of their gun control?

Probably. I think God is about to show everyone just how stupid of an idea gun control really is.

Man plans, God laughs.


If the person doing this video doesn't have a business degree, he should get one because he does an excellent job of explaining economics.

Unfortunately, most lefties are too stupid and/or brainwashed to understand this.

Everything the lefty upper class trash does is a racket.


Now that Trump has been fully cleared by the Mueller Investigation, he needs to fire everyone involved, investigate them, and have them prosecuted for their criminal activities and then he needs to litigate against everyone who insisted that he was guilty for defamation of character and other charges, especially the politicians, media, and Hollywood celebrities. He needs to make all of them squirm for a while. Hey, if he keeps them busy trying to save their butts from his attorneys, they won't have enough time to harass him with more investigations.

Then Trump should prosecute all of the lying politicians, journalists, and Hollywood celebrities for fraud and other crimes. Trump should really go on the offensive now.

Then the FBI needs to investigate those continuing to "investigate" Trump for abusing their power to harass Trump and see how many of them can survive an investigation without going to jail.

Trump just got handed an opportunity to go on the offensive and clean up the swamp and their pals.

With Trump now being vindicated by the Mueller Investigation, it is going to be a wee bit difficult for the lefty commie traitors to get their voters out in significant numbers in 2020. The minions are going to be just a wee bit demoralized. Don't be surprised to see the GOP have control of the presidency and both houses following the 2020 election, if we make it that far.

Remember that I have been telling you that all of the great sounding stupid ideas of the lefties are failing? Believe me yet? Believe me that they are getting more and more desperate and are getting more and more willing to resort to violence to get what they want? Do you remember how mad the lefties get when they lose?

This is a massive setback for the commies. Many of them had all of their hopes pinned to Trump being impeached and removed before he could do more damage to their glorious commie dictatorship so that this is a massive let down for them.

Keep an eye on this because it just keeps getting worse and worse for the lefty pagan commie traitors.

New Zealand

The PM and other women are now wearing Muslim hijabs to show how cool and PC they can be.

Aren't you impressed by their stupidity?

The fools just handed New Zealand to the Muslims and they will soon be living under Shiria Law so be sure to watch and see how much they love that, you know, becoming Muslim slaves.

Definitely, infinite insanity.


Speaking of PC, the super idiot, Biden, just apologized for being a male (a butcher knife can take care of that quickly - note that he apologized for being a male and not for being a man) and Beto said he was sorry for being born (does this mean he is going to make the world a better place and snuff himself with a post birth abortion?).


Then I got this from Breitbart by Alana Mastrangelo:

"Turning Point USA founder and Executive Director Charlie Kirk told Breitbart News that 'the cartel of the colleges' is not happy about President Donald Trump's recent executive order regarding free speech on college campuses, as the 'intellectual tyrants' of academia 'believe there's no consequences for them, whatsoever.' Kirk offered his remarks in a Friday interview on SiriusXM's Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow."

Taking away the Constitutional rights for all lefty academe would be a good start.

Tech Morons

Showing how stupid the "Masters of the Universe" are, they persist in helping the upper class trash set up their global dictatorship while those same upper class trash are already talking about purging the brilliant, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, natural elite, overpaid, upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities techies. They have to be super stupid to continue trying to help set up the upper class trash dictatorship after the upper class trash have already started working towards purging them.

Baby Butchers

Planned Parenthood stated that there is "no such thing as infanticide in medical care."

It really kills the lefty upper class trash that we conservatives don't just blindly accept and believe everything they say the way their mindless sheeple do. They abhor the fact that conservatives actually think for themselves and are not stupid enough to drink their Kool-aid and believe their lies.

I am convinced that, if you killed off all of the lefty upper class trash, the lefty minions would just stand around staring at each other bleating, not knowing what to do without someone to feed them thoughts and beliefs. I don't know how many times I have seen the lefty upper class trash completely reverse their position on something and the stupid lefty minions just accept it without question because their gods said so and to not believe and obey the upper class trash would be blasphemy.

The lefties are absolutely one of the most fanatical pagan cults in history. They dare not even think for themselves, much less question their gods, for fear of being excommunicated from the lefty pagan cult. Whatever the upper class trash say is pure gospel to them.

But increasing numbers of people are refusing to be lefty sheeple and are finally starting to think for themselves. Don't be surprised to see this also backfire on the lefty commie traitor upper class trash.


The left is trying to rebrand pedophiles as "minor-attracted persons" to make it easier to get people to accept legalizing pedophilia. I told you that getting homosexuality and homosexual marriages would lead to them trying to legalize pedophilia. You give these pagan beasts an inch and they will take everything.

Don't let them get away with this. It is the adult responsibility to protect the children from predators.

Fight Club

You think the lefties are not crazy and evil?

You need to understand that special education teachers are supposed to take care of and help special needs children.

I got this from Breitbart by Dylan Gwinn:

"A special education teacher in California has been suspended after it was learned that he was running a 'Fight Club' in his classroom."

Using the mentally challenged kids to setup a fight club is pure evil, people, but, hey, that is that lefty government run education working for you. That is what you get with no Christian morals, values, or ethics. It is ye ole satanic pagan "do as you will" thingy. Anything goes with those lefties.

Spoiled Brats

A big part of the problem with today's lefties is that they grew up spoiled rich brats who think they had it tough. A really good example of this is a video by Ben Shapiro about a tweet by some woman named Charlotte Alter, where she said they "never experience prosperity". You can see the video here.

It is blatantly obvious she is a spoiled rich brat who is completely clueless about reality, which is why these punks are really moving to the left. They got everything handed to them all of their lives and don't want to grow up and earn anything so they want the government to steal from you so the government can continue handing them everything they want without them having to work for anything. This is why I am against the current child labor laws and think every child should GET to work instead of being spoiled brats who get everything given to them. I worked a lot and started young and I survived.

There are plenty of people who have had it worse than me but, compared to most Americans, I grew up with a much tougher life. When I was a kid in the 1950s, we lived in an 8 x 42 foot trailer that we towed behind our car and we moved at least 10 to 12 times a year so my dad could get work in construction in the Southwest until we moved to California. I don't remember getting new clothes except for socks and underwear that we got for Christmas. Everything else was hand-me-downs from neighbors. I remember getting a "new" pair of shoes in second grade that already had holes in the soles the size of quarters and were better than my old shoes so I was glad to have them. I remember counting four layers of patches on the knees of my genes, not having anything to eat for lunch in school and having to go outside to play while the other kids ate in the cafeteria for lunch, going to bed hungry because we didn't have enough food to eat, and not even having birthday parties because we didn't even have money for a cake.

Then we have these spoiled rich brats who lived lives of luxury thinking they "never experience prosperity"? Really? Why don't you spoiled rich brats try going to bed hungry and wearing rags for cloths for a few months?

You know we are in trouble when you have young adults who can't tell that they grew up rich and think they had it tough.

You little punks need to sit down and make a list of all of the nice things you have had in your life and thank God for them.

Time Off

A few days ago I had to take a few days almost completely off from writing because I can only stand so much of this evil, corrupt insanity of the lefty commie traitors. I just really got back started yesterday and I am already wanting my own planet to get away from these vile, evil traitors.

Can you understand why?

I just prayed that God will get rid of these vile, evil, people soon and set us free from their persistent insanity and wickedness. Please, Lord, enough already, please.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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