I Told You So 259


Remember that I told you that Sucksberg must be in hot water because of him using FB to promote the lefty dictatorship and causing FB to lose customers and revenues?

It seems that Sucksberg has chased off more than 15 million customers, mostly younger generation customers, in just the last few years, which would mean a loss of tens of millions of dollars in revenues for FB. There are a number of problems here with this.

First, you have to understand how decreasing business for any major corporation can put them in financial straits. MBAs and BBAs are trained to manage such major corporations so close to going broke that any drop in revenues puts the corporation in financial straits. This is because of a combination of different things like budget management, spending for development and growth, taking profits, and leveraging or borrowing money.

The first thing that is hurt is profits, which the company usually reacts to by laying off workers, you know, like the big tech giants are now doing, to increase short term profits but also limits long term growth and profits.

Plus you have to understand that, according to SEC laws, it is illegal for a majority share holder to manage a business in such a way as to cause the minority share holders to suffer loss, especially if the majority share holders are using the business for things that has nothing to do with their normal business like achieving a political agenda, you know, the way Sucksberg is doing. You can go to jail for that kind of stuff and often have to pay at least some of the losses out of your own pocket caused the minority share holders by illegally managing the business.

Then you have to understand that all major corporations borrow money and, if the revenues and value of the business drop down to where the bank is in danger of losing its money, the banks will normally take over the business and sell off its assets to get its money back, which can bankrupt even the richest of people, which, if mismanagement is the reason for the loss to minority share holders, could result in legal charges against all management involved.

Then I heard a nasty little rumor that there are investigations with a grand jury convened into the mismanagement of FB with potential serious charges and top level rats jumping ship.

Add to this that I already pointed out that Sucksberg trying to get the government to mismanage his business to achieve his evil agenda and it isn't looking too good for Sucksberg right now. Hmmm, I am wondering how he will look in an orange jump suit; probably still like a spoiled, rich, mamma's boy.

Me thinks the commie rats have a problem or two.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes and making people make informed decisions to choose between good and evil?

A really great example is that Israel is a very Marxist government and the young people, who have had to grow up in it, are becoming increasingly conservative.

Also, the parties that stated they were for separation of church and state either didn't get enough votes to make it into their government in this last election or got very few votes because increasing numbers of people are realizing that the pagan secularism is not working and they are turning to Judaism.

The commies think that all they have to do is lie and con people into accepting their Marxism and they will have their commie dictatorship forever with them the rulers but the lies mean nothing to people who have to live under Marxism and see how bad it really is.

In every Marxist nation so far, increasing numbers of people have turned against Marxism until they did away with it because it just doesn't work. At that point all of the lies and propaganda in the world mean nothing because the people living under the Marxism have seen past the lies to the ugly reality of Marxism.

The same is turning out to be true for Judeao-Christianity verses paganism. After living under the realities of paganism, most people will turn to Christianity because the truth about paganism is very ugly.

Eyes will open sooner or later and see past the lies.

The same is starting to be true with Islam, especially now that Brunei has instituted Sharia Law and the truth about Islam is increasingly obvious to even lefties.

Lefty Loonies

The same lefty journalists who rammed their factless conspiracy about Trump colluding with Russia down our throats are calling Barr's statement that there is evidence of Obama's administration spying on the Trump campaign a "factless conspiracy".

Barr should let the lying lefties run with their "factless conspiracy" long enough for all of them to get both of their feet firmly imbedded in their mouths up to their hips and then trot out the evidence for Obama's administration spying on the Trump campaign to even further discredit the lying lefties and show just how nuts and irrational they are.

Then I want to see the looks on their lying faces when the rug gets yanked out from under them again.

The lefties have zero, ABSOLUTELY ZERO credibility and you believe them about anything, you know, like climate change? Really? Why?

South China Sea

Remember that I have been telling you that China can't last a year in a war with the US because she is too economically and militarily vulnerable?

Go watch this video, which illustrates just some of her vulnerabilities in the South China Sea. She is playing the bluff and most Western leaders and media are so stupid they are falling for it but Trump is calling her bluff. China's current military posturing and threats are just one very big bluff that is scaring ignorant and stupid people.

One reason her bluff is working against the idiot upper class trash is because their leaders have been destroying their own militaries to seize control of their nations to set up their global dictatorship and stuff that extra stolen money in their greedy little pockets.

Remember that I also told you that the upper class trash destroying our nations to set up their dictatorships opens the door for others to also seize control of those weakened nations and loot the upper class trash but the greedy upper class trash are so focused on their own stealing they don't see the extreme risk to themselves they are causing?

Well, it is happening right now and, if it were not for Trump, China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia would be taking over their nations the inbred idiots have weakened for their own greed and lusts for power.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are stupid inbred idiots, who never learn from history and keep forcing us to repeat it?

They are the problem.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Commie-rats have been committing treason for years?

Trump has finally come out and stated such himself. The thing is, that their efforts to destroy the US government and set up their globalist dictatorship is, in of itself, treason. They should all hang just for that.


Remember that I told you that Biden is getting his butt shoved under ye ole commie bus?

CNN just published Biden's old letters fighting busing to desegregate schools.

Me thinks Biden's career just came to a screeching halt and he just got forced into retirement.

Maybe Hillary, Lizy, and some others should get that hint before they end up wearing orange jump suits or commit suicide?

Eyes Opening

Just like with the MSM, the lefty sites on the Internet are failing, while the conservative sites are growing.

What? Did the intellectually superior upper class trash, who got the right degrees from the right universities, and their minions think people would like being lied to on the Internet any more than they liked being lied to on TV, radio, in newspapers, and in magazines? Did they really think that the same lies would work any better on one medium than on any of the others? And you think these idiots are smarter than you?

As God continues to open more and more eyes, more and more people are turning from the lying lefty media on all platforms because those people don't trust the liars any more.

This is just one more great sounding stupid idea of the lefties failing like all of the other great sounding stupid ideas before it.

Man plans, God laughs.

Maybe you lying lefty media people should consider a new career at McDonald's?

Oh yeah, you can't do that because of your great sounding stupid idea of raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour having caused McDonald's to replace most of their employees with automation, which is now cheaper, thanks to you stupid lying lefties.

Can you say, "screwed"...by yourselves, that is? And you lefties think you are smarter than the rest of us? Really?

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."


Remember that I told you that God showed me in a dream more than 2 decades ago that He was going to destroy Los Angeles?

That prophecy is here for you to read.

I was just watching this video about what happens to your state when lefties run your state with them using California as the example. It became very clear that California has been ruined and is on its last leg but the upper class trash running the state are in denial about how bad the mess is they have made of the state as they keep making the mess worse, you know, still milking ye ole cash cow.

That is when I realized that the primary reason God is going to destroy LA and probably also at least severely damage the other large cities like San Diego and San Francisco is because the only way to stop the corrupt upper class trash insanity is to just destroy the area they are managing so there is nothing left to manage.

When the vast majority of the greater LA area is destroyed by an earthquake that will certainly seriously damage the other cities, most of the people will leave, turning much of California into a ghost town composed of rubble. At this point, the criminals running things simply won't have any money left to steal and will be forced to leave with everyone else and the state will completely implode.

Maybe we will be fortunate enough for God to kill many of these evil people with the earthquake, putting an end to their evil for good. From what God showed me in this dream, a lot of people will certainly die, hopefully at least most of the people who have made this mess, because, if they don't die, they will just move elsewhere and start over with their wickedness, destroying those states too.

The only thing that will stop evil people is death and God knows it. Things have gotten so bad that God will soon stop them.

God has just about had enough of the wickedness of the evil, vile, upper class trash and their lefty minions. When God has had enough, these prophesies will be fulfilled.

Keep an eye on this.

Lefty Violence

Remember that I have been telling you that, as the lefties become more desperate, they will become more violent?

I just saw a video of where Michael Knowles of "The Daily Wire" was attacked at a speech he was giving for a lecture at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in an effort to silence his speech.

They just keep getting more and more violent as they keep getting more and more desperate.

Same Old, Same Old

Remember that I warned you about the phony maps being used by Commiefornia and Texas to justify claiming more land?

Yesterday I saw a video using an "old Spanish map" of the western US that is not very old, was never Spanish, and is just another big fat lie to grab more land so they can have power over more people and resources so they can justify stealing more from more people faster.

This particular map didn't even exist one decade ago and was made up by the corrupt college professors being bribed by their state governments, which are being run by greedy, power mad whackos doing the land grab. It is a modification of a previous phony map that showed the Territory of Texas running from the Gulf of Mexico west to the Rio Grande in modern New Mexico and from the Rio Grande in the south north to just north of Oklahoma and into central Colorado and Alta California running from the Pacific Ocean east to the Rio Grande and in the south from the current US border north into central Colorado.

This new "old map" shows the same territories for both Texas and Alta California PLUS all the way north to Canada. In other words, this new "old map" proves what I have been telling you that the greedy power mad whackos can never be satiated because they can never have enough. With this map, the power mad whackos in Texas and California are now claiming that they have "a right" to ALL of the land west of the Mississippi River and not just part of it.

I'm surprised they are not also claiming Canada and Mexico as being their rightful land because these people are clearly that nuts but, hey, that will probably be the next "old map".

After having studied history and keeping up with what is going on in the world right now for more than half a century, it is easy to see what these monsters are planning. This is a very easy prediction. The jerks running California and Texas are planning on seceding from the US, forming two new nations of Texas and California and plan to claim all of the land shown on those two maps.

"Why, it's rightfully theirs!" Their phony maps say so.

You just know that is what is going to happen. I have seen this kind of crap so much in history that I recognize it and it is just so obvious. But, hey, man plans, God laughs.

Their globalist plans are failing, they have decided to divide up as much land as they can and they have big populations to form big armies to invade and take that land just like the upper class trash have been doing for thousands of years.

Nothing has changed but the technology they use to spread their lies and steal the land.

Remember that I warned you years ago that what the libertarian politicians are is that they are the same evil, corrupt politicians as the ones in Washington DC and they just want to transfer the power from the federal government to the state governments so they can be the ones doing most of the stealing. They are the same criminals, just different turf. They should all be hung, or shot, or drawn and quartered.

Now do you understand why I want my own planet where I can hang these evil beasts?

I am so sick of the greedy, power mad upper class trash.

You want to know how stupid these evil people are? Just ask yourselves what would happen if they get what they want, you know, their own smaller, weaker nations?

Uh, they would probably be very quickly invaded by larger and more powerful nations like Mexico, Canada, China, and Russia?

These idiots are so obsessed with their great sounding stupid ideas or evil plans that they never ask, "Then what?" What will happen after they get what they want and it never, ever, ever ends up the way they think because they are just too stupid.

No, they simple mindedly think that it will bring them paradise with them being extremely rich by stealing from you, controlling you, oppressing you, and enslaving you.

Then what?

They will look around and want even more so they will send you off to die fighting in the name of some false great sounding cause to steal more land from more people so they can steal more or they will be invaded by other greedy, power mad whackos because they are too stupid to realize that the current government is the ONLY thing protecting them from other greedy, power mad whackos in places like Mexico and China, you know, the current government they want to destroy so they can steal more from more people faster.

And you think these nuts are more intelligent than you?

You just know that, if they got what they wanted and removed all outside players in this game, they would eventually end up fighting each other in a bloody war trying to steal what the other has and they would both magically come up with new phony old maps "proving" that everything west of the Mississippi was really all Texas or all California to justify them stealing it in a bloody war. Neither one of them would be satisfied with what they are currently planning on stealing. And then, whoever won that war, would claim all of the US, then Canada, then Mexico, and then...the WORLD! Bwahahahaha!

Do you believe me yet that these people are bonkers mad and evil as the Devil?

I am so sick and tired of these lying, thieving, enslaving, and murdering criminals that words cannot describe how angry they make me. I have studied them and their predecessors for more than half a century and they are all the same wicked, evil monsters who cause the needless deaths of millions so they can steal more from more people faster again and again and again. THAT is true history in a nutshell.

Sometimes I wish I could form my own kingdom so I could round these evil jerks up and hang them so we, the people, could have peace for just one generation. I can't wait for God to set up His kingdom where we will finally have peace forever because these evil people will be burning in the Lake of Fire forever and can never, ever, ever, ever, ever hurt anyone again. I really look forward to that day.

The irony is that they don't want to have to share "their planet" with us but I don't want to have to continue to share God's planet with them because they don't share well.

All I want is a little piece of land with a small cabin in the woods with a field or meadow for growing my crops and fruit trees by a small stream and pond where Jesus can drop by when He isn't too busy and we can talk. That would be very nice right now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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