I Told You So 26

It is getting to where I am writing more of these "I Told You So" essays than anything else as more and more of the things I have said would happen are now beginning to happen.

I told you that Ocommie had already purchased the votes he needed to pass his beloved "Obamacare" bill or he would not have put it back to congress. Guess he did, huh? :-(

I had another dream or vision I have been waiting to tell you about and I guess it is now time to reveal it to you.

On November 19, 2009 (I decided to start dating these things), I had a dream about a bunch of people who were all going to a party Obama was throwing in Chicago dressed in formal wear with the men in tuxedos and the women in really nice evening gowns. It was a very high class and expensive party and everyone going to the party was white. At the party, they all happily (talking and laughing) got into these red and white airplanes but there were not any engines on the wings and the people didn't get inside the cabin of the planes. Instead, there were these compartments across the fronts of the wings and cockpits which were partly open. The people got into these compartments laying face up with their heads towards the rear of the planes and feet towards the front packed side-by-side like sardines with about 8 people to a plane. There was a long row of these planes (all identical representing the same single plane) going off into the distance so that there had to be a lot of people. There were possibly hundreds to several thousand people in these planes.

Suddenly, the people all died because of the plane and Obama began trying to cover up that he had killed them with the plane by trying to burry the planes with the people in them. I stood up and told everyone that Obama had killed these people and, when Obama came to confront me, I confronted Obama telling him to his face that he was a liar. He suddenly became afraid of me, turned, and fled. Then I woke up.

To give you an idea of what the plane looked like, I immediately went on the Internet looking for planes which look as close to the physical structure of this plane as I could find, not meaning that it would be any specific type of plane but just so you could know what it looked like. It didn't take long to find a 1976 Cessna 340A which looked like the plane in my vision except that the plane in my vision was white on top and bottom and red on the sides. BTW, this plane will hold about 8 passengers.

Basically, what this shows is that Obama is going to throw a big party in Chicago to celebrate something really big, you know, like passing Obamacare. He will invite all of his commie and Muslim buddies but tell his Muslim buddies to show up a little late, you know, like never. Then he will nuke the party killing all of his non black commie friends just like I told you the Koran said he has to do now that he has achieved his desired goal. More than a year ago I told you that the Koran requires him to kill all of his non Muslim buddies who have helped him achieve his goal of getting into power but he still needed the passage of his health care bill before he could kill them all. In other words, he still needed his commie buddies so he couldn't kill them yet. BTW, the compartment in the front of the planes means the nuke will be in a compartment in the fuselage in front of the pilot. The pilot will have to get the plane to about 1/2 mile to 1 mile east of the Sears Tower before detonating it for a 10k nuke to do the job.

Don't look at the flash. It will blind you and you will need your eyes to survive what will happen next. Oh yeah, unless you are a commie, don't go to the party. If you are a commie, take plenty of friends with you. I am sure Obama won't mind. :-)

Another thing, don't be surprised if Obama sacrifices his wife and daughters in the explosion to make him look like a "victim" and get people to believe it really was Israel and not him who nuked Chicago. Remember what I have taught you about Muslims believing their families are just a "temptation" and it is a really great work earning salvation and rewards from Allah to sacrifice your family for the cause of Islam and that pity thing works really well in getting most people to back your actions.

I also told you that Israel has been painted into a corner to where she MUST nuke Iran. I found out a few months ago that Israel has managed to put this off because their Mossad has secretly managed to slow Iran's progress in developing their nukes by at least 1 1/2 to 2 years. I also read a statement by a US military strategy think tank which agreed with me and stated that Israel has to nuke Iran very soon.

Then we see Obama Bin Laden stopping a shipment of bunker buster bombs from reaching Israel and calls the Israeli prime minister to the White House for a sudden meeting. Telling you what? That Obama knew Israel was getting ready to attack Iran with those bunker buster bombs and is moving to stop Israel and protect Obama's beloved Muslim brothers so Iran can build their nukes and take out Israel. It won't be long now. Israel doesn't have a choice.

I mentioned this to a friend who stated that they didn't like it because then they would have to deal with global nuclear fallout. Iran is leaving you only two choices with this, 1) you will have to deal with global nuclear fallout because Iran nukes Israel or 2) you will have to deal with global nuclear fallout because Israel nukes Iran to stop Iran from nuking Israel. Deal with it.

This begs to question why Obama is working towards helping Iran destroy Israel and also working to destroy Al Quaeda and Osama Bin Laden at the same time. Remember what I told you about Obama believing he is the Mahdi and is destined to rebuild the Caliphate and rule the world. Remember that, during Obama's election campaign, Louis Farrakhan issued a fatwa declaring Obama to be the Muslim Messiah or Mahdi.

Obama believes he really is the Muslim Mahdi but he has a little problem. First, he is black and the Arabs and Persians are very reluctant to accept a black as the Mahdi and serve in submission to him. Second, there are only two ways he can be established as the Mahdi. One is that the majority of the Muslim leaders must accept him as the Mahdi and declare he is the Mahdi and the other way is that he must fulfill Muslim prophesy by conquering Israel, standing on the Temple Mount, and giving the order for all Muslims to kill all of the remaining non Muslims.

With the majority of the people in the US being supportive of Israel, the US being the most powerful country in the world, and Israel being the best allie the US has, it is very difficult for Obama to invade and conquer Israel and stand on the Temple Mount to give the instructions for all Muslims to kill off all non Muslims which would require the Muslims to accept him as the Mahdi. Therefore, Obama must either find a way to destroy Israel so he can stand on the Temple Mount and give that order or he must be declared to be the Mahdi by popular vote by the vast majority of the Muslim leaders who also want to be the Mahdi. (I bet a bunch of light bulbs just came on, didn't they. :-) Starting to understand Obama's actions, are we?) Now you can also understand why Obama has been bowing to and kissing the butts of every Muslim leader he can in order to get their votes for Mahdi. Oops, light bulb time again.

You have to also understand that, at this time, if it comes down to a popular vote by the Muslims, the person who is most likely to get the vote will not be Obama but Osama Bin Laden BECAUSE Osama has been waging war against the US since 1993 and even caused Bill Clinton to run scared from him plus Osama is an Arab. The obvious reason why Obama is going after Osama is to take out the top competition for the job before the vote happens. He is also supporting Iran getting the nuke so Iran can nuke Israel so Obama can go into Israel to "save the nation" as a Palestinian State, stand on the Temple Mount and give the required order for all Muslims to kill all non Muslims.

Then you have to also ask how Obama can one up everyone else who wants to be declared the Mahdi? The obvious answer is to do what Osama has been trying to do for over a decade and failing to do, which is nuke a major city in the US. Suddenly, everything is becoming very clear, isn't it?

But always remember that no matter who thinks they are in control, God is in control. God has been showing me what his plans are and they don't include Obama Bin Laden. God gets final say.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often, we really need it.

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