I Told You So 261

Commie Civil War

Remember that I told you that the Commie-rats are having a civil war and, if one side gets their presidential candidate nominated for the final election, the other side won't vote for them?

Some of the Bernie supporters are saying that they won't vote for anyone but Bernie for president. They are saying, "Bernie or Bust!"

A poll shows that Bernie is currently leading with 29% of the Commie-rat voters wanting to vote for Bernie but 21% of Sander's voters or 6% of the total Commie-rat voters will vote for Trump over Buttigieg, 26% or 7.5% of the Commie-rat voters will vote for Trump over Fauxcahontas, 18% or 5% of the Commie-rat voters will vote for Trump over O'Rourke, 17% or 4.9% of the Commie-rat voters will vote for Trump over Harris, and the far left Commie-rat voters consider Bernie to be a right wing nationalist capitalist, you know, a one per center, so you know they won't vote for him.

Keep in mind two things; first, about 12% of the Bernie voters voted for Trump in the last election instead of for Hillary and, second, this does not include the voters who will just stay at home and not vote at all if their chosen Commie-rat candidate is not elected in the primary. Only 51% of Bernie supporters voted in the last election with almost a quarter of those voting for Trump. This is mostly because many of the potential Commie-rat voters are independents.

Then, to make things even worse for the Commie-rat Party, Bidden just threw his hat into the ring ignoring the Bernie supporters who have already said that they will only vote for Bernie or Trump. I think this will increase the probability of Bernie breaking off and running as an independent taking his voters with him. Yeah, that is a smart move.

The trouble is that these criminals think too much of themselves and too little of everyone else.

Surprise, surprise. This just gets more interesting by the day. Don't be surprised that, no matter which Commie-rat gets nominated, one or more other candidates will break off, form another party, and run against both the GOP and Commie-rats. The Commie-rat Party could easily break up into two or more parties over this election.

I just found out that, according to the leftist "New York Times", this civil war is much worse than I thought it was.

Remember that I told you that there are a number of groups who, if someone from another group is elected to represent the Commie-rat Part as the presidential candidate, they probably won't vote for that person?

It is much worse than that because it seems there is no probably to it and there are a number of groups the Commie-rat Party is divided into so that, if they don't get their way, they will pout all of the way home and just refuse to vote.

Women are saying they won't vote for anyone but a woman, blacks are saying they won't vote for anyone but a black, Latinos are saying they won't vote for anyone but a Latino, extreme lefty commies won't vote for anyone but an extreme lefty commie, less far lefty or radical commies are saying they won't vote for a far left radical commie, and many of them are saying they won't vote for a white male...with 4 white males leading the Commie-rat primary election. Oops!

Now, who do you think will be the first to break away from the Commie-rat Party and form their own new party? How many of them will stay home and refuse to vote because, like the spoiled children they are, they didn't get what they want?

Forget about party policies because the most important thing to them is the sex and race of the person they want to vote for because they are a bunch of sexist, racist, lefty commie/Muslim traitors.

But, hey, they are the ones with the great sounding idea of building their party on the diversity thingy and how is that working out? What? It is just another great sounding stupid lefty idea that will fail? Who would have guessed?

Don't be surprised that, if Bernie doesn't get elected in the Commie-rat primary, Bernie will run as a third party candidate.

Believe me yet that the lefty has invented infinite insanity?

I can't wait to see the lefties crying and screaming again when they lose it all in 2020, if we still have a nation by then.

Closet Muslims

Remember years ago when the global population of Muslims dropped to 1.2 billion and six months later it jumped back up to 1.6 billion with them saying that almost all of those 400 million new Muslims had been converts and I told you that they were certainly lefties becoming closet Muslims?

Do you believe me yet? If not, how much more obvious do the commies have to make it that they are closet Muslims?


Remember that I told you that the current taxes are just a great big racket set up as smoke and mirrors so the upper class trash can pay little or no taxes and you pay a lot of taxes while making you think you are getting a lot of money back on taxes every spring?

You need to watch this video about 60 mega corporations that didn't pay any taxes on billions of dollars in revenues.

Believe me yet that the taxes are just a racket and smoke and mirrors?

Are you ready yet for a nice simple, easy to understand and obvious Biblical 10% flat tax on income for EVERYONE as the ONLY tax permitted?

Then everyone would pay the same percent, everyone would pay less in taxes, and the government would be forced to shrink and function for the first time in a long time AND a 12 year old could safely and easily do your taxes instead of you having to pay expensive tax accountants and attorneys.

The more taxes and loop holes they have, the more complex and less transparent it will be and the easier for the upper class trash to not pay taxes while you spend more than half of your income on taxes because it will be easier for the upper class trash to steal more from more people faster. This extremely complex tax system with increasing numbers of things being taxed is just a racket to confuse and steal from you while making it possible for the upper class trash to not pay taxes.

Keep it simple, stupid.

BTW, I will not give any money to any of the top nonprofit corporations or charities because they are all corrupt and get less than 3% of their revenues to actually helping people.

Why would I want to give my money to a charity that will stuff more than 97% of it in their greedy pockets instead of helping those who need help?

If I wanted to give to a charity, I would start my own charity and manage it to make sure it actually helps as many people as possible or I could just spend my money in ways that will help others in a variety of ways.

Bad Medicine

Remember that I told you about the terrible problem of doctors getting kickbacks for prescribing unnecessary drugs?

There is a video about doctors and others prescribing unnecessary drugs adding to our increasing drug problems, especially with opioid drugs.

This is about some of the bad doctors and bad medicine I warned you about. It has really gotten out of hand and is literally killing people.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Remember that I told you that the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral looked an awful lot like Macron trying to change the subject to stop the protests?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"French yellow vest protesters set fires along a march route through Paris on Saturday to drive home their message to a government they see as out of touch with the problems of the poor: that rebuilding the fire-ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral isn't the only problem France needs to solve."

The protestors also saw this as Macron trying to change the subject and distract the protestors from continuing their protests at least by his making a big deal out of rebuilding the cathedral even if he didn't burn it down and they refuse to let him fool them.

What should this tell you?

The people are very angry so that even the burning of such an icon won't stop their anger. That should be a huge red flag to the upper class trash but you can bet they won't see it because the only thing that can stop their wickedness is death.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes and making people choose between good and evil? Remember that I told you that this would cause some churches to convert to Islam and other churches would break up?

I got this from Newsmax I think by staff:

"There's at least one area of agreement among conservative, centrist and liberal leaders in the United Methodist Church: America's largest mainline Protestant denomination is on a path toward likely breakup over differences on same-sex marriage and ordination of LGBT pastors."

It is happening now. Their eyes have opened, they are choosing, and churches are starting to break up now.

BTW, the parents teaching their children this transgender crap should be considered child abuse because the parents are messing with those kids' heads and it isn't going to end well. They should be ashamed of themselves but Satan's people have no shame.

Never Quit

Remember that I have been warning you that nothing will stop the evil of the lefties but death?

They are proving it with the Mueller Investigation. They are just twisting things around and taking things out of context to keep their lie going and keep trying to impeach Trump to get rid of Trump.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties have invented infinite wickedness and insanity?

Remember that I told you that the lefties don't have anything left after their Mueller hoax has been exposed and they are desperate?

That is why they refuse to quit trying to find an angle for using the Mueller hoax to get rid of Trump; they simply don't have anything else. If they had anything else, they would drop the Mueller thingy and go with the other thingy.

Carrier Forces

Remember that I told you that the US has about a dozen super carriers or carrier strike groups that are more powerful than any other nation's best carriers and that we have almost a dozen smaller carriers called "amphibious assault ships" that are as powerful as almost any other nation's best carriers?

It gets better.

The US is turning these amphibious assault ship fleets into mini carrier fleets or mini strike groups that will be as powerful as almost any other nation's best carriers, especially China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran. That is what the Wasp, an amphibious assault ship, was doing with so many F-35B planes sailing though the South China Sea.

She is now a mini carrier strike group with more punch than almost anything anyone else has a float.

That will quickly give the US almost two dozen carrier strike groups as powerful as almost any other nation's best carrier group with no other nation having more than three carrier groups and most only with one. We will now be able to put at least 2 to 4 carrier strike groups in any hostile area and keep them there with the ability of putting almost a dozen in one area quickly.

Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran don't have 5 carrier groups between them, of which any would not be more powerful than our mini carrier strike groups. That will give the US at least 4 to 5 times the carrier strike groups than those nations have combined AND our dozen super carriers have at least twice the punch of any of their carriers.

Do you believe me yet that Trump is using his head and very innovative ways to ramp the US military up to fight a multiple front against a group of nations like Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea at the same time?

He is doing a fantastic job of it.

Do you understand yet why the greatest threat to the US is our own lefty commie traitors?

Illegal Immigrants

Remember that I told you that something fishy is going on with these "impoverished" illegal aliens paying the smugglers thousands of dollars to get them into the US so they can have a better life? Where are a bunch of poor people getting that kind of money?

I got this from Breitbart by Bob Price:

"A RAND Corporation report released Monday reveals that Central American migrants paid human smugglers more than $2 billion in 2017 to get them into the United States."

Now where did a bunch of "under privileged poor people trying to have a better life" get $2 billion to pay the human smugglers? Gee, you don't think this just might be an invasion being financed by the upper class trash, do you?

People, this is clearly an act of war/treason and the people involved in staging and financing this invasion should be hung or shot.

There is just no way that a bunch of poor people could pay human smugglers $2 billion in just one year. That money is coming from rich people staging an invasion of our nations and they should all be tried for treason and acts of war.

I keep telling you that the upper class trash are the problem. Do you get the picture yet?

If you get rid of them, most of our problems and all of our worst problems will go away and, as long as they live, our problems will just keep getting worse.

Education Con

Remember that I told you almost two decades ago that this college education thingy is a racket and con and most people shouldn't go to college?

You should see this video because this guy does an excellent job of explaining and proving what I warned you about.

It was true then and is almost certainly true today that a MAXIMUM of 20% of the jobs out there require a college education and you can earn more with a trade or craft than you can with most college degrees. The universities have made a fortune selling their lies by scaring everyone into believing that, if you don't get a college education, you will end up in poverty.

A vocational school will be best for most people than a college education and most people (80%) should not get a college education.


Remember that I have been teaching you the science disproving evolution and proving God and creation?

Watch this video by a scientist and he very clearly proves in extreme details why the Earth could not be millions, much less billions, of years old. He very clearly proves that the evolutionary fairy tale cannot be true and creation and the flood must be true, therefore, God MUST be real and the Bible MUST be true.

At least tens of thousands of scientists all over the world in all fields of study have questioned the lies of the evolution fairy tale and found out that it could not have happened for a variety of reasons and that God and creation MUST be true. I see this creation science at every turn and this is why the God haters have to keep rewriting their evolutionary fairy tale because it keeps being disproved.


Remember that I have been warning you that a very big part of our problem is the lefty judges and DAs that you have to get rid of the get your nation back?

They have a DA in Dallas who is so stupid he has decided and made public that he will not enforce the law for the theft of less than $750.

Here is an easy prediction, petty crime in Dallas will go through the roof and many stores will be forced to close their doors plus home burglaries will become rampant resulting in many people being killed.

This is going to get very nasty and the big question will be how bad will this get before the people rise up and demand the DA be removed and replaced with someone with a functioning brain. This idiot will make Dallas even worse than Chicago in just a few years, if not months.

You lefties keep getting what you want by voting these morons into office and you will continue to find out the hard way that your great sounding stupid ideas do not work. These idiots are right now in the process of showing you just how stupid their lefty college professors are, you know, the over educated idiots they were dumb enough to believe without question because the lefties don't have any common sense.

We will be back to review my prediction in the not too distant future and see what kind of idiot this imbecile is. This won't take long to go bad, really bad. He is about to disprove all of that great sounding stupid criminal psychology his stupidity is based on.

Just remember that I told you that a lefty education destroys common sense or the wisdom of God.

Climate Change

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are lying to you about climate change/global warming?

More than 30 years ago they predicted that the Maldives Islands would be under water by 2018 because better than 80% of the islands or atolls are less than 3 feet above sea level. Oops!

When that didn't happen, they just started saying that the Maldives will be under water 30 years from now.

Kind of suspicious, huh?

If what the upper class trash are saying is true, why are they sinking hundreds of millions of dollars into investments in the Maldives, including $400 million for a new airport? Does that make sense to you?

Do you think that, maybe, just maybe they are lying to you about climate change sinking the world?

After all, actions speak louder than words and their actions are telling us that the world is not sinking while they are pounding smoke up our butts that the world is sinking.

When you consider that the Maldives are a playground for the rich who are telling you the planet is sinking because of climate change, wouldn't it be more rational for them to be building a new playground some place like the Himalayas? If the planet is sinking because of climate change, why are the rich spending hundreds of millions of dollars building up an upper class playground that is only about 3 feet above sea level right now and is supposed to be under water by about 2048?

Me thinks we are being lied to.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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