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Satan's People

I gave you a link in one of my last essays to a video that proves the lies about Christianity just being a construct from prior pagan religions to be a satanic lie.

You have to understand that Satan's people do this all of the time. They make up lies like that knowing they are lying to deceive you. Satan's pagans will tell any lie to discredit or destroy Christianity.

What should that tell you?

First, they KNOW they are lying.

Which should tell you what?

They KNOW that God is real, He lives, He exists, and He rules all existence BUT they don't want you to know because they don't want you to become a Christian because then you would require them to live by God's Law and they hate God's Law because it keeps them from doing what they love doing, which is sin, you know, the ole Satanic "Do as you will" thingy.

So, KNOW that when one or more of Satan's people start telling you a fairy tale trying to disprove God is real, you know, like evolution, they KNOW they are lying because of their hatred for God and they KNOW that God is real, He lives, He exists, and He rules or they wouldn't be obsessive about lying to everyone about God.

Don't believe me?

Then check it out and you will find that better than 90% of the people who profess a belief in evolution also believe or KNOW that there had to be a superior intelligence to cause evolution to happen, you know, as a form of creation, because they KNOW that evolution can't happen by accident and coincidence.

Just remember that Satan is the "Father of lies", therefore, his children are all lies and liars and Jesus said, "You are either with me or against me" meaning that you are either a child of Jesus or a child of Satan, your choice; choose wisely because eternal damnation ain't worth a billion years of sins much less the relatively few sins you could commit in your short little life. Do the math.

What? You expect the truth from Satan's children about anything?

If their lips are moving, it is a lie.

Watch and you will see that just as soon as one lie gets proven wrong, they make up another lie and they will come back to the first lie when they can or change it a little to make it a new lie, you know, just like they are changing their lies about the Mueller investigation. I have told you before that the only thing which will stop these evil people is death and, even then, if God let them out of the Lake of Fire a trillion times a trillion times a trillion centuries later, they would just start doing the same evil again because they have chosen to be eternally evil, which means they have chosen to be eternally damned.

They are RIGHT NOW proving this to be true because, no matter what, they refuse to stop their wickedness. Just look at May, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Nadler, Mad Max, Booker, and others; they won't change and stop their wickedness, ever...or until death. They are Satan's children, forever evil.

BTW, note that Pelosi likes to say she is "doing the Lord's work," you know, her lord, Satan's work. She is not talking about our Lord God but she intentionally says it in such a way to deceive you into believing she is. Just remember that all of Satan's people call him "Lord Satan".

So, how do you like the way Satan's people run this planet with all of the lies, stealing, corruption, murder, economic problems, poverty, and other works of evil. They cause poverty by stealing from others. They don't care about the poor; they create and enslave the poor by stealing more and more from them with more and more taxes while only saying they care about the poor.

The only people they care about are themselves. They don't even care about each other; they just use each other to get what they want. They will tell ANY lie to get what they want.

BTW, I just got this from Newsmax by staff:

"The Internal Revenue Service has granted the same non-profit status given to churches, synagogues and mosques to The Satanic Temple, an organization in Salem, Massachusetts, that calls itself America's first devil-worshiping church. It is now protected by federal laws governing churches that operate as charities."

They're coming out of the closet, baby.


It should only be common sense that someone is funding the Muslim terrorists because there is no way they are earning that much money on their own to buy all of those weapons, pay all of those terrorists and their families, and pay for their travel expenses. The terrorists spend huge amounts of money every day and purchase huge amounts of expensive weapons every day. Someone has to be providing the funding for that.

It should be international law that anyone providing funding for or selling weapons to terrorists is committing crimes against humanity and acts of war against any and all nations those terrorist stage their attacks in or against. The good nations need to not only be going after the terrorists themselves but also after the individuals and nations using these terrorists as proxy armies against other nations.

Unfortunately, this won't happen until we get rid of the upper class trash because they create, fund, train, arm, and use these terrorists as proxy armies to wage "safe wars" (they are safe, not you) against other nations and even against their own people within their nations with impunity. The impunity thingy must stop. This should not be acceptable and can in no way be considered civilized, moral, or ethical; it can and should be considered criminal. These people are guilty of premeditated murder and other crimes against humanity.

Lies About Jesus

The lefty is constantly creating and putting out lies about Jesus to con Christians into believing what the lefties want is good.

For example, they are now saying, "Don't forget that Jesus was an illegal immigrant," which is a blatant lie because there was NO Egyptian law against His family moving or immigrating to Egypt. Therefore, Jesus was a LEGAL immigrant and not an illegal immigrant. There is a huge difference between the two.

Very few, if any of these lefty pagan liars have ever read the Bible or know anything that is true about God, the Bible, Christianity, and Jesus. They just make up bull crap to con Christians into believing what they want Christians to believe so the Christians will do what they want the Christians to do. The lefty pagans will tell ANY lie to get what they want, after all, their god and Lord Satan is the father of lies.


The lefties hate the truth and do their best to censor and hide the truth. If their lips are moving, they are lying.


The lefties are discriminating against the poor when they set up any fees for owning or carrying a gun because the poor cannot pay those fees and still be able to own or carry a gun. This is unconstitutional and should not be allowed.

The infinite taxes, fees, and everything else the lefties keep coming up with discriminate against the poor and just make them even more poor, especially land taxes.

Someone needs to litigate against ALL of the lefties responsible for all of these government taxes and fees for discriminating against the poor.


Here is an easy prediction.

With the increasing legalization and use of pot, there will be increasing rates of accidents, even at work, and these increasing accidents will drive up law suits and insurance premiums putting increasing numbers of businesses out of business until something is done about it.

The dopers like to falsely claim that using pot is no different from drinking alcohol but the problem is that THC stays in your body much longer and so do the effects of the drug, which is like a person staying drunk for days after they drank. They are not the same drugs and they don't have the same effect so pot is going to cause more and worse problems because it builds up in the body worse than alcohol and stays longer. This is going to be a big problem.

For example, when drivers are tested for DUI for pot, they will show they are under the influence longer after having used it and more users will find themselves in trouble with the law for DUI.


I just found out why Bill De Blasio is going to ban glass and steel sky scrapers in NYC, so he can justify charging the owners of those buildings fines of a million dollars or MORE and, since ALL NYC sky scrapers are made of glass and steel (gee, what a coincidence), he will get to fine all of those sky scrapers a million dollars or more. Since there are easily more than 100 sky scrapers in NYC, Billy Boy D, will be able to stuff 100+ million dollars or more in his greedy little pocket.

It is all about the money, baby, and "saving the planet" is just the lame excuse to steal more from more people faster.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties can't steal enough from enough people fast enough?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."


I am seeing increasing attacks against people by US veterans.


Just imagine coming home from combat, where you saw your friends die fighting terrorists, and coming home to see the subversions, treasons, and protecting terrorists that the left is doing. There would be just a wee bit of a tendency to get angry, lose control, and attack people, especially, if you perceive those people as being those traitors.

The military needs to do a better job of preparing our soldiers for handling this.

Keep an eye on this.


It is getting more and more obvious that the white lefties are the same racists as the prior Democratic, slave owners.

Just think about it based on normal human behavior. They are trained to believe that we must give minorities, especially blacks, unfair advantages for the minorities, especially blacks, to have "equality" or a fair chance.

That is a powerful subconscious message that those minorities are inferior and that subconscious message will cause most people to become racists who think they are superior to those minorities. That is normal human behavior, which is why no group should be given an unfair advantage against any other group, it is only natural that unfair advantage will cause racists beliefs.

That is really what the lefties mean when they talk about white privilege; they are saying that whites have a special privilege or advantage because whites are superior to others. Their "white privilege" thingy is racist and an insult to all other races.

Because of this, it is crucial that everyone, regardless of race or sex, must be given the same opportunities.

If I were a member of a minority, I wouldn't want any group giving me an unfair advantage because that is an insult telling me that the members of that group think they are superior to me.

This means that lefty college professors, you know, those over educated idiots who got the right degrees from the right universities, are teaching whites that those whites are superior to the minorities without realizing it (or do they) because they are too stupid to understand the true messages they are teaching with their great sounding stupid ideas. These lefty college professors really are a huge part of all of our problems.

Keep an eye on this.


I hope you are learning to not trust left leaning polls.

The big reason for this is that those left leaning polls, in order to convince everyone that most people believe the left's great sounding stupid ideas, in an effort to "prove" that the lefty great sounding stupid ideas must be true, after all, most people believe it so it must be true, the polls intentionally question a higher percentage of lefties in relation to conservatives than what really exists in our society.

Basically, the polls are rigged to be biased to support the lefty great sounding stupid ideas so the lefty polls are just more lefty lies and propaganda.

You have to take the results of these polls with a bathtub full of salt, sometimes a truck load full of salt...or even a ship load full of salt...a really big ship load full of salt.

You just can't trust lefty polls at all. The wind means more to me than lefty polls...much more. OK, the only thing lefty polls tell me is how big of liars lefties are.


If you study history, you will find out that there are almost always epidemics and pandemics of bugs and rodents following droughts.


It is based on a biological law that says that, if you increase the food supply for a species, that species population will grow.

During a drought, most of the seeds from plants that fall in the soil won't germinate because there isn't enough moisture in the soil. Some seeds will be eaten and others will rot or decompose but many won't do anything but lie there waiting for enough water to cause germination.

Over just a few years, the seeds will build up in the soil so that, when the drought breaks and there is enough water in the soil to cause germination, there will be a very large growth of vegetation, larger than normal. This creates an abundant food supply for everything that consumes vegetation.

During the drought, the bug and animal populations will have declined because there won't be enough food and their reproduction will fall off.

For example, the local field mouse produces two to four pups every 30 to 90 days, pending food supply. During drought, they produce two pups every 90 days but during "abundant" food supply or "good times", they produce four pups every 30 days or triple their population every 30 days.

Remember that I have told you that molecules in must equal molecules out so that, if they are not getting as many molecules in, they won't have the molecules to produce as many offspring but, if they get an abundance of molecules in, then they can produce an abundance of offspring.

When the drought ends, they suddenly have an abundant food supply and their reproduction will go into overdrive. Most bugs will produce from a few hundred to over a thousand offspring per female, quickly driving up the bug population, which is why we tend to get bug pestilences like grasshoppers, coach roaches, or flies. This increased bug population and the sudden increase in vegetation will create an abundant food supply for rodents, birds, and reptiles so that their reproduction will also go into overdrive, trying to catch up to the rapidly expanding bug and plant populations, so you can also quickly get epidemics and pandemics of rodent, lizard, and bird populations.

The abundant populations of rodents, birds, and lizards will increase the food supply for snakes, you know, like rattlesnakes.

A great example is here in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Last year was the third year in a drought but most locals didn't even notice because most people are not trained to notice such things. I don't even know if the local media realized we were in a drought in spite of the fact that the bird populations declined because birds can fly from areas of drought to areas where there is more food.

This last fall, God broke our drought with a series of good soaking rains. The vegetation went wild with more growth in both numbers and size of vegetation so I knew we were about to have some population problems. A few days ago my daughter told me that other people at her church have been telling her that they are finding a lot more rattlesnakes in their yards.

What happened is that the vegetation growth went wild and we had a mild winter so the bugs and rodents had a feast, got horny, and started making babies, lots of babies. As their populations increased, the snakes started having a feast, got horny, and started popping out young like baby factories.

Reptiles are great for surviving droughts because, when the food supply gets low, they can lower their metabolic rates down very low, go into hibernation, and wait for dinner to show up months to a few years later, pending the species. This means that their reproduction can range from zero offspring zero times per year to 25 offspring 3 or 4 times a year.

Now, if any of those populations go epidemic or pandemic and stay that way long enough for a disease or pathogen to get into those populations, then you get disease epidemics or pandemics that can wipe out entire populations or greatly diminish their size very quickly devastating those species involved.

If you know how things work and why they work that way, you can make pretty reliable predictions. If you know that A + B = C and you see A and B, then you should know that you will get C. That is just common sense or the wisdom of God.

Of course, that is why lefties always make really bad predictions, they don't know anything they are talking about and don't know what it means when they see A and B. They can't read the signs because they don't know science, history, or anything else worth knowing. That is why they are almost always wrong and why almost all of my predictions are right. When I see something and I have seen it before in science, history, or somewhere else, I recognize it and know what will follow.

All the lefties know is how to use big words to tell great sounding lies and how to steal from others.

When I see a drought, I know what is going to follow.

BTW, the birds are back this spring because they now have an abundant food supply.

Oh yeah, I have not seen any rattlesnakes in my yard in spite of the fact that I live across the street from the desert. My free roaming feral cats started taking care of the abundant bug populations as soon as they began (better than 70% of what free roaming feral cats eat is bugs), then they started taking care of any growing rodent, bird, and lizard populations in the immediate area, which helps prevent abundant rattlesnake populations.

The idea is to keep the different populations below epidemic levels without devastating those populations and, since feral cats don't devastate populations the way you are told, they just control the populations preventing epidemic and pandemic population growths, I use free roaming feral cats to help manage the organism populations on my land.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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