I Told You So 264


Remember that I have told you that the greedy power mad upper class trash can't steal enough from enough people fast enough?

I got this from McClatchy Washington Bureau By David Lightman McClatchy via CenturyLink:

"May 06-- WASHINGTON-Take the little black box that's about the size of a fist. Plug it into the data port that in most cars sits under the dashboard. It'll record how far your car is traveling.

Using that information as a potential tool for raising taxes to fund infrastructure is an idea that Democrats and Republicans are seriously discussing.

In Oregon, reading the box is how the state calculates a driver's road usage, which in turn is used to figure a tax on miles traveled. This sort of tax, if expanded nationwide, could be a big way governments pay for all those infrastructure improvements that the White House and Congress are striving to fund."

What about all of the other taxes that are supposed to pay for the highway improvements and repairs, you know, gas taxes, tire taxes, car parts taxes, car registration fees, and others?

Oh yeah, by the time they get through funneling all of that dough into their greedy little pockets there ain't none left for the infrastructure so dey gots to have another tax also "for infrastructure" so they can steal more from more people faster while pretending it is to do something for you. You know that most of that money isn't going to be spent on infrastructure either; it will go into their greedy little pockets just like most of the rest.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash can't steal enough from enough people fast enough? Do you get the picture yet?

They are almost all liars and thieves.

Illegal Immigration

Remember that I told you that it is only a matter of time until the left supporting illegal immigration backfires on the left and they change their song to supporting Trump stopping the illegal immigration?

I got this from American Thinker by Monica Showalter:

"With five million people just from Latin America alone making plans to enter the U.S. illegally this year, (including about a third of Guatemala), it rather looks like there's a Europe-style migrant tide ahead for us.

Maybe that's why things seem to suddenly be braking from at least a few directions. Here's an unexpected story from the Washington Examiner:

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals handed President Trump's administration a win on Tuesday after it ruled the government can send asylum-seekers back to Mexico to wait for a court to adjudicate their petitions.

The judges approved the policy in part due to Mexico's commitment to ensure the safety of the asylum-seekers."


"It follows three other recent stories that suggest a turning tide for illegal migration:

One, the caravans are not filling up from Central America, based on a Mexican police raid of migrants who busted though Mexico's southern borders illegally. The risk versus reward ratio got just a little more balanced with that act and so a certain percentage of would-be migrants are now reconsidering their options: either choosing to stay home, selecting another destination, or deciding to come here legally instead, in which case they would be quite welcome. Word has gotten out that caravaning is not the easy way to the U.S. its leftist organizers promise. The empty caravans signal they don't control the show anymore.

Two, Fox News and others have been reporting some very negative news highlighting the reality of illegal immigration - such as a recent story on migrants renting and recycling children in order to get unfettered access into and around the U.S. without detention."


"Third, now the New York Times has come out to admit that there is a crisis on the border."

And you can bet that all of these disease outbreaks being caused by the illegal aliens are also contributing to their turn around just like I told you they would.

Oops, another great sounding stupid idea by the left fails, at our expense, of course.


Why did Hamas just launch 700 rockets into Israel?

They are testing and feeling out the Israeli missile defense shield to find out how many rockets it will take to overwhelm the Israeli defense shield and where the shield is weakest. The military calls this probing the Israeli defenses.

Hamas knows that the Israeli defense system can only find, track, and target so many missiles at once and that Israel has a limited number of missiles to fire at incoming rockets.

By finding out how many rockets Israel can find, track, and target at one time, they will know how many rockets they will need to fire at once to get rockets through Israel's defense system and murder civilians in Israel.

Hamas is also playing the money game. Each of Hamas' rockets is a cheap dumb rocket that costs from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars but any missiles that can intercept another projectile will cost at least a million dollars. The more rockets Hamas can fire into Israel with minimal losses, the more it will cost Israel and the less money Israel will have to spend elsewhere for her military.

Hamas knows that, if they can cost Israel enough money, that will decrease Israel's ability to fight a war against Hamas. Hamas is financially wearing down Israel to eventually defeat Israel. The sooner Israel takes out Hamas, the less likely Israel is to eventually lose a war against the Muslims.


This really shows the ignorance and stupidity of most of the people who make decisions for our communities. This article at Arutz Sheva shows that the people involved in making the decisions are absolutely clueless and shouldn't be making those decisions. The stupid people really are running this planet.

They think their problem is that they have too many cats but the cats are the symptom of the real problem because no animal can exceed their food supply or the carrying capacity of their ecosystem.

Remember that I have told you that molecules out have to equal molecules in because you can't get more molecules out than you are getting in?

Therefore, the cats can't sustain life and/or reproduce beyond their food supply. If their population exceeds their food supply, the cats will go into starvation and have a biological die off that will decrease their population back below their food supply.

The idiots don't realize that they have that many cats because they have that much cat food and it is the cat food that is the real problem and a potentially deadly problem.

Remember that I have told you that better than 70% of what free roaming feral cats eat is bugs with most of the rest being rodents with some birds and reptiles thrown in to top it off.

Note that they mention that the Arabs are not disposing of their garbage properly.

What should that tell you?

They have a bug and rodent problem being caused by the Arab garbage they are either not aware of or are not addressing and the cats are taking care of that problem. They ignorantly think the cats are just eating the garbage but most of what the cats are eating is the things that are eating the garbage, you know, the rodents and bugs.

You see, most of the food thrown out in garbage is vegetation, which the cats can't eat, and not meat, which is almost all the cats can eat. The rodents and bugs are eating the vegetation that is thrown out, which is causing the rodent and bug populations to grow, which is increasing the cat food because feral cats eat the rodents and bugs.

If they just simple mindedly get rid of most of the cats, which are the symptom, the bug and rodent populations will quickly go super pandemic and then it will only be a matter of time until one or more diseases get into those pandemic populations causing disease pandemics sweeping through the human population killing millions of humans and making the idiots wish they had the cats back.

(Is your brain hurting yet? No? Just wait a few more paragraphs.)

You have to understand that, if they have a cat pandemic population, it means they already have pandemic populations of the things the cats eat, you know, bugs, rodents, birds, and reptiles being caused by the Arab garbage. A law in biology states that, "if you suppress predation on a species, that species population will grow". This means that the already pandemic bug, rodent, bird, and reptile populations will go super pandemic very quickly and you will definitely get human disease pandemics sweeping through the community killing millions of people.

They need to get rid of the bug, rodent, bird, and reptile pandemic populations by solving the Arab garbage problem and the cat population will adjust back down below their food supply.

These people have a massive and potentially deadly problem they either don't know about or are not dealing with because they think they have too many cats, when they actually have enough cats to deal with the other problems they have, which are caused by the Arab garbage.

Please note that a bunch of greedy veterinarians see an opportunity to make a lot of money from the government sterilizing cats that will quickly decrease the cat population, which will decrease predation on the bug, rodent, bird, and reptile populations, which will cause those populations to go pandemic, which will cause the disease pandemic, which will kill a lot of people so the corrupt, greedy vets can make a lot of money from the government, you know, via crony capitalism, which never solves any problems and usually creates worse problems.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil" and it is that love of money that can cause a disease pandemic that will kill a lot of people. Nothing like a little dishonest corruption and greed to cause a worse problem.

The truth is that the cats are not the problem. The garbage is the problem which is causing a potentially deadly problem the cats are controlling.

But, hey, you know the idiot politicians will make the wrong decision, probably because they took bribes from someone like the corrupt, greedy vets, that will kill a bunch of people.

"Hey, let's do something really stupid to cause a worse problem and kill a bunch of people."

So how many people do you think will die because the idiot politicians did the wrong thing before someone does the right thing and stops the deaths caused by the idiot politicians doing the wrong thing?

Do you believe me yet that most people go into politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much money legally and the stupid people are running our planet, which is why we have so many problems?

That is just the tip of this iceberg showing just how stupid most people are and I bet your brain really hurts by now. These idiots never learn.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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